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NA Sales Training 2007 The Digital Marketing Space.

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1 NA Sales Training 2007 The Digital Marketing Space

2 Mass Media Traditional Media “My” Media The Internet “We” Media Web 2.0 12 Media consumption A play with 3 acts

3 13 Mass Media

4 My Media

5 We Media

6 North America Media Market reality Eyeblaster Confidential  Consumption paradigm is shifting  Users engage in 3 main activities: Entertainment, Social and Commerce  Users demand control -> Less traditional Media -> More digital Media  Marketing spend is following the audience  Digital Media is  Fragmented and rapidly evolving  Accountable and Measurable  Targeted  ‘On Demand’ and not ‘Broadcast’  Engaging & Interactive and not ‘lean back’  Marketers and their Agencies are challenged

7 Deeper Engagement Broadband Eyeblaster Confidential Broadband Penetration Growth (Millions of Households)

8 Deeper Engagement Mobile Eyeblaster Confidential Global Mobile Phone Sales (Millions)

9 Deeper Engagement Search Eyeblaster Confidential  Both the art and science of search have improved  Searches more sophisticated and specific: –1998 = 1.2 words –2004 = 2.5 words –2006 = to 3.3 words  Search innovation continues to evolve – social search a potential game changer Search has become a key driver of traffic – “the means and the end”

10 Components of Digital marketing The Advertiser view Eyeblaster Confidential OperationsFinancial Brand ObjectivesAudience ObjectivesBusiness Objectives Outbound Email Inbound Email (ASQ) Campaigns Drive to Web Search Engine Intranet Website Awareness Purchase Intent Lead Generation Delivery Cost ROI PerceptionLoyalty Audience Satisfaction Engagement Brand Audience KPIs/ Objectives Digital Channels & Tactics Category Results Component Result

11 Components of Digital marketing Channels and Objectives Eyeblaster Confidential AwarenessAcquisitionRetentionCRMTrialRepeat Selling Brand Recall Brand Loyalty Search Marketing YES NO YESNOYESNO Email Marketing NOYES Mobile MarketingNO YESNOYES NOYES Affiliate Marketing YES NO YESNOYES Viral Marketing YESNO YESNOYES Display Advertising YES NO YESNOYES

12 Digital Marketers and Agencies Challenges and Solutions Eyeblaster Confidential  Reaching  Long-tail textual online content, Broadband content, In-Game, Mobile  The Solution: Technological integration and enablement of inventory  Planning  Fragmented media, audience overlap, panel based tools for audience measurement  The Solution: Historical performance data, comprehensive analytics tools  Deploying  Launching marketing campaign on time and across tens/hundreds of media properties  The Solution: Campaign Management tools  Engaging  Matching Advertising messages to the consumption mode of the medium  The Solution: Rich media and Video advertising formats  Analyzing  Consolidation of data from all properties and channels for effectiveness measurement and future planning  The Solution: Single tracking and analysis solution for all channels

13 Opportunity to meet needs of market What made, and still making, technology providers win? Eyeblaster Confidential  Ease of use & Efficiency  Integrated ad serving  True DIY  Service  Enabling scale  Search management  Rich media formats  Unique reach – Video, Gaming  Creative opportunity/innovation that drives engagement and conversation  Vertical solutions  Measurability

14 Technology Sales 2007 What will make us sell – the external view  Strong Search offering  Acquisition & audience de- duplication  Cross-channel brand measurement? Display & Search Integration  Creative & Media Services  Bespoke solutions that will reduce time to market and provide competitive edge  Global Reach  Compensate for product shortfalls  Vertical Solutions Key component in today’s market Service  Data analysis  Data interface  Planning  Vertical Lead asset for our clients Data  Gaming  Video content Facilitate access to our clients Reach  Formats  Features Facilitate and Innovate Creative opportunities Creative

15 Opportunity – EB technology Sales 2007 Key solution attributes and their value to our clients Integration Spend optimization, performance media, optimized reach Scale Ease of use, Increased client spend, tools for fragmented media, Buying and Campaign launch process Service Reduced barrier of entry, Reduced time to market, Global, reduced costs Reach i.e: Video, Gaming, Pre-Roll – Increased reach, differentiation, brand effectiveness Engagement, Cross-channel analysis, Global performance analysis, ROI measurement, proprietary Data ACM Performance optimization, optimized reach, optimized spend, customer retention Targeting & Optimization

16 North America Operations Q2 Revenue Targets

17 North America Operations Our ACM clients

18 North America Operations Formats split and the ACM Business

19 North America Operations Trends

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