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GTL PowerPoint Template Reporting Style Template March 19, 2012.

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1 GTL PowerPoint Template Reporting Style Template March 19, 2012

2 Table of Contents Moving around the presentation Adding graphics Text slides, and proper formatting Reapplying template formatting Questions?

3 Moving around the presentation To return to the table of contents while in a presentation, simply click on the GTL logo- it is hyperlinked back to the table of contents!

4 Adding graphics To add graphics to a PowerPoint, go to the “insert” menu and pick “picture from file” or, alternately, you may copy and paste. It is best to use graphics that are 800 pixels wide (or less) to ensure your presentation size does not get too large.

5 Adding Text To keep your presentation consistent, keep within the defined color palette of the presentation (the automatic colors). Hyperlinked items should appear in black, regular text in the standard blue, and sub-head items in black. By only using template colors, pasting a presentation from another GTL employee into this one should make all the colors match. The bullets to use in a GTL presentation are the round bullets (first option) set to 120% of the text size, and the template text color. Subheadings will format automatically as well. Third Tier subheadings will also format automatically. The default font is Arial, and the default text size for slides is 18pt for body text, 16 for subheads, and 32 for headlines. These are all set by default if you add a slide using the “insert” menu option at the top of the page (or Ctrl M).

6 Reapplying Slide Formatting In PowerPoint, the slides you add follow the template formatting- until you alter them on the slides themselves. After that, the formatting may become lost due to the changes and will no longer follow the template in place. This can be a problem when multiple presentations are merged together. To fix the issue, here are the instructions: PowerPoint 2003: In normal view, bring up the Slide Layout task pane (if it isn’t already up) by going to Format > Slide Layout. Select the slide to which you want to reapply the master layout. In the Slide Layout task pane, find the layout type that you want to reapply. Click the arrow on that layout and then click Reapply Layout. PowerPoint 2007: Select the slide or slides to which you would like to reapply the Slide Master formatting. On the Home tab of the ribbon, in the Slides section, click the Reset button.

7 Questions? If you have questions, please contact the marketing department:

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