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Expandable and Affordable Solar PV Kits for Your Home Projects 123 Zero Energy.

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1 Expandable and Affordable Solar PV Kits for Your Home Projects 123 Zero Energy

2 Do you want simple to install and use solar PV kits for your residential projects or home heating applications? We can provide energy efficient and affordable solar PV kits that would work in extremely cold condition and create heat with photovoltaic energy. You can fit these solar PV panels to continue generating heat even if it is -40 deg Centigrade outside.

3 123 Zero Energy If you need DIY photovoltaic panels, you should not try it alone without following professional guidance on assembly and installation. We specialize in installation and have fitted hundreds of solar PV systems for homeowners across USA and Canada. What our experience says is that you should avoid making expensive mistakes otherwise your dream of saving on energy bills might remain incomplete. All of our solar PV kits are made to suit your home heating needs and budget. We offer you a solar PV system that can be expanded or upgraded with greater ease at anytime. You will get electrical solar PV components that perfectly suit your needs and assure to work well. You will also have affordable pricing, installation and lifetime customer support.

4 123 Zero Energy We deliver all the finest quality solar DIY PV components, and keep on adding the newest products from some of the world’s best PV systems manufacturers. Whether you need a small or large solar PV system to mount on your roof for an off grid utility or to be tied with national grid, our online store can supply you the most functional components that are compatible and suitable for you. All the electrical components of your solar PV kits will come pre- packaged for your comfort and convenience. They will be properly pre-wired, ready to fix to your solar array and battery bank. Our quality testers and installers will assure to verify and configure your solar PV system guaranteeing ultimate satisfaction. You will also enjoy great value with our affordable and expandable solar photovoltaic panels.

5 123 Zero Energy If you want to keep the energy cost low of your home projects with DIY and handy solar systems, you can choose to order solar PV kits from 123 Zero Energy. We will deliver efficiently working solar PV components to construct or upgrade a photovoltaic system. For more details about DIY geothermal connect with us on Facebook. about DIY geothermal Facebook

6 Thank You Address 123 ZeroEnergy #20-305 McKay Ave Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5, Canada Phone +1(204) 977-1674 +1(800) 759-8990 /

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