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Are you Looking for the Second Opinion on the Electrical Systems.

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1 Are you Looking for the Second Opinion on the Electrical Systems

2 Spending thousands of dollars can be unexpected. At Caddell Electrician Fort Worth recommend getting a second opinion for any large job. Even a third opinion is a good idea. Upgrading or adding to your existing electrical system is a major decision.Electrician Fort Worth

3 Here are some things to look for when comparing estimates. Are all companies reputable and members of the Better Business Bureau? Have you compared the B.B.B reports and checked for complaints? Are all estimates for the exact same work. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Check warranty information. How long a company stands behind their work is often a good criteria for decision making. Are all estimates relatively close in price? There is an industry average for electrical work. Bids that appear to be too high should really be examined closely.

4 Caddell Fort Worth Electrician is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau. We invite you to check us out at We specialize in electrical panels, meter bases, and code compliance issues.Fort Worth Electrician

5 Caddell Fort Worth Electricians commitment and dedication to our customers ensure we remain an A+ company. We take pride in our membership with the Better Business Bureau. Established in 1999, Caddell Electric’s professional team of electricians has years of experience in a wide variety of commercial and residential services.Fort Worth Electricians

6 Caddell Plano Electrician show you how you can save money on the electricity you already buy. Caddell Fort Worth Electricians has teamed up with Ambit Energy to provide our customers with another avenue to save money on the energy that you already pay for each month. Right now any Caddell electric employee can switch you to an electric plan with a rate of as little as 8.9 cents per KWH residential and 5.6 cents for commercial customers.Plano Electrician Fort Worth Electricians

7 With drug-testing, background checks, advanced technical training, and industry certifications, you can feel comfortable inviting Caddell Electrician Fort Worth into your home or office. Plus, we charge by the job not the hour.At Caddell ElectricElectrician Fort Worth Same Day Service Flat Free Pricing, No Hourly Charge 2-Hour Appointment Slot Call us Today and we’re on our way!

8 You can be assured that you will receive the excellent service you deserve without the high prices. Upon completion of each job, our electrician will perform a FREE Home Safety Check to ensure your home is free of hazards and up to code. Contact US Caddell Electric 3730 Dilido Rd, Ste 210 Dallas, TX 75228 Phone no:(214)329-4567 Fax no(214)324-0033 Feel free to call us 24 / 7 for Immediate Service. Website:

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