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David Walker (1785 - 1830) Presented by Benlong Huang.

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1 David Walker (1785 - 1830) Presented by Benlong Huang

2 Personal information He is an abolitionist and born in Wilmington, North Carolina, at September 28, 1796 and dead at August 6, 1830. His father is a slave and his mother is free. He is not a actually a slave because of his mother. While living in Boston, Massachusetts, he published An appeal to the coloured citizens of the world, a call for black unity and self-help in the fight against oppression and injustice.

3 Move to Boston Walker moved in Boston by 1825, and get married between 1826 and 1828. His wife is a fugitive slave called Emily. In the South people were reputed to have put a price on his head. David Walker’s Appeal, published by its author in 1829. it’s in Four Articles; Together with a Preamble, to the Coloured Citizens of the World, but in Particular and Very Expressly, to Those of the United States of America.

4 Freedom’s Journal Walker served as a Boston subscription sales agent and a writer for New York City’s short-lived but influential Freedom’s Journal(1827-1829), it was the first newspaper owned and operated by African Americans in the United States. By the end of 1828, Walker had become Boston’s leading spokesman against slavery.

5 Preamble The Preamble introduce the slavery situation and the cruel injustice at that time. He explains that the slave owners are ignorant that the slaves are human. They think they are the different species. He implied that African slave has to overcome themselves and don’t produce wretchedness and miseries anymore.

6 Preamble(quote) David Walker has travelled over a considerable portion of these United States, and through taking the observations he realized that coloured people of these United States are the most degraded, wretched and abject set of beings that ever lived since the world began. He then fully aware the cause is brethren produce their wretchedness and miseries, it’s numerous and aggravating and decided to make the appeal for much afflicted and suffering brethren. Keep us in abject ignorance and wretchedness and who are of the firm conviction that Heaven has designed us and our children to be slaves and beasts of burden to them and their children.

7 Article 1 OUR WRETCHEDNESS IN CONSEQUENCE OF SLAVERY “God has been pleased to give us two eyes, two hands, two feet, and some sense in our heads as well as they. They have no more right to hold us in slavery then we have to hold them.” This is the quote I think is important, it explains that walker think black should have the same position as whites in the America

8 Death Dead just five years after arrived in Boston in the summer of 1830. Somebody said he had been poisoned, most historians believe he died a natural death in tuberculosis. He was buried in a South Boston cemetery for blacks. His probable grave site remains unmarked.

9 Legacy Many violent writings remains and his son Edward G. Walker become the first black man elected to the Massachusetts State legislation.

10 Citations The Norton Anthology Of African American Literature Third Edition Volume 1 Pg.159 - 171 bolitionist)

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