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Data Hosting and Security Overview January, 2011.

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1 Data Hosting and Security Overview January, 2011

2 HOSTING OPTIONS There are essentially 3 options for hosting SMARTABASE data: 1.“Cloud hosted” – your data is hosted on a Fusion server stored in the Amazon simple storage network –95% of SMARTABASE customers use this option 2.Self hosted – your organisation provides a dedicated server to house your SMARTABASE application and data 3.Combination hosted – your SMARTABASE system and most data is cloud hosted, but some data (such as large video files) is hosted locally on your server

3 CLOUD HOSTING - AMAZON SIMPLE STORAGE SERVICE (S3) Most common choice amongst the SMARTABASE community Amazon are the world’s leading provider of “cloud based” hosting Hosting centres are located in USA, EU, and Asia Current estimated number of objects stored on Amazon = 102 Billion Used by companies such as Plaxo, Dropbox, and for Amazon’s own global e-commerce network

4 AMAZON SERVICE LEVELS Amazon S3 is backed by Amazon’s service level agreementservice level agreement Designed to provide 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects over a given year Designed to withstand the concurrent loss of data in two facilities Objects redundantly stored on multiple devices across multiple facilities in an Amazon S3 Region PUT and COPY operations synchronously store your data across multiple facilities before returning SUCCESS. Data is regularly checked and verified using CHECKSUMS, for stored data, and during upload and download If you store 10,000 data objects on Amazon, statistically speaking you can expect to lose one of those objects every 10 million years.

5 AMAZON SECURITY All data flow in/out of system is encrypted using 128 bit SSL – the same security as used for internet banking transactions Approved for HIPAA-Compliant Medical Data Applications Amazon’s security policy is available online HEREHERE A White Paper on Amazon security is available HEREHERE

6 COSTS OF CLOUD HOSTING Each professional license (coach, coach/admin or builder/admin) is allocated 11Gb of storage (cumulative) and transfer per year Additional storage/transfer is billed at US50c/Gb Few customers ever come close to their data limit The only sites likely to approach this data limit are those uploading large amount of video or time series data files For these data types, the customer may also store these files on another server, and link to the files rather than upload into SMARTABASE Alternatively, customer may sign up for their own Amazon S3 account

7 ADDITIONAL AMAZON SERVICES – EC2 Some very large systems (1000’s of users) may require additional levels of bandwidth and large storage volumes: - For example, a site where hundreds of users are expected to concurrently (all at one time) access the server for large files (e.g. video) The AMAZON EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) offers complete scalability solutions for these sites on a casual (event based) or permanent basis For more information on the EC2 services click HERE or contact Fusion SportHERE

8 SELF HOSTING A small number of customers have chosen to self-host, mainly due to their internal IT policies Self Hosting Requirements – – Dedicated server or partition (4Gb+ ram) with large disks in a mirrored raid configuration –Virtualization method – depending on your infrastructure –Establish VPN between your network and ours (you can lock down the IP to our static IP) –Provide access to server via SSH or remote desktop, then we install a virtual machine image of our server to configure and manage it

9 SELF HOSTING There are a number of changes to the standard service level agreement if you choose to self host: –Back-ups are your responsibility –We are unable to guarantee or control server up-time Additional charges are involved in self hosting: –Initial setup and installation fees –Yearly maintenance fee (for monitoring, manual updates, etc) –Additional charges if we are required to step in and repair your server For further details of self-hosting please contact Fusion Sport

10 SUMMARY Cloud hosting is a widely accepted model for data hosting and is used by many large and small companies with strict privacy and security requirements The Amazon S3 service is the world leader in cloud services, and offers unbeatable security, durability and scalability Whilst many of our customer have existing IT infrastructure, the benefits of cloud hosting are numerous However, Fusion Sport respect the wishes of the customer, and will work with you to ensure your IT standards are met

11 FURTHER INFORMATION Click the image to find out more about SMARTABASE from the online promotional video For more information, or to schedule an online demonstration, please email

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