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PREVOST Line overview Service formation. Creation PREVOST started in 1978.

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1 PREVOST Line overview Service formation

2 Creation PREVOST started in 1978

3 Location PREVOST Headquarters are located in ANNECY FRANCE

4 Logistic Greenville USA Annecy France PREVOST has 4 distribution centers : Rochedale UK Hangzhou China

5 Prevost product line PREVOST : « Links everything between compressor and tools ! » PREVOST 3 lines for 1 solution Connection Accessories Treatment

6 Connectic product line

7 PREVOST line Metal couplings line Push button technology Treated steel Fluid : Compressed air Hard schocks resistant To be used in hard environment High flow Low pressure drop Applications : Direct connection on tools Heavy industry Steelworks plants Mines Construction Etc.

8 Regular push button composite couplings PROLAC line Composite push button coupling Fluid : Compressed air Profiles color code Non scratch Anti static Silicone free Light and resistant Applications : Direct connection on tools Paint & body shops Wood industries Car shops Classic industries Etc.

9 Safety push button composite couplings PREVOST « S » & PS1 lines Composite coupling « one push » Fluide : compressed air Profiles color code Non scratch Anti static Silicone free ATEX 2 Anti « hose wip » safety (ISO 4414) Automatic safety « one push » High flow Ultra llight and resistant Applications : Any connection with or without safety Assembly lines Paint & bodyshops Wood industries Fragil surfaces works Schools Etc.

10 Push fittings CONEX lines PU or PA tubings by reels or boxes. Polymer push-in fittings line Micro push-in fittings line Metal push-in fittings line Stainless steel push-in fittings line Fluid : Compressed air One of the larger lines in the market Teflon coated threads or NBR seals Alingment eyelets Positionable fittings Applications : All connections PU or PA Industries Pneumatic automation Special machines Packaging Bottling lines Schools Etc.

11 Cooling lines couplings CPI & PREOL lines CPI line for cooling lines PREOL line for all neutral fluids Fluids : Waters (warm or cold), oils etc. High temperature couplings Easy connection High flow Applications : Injection molds Cooling lines Molding industries Food industries Etc.

12 Other couplings Other fluids & connectors ELS line for water Hydraulic couplings All fittings line High temperature couplings Strict respect of all standards (ISO etc.) Applications : Industries Car industries and maintenance Construction Farming Etc.

13 Accessories line

14 Flexibles Flexibles by reels or pre-mounted in extensions AIRCA : Rubber hose Application : Hard environment STOFLEX : Antistatic hose, high temperature Silicone free, Extremly flexible. Application in paint booth DIFLEX : Reinforced PVC Anti UV treated Application : General purpose in air SURFLEX : Reinforced PVC chock and crush résistant Application : Industries, Clean rooms. VALYFLEX : Polyurethane and PVC made Abrasion resistant and very flexible Application : Gazoline, oils, fuels, Solvents, air.

15 Spiral hoses PUS line Working place organisation Polyurethane tubes Fluid : compressed air Shock resistant Abrasion resistant Twisting resistant Minimum bending radius Excellent memory Straight ends Pre coated and rotative threads Applications : Industries Garages Quick service shops Schools Etc.

16 Hose reels Hose reels and balancers lines Steel or stainless steel bodies Fix or rotating Open or closed drums With or without hose Compressed air Low pressure cold water High pressure clod water High pressure hot water Oils Grease Oxygen and acetylene gaz 24 or 220 V cables Applications : Quick service shops Garages Industrial shops Agriculture Transportation, fret Schools Etc.

17 Compressed air piping systems ALR et PVR lines Aluminium piping system PVC air piping system Specialy designed for compressed air No oxydation High flow Low pressure drops Reduced labor Free calculations and drawings Meet all concerned standards Applications : All sizes of industries Garages Paint and body shops Schools Etc.

18 Blow guns 27102 line Ergonomic line Progressive Non scratching Brass threaded insert High schock resistance Classique metal nozzle OSHA high blowing nozzle OSHA silent nozzle Protective screen nozzle Classic composite nozzle Applications : All sizes of industries Garages Paint and body shops Schools Etc.

19 Compressed air treatment

20 F.R.L. units ALTO line Schock resistant line Filtration, regulation and lubrication From 1/8 to 2 ½ connections Filtration from 25µ to 0,01µ Easy mounting Quick dismounting system Applications : Final treatment at air drops Pneumatic tools Air preparation on machines Automatism Etc.

21 Filters MICRO AIR line Coalescence type treatment Active carbon type treatment All filtrations untill « breathing air » Total oil separation With pressure drop indicators With automatic drains With wall supports Maintenance pressure safety system Applications : Sensitive machines Painting and varnishing Medical industries Food industries Breathing air Etc.

22 Automatic drains Separators and drains line Timed electrical bleed valves Magnetic bleed valves Sensitive bleed valves Mechanical float-type bleed valves Cyclonic separators Applications : On compressed air pipings On filter elements On air tanks In compresor rooms Etc.

23 Air dryers ALF & ALC lines Refrigeration air dryers Adsorption air dryers Dew point from +3°C, -40°C, -70°C Adapted to any air flow Fully equiped Applications : All industries Garages Paint and body shops All temperatures Food industries Etc.

24 Our commitment Innovation Service Most of the people talk about SELLING PRICE At PREVOST, We talk about COST A low price is always synonym of nil investment : In research and development In production machines investment In quality control In quality stability At contrary a low cost Is the insurance for the user to invest in : An innovating product A produit meeting all standards Respectingles requiered tolerances Made out of good materials A tasted and controled product A product having a real profesional quality Quality

25 Our commitment Quality always means this : Using highly sophisticated manufacturing and assembling machines

26 Our commitment Quality always means this : A constant work on finition and control

27 Our commitment Quality always means this : High investments in stocking capacities for a closer and better service

28 Our commitment Remind : A leaking coupling can cost up to net 61,32 € per year ! PREVOST coupling, is an insurance of a zero leak per year !

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