A Record Plan for NASI National Archives of Solomon Islands 2012 Catherine Green and Bernard Rizu.


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Presentation transcript:

A Record Plan for NASI National Archives of Solomon Islands 2012 Catherine Green and Bernard Rizu

Manual of Registry Procedures

SIG Records Management Guidelines Guidelines outlining the rules and procedures for records management in all Solomon Islands Government agencies Endorsed in 2007 as the records management standard for all government agencies Guidelines include advice on writing a Record Plan and a sample Solomon Islands Government Administrative Record Plan

NASI Record Plan Functions Common Administrative Functions: External Relations Financial Management Information Management Personnel and Establishment Resources Management Strategic Management NASI Functions: Archives Preservation Management Guide Preparation Archives Reference Services

Record Plan Review 2012 Mandate by the Director to develop and implement a Record Plan across NASI Consultation with staff to identify functions specific to NASI

NASI Functions Records Acquisition and Management Archives Preservation and Conservation Management Records Management Education and Training Access and Reference Services

Records Acquisition and Management Transfer of records to NASI – liaison with Government agencies Management of records located at NASI Arrangement and description of records Management of records disposal

Archives Preservation and Conservation Management Management of the preservation and conservation of archives Scanning and digitisation of records Management of storage conditions Conservation of records

Records Management Education and Training Planning and implementation of records management training programs Records awareness sessions for Government ministries and agencies Records Management module for IPAM training – Institute of Public Administration and Management

Access and Reference Services Management of access to archives Management of the NASI Research Room Management of enquiry statistics and reports Research and preparation of indexes and subject guides for the archives collection

Access and Reference Services Some examples of file titles using the Record Plan system: 10/01 Access and Reference Services – Requests and Authorisations 10/01/01 Access and Reference Services – Requests and Authorisations – Requests for access to personnel files by Ministry of Public Service 10/02 Access and Reference Service – Control 10/02/01 Access and Reference Services – Control – Research Room weekly visitor statistics January – June 2012

Implementing the Record Plan Consultation Capture documents into official file covers Assign responsibility for creating files and managing the filing system Training staff

Selling the Plan – Staff Training Workshop

Its not just paper records Classify electronic records using the Record Plan model Official records should be captured in official files, regardless of their format: s Word documents Spreadsheets Presentations Print and file hardcopy versions of your most important official documents

Beyond NASI Implementing the Record Plan Model to government agencies: Gain management endorsement and support first Map government functions and activities Have a key contact person within the agency to liaise with throughout the project Allow enough time for training

Themes Consultation with staff throughout the development and implementation of the Record Plan Plan the implementation project carefully Review functions and activities regularly to ensure the Plan remains current to your organisation Dont make it too complicated Practical training for staff – one-to-one or small group sessions