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Presents Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney.

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1 Presents Tips for Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

2 About If a couple is faced with a divorce, they need to consider several things before settling for a divorce attorney. This is better done before the actual filing of the divorce case. The following six tips will help in choosing a divorce lawyer.

3 ❖ Tips ➔ Create a List of Local Divorce Attorneys. ➔ Review Each Attorney’s Website. ➔ Look for Red Flags. ➔ Be Realistic ➔ Be Objective ➔ Ask Questions Specific to Your Situation

4 Create a List of Local Divorce Attorneys ➢ Include each attorney’s name, phone number, address and website. ➢ Find divorce lawyers by: ❏ Searching in the local yellow pages under “attorney”. ❏ Searching an online phone directory and ❏ Running an online search from a search engine using relevant keywords.

5 Review Each Attorney’s Website ➢ Look for grammar and spelling errors as well as the attorney’s background information. ➢ Mostly lawyers’ websites provide information about attorneys working for the law firm. ➢ Advisable to get a lawyer with at least three years’ experience in family law. ➢ Spends at least 50 percent of his or her time on divorce work.

6 Look for Red Flags ➢ Do not believe an attorney who is making promises and just telling you what you want to hear. ➢ Do not trust an attorney which discloses the confidential information of another client. ➢ While interviewing make sure that the attorney pays sufficient attention and is not distracted. ➢ The chosen lawyer must act according to the industry’s professional ethics.

7 Be Realistic ➢ Work of a divorce lawyer is to provide representation to the best of their ability. ➢ Remember, it is not their responsibility to do any of the following: ❏ Listen to anyone’s frustration, ❏ Condone angry outbursts ❏ Sympathize with people in their sadness and pain. ➢ Be realistic about the responsibilities of their divorce lawyer.

8 Be Objective ➢ Emotions could prolong the divorce process and make it more expensive and litigious. ➢ Remain focused on getting divorced faster with less cost.

9 Ask Questions Specific to Your Situation ➢ Some of the questions that need to be asked: ❏ “What will your strategy be for my case?” ❏ “How long do you think my case will take?” ❏ “How much property am I likely to get at the end of this divorce?”

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