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Smart Tutoring Platform for Next-Gen Students

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1 Smart Tutoring Platform for Next-Gen Students

2 Topic: Why is it important to refer to CBSE guide?

3 It is the expert team of professionals and teachers from the CBSE and the NCERT department who prepare the CBSE papers They are comprehended after a lot of brain-storming and are strictly as per the norms set by the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation). There might be a slight chance in the pattern of the questions and the syllabus of the CBSE so it is advised to get hold of the latest study material only.

4 Online Guidance by Genextstudents GenextStudents.com4 Explanation of important topics Solutions of important questions Collection of 5,000+ topics Study Notes Digital version of prescribed text books by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) E-books Collection of previous year question papers Ideal for exam preparation Sample Papers Game based testing module Collection of 100,000+ Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) organized in various levels intended to make learning fun NABUmania Collection of topic wise open source videos Ideal for enhanced learning and understanding of tough concepts Collection of 10,000+ videos Video Library Make and save important revision notes for every topic Refer saved notes for quick revision Notepad Post any doubt or query for a specific topic The query will be answered by one of our Subject Matter Expert within 24-48 hours Ask the Expert Real time tracker to gauge the study progress – class wise, subject wise, topic wise and feature wise Displays Global Rank and Percentile for performance analysis Progress Tracker Displays the names of toppers along with their scores (of NABUmania) for the selected class and subjects Gives an overall performance comparison Leaderboard

5 Practise makes Progress If you need practice papers for class 11 th, you’ll have to buy them or download the CBSE guide for class 11 online.CBSE guide for class 11 These are the most important aids for scoring better in the CBSE examinations. When students practice using these papers, they’ll know the strong and weak areas. This will motivate them to cover up and eliminate the weak areas. If you want to thoroughly prepare for CBSE examinations you must practice at least 10-20 sample papers of each subject. These have enormous inherent benefits.

6 Products Website Easy access from laptop or desktop Products such as CD, Micro SD card available 230,000+ website visitors Mobile Apps Collection of mobile apps for various curriculum (National as well as State level) Available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms Smart payment options using mobile balance 110,000+ overall mobile app downloads GenextStudents.com6

7 Management of Exam When you have practiced a good number of CBSE sample papers for class 9 or your relevant class, you’ll understand time management.CBSE sample papers for class 9 Your writing competency will improve and you’ll be able to solve all the answers in the scheduled time. For this, you must solve the sample papers in the allotted time frame only. Thus, you will have enough practice before the examination starts. You must also know the pattern of the question papers like how many short answer questions are there, how many mid length questions are there and how many long answer questions are there. It will help you know how much time you must allot per question of each type.

8 So, if you wish to cover the complete CBSE syllabus for class 11 without fail, a good way is practicing as many sample papers or practice papers as possible.CBSE syllabus for class 11

9 Conclusion Often it is the exam phobia that hampers the performance of the students. By studying from the sample papers, you’ll have enough practice of the questions that your confidence level will increase. Thus, CBSE sample papers and the practice papers are the best medicines for your upcoming CBSE examinations.

10 Thank You! GenextStudents.com10 Contact us: Ali Asgar Kagzi (Co-Founder, Director) Genext Students Limited 48B, B wing, Mittal Towers, Nariman Point Mumbai – 400 021, INDIA (O): +91-22-22045103 (M): +91-99-301-26575 (E):

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