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1 Agency HR Staff Go-Live Prep September 16, 2011

2 Course Objective Agenda  Team Introductions  Overview of  Readiness Update  Pilot Survey Results  Go Live Expectations  Support Lines  Tips and Known Issues  FAQs  Q&A

3 One Password…One Sign-on…One Great Idea!HCM B.I.(EPM) FIN CRM ELM Centralized Authentication Cognos (PeopleSoft)B&P(EPM) Training Videos   Introductory Video  Instructional Step-By-Steps – Calendar – Multiple Windows and Sessions – MyLinks – News – Personalizing Your Home Page Job Aids  Help > How do I…. – Reset Password – Setup Forgotten Password Help – Add/Edit Email Addresses – Sign in for the First Time Accessing   Password Management: – is now your door to all OAKS Applications, and your HCM username and password is the key you will use to access the applications you have permissions to. – If you use OAKS FIN or CRM, you will no longer need those passwords – use your HCM password. 3

4 Readiness Update End-user Readiness – Created 2 promotional and 5 training videos – Sent out statewide communications to 55,000 state employees through The Weekly, Communication Offices, Fiscal Offices, CIO’s, and HR Administrators – Provided updates and demos at the CIO LMC and MAC, Human Resources Forums, and Financials User Forums – Placed posters in high visibility, high volume state office buildings (Rhodes, Riffe, BWC, OSS, GSD, SOCC) in advance of launch – Provided overview to 339 pilot participants during kick-off webinars – over 500 users participated in the pilot Agency Leadership Readiness – Sent introductory letter to Cabinet and Non-Cabinet Directors from Director Blair and Director Keen – Sent targeted messages to Agency Leadership and requested that they send messages on to their agency’s employees – Sent soft copy of poster to Communication Directors to post at agencies – Requested that the Governor provide a welcome message to-be published to 4

5 Pilot Survey Results 5  93 % of Users had favorable results in finding information easily on  Nearly 95 % of Pilot Users found the content on relevant and beneficial

6 Pilot Survey Results 6  Nearly 84% of Pilot users are overall Satisfied with  Up to 80% of Pilot users were able to use to perform their daily tasks in OAKS* * Nearly 15% of the 20% that were not able to use to perform OAKS functions were due to the IE7 issue, which has since then been resolved.

7 What to Expect Sept. 19 7  Users: All State of Ohio Employees will have access to the Portal.  URL: The URL will change from the Production URL given to everyone during the Pilot release. – OLD: – NEW:  Link: Within each OAKS Application, there will be a link located in the top tab which will allow you to quickly navigate back to the portal homepage.

8 Support Lines Employee Questions Login Issues Call: 1-800-409-1205 Option 1 Functionality or Content Raise Issues to Agency Human Resources Office 8 Raise Unresolved Issues to HR Customer Service  Benefits of Support Model – Visibility to your employee’s application issues – Ability to send consistent messages – First call resolution – Better understanding of IT configuration and agency processes – Enforcement of appropriate use of application  HR Customer Service does not have access to reset passwords

9 Go Live Support (9/19 - onward) 9

10 Review of Tips

11 Signon Screen  When you enter, if your screen looks like this:  Click within a pagelet, and your content will display. 11

12 Signing On You will use your Employee ID (also known as EMPLID) and HCM password to signon. With single sign-on, you can access many functions that used to require several log-ins and passwords. 12

13 Home Page Please remember that your User ID and password gives you access to areas of that you are authorized to use. 13

14 A link located on all OAKS application screens will be enabled on 9/19/11.  See the video on “Opening Multiple Sessions.”video Link in OAKS Applications 14

15 Accessing ELM 15

16 Accessing Cognos 16

17  Your Forgotten Password Questions from HCM were loaded into ~ FIN questions were not migrated. – Do not log into with Group Approver accounts until 9/19/2011. On 9/19/11, you will be able to login using the existing password.  Do not use Forgotten Password Questions in any environment except for  When in, only change your password on My Info > Account Password – The My Info > Change Email Address page also includes a link to change password. If you change your password here, you will experience application errors with any HCM component. Password Management 17

18 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)  How can I reinforce and spread the news about at my agency? – Ensure that the URL to is placed on your agency’s employee website or intranet (NOTE: Each agency’s CIO was sent icons to create a button or link on your employee website or intranet) – Post posters in high visibility areas in your office locations – Please send our enterprise message (sent on Monday) to your employees and encourage them to go to Monday morning!  What is the first line of support for my agency’s employees? – We suggest that your employees contact your department first with questions, as they are instructed to do today with Self Service. For any items that you or your staff cannot resolve, please raise the issues to HR Customer Service.  I am a manager, how do I approve time and approve a request for leave? – If you use OAKS Time & Labor for time, please go to the “Time & Money” menu. You will see a menu item that allows you to approve time and approve requests for leaves from here.  Why do I not see the Launch Application link for all OAKS applications? – The Launch Application link is only accessible for users with “power user” roles in the applications. For instance, if you only use OAKS Financials for Travel & Expense, the link will not be available. And, if you only use OAKS HCM for Self Service, the link will not be available. 18

19 Q&A For additional information, please contact: 19

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