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List Of Indian Wedding Jewelry Presented By

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1 List Of Indian Wedding Jewelry Presented By

2 Indian Wedding Jewelery are very famous jewelry all over the world. Wedding is the very special occasion for us. Some of the popular jewelery items are described in above slides.

3 A necklace is a type of jewellery which is worn around the neck. Indian bride can’t be imagined without necklace. Necklace displays love and commitment towards bridegroom.

4 The Maang Tikka is worn at the center parting of the hair with classy pendant falling over the forehead. Woman wears a Maang Tikka due to its elegant appearance.

5 Ring is very important jewelry item for wedding occasion. Every bride wears diamond ring on the wedding occasion.

6 Every Indian bride likes the bangles very much. Bangles is very valuable item which are worn by every bride in wedding occasion.

7 Nath or nose ring is one of the integral parts of Indian bridal jewelry. Apart from latest trend this piece of Indian jewelry carries traditional value. It is being acknowledged by astrologers that wearing nath or nose ring symbolizes the virginity of girls.

8 Bichiya or toe ring is generally worn by south Indian women to display their marital status. The bichiyas or toe ring is also worn in some parts of north India especially in U.P

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11 Thank You

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