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Chapter 7 China and Korea to 1279

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1 Chapter 7 China and Korea to 1279
Ms. Carpino AP Art History

2 Early Chinese Neolithic Vases, 3 millennium BCE, Bronze Age

3 Bi disk with dragons, Eastern Zhou dynasty, 4th – 3rd century BCE, Nephrite, 6” diameter
Circle in the middle – Heaven Symbols of life Treasured item buried w the dead Defeated foes forced to wear by victors to show their loss High monetary value

4 Army of the First Emperor of Qin in pits next to his burial mound (Terracotta Warriors), Lintong, China, Qin dnasty, 210 BCE, painted terracotta and bronze, 5’10” average figure

5 Funeral Banner for the Marquise (Lady) Dai, Mawangdui, China, Han dynasty, 168 BCE, painted silk, 6’ x 3’

6 Longmen Caves (Buddha, bodhisattvas and disciples), Wei and Tang dynasties, Luoyang, China, 676 completed, Limestone

7 Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, Fan Kuan, Song dynasty, early 11th century, hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk, 7’ x 3’

8 Gold and Jade Crown, Silla Kingdom, Hwangnamdong, Korea, 3 Kingdoms period, 5th – 6th century, Gold and Jade, 10” tall

9 Chapter 27 China and Korea after 1279

10 David Vases, Yuan dynasty, 1351, Porcelain with cobalt blue underglaze, 2’ x 8”

11 Forbidden City, Bejing, China, Ming dynasty, 15th century and later, 15 miles across

12 Chairman En Route to Anyuan, Liu Chunhua, 1967, oil on canvas

13 Portrait of Sin Sujuk, second half of 15th century, Joseon dynasty, hanging scroll, ink and color on silk, 5.5’ x 3.5’

14 Summer Trees, Song Su-nam, 1979, ink on paper, 2’

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