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Cimatron Tony Grew Sales Manager Cimatron UK

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1 Cimatron Tony Grew Sales Manager Cimatron UK

2 Micro milling


4 The Market Small plastic parts: Medicine, Optics, Communications Micro knive cutting hair Atomizer without fuel gas Technical micro part (gear wheel)

5 Cimatron Introduction The European Micro Milling Research project Examples Benefits for ukMIG members A word from the CEO

6 -Established 1982 -Dedicated solutions for Tooling industry -Powerful NC solutions -Headquarters: Israel -Subsidiaries: China, Germany, Italy, UK, USA, Japan, India, France -Distributors: 35 countries, worldwide -8,500 manufacturing customers -Flagship product: CimatronE -Employees: 200 -Traded on NASDAQ (CIMT) Cimatron at a Glance Company Profile

7 Sorry, wrong meeting This mould is 1.0 Metres square

8 European research project -Cimatron E Micro Milling is the result of Cimatron’s participation in a micro-milling research project funded by the European Community and sponsored by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) in Aachen, Germany. -The forum brought together leading technology suppliers and mould makers to investigate and test processes for the manufacturing of high-precision injection moulds with complex 3-D structures and high surface quality. Various Mouldmakers

9 1. Definition of requirements 2. Machining process investigation 3. Milling machine development 4. Development of cutting tools 6. Verification of achieved results 5. Further development of the CAD/CAM Month:6121824 Responsibilities: WP1Fraunhofer IPT WP2Fraunhofer IPT WP3Kern WP4Magafor WP5Cimatron WP6Fraunhofer IPT WP7Promolding Apr03 Wo rk packages

10 Accuracy improved by excellent Design-for-Manufacturing functionality (DI, Quicksplit, Hybrid modeling) Accuracy improved by use of advanced algorithms for machine program generation. For Finishing, Cimatron`s Specific strategies generate very good toolpath results Quality/Reliability can be improved by variety of “smooth” NC strategies, e.g. for rounding corners Results related to CAD/CAM

11 This Project for an existing customer Generate mould for False teeth, with minimum bench work, from digitized data

12 The CAD Tecnology: ReEnge + Geomagic allows to build the teeth's surfaces, previously digitized

13 Cimatron E Scanned data converted to surfaces and added to solid model for Cavity & Core

14 Cimatron E... so, now the mould is fully designed using CimatronE.

15 But for NC everything was much more difficult

16 The NC-Benchmark requirements were: -Mill molds for artificial teeth maximizing surface quality with tolerance required of.0005. - Minimum bench work -Use of Ball tools Diameter 1.0 mm for Teeth Diameter 1.5 mm for other surfaces -After a selection of the most important Systems on the market. -“another” and Cimatron were chosen for the benchmark

17 The first attempt: to use E version. 6.0 and existing strategy's

18 Surface Quality, good for large tooling, unacceptable for small work

19 Customer decided Surface Quality was not good enough

20 The winning solution: New algorithms provided by Cimatron -Customer asked Cimatron for help because he needed a new a more powerful solution. -Cimatron used the new “MICRO MILLING Module” which is optimized for small parts. -We sent our customer the G-code program, produced inside Cimatron, to test -And results were…..




24 Case Study » Micro Rotor « Part size < 3 mm

25 Design Change Design-for-Manufacturing Design a cavity with a minimum radius of 150µm Good Splitting

26 Design of Cavity »Micro Rotor« m o l d Challenge, to create mould parting faces that were adapted for micro machining we realised that tangency was of the greatest importance

27 Optimized finishing UV-Machining 3X Bearb.-Fläche 3x Magafor 8529-H, D = 0.3 mm (ball) v f = 460 mm/min n = 38000 min -1 conventional milling a p = 0.0 mm a e = 0.04 mm Allowance 0.00 mm

28 - Finished Mould Approx mould sizes 40mm X 40mm

29 Advantages for ukMIG Members  Take advantage of work already done in this arena.  Work with a partner already accepted by European funding organisations.  Have access to developers for new functionality.  Write code specifically to test your applications with API’s (C++).  Cimatron Uk is already working with a leading UK research university using FULL 5 axis on a micro milling project  Synergy between existing members

30 A word from Cimatron CEO ”As a pioneer of micro-milling technology, Cimatron is in a unique position to introduce a new and exciting product to the market,” explains Danny Haran, President and CEO of Cimatron. “Our software solution – developed in collaboration with leading cutting tools and machine manufacturers – answers the increasing need to cost-effectively manufacture high precision miniature components in large quantities for such demanding industries as medical, cellular and optics manufacturing. This cutting edge technology will make our customers more competitive and successful in these fast growing markets.” -Cimatron’s solution meets and exceeds the requirements of micro-tooling: a unique algorithm and special machining strategies successfully apply Cimatron E’s proven CAD/CAM functionality to support milling at levels traditional NC software cannot achieve. Characteristics of the solution include: high precision, tight machining tolerance, effective handling of imperfect imported geometrical data, direct surface milling, and 3- & 5-axis toolpaths.

31 Thank You!

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