THE CRUSADES “Holy Wars”. Question How is it that normal, reasonable humans living during the Middle Ages, could become such evil, monsters during the.


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Middle Ages A.D. Crusades (Holy Wars).

The Crusades and the Wider World
Chapter 14 The High Middle Ages
The Crusades. I. Background A.The Seljuk Turks (Muslims) took control of the Holy Land (Jerusalem).
The Crusades Why did the Crusades occur? How did the Crusades affect the world?
An epic 1000 years in the making… A fter the death of Muhammad in 632 A.D., Muslims were united under a new Caliph, Abu Bakr. Bakr was a powerful ruler,
The Seljuk Turks Turkish Muslims who began to overrun the Christians in the Middle East during the 1000’s-1300’s.
The Catholic Church Global Studies 9 Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Bernier.
Aim: Were the Crusades one of history’s “successful failures”?
 Crusade  Was war between Christians and the Muslims  The wars were over a land called the Holy Land  This land was Jerusalem and other places in.
The Crusades. Islam A Muslim is a follower of Islam. Islam was founded in 622 CE by Muhammad the Prophet. He lived from about 570 to 632 CE).
The Crusades: A Quest for the Holy Land
A Quest for the Holy Land Aim: Do Now: Would you ever go to war?
The Crusades. Muslim Seljuk Turks conquered nearly all Byzantine provinces in Asia Minor.
The Crusades.
The Crusades! Christian Holy War
THE MIDDLE AGES. Aka the Medieval Period Lasted from 5 th to 15 th centuries Began with the fall of the Western Roman Empire to Germanic tribes Ended.
Why do people fight? Imagine you are a character in one of these pictures. You have traveled thousands of miles and are now in a brutal battle. Why are.
Chapter 18-2 The Crusades
Europe: Rule, Religion, and Conflict
Chapter 9 section 3.  Pope Urban believed the Crusades would increase his power  Possibly reunite the Eastern and Western Churches  Christians believed.
The Crusades.
The Crusades. Good to Know  Pope Innocent III took office in 1198  with his office he dramatically utilized papal supremacy to the utmost degree…creating.
The Crusades 1. Background 600s – Muslims take control of Palestine Christians & Jews allowed to practice own religion This changes during the.
Crusades (c – 1300). Beginnings –1–1050s – 1090s – Turks invaded Byzantine Empire; overran most Byzantine lands and Palestine (Holy Land) –1–1095.
The Crusades Mr. Ermer World History Miami Beach Senior High.
The Crusades Feudalism. The Crusades / A series of holy wars between Christians and Muslims for control of the holy land of Jerusalem.
The Crusades The Fight for the Holy land. Causes of the Crusades The Pope –Wanted to reunite with Byzantine Empire (Eastern Orthodox) –Wanted to show.
A Quest for the Holy Land The Crusades were a series of attempts to gain Christian control of the Holy Land, had a profound economic, political, and social.
The Crusades OVERVIEW: Crusades were religious wars between Christians and Muslims Lasted for 200 years Seljuk Turks had the city of Jerusalem.
Feudalism.  What were the Crusades?  Seljuk Turks threatened Byzantium  1093, Byzantine Emperor Alexius Comnenus asked Pope Urban II in Rome for help.
Byzantine Empire Christian church became known as Eastern Orthodox Church Eastern (Greek) Orthodox Church.
The Crusades 18.2 Chapter 18 Section 2.
What were the Crusades? A holy war carried out by Christian political and religious leaders to take control of the Holy land from the Muslims. Crusades.
The Crusades! Christian Holy War Copyright © Clara Kim All rights reserved.
Chapter 9- Section 3 The Europeans Look Outward
THE CRUSADES. Quiz 1. Currently in Parliament, name the two houses. 2. After Charlemagne’s death, what family would go on to rule France for the next.
The Crusades Chapter 10 Section 2 Page Chapter 10 Section 2 Page
“Das Vault” God Wills it
34e – describe the impact of the Crusades on both the Islamic World and Europe WARM-UP:
Holy Roman Empire and the Crusades. Holy Roman Empire With the rise of Monarchies, there becomes a struggle between the Emperors and the Church –Many.
The Crusades. From the 11 th – 13 th centuries, European Christians go on a series of military campaigns to regain the Holy Lands from the Muslims.
The Crusades AD s.
The Crusades. Pope Urban II Began November 27, 1095 – Council of Claremont – Pope Urban II made a speech declaring that Byzantine emperor Alexis I Comnenus.
The Crusades: The Crescent and the Cross
Key Terms – The Crusades
Crusades Military Expeditions aimed at reclaiming the Holy Land from the Muslims.
The Crusades Social Studies. Justinian Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire Determined to regain the Roman Emprie Justinian Code - simplifies Roman legal.
Aim: Were the Crusades one of history’s successful failures?
A Quest for the Holy Land
TEKS 8C: Calculate percent composition and empirical and molecular formulas. The Crusades and the Reconquista.
A Quest for the Holy Land
Middle Ages – The Crusades “God Wills It!”. Introduction “Crusades” were military expeditions sent by the Pope to capture the Holy Land from people called.
Identify the advanced civilizations that were flourishing in Explain the causes and effects of the Crusades.
Section 3 The Crusades and the Wider World Identify the advanced civilizations that were flourishing in Explain the causes and effects of the Crusades.
Key events of Crusades Pope Urban’s speech The capture of Jerusalem Founding of Crusader states Loss of Jerusalem to Saladin Sack of Constantinople by.
What are they? The Crusades were a series of battles between the Christian Church and ‘un-believers’ or ‘infidels’. In 1095, Pope Urban II appealed to.
THE CRUSADES A Quest for the Holy Land. What Do You Know?? What are the Crusades? What do you think of when you hear the term Crusades? What area of the.
An epic 1000 years in the making…. The Seljuk Turks In 1055, a Turkish leader captured Baghdad and claimed himself sultan, or “holder of power.” Under.
1 Ch. 14 The High Midddle Ages Sec. 1: The Crusades.
The Crusades. Causes of the Crusades Seljuk Turks took control of Jerusalem and Palestine from the Byzantine Empire around Seljuk Turks took control.
THE CRUSADES. 1. What are they and why did the happen? a. What is a crusade? i. It is a series of religious wars launched by European Christians b. Why.
The Crusades Unit 2, Chapter 6, Section 2 Unit 2, Chapter 9, Section and
Chapter 8.3 The Crusades and the Wider World
UNIT III: Regional Civilizations C.E.. The Crusades.
A. European Christians had made journeys to Jerusalem and the Holy land since 200 AD. (Holy land-places of Bible –Israel, Palestine, and Jordan) B
The Crusades World History. Causes  Economic Younger sons wanted land Wanted to plunder Middle East.
List three details you see in this picture. Pope Urban II at Clermont World History I.
Https://  What’s a schism?  What were two events/disagreements that caused the “Great Schism” in 1054?  What were.
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Question How is it that normal, reasonable humans living during the Middle Ages, could become such evil, monsters during the Crusades?


In the 1050s the Muslim Turks invaded the Byzantine Empire

The Turks overran Jerusalem

The Byzantine Emperor was Alexius I

The Pope in Europe was Urban II

Alexius I asked Pope Urban for help

Pope Urban thought by helping Alexius he would also: Increase his power in Europe Heal the split (schism) between the Roman an Byzantine churches Unite the Christians in fighting the Muslims rather than each other


Thousands of Knights volunteered Some did it out of religious zeal Some hoped for wealth and land Some wanted to leave problems at home Some yearned for adventure

First Crusade Christian Knights conquer Jerusalem

Second Crusade Saladin leads Muslims to retake Jerusalem

Third Crusade Richard the Lion- Hearted led Christian knights in attacking Jerusalem but fail to retake it

The Fourth Crusade Christian Knights on their way to Jerusalem get into a fight with Byzantine knights The Christian Knights from Europe back up Venetian traders The Byzantine Knights back up the Byzantine traders

The Results Christian knights from Europe take and loot Constantinople

Meanwhile… Muslim warriors attack and retake all the land the earlier Crusades captured

Violence and hatred Both the Christians and Muslims massacred innocent Muslim, Christians and Jews during the Crusades This caused a legacy of religious hatred between the groups

Increased Trade Crusaders returned home with new items such as fabrics, spices and perfumes When the Crusades ended the Europeans desired more of these interesting items

Travel Europeans look Outward Marco….

Learning Europeans are introduced to Muslim advances and are reintroduced to Greco-Roman learning They witness the Islamic Golden Age=

“Pilgrims in Arms” Ngb5Q Ngb5Q

Review +Other Examples of Religious Conflict: /themes/conflict/religious.cfm /themes/conflict/religious.cfm