Seminar ppt on smart card technology

1 SmartPhone Thesis A Seminar Ansye Linardi2275781 Ashwin Srinivasan 2277896 Endry Luis Djaja 2287066 Lydian Wati Sutadji 2287131 Yvonne Lee 2277889.

2287131 Yvonne Lee 2277889 2 Smartphone Seminar Outline 3 Smartphone Philosophy “is to/Hands free telephone, caller ID Backlit graphics LCD display Slide out keyboard USB port, and smart card interface. 7 The Smile Phone & Web-i-Phone 8 Comparisons of Smartphones Smartphone Type /products that contain these processors. Have embedded JTAG debug capability 26 Overview of LCD Technology Passive Matrix (STN) Active Matrix (TFT) AddressingMultiplexDirect/Active ResolutionLowHigh Power Consumption LowHigh /

Business Seminar - Technical Overview & Roadmap August 21, 2002 – Toronto Marc Kekicheff GlobalPlatform Technical Director August 21, 2002 – Toronto Marc.

Seminar - Technical Overview & Roadmap August 21, 2002 – Toronto Marc Kekicheff GlobalPlatform Technical Director August 21, 2002 – Toronto Marc Kekicheff GlobalPlatform Technical Director GlobalPlatform Device Committee Agenda GlobalPlatform Card/responsibility towards cardholder: è Minimum on-card Issuer Control Standardization of Smart Card Management Systems (application load, personalization,/ and infrastructure Remain relevant by improving technologies KMS Spec.SystemsOct-02Define functional & technical/

SAE company presentation Johann Kloucek International Business Development Dublin, 13th October, Smart Grid infrastructure for Ireland129.11.2015.

(PCB assembling) RTU- and substation Automation technology  Conception  Development  Production  Sales and Distribution  Provision of corresponding service Company presentation SAE - Group 229.11.2015 Dublin, 13th October, Smart Grid infrastructure for Ireland29.11.20153 SAE-Group/Training and seminars Maintenance Company presentation SAE-Group 329.11.2015 Turnover & Employees… SAE IT-systems Dublin, 13th October, Smart Grid infrastructure for Ireland429.11.2015 Dublin, 13th October, Smart Grid /

U.S. General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service GSA SmartPay Online Tools Sarah Smith Office of Charge Card Management General Services.

Service Where Did the Technology Begin?  The magnetic strip technology existed before charge cards as a storage method for audio recording technology  In the 1960s, Jerome/smart-bulletins Note: Smart Bulletins are located under News Federal Acquisition Service GSA SmartPay Website Outreach Where do I go to find the latest information on the GSA SmartPay Program?  GSA SmartPay News: Articles and documents related to the GSA SmartPay Program  GSA SmartPay Events: Keep up-to-date on events, seminars/

Trusted E-government Estonia TAIEX Multi-country seminar on E-government Connecting government to people 26 April - 27 April 2010 Brussels Dr Uuno Vallner.

TAIEX Multi-country seminar on E-government /web pages High level of Internet-banking (98% of transactions done by Internet) All citizens have ID-cards (smart cards) 88% tax declarations were filled and handled online Estonia - only binding Internet voting country (whole population/ impact to the existing systems was minimized Balanced use of technical and organizational security measures Technology: Deployment Self-contained standardized monofunctional server: –Common PC hardware –Free software –GNU/Debian/

Governance, administration, and implementation issues: from principles to practice National Technical Training Seminar with resource persons from ASEAN.

Governance, administration, and implementation issues: from principles to practice National Technical Training Seminar with resource persons from ASEAN countries on Social Security Law preparation 27-29 August 2013, Luang Prabang, Lao PDR Emmanuelle/ provide cashless insurance cover equivalent to about USD 650 per annum for a family of five. In addition to the smart card, biometric technology is used to provide more protection from fraud and to improve targeting. One thumb impression is collected for each of/

My PC and the Web Computing for seniors

Seminar:/for? >Health care and technology The Economist April 18 th 2009 A special report on health care and technology you new challenges. Track your progress, challenge your friends, Play Smart! Crosswords, Sudoku: example Play with your kids (and check they/Desktop + : price, modularity, evolution, demands (graphics, simulations, games)  - : size Components Processor and cards, random access memory (RAM), screen, hard disk, CD-DVD reader/burner, speakers, keyboard,/

© 2012 Intertex Data AB 1 Overview of an Internet+ Model © 2012 Intertex Data AB Prepared for:INGATE’S SIP TRUNK – UC SEMINARS: SIP Trunking, Video, Collaboration.

INGATE’S SIP TRUNK – UC SEMINARS: SIP Trunking, Video, Collaboration /Internet – just extended: + Delivery to the users, on LANs and to smart phones + Prioritization for real-time traffic - Just enable diffserv + Metering and/communication experience, anywhere, anytime, and to any device. By XXX IMS technology operators are able to cost efficiently deliver that experience and to generate revenue”/ IP domain to the user. Thereafter, the ordinary SIM card in the handset assures that an allowed user is accessing./

The LHCb Way of Computing The approach to its organisation and development John Harvey CERN/ LHCb DESY Seminar Jan 15 th, 2001.

and development John Harvey CERN/ LHCb DESY Seminar Jan 15 th, 2001 J. Harvey /a high level description of control components (devices/channels) mInfrastructure Ø100-200 Control PCs ØSeveral hundred credit-card PCs. ØBy itself a sizeable network (ethernet) J. Harvey : LHCb Computing Slide 41 LHCb Controls Architecture/of switches) mCurrently focussing on xGb Ethernet ØStudying smart NICs (-> Niko’s talk) ØPossible switch configuration for LHCb with ~today’s technology (to be simulated...) E.g. Foundry BigIron/

Presenters: - Peggy Lane, BlueStar - Jeff Webster, INPUT - Joseph Robinson, Salamander Technologies

Salamander Technologies’ Accountability Solutions provide agencies nationwide with a fully interoperable emergency incident command structure based upon NIMS operating procedures. Joseph Robinson, Vice President Marketing & Sales interTRAX Overview Welcome! What’s your agenda today? How much do you know about Federal Interoperability? What do you hope to take away or learn from today’s meeting? FIPS PIV-I PKI IPL Smart Card Locally/

Unit 4 Seminar/Unit 5 Review Case Study: ABC Valve Plant Al Dauser, CPP, CFI Adjunct Professor.

ABC Valve Plant Al Dauser, CPP, CFI Adjunct Professor Tonight’s Question In this week’s seminar, be prepared to discuss surveillance devices including cameras, closed-circuit television, and alarm systems as described/ have a shackle adapted to be opened for engagement through a hasp or chain Types of Card-Operated Systems (cont.) High-security locks iButton – an extension of the “smart cardtechnology being used by the banking industry – contains a hermetically sealed computer chip in a stainless steel/

Unit 5 Seminar MT209, Small Business Management. Course Check-In.

-up and overhead costs Convenience for family and lifestyle Technology Advances in office equipment and connectivity allow home-based / Review: Chapters 6 through 12 (Part 3 of textbook) (40 points) Seminar: Conducted on Scheduled Day/Time The basics of Cash Flow Management As business/ card proceeds Asset sales Owner investments Cash flows out of a business through:??? Business expenditures Loan or credit card/from and going to is a critical part of smart business management. You will need accurate and timely/

Government of India Ministry of Urban Development Smart Cities Mission Smart Cities Challenge – Stage 2 Smart Cities challenge – Ajmer city Final Proposal.

Twitter 27 My Gov. Online 425 & 15,665 Survey forms online & Offline 1200 + 5000 students Seminars/ Workshops/ FGDs/ School meetings 438 participants in 7 competitions held where all schools of Ajmer participated /for traffic management. Introduction of IT based application for commuters – smart cards, developing passenger information system, and tracking public transport vehicles. Leveraging digital technology to create smart parking systems. Implement demand management measures, identify major air polluted/

Definition of Smart Materials design/electronics/materialsrev5.shtml

Video Clip Smart Material s Lenticu lar Sheet Lenticular embossing has made it possible to print and animate many images on a single substrate. A similar technology is /of thermochromatic pigment with the acrylic base, apply a sample onto a piece of card and heat to see the pigment disappear, as it cools the pigment colour will/.nickel- al%20Applications%20of%20NiTi%20Sh ape%20Memory%20Alloys%20%28dilib al%29.pdf Back Video Clip Video Clip Smart Materia ls Electro textile As/

1 Maintaining Personal Internet Security Third Saturday Seminar Montgomery Community College Charlie Lindahl 4/21/2007.

(technical and other)  Interested in social applications and implications of technology Contact EMAIL: 4 Why worry about security? Current Events / Exploits ■/ Phishers attempt to fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.  Variant on/ unknown email Beware of sharing files with others Create smart passwords From “Security Tips” on the “Take a/

PV204 Security technologies Team projects Petr Švenda Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, CZ | PV204 - Security technologies.

component –Password/keys are stored on smart card –Provided to existing application –Processing with key can be done directly on card | PV204 - Security technologies Situation before your project | PV204 - Security technologies Password Sfdlk2c&432mo% Open-source application / (before 5 th of May) –JavaCard application, PC-based application –Design, code + presentation (5.5.2016, your seminar group, random team member) 3.Review and attack implementations –10 points (before 19 th of May) –Review and attack /

ITU-TSG16 ITU-T Standardization Seminar – Madrid, 12-13 December 2002 H.323 and some Security-related issues – a presentation in two parts Simão Ferraz.

Messaging- Service Portability - Services! ITU-TSG16 ITU-T Standardization Seminar – Madrid, 12-13 December 2002 Why H.323 for the Service Provider? o H.323 is a proven technology that is utilized in many large networks o Excellent integration with/proof security (simple&sophisticated techniques) o Address the performance and system constraints (SW/HW crypto, smart-cards,...) o …. ITU-TSG16 ITU-T Standardization Seminar – Madrid, 12-13 December 2002 Q.G Work and Study Items Some Highlights o Investigate /


Seminar on E-Commerce May, 14-17, 2002, Bucharest, ROMANIA Trust & Security in E-Commerce Professor Dr. VICTOR-VALERIU PATRICIU Bucharest, ROMANIA Prof.Dr.Victor PATRICIU, ROMANIA Prof.Dr.Victor PATRICIU, ROMANIA Contents Trust Infrastructure for E-Commerce PKI Technology/ with CAs and Directories Smart-cards/hardware tokens for private key protection Reasons for this selection: Generally accepted, existing standards Urgent need for standardized use of these technologies! Prof.Dr.Victor PATRICIU/

MPLS Basics and In-Depth

+Optical GMPLS Any Transport Over MPLS MPLS Network Infrastructure MPLS Technology Basics MPLS Technology Basics IP Routing Labels Control and Forwarding Plane Separation Label /Some features are dependent on product model, interface modules (i.e. Line Cards & Port Adapters), and/or require a software feature license. Overview of MPLS/ UNI Overlay Operation Topology Visibility for Coordinated Routing and Restoration Advanced Smart BW Services Router Router IP+Optical NNI Management Plane Client UNI/

VIAEXPRESS Inc., Philippines

SMART business around the GLOBE where the SUN never sets” The Company VIAEXPRESS Inc. has built a team of Entrepreneurs and Technology veterans with highly extensive knowledge and skills in Network Marketing, Information Technology/ appraisal value per day! {Maximum of 1month} FREE SEMINAR AND MARKETING SUPPORT ADDED SERVICES 5. MONEY REMITTANCE SEND AND/, 6R 8R, A4 etc. Print Photos from Cellphones via Memory Cards or Bluetooth, and other digital Create classy personalized Photo Invitations FEATURED SERVICES/

National Institute of Science & Technology Technical Seminar Presentation-2004 Presented By: Arjun Sabat [EE200113365] Flash Memory By Arjun Sabat Roll.

,compact,energy efficient and less expensive. it is a ideal storage medium for digital camera,smart card etc. National Institute of Science & Technology Technical Seminar Presentation-2004 Presented By: Arjun Sabat [EE200113365] [3] WHAT IS FLASH MEMORY? Flash/ of formats. Huge premium to pay power saving of flash memory. National Institute of Science & Technology Technical Seminar Presentation-2004 Presented By: Arjun Sabat [EE200113365] [10] FLASH APPLICATIONS Nonvolatile storage needed but battery/

1 Seminar Presentation On I-mode – The Wireless Revolution Seminar Presentation On I-mode – The Wireless Revolution Under the guidance of Mr B.S. Chordia.

B.E Computer Seminar 3.) How does I-mode Work ? 3.) How does I-mode Work ? 3.1 Technology 3.2 I-mode Architecture 3.3 I-mode Specification 10 B.E Computer Seminar 3.1 Technology 3.1 Technology 3.1.1 Smart Phone  Cell/ Money Transfer / Balance Check, Security Trading, Airline reservation / Seat Availability, Credit card Information Sales, etc. 14 B.E Computer Seminar 5.) I-mode vs WAP 5.) I-mode vs WAP 15 B.E Computer Seminar 6.) Applications 6.) Applications  iSHOT – DIGITAL CAMERA CAPABILITIES  I-area –/

Northwest Career Colleges Federation Educational Seminar Cyber Security and Data Breach: A School Primer ~Insurance for the School Industry Countrywide~

Seminar Cyber Security and Data Breach: A School Primer ~Insurance for the School Industry Countrywide~ Presented By: Robert N. Kretzmer, CIC CYBER DEFINITIONS: a)Cyber Liability: is the risk posed by conducting business over the Internet, over other networks, or using electronic storage technology/storage, the cloud, and the proliferation of smart phones, laptops, and tablets in businesses of/ methods, customer lists, financial information, credit card information, health information or any other type /

Setting up and Managing National CA for GRID Computing Ghassan SABA, HIAST H I A S T Regional Seminar on Identity Management and E-signatures Damascus,

issues Damascus, Regional Seminar on Identity Management and E-signatures, 29-31 October 2007 Grid Certificates (X.509)  X.509 is ITU Standard: ITU-T Recommendation X.509 (1997 E). Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection/Seminar on Identity Management and E-signatures, 29-31 October 2007 Maintenance of CA  Below are the most important issues to follow for a successful operation: Prepare the environment for dedicated offline CA machine. Maintain CA protection at best efforts. (Smart card/

The E&P industry is technologically one of the most advanced

be further exploited through new technologies 010227-boost value creation2-ZXI039OL.ppt Mature area offshore - IOR Smart wells Downhole separation 4C/4D /cards close Actively use patents as protection Establish internal R&D projects Corporate initiatives BU or cross-BU When technology/Technology units Asset 1 Asset 2 Asset 3 Best practice technology networks Clear membership of each network Dedicated (full time) owners/leaders Committed (part time) leadership group Frequent local and global meetings/ seminars/

1 Use this layout for a title with a horizontally striped picture. Smarter networks Silicon South West Seminar Bristol, 24 June 2011 Clive Tomlinson.

. Smart fridge 6 Use this layout for a title with a vertically striped picture. Smart straw 7 Use this layout for a title with a vertically striped picture. Smart card 8 Use this layout for a title with a vertically striped picture. Smart shop/ for text on top of a vertically striped picture. Not so smart Optimized Grand Generalized Technology first 24 Use this layout for text on top of a horizontally striped picture. Smart smartness Simple Line of least resistance Common but simple problems Market first, in/

Introduction to Linux for HP-UX System Administrators Rob Lucke Hewlett-Packard Technical Computing Advanced Technology Center

Technology Center Seminar Agenda Introduction Disk Partitioning Tutorial System Installation Boot Managers – LILO and GRUB Booting and Startup Hardware Configuration and Troubleshooting File System Layout Software Installation and Update System Administration Tasks Building The Linux Kernel and Modules Dynamic Kernel Moduels Configuring Your Sound Card/ generally *not* compatible across kernel revisions! The kernel is smart enough to locate the proper modules to match its version, provided/

SMART Board Hoffman Desk Door Taccetta Desk Chalk Board Filing Cab. Podiu m Supply Table Closet Bookshelves Heater, Shelves, Windows Katrina David SydneyAJ.

novel, George and Lennie (the two main characters) were given work cards from Murray and Ready’s, which was one of the farm work/; it is a ‘physics’ or an ‘anatomy’ of power, a technology.” (p. 215) Power is a “network of relations, constantly in / & Discussion Questions (DQ) HW: Complete CH 1 & DQ SMART Board Teacher Desk Door Teacher Desk Chalk Board Filing Cab. Supply /.) Model Silent Seminar (5 min.) Silent Seminar (20 min.) Closing Discussion (10 min.) HW: Complete CH 2 & DQ SILENT SEMINAR Who are the/

Cdma450 Core Network Betsy Kidwell Chair, 3GPP2 TSG-X Lucent Technologies CDMA450 Evolution Seminar Hosted by 3GPP2, CDG, and IA450.

cdma450 Core Network Betsy Kidwell Chair, 3GPP2 TSG-X Lucent Technologies CDMA450 Evolution Seminar Hosted by 3GPP2, CDG, and IA450 Warsaw, Poland 15 June 2004 1 Presentation Overview Network Evolution Drivers –End User / P-CSCF to be located in different networks (e.g., PDSN in visited network, P-CSCF in home network) Smart cards optional Allows HTTP digest authentication Other minor differences… 3GPP Mandates IPv6 Special GPRS Procedure Requires GGSN and P-CSCF to be in the same network/

Ministry of State for Administrative Development

Development Administrative Simplification… beyond technology Progress in Egypts Governance/net programme And to achieve a wide geographical coverage Improvements MSAD developed the Family Card: A smart card that helps in the identification of required services and on the other hand identifying /MSAD and OECD agreed on organizing a regional seminar on " Strategies, Tools and Capacities for Administrative Simplification, in the second half of 2007. The Seminar is suggested to discuss the following subjects: /

MARCO TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR Sponsored By:. 8:00-8:30 a.m. Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:30-9:15 a.m.Keynote: Workforce Mobility 9:15-9:30 a.m.Video.

Drawings 1:00-3:00 p.m. Demo on Konica Minolta Printers Seminar Agenda Workforce Mobility: Challenge and Opportunities Bemidji | June 4, 2014 Steve/ Immigrant  Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)  Opportunities and Challenges  What technology do you need/want?  Tablets vs. Laptops vs. Smart Phones (Phablets?) History of Success  1930  1973  1975  1985 /Tracker (22%) Credit or Debit Card Purchases in Field (20%) Conferencing (18%) Source: AT&T Small Business Technology Poll How People Use Smartphones Source/

IIA – ACFE Fraud Seminar November 13, 2013 Cutting Edge Tips in Today’s World of Fraud Christopher J. Rosetti CPA, CFE, CFF, HSG Community Focus | Statewide.

the Yankees Bernie Madoff 20 Technological Advances Checks Telephone Photocopiers Fax Machines Computers Accounting Software Internet Smart Phones 21 MacPuter WHY DO/me! QuickBooks Edit function Review cancelled checks Review credit card statements Require credit card statements as documentation THE INFORMATION & TOOLS ONE STOP / id: 3#####59######25F Rate $$$$$/night + tax based on a discount rate for (seminar participants, etc.) Hotel Information Name: "The Hotel Name" Address: XXXXXXXXXXX, New York,/

HBTI, Kanpur April 08, 20081 AN OVERVIEW OF COURSES & VISION-2015 at Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur.

etc)  Biometrics in Forensics (Criminal Justice, Disaster Victim Identification)  Biometrics and Smart Cards (Federal Identify Cards, National ID, etc)  Biometrics in Department of Defense  Standarization of Biometric Systems /areas. The department provides well equipped laboratory and a Seminar hall for the PG students. Specialization in the /and Processes (CERSP) would be to enable a revolution in sustainable technology through cutting-edge, integrated physical science/engineering; social science; and/

New & Innovative Concepts for Helping European Transport Sustainability NICHES policy seminar Committee of the Regions Brussels,12 December 2006.

transport policy application. Overview of NICHES Concepts 12 innovative solutions NICHES policy seminar Committee of the Regions Brussels,12 December 2006 Thematic areas WG1 New / to encourage individuals to share private vehicles for particular journeys; Using advanced technologies to better reach the necessary critical mass of users; Target groups: Commuters/or free bicycles in urban areas; Fast and easy access; “Smart bikes” (rental process via smart card or mobile phone); One way use possible; Part of the/

DOCUMENT #:GSC15-PLEN-53 FOR:Presentation SOURCE:ETSI AGENDA ITEM:PLEN 6.11 CONTACT(S):Emmanuel Darmois, Board Member Marylin Arndt, TC M2M chair Smart.

restoration Traffic engineering Connectivity and routing Virtualization Access technologies Time synchronization  Energy Plane Sensors Electric storage / powerline protocols to meet the smart grids requirements (in PLT) Smart Card Platform (SCP) Testing and Interoperability/seminar to define the roadmap for work Joint CEN/CENELEC.ETSI Standards Roadmap Group EU Smart Grids Task Force Active participation (e.g. TC M2M members) to ITU Smart Grids FG 8 Proposed (embryo of) Resolution  Recognizing That Smart/

Seminar on Financial Inclusion Presentation by S.D.Bargir, Joint Director, IIBF 05-09-2007 PUNE.

Seminar on Financial Inclusion Presentation by S.D.Bargir, Joint Director, IIBF 05-09-2007 PUNE agenda Financial inclusion / weak delivery model lack of proper product formulation lack of proper product formulation What is remedy technology-savvy banking system technology-savvy banking system Provision of ‘smart card’ to access the banking system irrespective of one’s location. Provision of ‘smart card’ to access the banking system irrespective of one’s location. Financial education Financial education  /

Telia Research AB György Endersz 2001-05-08 1 European Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative EESSI Budapest Seminar at the Hungarian Communication.

Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative EESSI Budapest Seminar at the Hungarian Communication Authority 2001 /Voluntary accreditation of service providers (tScheme, TTP.NL, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain….) Technology-neutral framework To be in place within 18 months Telia Research AB György Endersz /rgy Endersz 2001-05-08 30 Phase 3 Activities…… Currently discussed Use of smart cards for creating electronic signatures Requirements for CSPs issuing attribute certificates Signature policy for common/

EHealth Strategy in Croatia Ranko Stevanovic, MD, PhD *, *Croatian Institute of Public Health, Croatia TAIEX Multi-country seminar in eHealth 2011 Brussels,

Ranko Stevanovic, MD, PhD *, *Croatian Institute of Public Health, Croatia TAIEX Multi-country seminar in eHealth 2011 Brussels, 14-15 July 2011 Current reform CIHI established 1990 from 114 separate/ENV 13606 XML/HL7v3 HRN ENV 13606 PKI Population RegistryHL7 Coding ICD, ICPC-2... SSL LDAP Is IT safe? PKI infrastructure and smart card technology (identification, irrefutable data, digital signature) Transaction Auditing Encryption of communication channels (SSL) and data, VPN and firewall Data warehouse /

Warsaw RUC Seminar - 12 June 2007 - JW Tierolf1 EFC Interoperability – Requirements and Status J.W. Tierolf RWS – AVV 12 June 2007.

Checking needed For high volumes, video or (better) electronic ways (DSRC) with secure smart card or simcard Unalterable, with signature, hash code Warsaw RUC Seminar - 12 June 2007 - JW Tierolf16 Autonomous Systems’ Enforc. -2 Vehicles, not/foreign TSPs HGV, Tax, Interoper. directives + EU Market Rules Only 3 technologies allowed But parallel other system for national vehicles allowed? (could be cheaper) Warsaw RUC Seminar - 12 June 2007 - JW Tierolf18 Conclusions EC regulations pose additional requirements/

Welcome to Suffolk County Community College

Program Credit bearing classes – LIB101 & LIB103 Freshman Seminar library orientations Subject specific classes Over 1,000 library/Library FAQs Your library card is your ID card (students can get their card at the Ammerman library)/professional assistant Workshop Series Online Quizzing Active Learning Smart Classrooms Promoting Academic Integrity Dealing with Disruptive Students/(after two semesters) Continuing Education Methods for Incorporating Technology in the Classroom Create web pages for course outlines/

Apple G Web Technology Pvt. Ltd. Chennai A web application for Educational Institutions Management Version R02-2012 i BOSS Education Management System.

assessment through exams, seminars and assignments etc which helps to support Teaching-learning Process /Smart card Bar code Id Card Bulk SMS Web results Automated Time Table Lecture session scheduling Internal mailing system Graphical reports Online Fees Payment Simple back up procedure  2011 appleg-ems Your footer comes here Established in 1997 and located at Chennai, Tamilnadu India. Applegrafics unit of Apple G web Technology Pvt Ltd, technology, Software Development, Interactive Web Technologies/

Emerging Trends in NGN –Railways not to miss ICT Bus

Seminar, New Delhi (Jan. 8th,2010) AGENDA Emerging Technological Developments – Dominance of Wireless and IP. Next Generation Network (NGN) Ecosystem. Mega Technology Trends. Broadband Converged Network –NG BCN. Opportunity for Indian Railways. Starting Quotes “ Solid state LED technology/.- Earn Carbon Credits 15 Million daily passengers and 1.5 million employees- Captive Customer Base, Smart Cards,Service bundling Popular Railnet- Leap frog to Next Generation-IPV6 Become ATN ( Alternate Telecom Network)-/

Next-Generation of Security Technology

SW Appl., SecuGen February 13, 2002 Contents of this Seminar Update Current Status of Network Security Review Existing Security Technology Introduction and Relevance of Biometrics Types of Biometrics and Market Trend Potential Biometrics/passwords and locks. - CNN Government Reuters, Feb.5, 2002 Existing Security Technology PKI / Encryption / SSL Firewall Digital Certificate Password and PIN Token Smart Card Biometrics Passwords Frustration Must be a mixture of alpha-numeric with upper and/

Insie l 1 Overcoming data protection issues for the development of a regional card service system Experience of Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region.

card service system Experience of Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region Italy Department of International and European Community Relations of the Presidency Regional Ministry ICT Health, Welfare and ICT Area Overcoming Legal Challengesto eHEalth-Clinical Data Access AER eHe@lth Network Seminar/ to technological regional/card eHealth–FVG experience Insie l 15 eHealth – FVG experience Each citizen resident in Friuli Venezia Giulia Region has own Smart Card (Regional Service Card) In order to use Regional Card/

Welcome to Honors Seminar Fall 2015. Information!!! New Things for Fall 2015  This fall we have over 500 new freshmen in the program!!!! That places.

take attendance differently – please be patient – today update your blue card, freshmen get book of guidelines.  New program – SOC – Ryan Winters will introduce  New staff – Ryan Winters and Angela Ardoin  New technology – new video camera  T-Shirt Contest  Time for freshmen / Winters Administrative Co-ordinator New Technology  New video and photography camera – takes stills and video.  Canon EOS Rebel T5i  Will be used for seminar – if we want to we can take video of seminar and place on YouTube! /


”.  User can easily voting no special skill and technology required.  to present the various Electronic voting Method like voting by kiosk, Internet, telephone, punch card, and optical scan ballot, Proms and Cons of all voting types.  it’s very useful for today election. Daily use wireless E-voting like that using smart phone /cell phone If damage e-voting machine/

Probability of rental cycle program in the Philippines - Focusing on the aspect of security- 15,Dec.2008 Daichi Mimura M.Eng. Tokyo institute of technology.

aspect of security- 15,Dec.2008 Daichi Mimura M.Eng. Tokyo institute of technology Affiliate student of NCTS, University of the Philippines Diliman Inter-University Seminar on Transportation and the Environment 2008 1.Necessity of modal change 2.Merits of / in the UP 15 Factors to prevent thief from stealing bicycles – System of parking station Automated rental process via smart card or mobile phone securing bicycles could install? Have to consider other type parking facility with locks Types of locks for/

PV204 Security Technologies Overview of the subject Petr Švenda & Zdeněk Říha & Vít Bukač & Václav Lorenc & Milan Brož I PV204 - Introductory info 1.

PV204 Security Technologies Overview of the/programming with imperative languages like C/C++ or Java I PV204 - Introductory info 2 Organization Lectures + seminars + assignments + project + exam Assignments –Assigned regularly (nearly) every week –individual work of each /Wiley; 1 edition, 2007. ISBN-10: 1593272901. Wolfgang Rankl, Kenneth Cox. Smart Card Applications: Design models for using and programming smart cards. ISBN-10: 047005882X Michael Sikorski, Andrew Honig. Practical Malware Analysis: The Hands/

Presented in partnership with. CLUB TECHNOLOGY Making the correct investment.

20 years? Club Technology Historical Overview 1980s Service Bureaus Simple DOS systems Technology mostly in the Accounting Dept Punch Card Systems 1990s DOS Systems/ of any system Excel Contest The Technology Need Use everything you are entitled to Internet Seminars Interactive FAQ Website Help/Support User /Technology Convergence Voice & Data Microsoft Communications Servers Facility Management Ability to track utility usage online Chemical usage based on weather forecasting Smart Facility Technology Smart/

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Agenda Introduction Objectives of the Centre Current Activities Research Profile Research Projects Significant.

of IIT Kanpur Short term training courses for industry and other agencies. Workshops and conferences Seminars Interactions with peers Invitations and short-term visits Current Activities Academic courses for undergraduate and postgraduate/(An Encryption File system) Encrypting File System for enterprises SCOSTA Smart Card OS standard for the country. E-Passport Electronic passport with IITK technology launched in June 2008. National ID Card SCOSTA standard for the national ID (pilot covering 20L people /

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