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13, 1300, 1800 AUSTRALIAN NUMBERS Business phone Numbers By Vtelecom.

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1 13, 1300, 1800 AUSTRALIAN NUMBERS Business phone Numbers By Vtelecom

2 CHEAP1300 NUMBER CHEAP1300 NUMBER  Australia 1300 Number is a “virtual” number which is not tied to any specific phone of anyone. Australia 1300 Number  1300 numbers are belongs to you, not to your Telco.  So, you can easily transfer your services to a different Telco without change your number.  You can also route your 1300 number to “answer points” at which you want it to ring, including mobile, landline, fax machine or call answering services.

3  You can buy a 1300 number because it helps to conceal both location and size of your a 1300 number  Approx 75% Australian Businesses are using 1300 numbers for their organizations.

4  As your company grows, you can take more advantage of 1300 number’s other benefits such as detailed reporting information about your calls which can help you to measure things like effectiveness of different marketing campaigns. So buy a cheap 1300 number for your business and get benefits of 1300 number

5  Having a 1800 number Australia is good for your business. 1800 numbers are portable.1800 number Australia  Your organization can use this even you move your business to a different location. 1800 NUMBER AUSTRALIA 1800 NUMBER AUSTRALIA

6 13 NUMBERS  13 numbers are similar to 1300 numbers but there is a difference between them is that this Australian number contain only two digits at its beginning and followed by only 4 others.  potential customers are like this number simplicity, mainly if there are Phone Words in your 13 phone number. If you want to know about are 13 numbers free then you can contact at 1800 883 532 for details.are 13 numbers free

7  13 number is also a virtual and inbound number that similar to 1300 number.  The most important difference is that 13 numbers has an added yearly government surcharge.

8 ABOUT US….  V Telecom supplies you best telecom services in Australia which help to increase your business such as call routing and live answering and speech recognition and much more.  V Telecom provide low-priced 13, 1300 and 1800 phone numbers in Australia.  To get more information about our services contact us with all your business phone number needs.

9 THANK YOU  Contact Us…  Website:  Phone No. : 1800883532  Mail id:  Address: 24/4 A Bachell Ave, Lidcombe NSW 2141

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