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TcpScancyr for Tunnels

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1 TcpScancyr for Tunnels
Tunnel Cross-Sections Generation from Scanned Points

2 INDEX Project Data Template Definition Points Management Filtering Tools Cross-Sections Computing and Editing Areas and Volumes Report Tunnel Tour

3 Project Data

4 Data Entry Horizontal alignment Vertical alignment Superelevations
Stations Templates Scanned points

5 Alignment Definition File Conversion (LandXML, Inroads, MX-Road, MDT...) Numerical Definition Graphical Representation Analytic Informaciton Real-time Analysis

6 Template Definition

7 Template Definition Numerical definition from arcs and lines
DXF file import and TcpTunel CAD files Multiple templates and layers Definition of control points

8 Template Definition Different templates can be defined along the alignment Horizontal and vertical position of alignment must be given Control points for vertical alignment and superelevations Destroy Height

9 Points Management

10 Points Management ASCII files import as sessions Supported Formats
ASCII XYZ Cyclone PTS & PTX Faro FLS Grafinta FZS Automatic analysis and classification Virtually unlimited capacity

11 Views Isometric and perspective views
Zoom, 3-D rotation and orbit in real-time Layer control Movement along alignment Point Information 3D Distance measurement

12 Points Symbology Bases Alignment offset Distance to station
Height difference Angle Distance to template Scanned colour In/Out

13 Symbology In/Out

14 Symbology by Distance to Template

15 Filtering Tools

16 Filtering Tools Station, Offset and Height Angle Distance to template
Manual selection

17 Angle Filtering Station range
Origin point, start and end angles variables Representation in real-time

18 Manual Filtering Selection method: Clear selection Include selection
Rectangle Circle Polygon Clear selection Include selection Invert selection

19 Cross-Sections Computing and Editing

20 Cross-Sections Calculation
It is not needed to define tunnel cross-section Bandwith and interval given by user Singular Points Vertical or perpendicular to vertical alignment Optional smoothing

21 Cross-Sections Views Front or perspective visualization
Layer control allowing display or hide points, theorical and measured cross-sections …

22 Cross-Sections Editing
Tools to add, move or delete vertices or groups of vertices Invalid points can be removed and recalculate cross-sections

23 Cross-Sections Drawing
Interactive drawing and DXF export Control of element to draw Single or by sheet drawing

24 Areas and Volumes Report

25 Informes de Superficies y Volúmenes
Calculation of areas and volumes Reports by layers Advanve and destroy reports Cross-Sections comparation Export to Excel and HTML

26 Informes de Superficies y Volúmenes
Drawing of infra and over-excavation Numerical results by layers

27 Other Reports Alignment deviation from control points
Coordinates report Stakeout

28 Tunnel Tour

29 Recorrido por el Túnel Control of speed, direction and visible distance Layer control Video export

30 TcpScancyr for Tunnels
Tunnel Cross-Sections Generation from Scanned Points

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