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2 Combination Products Products to Control & Manage Insects & Disease Cottony Cushion Scale: Insect that causes disease. Source: Graham Wise from Brisbane, Australia

3 Highly refined “Paraffinic” oil Suffocates eggs and larvae Does not develop resistance in insects Now labeled for disease control too! Available in concentrate, RTU and RTS Not for greenhouse use For dormant and season long use For Use On: Fruits & Vegetables Roses & Flowers Nuts and Berries Deciduous Trees Spider Mites Aphids Scale All Seasons Oil Insect & Disease RTU, RTS & Concentrate RTU, RTS & Concentrate Edibles and Ornamentals Contact & Mechanical

4 Concentrate and RTU 3-way control − Kills Insects − Disease Control − Miticide Bio-pesticide derived from Neem tree seed Use on virtually all plants − Roses, Flowers, Shrubs − Vegetables, Fruit, Trees − Even Houseplants and Turf Kills all insect stages – egg, larva and adult Concentrate Pt. and Ready-to-Use Qt. Colorado Potato Beetle eggs Colorado Potato Beetle larvae Colorado Potato Beetle adult Insect, Fungus & Mites Insect, RTU and Concentrate Edibles, Houseplants and Ornamentals Contact & Mechanical Neem Oil

5 Effective on insects and diseases Use on houseplants, herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers Also for use on trees and shrubs Water based formula – use indoors as labeled Used up to day of harvest on selected crops Controls common diseases like Powdery Mildew Neem/Pyrethrin combines the fast knockdown of Pyrethrin with the lasting effects of Neem for great all around control Whiteflies Spider Mites on Tomato Powdery Mildew on Zinnia Insect, Fungus & Mites RTU & Concentrate Edibles, Houseplants & Ornamentals Contact & Mechanical Bon-Neem ® II Insect Spray

6 Contains Malathion, Captan and Carbaryl Spreader sticker for better coverage Regular spray schedule provides great results No plugged nozzles when applying Excellent for home orchardist Complete insect and disease control Coddling Moth and damage Plum Curculio and damage Apple Scab Insect, Fungus & Mites ConcentrateConcentrate For Fruit & Ornamentals ContactContact Fruit Tree Spray Concentrate

7 Boscalid – EPA “Reduced Risk” fungicide with unique mode of action – Effective on resistant pathogens Pyraclostrobin – Systemic fungicide with unique Translaminar action penetrates leaves even if applied only to top surface Lambda-cyhalothrin – Insect control – Lambda has “Never met a bug it couldn’t kill!” Many plants listed as protected – More applications than other competing brand Effective control of Downy Mildew on Impatiens Red-Banded Leaf Hopper Spittle Bug Larvae Impatiens Downy Mildew Concentrate & RTS Fruit, Nuts Vegetables and more Contact & Systemic Insect, Fungus & Mites Insect, Fungus & Mites Fruit Tree & Plant Guard

8 Upgraded label graphics call out more fruit varieties Listed for CITRUS and other fruit and nut crops − Grapes − Strawberries − Vegetables − Many more “Twist & Shoot” nozzle reaches up to 25 ft. All Natural - sulfur and pyrethrin formula Use up to day of harvest on many crops Red-Banded Leaf Hopper Spittle Bug Larvae Strawberry Leaf Blight Insect, Fungus & Mites Concentrate and RTS Vegetables Fruit, Herbs & more ContactContact Citrus, Fruit & Nut Orchard Spray

9 Combines Insect and Disease Protection Lasts up to 6 weeks No spraying – Mix and Pour product Dual Action works on most plant damaging insects and diseases Apply with a watering can Contains 2 high tech ingredients Imidacloprid insect control Tebuconazole disease control Quart treats up to 16 rose bushes Up to 200 sq. ft. of flower beds 9 Apply with a watering can Holly Leaf Miner Rust on Roses Insect & Disease Concentrate Drench Roses, Flowers & Ornamentals SystemicSystemic Rose Rx™ Systemic Drench

10 Fungicide, insecticide & miticide All natural product – Contains Neem Prevents and controls black spot, anthracnose, rust, scab and mildew Kills common rose and flower damaging insects Kills mites including 2- Spotted and Red Spider Mites Kills insect eggs, larvae, and adults Black Spot on Roses Rose Psyllid Rose Slugs and Damge Insects, Disease & Mites RTU and Concentrate Roses, Flower & Listed Edibles Contact & Mechanical Rose Rx™ 3-in-1

11 3-in-1 fungicide, insecticide, miticide May be used to day of harvest Contains sulfur and pyrethrin Economical – Use as little as 2.5 oz. per gallon Prevents and controls diseases Wide application timing window Available in convenient RTU, RTS, & Conc Lace Bug Nymph Brown Spot on Tomato Fruit Fly Insects, Disease & Mites RTU, RTS & Concentrate & Concentrate RTU, RTS & Concentrate & Concentrate Edibles Houseplants Ornamentals Contact Tomato & Vegetable

12 3 ingredients provides great plant protection − Insect & disease controls − Systemic disease control and protection − Prevents & cures common rose and flower diseases Rainproof in one hour! − Difenoconazole – Contact and Systemic fungicide − Lambda-Cyhalothrin – Broad spectrum insect control − Thiamethoxam – Systemic insect control Economical concentrate – User friendly RTU Lasts up to 30 days Rose Sawfly Larva Rose Chafer Rose Rust Insect & Disease RTU & Concentrate Roses, Flowers & Ornamentals Contact & Systemic Rose Shield ®

13 Local market knowledge Bonide reps live and work in your market. Share and discuss Infestations Weather related issues New product trends Product selection and expertise Have what the customer needs now Know what it does Know how to use the product Provide the best consumer experience Category color coded set Interactive help center Extra help is always a phone call away. Bonide Sales Support What you can expect from us… BonideSupport

14 Thank You for visiting Don’t forget to download the Bonide app from your app store. Contact your Bonide Territory Sales Manager to learn how you can be eligible for co-op support.

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