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Denotation and Connotation

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1 Denotation and Connotation
Words are What We Make Them

2 Denotation Denotation = Dictionary Definition Example
Definition: A word’s denotation—or denotative meaning—is its literal definition. It is neutral. Denotation = Dictionary Definition Example Snake: a limbless reptile with a long, scaly body.

3 Connotation Definition: A word’s connotation—or connotative meaning—is the attitudes and feelings associated with a word. May be positive or negative Example Snake: “snake in the grass,” symbol of evil, slimy, liar

4 The denotative definition is based on the literal definition of a word.
The connotative definition is the figurative or emotional meaning of a word.

5 Connotation Connotation can change from person to person, depending on their individual association with that word. When a biologist hears the word “snake,” she might think of the rare Indigo snake she felt lucky to see during her last research trip. Positive connotation. When a man on death row hears the word “chair,” he might break into a cold sweat. Negative connotation.

6 Connotation Positive Negative
We bought inexpensive souvenirs at the amusement park. I ate a moist sandwich. I am a bargain shopper. Negative We bought cheap souvenirs at the amusement park. I ate a soggy sandwich. I am a cheapskate.

7 Negative or Positive? For the following words, come up with a word with a positive connotation and a negative connotation Positive Negative Short _________ _________ Not smart _________ _________ Self focused _________ _________ Not funny _________ _________ Non-athletic _________ _________

8 PRACTICE For the following words. Write down the denotative
and connotative meanings Home Cockroach School Halloween

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