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BY: SHAIFALI RACHNA PURI. ACADEMIC RECORD (Marks in qualifying degrees) ACADEMIC RECORD (Marks in Higher Degrees ) ACADEMIC RECORD (Marks in entrance.

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2 ACADEMIC RECORD (Marks in qualifying degrees) ACADEMIC RECORD (Marks in Higher Degrees ) ACADEMIC RECORD (Marks in entrance examination)

3 Qualifications for entry into a teacher education program vary considerably, and most countries have multiple entry points into the field of teaching. Entry varies by type of preparing institution and by the school level for which candidates plan to teach--elementary (primary) or secondary. Examinations are common to determine candidates' readiness and capacity for teacher education programs. In Germany, candidates must take both oral and written exams. In the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, all secondary graduates must take a national exam

4 In countries where there are no national exams, teacher preparation institutions set their own criteria for admission, such as in France, New Zealand, Canada, and Japan. Candidates' academic achievement is most often assessed through grades and test scores. Also assessment of language and communication skills through conduct of interviews is done and consideration is given to the aptitude for the profession.

5 AcademicsAcademics Applicants must present an average of 70%, based on the last 10 credits or equivalent (10 full year courses or 20 semester courses equivalent to 60 credit hours) in an undergraduate degree program Profile of ExperienceProfile of Experience Applicants are asked to list all teaching-related experiences, and critically reflect upon three of those experiences. ReferencesReferences Referees must respond to the question; "In your opinion, why do you believe the applicant would be an effective educator?"

6 Curriculum-related (Primary-Junior) and Teaching Subject (Intermediate-Senior)Curriculum-related (Primary-Junior) and Teaching Subject (Intermediate-Senior) Intermediate-Senior applicants are required to provide evidence of expertise in two teaching subject areas. In order to be eligible for entry, applicants must have 5 full credits in their first teaching subject and 3 full credits in their second teaching subject. Proficiency in EnglishProficiency in English an applicant whose primary language is not English, or whose previous education has been conducted in another language, must demonstrate a command of English sufficient to meet the demands of classroom instruction, written assignments, and participation in tutorials and discussions.

7 Entry to the course leading to a Teaching Qualification (Secondary Education), which is awarded in a named subject or subjects, requires : A degree of a United Kingdom University in which the candidate has sufficient breadth and depth of study for teaching the subject in secondary schools. A pass in English at Higher level or an equivalent qualification, is also necessary. Those intending to teach a modern foreign language must also satisfy the training institutions of their oral proficiency in the language: they are required to have spent a period of residence in a country in which the language is spoken.

8 The Selection Committee will use the following criteria for selecting internal candidates for the B.Ed.: a) Academic record. Applicants must have a cumulative average of 70% in their first degree. b) Suitability to the profession. A personal interview is conducted at the School of Education where evidence of good communication, problem-solving and organizational skills, the ability to work as a member of a team and strong self-evaluation skills should be demonstrated.

9 Initial consideration for admission to the ATTP (Accelerated Teacher Training Program) is based on the assessment of candidate’s qualifications and industry experience( at least three years related industry experience within the last five years). Suitable applicants are invited to the next stage of the selection process, which includes an interview. The interview will include exploration of ideas of the candidate on and suitability for teaching.

10 Upper secondary school teachers are trained at teacher-training colleges and at universities. Admission to these programs is based on the academic record of the candidate and a special entrance examination. Candidates planning to teach in either the academic or the technical tracks must have a karshenasi (a basic training programme for teacher education) or its equivalent.

11 Candidates for teacher-training programs must complete the equivalent of at least three full semesters of college-level liberal arts courses with a B average before enrolling in a teacher-training program The prospective teacher must maintain at least a B average in the subject area he or she intends to teach. Education students will acquire classroom experience at the very beginning of their training. This will give them a sense of whether they have the commitment and temperament for teaching and they’ll continue accordingly in the field of education

12 The Bachelor’s degree with a program of study in Education is primarily aimed at preparing professionals with relevant experience in educational field settings. Candidates should show evidence of commitment to creative and innovative activities such as independent study, research projects, educational materials development Ability to interact with cultures or groups other than one's own. Ability to do quality graduate work. Strong English ability; fluency in a language other than English.

13 Conclusions Drawn In most of the countries cited above, the admission criteria does not rely only on the academic qualifications of the candidate. The admission to the teacher training course is done with a view point of preparing teachers psychologically fit into the profession There is scope for all round development of the teacher

14 Steps Needed: Consideration of the personality on the whole Emphasis on Quality instead of quantity Development of a teacher, psychologically fit for profession Subjective answer type questions. Interview to judge the attitude and aptitude of the candidate


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