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History of the Raymond and Betty Walker Family of Fryeburg, Maine

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1 History of the Raymond and Betty Walker Family of Fryeburg, Maine
The Walker Family History of the Raymond and Betty Walker Family of Fryeburg, Maine

2 Walker Family Coat of Arms

3 Walker Family Tree WALKER Leonard W = Jane ? (1849-?) (1849-?) WALKER
(1849-?) (1849-?) WALKER George D = Nettie E Lord (1884-?) ( ) WALKER Guy S Raymond Everett = Mary Elizabeth Ionta ( ) (1908-) Beulah M = Clifford Blake Lawrence E Lester A WALKER BLAKE Michael George ≠ Mary L Chandler = Marilyn Epstein ( ) (1943-) Judith Elizabeth WALKER Kristin Levering (1971-) = Michael Crisafulli (1971-) Wendy Elizabeth (1973- = Gary Hill (1972-) Tracey Leigh (1974-) = Kevin Hobbie (1980-) CRISAFULLI HILLWALKER Ashlyn Haleigh (2002-) Ryleigh Morgan (2004-) Isabel (2007-)

4 Leonard W. Walker 1849 to

5 George D. Walker 1884 to Foreman on the Railroad

6 1920 United States Federal Census Record for Oxford, ME

7 Nettie E. Walker 1889 to 1981

8 Guy S. Walker 1909 to

9 Raymond E. Walker 1910 – 1996 Raymond was the eldest son of George D. and Nettie E. Walker. He married Mary Elizabeth Ionta in 1941 and they had one son: Michael George Raymond received his MA in 1944 shortly before his son, Michael, was born. He and his wife moved to Fryeburg, ME in 1947. Teacher. Amateur painter.

10 Walker Home Elm Street, Fryeburg, ME

11 Beaulah M. Blake 1912 to 1999 Beulah M. Blake, younger sister of Raymond E. Walker, was born in Brownfield, Maine on August 22, 1912, the daughter of George D. and Nettie E. Walker. She graduated from the old Bean Memorial High School in Brownfield and hairdressing school in Portland. For many years Mrs. Blake commuted from Fryeburg to Bridgton where she was a beautician at Marion's Beauty Parlor. When she and her husband, Clifford Blake, moved from Fryeburg to Bridgton in 1941, she opened her own beauty salon at her home. She and her husband had two daughters: Judith Elizabeth Benway (called Betty Ray after Beaulah’s brother, Raymond and his wife Betty).

12 Lawrence E. Walker 1914 to 1985

13 Lester A. Walker 1921 to

14 McDougall Family Coat of Arms

15 McDougall/Ionta Family Tree
Angus Kate Euphemia Christine = Michael Joseph Ionta ( ) (1876-? Margaret Martin IONTA Mary Elizabeth = Raymond Walker (1908-) (1910 – 1996) Martin Joseph ( ) Lillian Margaret = Nelson Cochrane (1912 -) Cheharine Marjorie (1912 – 2010) WALKER COCHRANE Michael George ( ) Scott

16 Michael Joseph Ionta 1876 to
Michael Joseph Ionta was born February 13, 1876 in Caserta Italy. He immigrated to the United States in 1898 and became a naturalized citizen in 1905. Michael moved to Mexico, Maine. He Married Christine McDougall in 1907 and they had four children: Mary Elizabeth (Betty Walker) Martin Joseph Lillian Margaret (Margaret L. Cochrane) Cheharine Marjorie (Marjorie Katherine Ionta) He was very proud of being a United States citizen. His daughters remember that when Italian family and friends wanted to speak Italian, he said “No, we speak United States here”.

17 U.S. Naturalization Record

18 World War I Draft Registration Card

19 1920 United States Federal Census for Oxford, ME

20 Christine E. Ionta 1878 to 1973 Christine was born in 1878 on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Her given name was Euphemia Christine McDougall. She married Michael Joseph Ionta in Mexico, Maine in 1907 and they had four children: Mary Elizabeth (Betty Walker) Martin Joseph Lillian Margaret (Margaret L. Cochrane) Cheharine Marjorie (Marjorie Katherine Ionta)

21 Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Walker
1908 to present Betty was born November 29 in Mexico , Maine. She married Raymond Walker and they had a son: Michael George In 1948, the family moved from Portland to Fryeburg, ME where Betty became principal of the elementary school in Conway, NH. She is fondly remembered by many of her former pupils for her tough love, teaching these children from poor families about cleanliness and instilling in them a sense of pride. Betty retired from teaching in 1974. She is still very active in Fryeburg, playing in local bridge clubs and is a member of the red hat society.

22 Martin Joseph Ionta 1910 to 1967 Martin Ionta was born in Mexico, ME, the second of four children. He and his wife, Anne, had four children: Marlene Ionta Napolitano of Saugus, MA Janis Ionta of South Portland, ME Andrew Martin Ionta Ted Bitsy Ionta Martin died in Dixfield, ME.

23 Andrew Martin Ionta 1934 to present Andy lives in South Hero, VT

24 Ted Bitsy Ionta Bitsy lives in Dixfield, ME.
He was discharged from the United States Air Force in July of 1957. Shortly after that, he joined the Rumford Rams in the Pine Tree League in Dixfield, ME. Bitsy became an accomplished pitcher, winning 225 games and is a member of the Maine Baseball Hall Of Fame. At 70, Bitsy is a member of the Rumford Cardinals of the Men's Senior Baseball League. "It is amazing that Bitsy can still do what he does at his age," said a fellow baseball player, Paterson, a mere 45. "His passion seems to be fueled by the desire to do something that few people have accomplished, and because he can. It is impressive, and it has definitely rubbed off on all of us. It is great to be around a bunch of guys that have similar backgrounds and interests and be able to relate." "Every one has a hobby that they enjoy doing," says Bitsy ,“mine happens to be baseball. I've been fortunate to have played for as long as I have, and I'll continue to play until I'm not competitive any more. When will that be? Who knows?"

25 Maine Baseball Players of the 1940s Through 1970s
Front: Barry Peaco, Bob Baumer, Leon Truman, Bitsy Ionta, Herman Baumer. Back: S tan Doughty, Marty Roop, Frank Gammon, John Hagburg, Adrien Fournier, Jim Baumer, Bernie Lucas, George Ferguson

26 Margaret Cochrane 1912 to present
Margaret and her identical twin sister, Marjorie, were born in the tiny Maine town of Mexico on the Androscoggin River. Margaret was a physical therapist in the US Army in the 1940s. She married Nelson Cochrane and had Bruce Scott

27 Margaret and Nelson Cochrane Wedding
Marjorie Ionta, Margaret Cochrane, Nelson Cochrane, Michael Walker, Betty Walker, Nettie Walker

28 Marjorie Katherine Ionta
Marjorie was born in Mexico, ME. She graduated in 1935 from Boston University’s Sargent College with a degree in physical education after which she worked in Wellesley and Arlington, MA schools. She started her career in the 1940s, when physical therapists were viewed as technicians dispensing doctors’ prescriptions. By the time she retired in 1981, physical therapists had become decision-making professionals. In 1945, she earned a certificate in physical therapy with the help of the first training grant of its kind ever awarded by the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. She joined the newly established physical therapy department at Massachusetts General Hospital where many of her patients had polio. She is remembered at Massachusetts General Hospital as a leader and a demanding professor who had little tolerance for shyness. She believed stress builds character, and she wanted to treat the whole patient, long before such thinking became commonplace.

29 Marjorie Katherine Ionta (cont)
At Massachusetts General Hospital, she met fellow therapist Dorothy E. Voss, who remained her lifelong companion. The two women were recruited in the late 1940s to start a physical therapy department at George Washington University Hospital in Washington, D.C. They later moved to Vallejo, Calif., to work and study at Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Institute. They were among the first physical therapists to learn a now common form of therapy using passive stretching techniques for patients with paralysis and muscle disease. Marjorie and Voss returned to Boston in They were two of several authors of the textbook “Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation” which is now in its 10th edition. Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is a strengthening technique used in therapeutic exercise that is based on human anatomy and neurophysiology. It is used to increase strength, flexibility, and Range Of Motion (ROM). Marjorie also taught physical therapy for many years at Simmons College, and presented lectures and workshops on therapy techniques for graduate therapists around the nation. At the Massachusetts General Hospital Institute of Health Professions, Marjorie was the first person to be named professor emerita. The institute gives an award in her name each year to a postprofessional degree student with advanced skills, empathy, and “simple elegance,’’ among other qualities.


31 Raymond and Betty Walker Descendants

32 Granny’s House, October, 2010
Front: Granny, Ashlyn, Ryleigh, Isabel Back: Wendy , Tracey, Mary, Kristin, Marilyn

33 Michael George Walker, PhD
1945 – 1988 Son of Raymond E. and Mary Elizabeth Walker. Author of “Managing Software Reliability: A Paradigmatic Approach “. Michael graduated from Fryeburg Academy in 1962. He received his BA in Psychology in 1966 from Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME, and his PhD in Political Administration from American University, Washington, DC. Michael married Mary L. Chandler in 1968 and they had three daughters: Kristin Levering Wendy Elizabeth Tracey Leigh After their divorce in 1978, he married Marilyn Epstein. Michael owned a software company at the time of his death.

34 Fryeburg Academy

35 Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME

36 American University, Washington, DC

37 Marilyn G. Walker Marilyn married Michael G Walker.
She brought four sons into the Walker family: Marc Epstein Daniel Epstein Eric Epstein Owen Epstein Marilyn won the 2002 MITRE Best Paper award for “A Benefits Assessment of the User Request Evaluation Tool (URET)”. Marilyn retired from MITRE Corporation in 2006 where she worked as a Technical Writer.

38 Kristin Levering Crisafulli
1971 to present Kristin Received her BA from the University of Connecticut in 1995. In 1998, she married Michael Crisafulli. She and Michael Have two girls: Ashlyn Haleigh Ryleigh Morgan Kristin Organizes Van shows for MITRE Corporation in McLean, VA, Telecommuting from her home in West Chester, PA.

39 University of Connecticut

40 Michael Crisafulli 1971 to present
Michael is Kristin Levering’s husband. He received his BS from George Mason University in Manassas, VA and his MBA, international, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Kenan-Flagler Business School . Michael is Vice President, Infrastructure & Systems Services at Comcast Cable in Philadelphia, PA. He is responsible for the National Infrastructure and Enterprise Operations at Comcast.

41 George Mason University Manassas, VA

42 North Carolina University

43 Kristin and Michael Crisafulli

44 Ashlyn and Ryleigh Crisafulli

45 Wendy Elizabeth Hillwalker, PhD
1973 to present Wendy Received her B.S. in Marine Chemistry from Long Island University, Southampton Campus NY. She received her PhD in Toxicology at Oregon State University and has been working in research there ever since. In 2002, she married Gary Hill and they have one daughter: Isabel Hillwalker Co-author of two technical publications: “Selenium accumulation patterns in lotic and lentic aquatic systems” in Chemosphere. “Exploiting lipid-free tubing passive samplers and embryonic zebrafish to link site specific contaminant mixtures to biological responses” in The Science of the Total Environment .

46 Gary Hillwalker 1972 to present
Gary received his B.S. in Marine Science – Geography from Long Island University, Southampton Campus, NY. He founded and owns Hill’s top Designs Inc, a landscaping business in Corvallis, OR.

47 Long Island University Southampton College

48 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

49 Wendy, Gary, and Isabel Hillwalker

50 Isabel Hillwalker

51 Tracey Leigh Walker, LMT, PTA
1974 to present Tracey received Massage Therapy training in Las Cruces, NM. Later, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northern Virginia Community College as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Since 2007, Tracey has been studying the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach. Tracey now works as a Physical Therapist Assistant in Corvallis, OR. In addition, she founded and owns her own business, “Touch of Wellness”, in Corvallis where she provides both Myofascial Release treatments and Massage Therapy. In 2007, she married Kevin Hobbie.

52 Northern Virginia Community College

53 Kevin Hobbie 1980 to present Kevin is married to Tracey Leigh Walker .
Kevin received his BS in Geology from George Mason University in 2006 . He is Faculty Research Assistant in the Environmental and Molecular Toxicology Department at Oregon State University Corvallis, OR and Founder at Marlee Tech Inc. Kevin is also the Walker family computer technology guru. Co-Author of “Chemical Profiling with Modeling Differentiates Wild and Farm-Raised Salmon” in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

54 George Mason University, Manassas, VA

55 Kevin Hobbie and Tracey Walker

56 The Three Great Grandchildren
Ashlyn Crisafulli Ryleigh Crisafulli Isabel Hillwalker

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