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Complete Control Over Every Aspect of Hosting with Dedicated Hosting.

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1 Complete Control Over Every Aspect of Hosting with Dedicated Hosting

2 Dedicated server web hosting means you have a server connected to the Internet with a permanent connection for your use and only your use. This means you own the machine but have a hosting company maintain the server for you.

3 Top Two Reasons to Have Dedicated Server Hosting There are two main reasons why having dedicated server hosting would be ideal for a Website: The first reason is that dedicated servers come with a complete shell access that can be used to configure the server and provide excellent Web services for your site. If your site has or is expected to have a lot of online business, then dedicated server hosting is likely going to be the best hosting arrangement for you.


5 The second reason is that, with Dedicated hosting, e-commerce transactions can be offered securely using SSL certification, which is required for accepting credit cards.Dedicated hosting If your site is expected to have a large number of online financial transactions, then, its best that there be a provision for dedicated server hosting. That way, your site will have all the technical resources dedicated to it alone.

6 Anytime Access to Website with Dedicated IP Sometimes it is quite necessary to check how website is going to look before pointing domain name to the server and launching your website on the web. Good dedicated server will provide with ability to access server directly without changing DNS settings for the domain name.Good dedicated server

7 Dedicated IP- Beneficial for Email Sender's Reputation Using dedicated IP address for email, isolates your service from being affected by consequences of abuses made by others. Thus, it helps to improve the reputation of the email sender. Ideastack provides best dedicated hosting. Ideastack


9 Dedicated IP- Good for Business Identity If you are going to host your own online-store or other e-commerce related website, and you are not going to use some additional third-party services for handling payments, it is quite necessary to grab some Dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for the website, in order to provide security for your customer’s data. Dedicated hosting with ideastack is good for improving business identity.ideastack

10 Speed and flexibility with Dedicated Web Hosting Speed and flexibility are two of the top benefits for low cost servers. low cost servers If you have a large site, steaming media, large database applications or need for higher speed, flexibility, reliability and security, then you should consider dedicated web hosting as an option.

11 If you have a large number of domains or websites, the cost per website goes down dramatically when using best dedicated dedicated hosting You'll have greater flexibility in adding POP3 accounts and FTP accounts at no extra cost.

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