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Khorasan Regional Electric Company Ministry of Energy of Iran

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1 Khorasan Regional Electric Company Ministry of Energy of Iran
Overview of IEC61850 Khorasan Regional Electric Company Ministry of Energy of Iran Presented By: Davood Mohammadi Souran November 8th.2012

2 Agenda Evolution of Protection and Control Systems Overview of IEC Standard Key Benefits of IEC 61850

3 Evolution of Protection and Control System

4 Typical Substation Diagram

5 Substation Network - Past

6 Conventional Wiring in Electrical Substation

7 Conventional Substation P & C System

8 Conventional Substation Control Panel

9 Substation Network - Present

10 Present Substation P & C System Still a lot of copper wiring !

11 Substation Network - Future

12 The Future – Digital Switchyard

13 Modern Substation Automation HMI

14 20KV Single Line Diagram Ashkhane

15 General Single Line Diagram Ashkhane

16 Overview of IEC 61850 Standard

17 Comprehensive EPRI-Project UCA 2.0
GOAL: One International Standard IEC 61850 IEC , -103, -104 European experience

18 What is IEC ? IEC is NOT just a communication protocol It is a suite of multiple protocols It is an application focused communication architecture It is one of the key building blocks for the Smart Grid IEC standard defines complete communication architecture in Electrical Power System

19 IEC61850 Substation Architecture
MU = Merging Unit MU PT1 Optical CT PT2 CT2 PT Relay MU Publishes V/I/Status Datasets Relay(s) Subscribe to I/O Station Bus - 10/100/1000 MB Ethernet Process Bus .1/1/10GB Ethernet Clk1 Clk2 Remote Access Network IED

20 Parts of IEC Standard

21 IEC61850 – Primary Parts Part 6-1: Substation Configuration Language (SCL) Part 7-2: Abstract Communications Service Interface (ACSI) and base types Part 7-3: Common Data Classes (CDC) Part 7-4: Logical Nodes Part 8-1: Specific Communications Service Mappings (SCSM) - MMS & Ethernet Part 9-2: SCSM - Sampled Values over Ethernet Part 10-1: Conformance Testing

22 SCL – Substation Configuration Language IEC61850-6-1
Description language for communication in electrical substations related to the IEDs XML based language that allows a formal description of Substation automation system and the switchyard and the relation between them IED configuration Communication parameters Eases the integration process of devices from multiple vendors

23 CID: Configured IED Description. XML configuration for a specific IED.
SCL File Types SSD: System Specification Description. XML description of the entire system. SCD: Substation Configuration Description. XML description of a single substation. ICD: IED Capability Description. XML description of items supported by an IED. CID: Configured IED Description. XML configuration for a specific IED.

24 System Specification Description ( SSD )
Description the single line diagram and the substation automation functionaly using the associated logical nodes Single line diagram connections Logical nodes , Logical node type

25 IED Capability Description ( ICD )
logical devices , logical nodes , logical node types data sets control blocks

26 System Configuration Description ( SCD )
Single line diagram Communication network IED configurations Binding information ( e.g. trip matrix )

27 Configured IED Description ( CID )
Created by the IED configuration tool from the .SCD file Includes the device-specific configuration data Use of the .CID file to configure the IED is optional


29 ACSI Abstract Communications Service Interface
Abstract interface describing communications between a client and a remote server for: real-time data access and retrieval, device control, event reporting and logging, file transfer Defines a set of Objects

30 ACSI Abstract Communications Service Interface
This part of IEC may also be applied to describe device models and functions for additional activities, such as: substation to substation information exchange, substation to control centre information exchange, power plant to control centre information exchange, information exchange for distributed generation, or information exchange for metering.

31 Logical nodes

32 Logical Nodes A named grouping of data and associated services that is logically related to some power system function. dddXCBR1 Logical Node Instance # Logical Node Name per IEC (breaker) Optional Application Specific Prefix

33 IEC61850-7-4 Logical Nodes Name Description Axxx
Automatic Control (4). ATCC (tap changer), AVCO (volt. ctrl.), etc. Cxxx Supervisory Control (5). CILO (Interlocking), CSWI (switch ctrl), etc. Gxxx Generic Functions (3). GGIO (generic I/O), etc. Ixxx Interfacing/Archiving (4). IARC (archive), IHMI (HMI), etc. Lxxx System Logical Nodes (2). LLN0 (common), LPHD (Physical Device) Mxxx Metering & Measurement (8). MMXU (meas.), MMTR (meter.), etc. Pxxx Protection (28). PDIF, PIOC, PDIS, PTOV, PTOH, PTOC, etc. Rxxx Protection Related (10). RREC (auto reclosing), RDRE (disturbance).. Sxxx Sensors, Monitoring (4). SARC (archs), SPDC (partial discharge), etc. Txxx Instrument Transformer (2). TCTR (current), TVTR (voltage) Xxxx Switchgear (2). XCBR (breaker), XCSW (switch) Yxxx Power Transformer (4). YPTR (transformer), YPSH (shunt), etc. Zxxx Other Equipment (15). ZCAP (cap ctrl), ZMOT (motor), etc. Wxxx Wind (Set aside for other standards) Oxxx Solar (Set aside for other standards) Hxxx Hydropower (Set aside for other standards) Nxxx Power Plant (Set aside for other standards) Bxxx Battery (Set aside for other standards) Fxxx Fuel Cells (Set aside for other standards)

34 Logical Node Description - XCBR
SPS Mandatory/Optional Common Data Class Description Data Name

35 Single Point Status (SPS) CDC (e.g. loc)
stVal Attribute Name Mandatory/ Optional Type Range of Values Functional Constraint

36 Relay1/XCBR1$ST$Loc$stVal
Object Name Structure Relay1/XCBR1$ST$Loc$stVal Logical Device Logical Node Functional Constraint Data Attribute

37 Mapping logical nodes, classes, and data concepts to the real world

38 Logical nodes

39 GOOSE messages Time critical data eg. trip, block, interlock, etc.
Tripping of switchgear Starting of disturbance recorder Providing position indication for interlocking

40 GOOSE messages

41 GOOSE Usage for Interlocking & Tripping

42 IEC 61850 GOOSE Device to multi-device communication
Fast transmission of substation events, blocking, permissive signals, etc. Also transmission of analog values ( voltage, current, frequency, etc.) Event driven transmission sent on change of state Interlocking Indication

43 GOOSE Example – False Bus Differential

44 IEC Architecture

45 Relay to Relay Applications
Peer to Peer messaging

46 Legacy Architecture

47 Legacy Architecture Requires N*(N-1)/2 links for N relays. Reprogramming can require rewiring. Requires filtering on links to prevent false trips.

48 IEC 61850 Network Architecture

49 IEC 61850 Network Architecture
Relays share a common network making sophisticated protection schemes possible. Number of links for N relays is N and shared with SCADA. Relays send their status to all other relays at once using GOOSE. Status exchanged continuously. High performance.

50 Benefits Reduction of wiring costs
More flexible programming is independent of wiring Reliability: Link status known before use. New capabilities not cost-effective with hardwired systems. Higher performance with more data.

51 Hardwired Performance

52 Network Performance

53 Justification

54 Transducer Interfaces

55 Legacy Approach

56 Legacy Approach Individually and redundantly wired to all devices needing the same signals: CTs PTs Status Inputs Outputs Each individual sensor must be calibrated and maintained separately. Incremental cost is exponential (signals x devices) Result is minimization of I/O

57 IEC61850 Approach

58 IEC Process Bus Transducer and I/O signals are shared via a network. Only one transducer or I/O point per signal. Minimization of calibration and maintenance. Incremental cost is linear (signals only) Future: Integrated MU with digital fiber optic transducers

59 Justification

60 Benefits of IEC61850 High-level services enable self-describing devices & automatic object discovery saving $$$$$ in configuration, setup and maintenance. Standardized naming conventions with power system context eliminates device dependencies and tag mapping saving $$$$ in config., setup, and maintenance. Standardized configuration file formats enables exchange of device configuration saving $$$$ in design, specification, config., setup, and maint.

61 Benefits of IEC61850 Higher performance multi-cast messaging for inter-relay communications enables functions not possible with hard wires and save $$$$ in wiring and maintenance. Multi-cast messaging enables sharing of transducer (CT/PT) signals saving $$$$ by reducing transducers and calibration costs.

62 Question?

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