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XL Internet Marketing Marketing Strategy with Internet.

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1 XL Internet Marketing Marketing Strategy with Internet

2 Agenda Introduction Keys to Internet Marketing How to use Internet Marketing

3 Introduction Internet Marketing is a science in itself. Marketing efforts done solely over the Internet. Internet is a huge market where you can find potential buyers. Marketing your product/service through Internet is a great way to reach those potential buyers!

4 What includes in Internet Marketing? Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Blogging Website Development Email Marketing

5 Why Internet Marketing? Consumer Preferences Always Available to Consumers Maintain Communication Increase Sales People are Searching… … So Direct them.

6 Keys to Internet Marketing SEO SMO Branding

7 SEO Helps your website ranked on Google Page 1!! Process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engines. 81% of people search the internet before making a purchase decision. SEO make sure that those people find you first when they go online.

8 Google Can See

9 SMO Social media optimization (SMO) is basically the generation of publicity to increase the awareness of a product, brand or event through social media.

10 Are you connected?

11 Your Own Blogs?

12 Your Videos?

13 Your Tweets?

14 Branding Sometimes the best way to say something on the social web is to, “have someone else say it.” Online Branding builds your reputation and image faster, easier and cheaper than any other form of Promotion.

15 Solution XL Internet Marketing We are passionate about the service we provide! For more information please visit:

16 Thank You For Your Time

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