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2 RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS In Canada as in many democracies, rights and freedoms refer to those things that we are morally or legally entitled to or have to do. In Canada, these are governed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

3 DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS Today, democracies recognize a wide variety of rights. In Canada, there are three main types of rights. These are: Civil Rights Political Rights Social Rights

4 Equality before the law.
CIVIL RIGHTS These are the personal rights of the individual citizen to have equal treatment and equal opportunities. Equality before the law. Liberty of person. Freedom of speech, thought, and religion.

5 Right to participate in elections.
POLITICAL RIGHTS These are the rights that citizens have with regards to the political process where they live. Right to participate in elections. Right to run for office. Right to vote.

6 SOCIAL RIGHTS These are the rights you have out in the society that you live in. Right to a certain standard of economic or social well-being. Right to participate fully in society.

7 RESPONISIBILITIES With rights come responsibilities.
A responsibility in a democracy is a duty or obligation that all citizens have which are often directly linked to their rights. Your right to equality before the law is crossed with your responsibility to obey the law.

8 MAJORITY RULE A majority means more than 50 percent.
Democracies such as Canada rely on a simple majority to make decisions. Majority Rule in a democracy is the principle that the opinion of the greater number of people should prevail.

9 MINORITY RIGHTS While we do go with the decisions of the majority in Canada, we also believe that the rights of the minority need to be respected and protected. Minority Rights in a democracy is the principle that the rights of the minority must be safeguarded.

10 RULE OF LAW Canada is governed by the rule of law.
The Rule of Law is the principle that people are governed by laws and that no person is above the law.

11 Protecting the Environment
COMMON GOALS In a society such as Canada, society is thought to be a network of citizens working together. Common Goals in democracies are the responsibilities of citizens to contribute to the goals of the community so that the community as a whole can benefit. Protecting the Environment


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