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2 Who was Vivian ? Vivian Kristina Aimee Slot was a three-year old girl who tragically lost her life in Thailand during the Tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004 “A child of the World” The “Vivian Scholarship Foundation” [VSF] was set up in Vivian’s name, to help young medical doctors in rural Thailand. At first money was contributed by friends and various charity groups in Singapore and Hong Kong, but since 2010, Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia Chairman’s Trust, [CLSA], has become a major contributor, allowing the number of recipients each year to grow. Money is contributed only to those students, who come from a lower economic background and whose families need extra assistance to enable their daughters and sons to achieve their goals and to ultimately return to their own communities. The benefits this now adds to Rural Thailand is huge.

3 July 08 Soroptimist International’s National Representative in Thailand was contacted by Mr. Stephen Slot. After several months of correspondence with Kathy and the additional assistance of Khun Pattama, the ‘Vivian Slot Scholarship Fund’ decided to work together with SI Dusit to identify appropriate candidates and award medical scholarships to students. In the Beginning - 2008 Khon Kaen University scholarship programme commences 6 students in their 5 th and 6 th year of study. Each student received 45,000 Baht a year. Oct 08

4 2009 Programme continues at Khon Kaen University with same 6 students receiving support for a second year. 2010 Programme expands to Prince of Songkla University (5 students) and Thammasat University (2 students) for one year. Total of 13 students being supported. 2009 - 2010 The VSF University programme continues to grow 2009270,000 Baht 2010585,000 Baht

5 Khon Kaen University 2009 was the first time a team of SI Dusit members traveled to Khon Kaen as part of that year’s scholarship presentation trip. We were able to meet with all the students and interview each one. Members of the medical faculty joined SI Dusit members on the first interview panel. Meeting the students -2009

6 University scholarship programme of Vivian Slot Foundation continues with new funding support from Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia Chairman’s Trust, CLSA. ‘Naresuan University’ students join programme for first year. Kathy and K. Kanchana were joined by a team from CLSA and again we visited Khon Kaen University. 2011 11 students receive scholarships Each student received 45,000 Baht a year. Total commitment 495,000 Baht

7 First year students scholarships introduce on a trial basis 8 new students from Khon Kaen University receive support. Khun Kanchana S I Dusit member introduced ‘Walailak Univeristy’ (Nakhon Sri Thammmarat), which joins the programme with 5 students. 2012 24 Students supported 2 First year students at 30,000 baht each60,000.00 bt 22 students at progressive stages of study 990,000.00 bt Total commitment 1,050,000.00 bt

8 Mr Geoff Boyd, Regional Head of Automotive and Steel CLSA (front row, 3 rd from right), joined Khun Pattama and Kathy to meet and interview students at Khon Kaen University, and at Walailak University, Nakon Sri Thammarat [below]. Meeting the students -2012

9 From the beginning, the commitment of the Vivan Slot Foundation was to increase the number of students assisted each year Our Roll of Honour 2012 [25 students] At KHON KAEN University Mr Pol Likitdee, 6 th year student Miss Sawanee Srijaroentam, 6 th year student Mr Kittiporn Klincachorn, 6 th year student Mr Thanawat Thippimanchai, 5 th year student Miss Sirada Chanson, 5 th year [KK] Miss Theerarat Yimphong, 5 th year [from Ang Thong] Miss Chutinan Chantarakhantee, 4 th year [from Udon Thani] Mr Sumeth Saelee, 4 th year [from Yala] Miss Rawikarn Leelerdyuth, 3 rd year [from Bangkok] Mr Piyapon Prabchompoo, 2 nd year [from Ubon Ratchathani] Mr Chawin Panomupathum, 1 st year [from KK] At NARESUAN UNIVERSITY [ Phitsanulok ] Saravut Hamkam [M] 5 th year student Suwimol Chaisuteeku [F]5 th year student At WALAILAK UNIVERSITY [ Nakhon Sri Thammarat ] Bubphachol Buachan [F] 21 years old. Year 3 Nantarat Jareanpong [F] 21 years old. Year 3 Titima Tansakun [F] 22 years old. Year 4 Warisa Sirisuwannatat [M] 22 years old. Year 4 Annop Srikongkaew [M] 22 years old. Year 4 Thenchai ………………. [M] A private scholarship from the Chairman’s Trust Board. [Canada] At PRINCE of SONGKLA UNIVERSITY [ Naratiwat, Songkla ] Titikan Kunapaisal [F] Wandee Ackaneesermsang [F] Sutarat Titiyabunditsakul [F] Suyan Luangpimai [F] Rachan Wongsarkar [F] Our University partners - 2012

10 In 2012, we had a total of 24 medical students, [plus one privately sponsored student] who benefit from this funding. After spending a day at each of the universities, the following was approved for 2013. 100,000 baht per student at Walailak University. [ Their fees are higher ] 60,000 baht per student for all the other Universities. The new grants started in 2013 2013’s VSF increased substantially. Moving forward -

11 Our Roll of Honour 2013 PRINCE OF SONGKLA UNIVERSTY [Had Yai] 8 STUDENTS Mr Alvin Chaisumritckoke ``Yr.3 All new students for this year Mr Ratchanon Ketsittibul Yr.3 Mr Sasipong Tongtae Yr.3 Mr Narakorn Poonkua Yr.3 Miss Thanyapon Amornphetkul Yr.3 Miss Maturin Thapthim-on Yr.3 Mr Pattorn Hayuk Yr.3 Miss Woraya Songpaeng Yr.3 Each receive 60,000.00 Baht Totals - 480,000.00 Baht KHON KAEN UNIVERSITY 12 STUDENTS Mr Thanawat Thippimanchai Yr.6 Miss Sirada Chanson Yr.6 Miss Theerarat Yimphong Yr.5 Miss Chutinan Chantarakhantee Yr.5 Mr Sumeth Saelee Yr.4 Miss Rawikarn Leelerdyuth Yr.4 Mr Piyapon zprabchompoo Yr.3 Miss Chawin Panomupathum Yr.2 Miss Miliwan Surasen Yr.2 Miss Tinna Siriton Yr.2This includes the 3 new VSF students for 2013 Miss Sukanya SaelimYr.2 Mr Kamchai Chantinmathorn Yr.3 Each receive 60,000.00 Baht Totals -720,000.00 Baht 3. WALAILAK UNIVERSITY[Nakhon Sri Thammarat] 9 STUDENTS Miss Titima Tanskul Yr.5 Miss Warisa Sirisuwannatash Yr.5 Mr Annop Sikongkaew Yr.5 Miss Nantanat Jareonpong Yr.4 Miss Bubphachol Buachan Yr.4 Miss Malika Saelew Yr.3This includes the 3 new VSF students for 2013 \ Miss Waryuwatida Poolsuwan Yr.3 Mr Rongrit Oplod Yr.3 Each receive 100,000 Baht Totals - 900,000.00 Baht Mr Tienchai [student No 52111739] Yr.2 receives a personal donation from a GLSA Chairman’s Trust Board member from Canada. This amount 100,000 Baht is still brought through SI Dusit’s account.

12 Our Roll of Honour 2013 continued…… 4.NARESUAN UNIVERSITY [Phitsunulok]3 STUDENTS 2013 -1 new Medical student plus 2 continuing [6 th year] Medical Students Sarawut Hankham Yr.6 Pawarisa Chaisuthikun Yr.6 Narut Techathanaithikul Yr.3 Each receive 60,000.00 baht. Totals 180,000.00 Baht 5. PRAMONGKUTKLAO COLLEGE [Bangkok] 5 STUDENTS Miss Chanokporn Jaipinto, Yr.6 Miss Katesakorn JirachotdechoYr.5 Mr Theethawat SathiraratYr.5 Mr.Poomwit PuttakiawYr.4 Mr Itsarawut WorasangkartYr.3 Each receive 60,000 Baht Totals – 300,000.00 Baht 6. MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY 6 STUDENTS ---- year 3 students Each student to receive 50,000 Baht instead of the proposed 60,000 for 5 students in their 3 rd year. [Ie 60,000 Bhat for 5 students = 300,000 Baht is the same as for 6 students @ 50,000 Baht = 300,000 Baht ]. [From Siriraj Hospital] 1. Suppanut Charoenjit 2. Suttipong Tianwattanatada 3. Suttichai Chalalaisathaphorn [From Ramathibodi Hospital] 4. Duangnate Chamfa 5. Phuripat Boonthamjinda 6. Wasawat Anannatsiri Each student recieves 50,000 Baht Totals - 300,000 Baht TOTAL AMOUNT GIVEN IN 2013 -- 43 students 2,880,000.00 Baht

13 VIVIAN SLOT FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPS FOR MEDICAL STUDENTS IN THAILAND 2013 has been an amazing year of achievement in the memory of a wonderful little girl


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