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Welcome to Mrs. Chapman’s Second Grade Class’ Open House! PSE is the place to be Welcome to Mrs. Chapman’s Second Grade Class’ Open House! PSE is the place.

verbalize their thinking and explain their thinking using math vocabulary –Teach strategies Curriculum Literacy…Reading Literacy…Reading –Reading 3D –This assessment measures fluency and comprehension but a written response is expected. 3 testing times per year. –/ group, literature circles, guided reading –Seminars Ren Place…AR Program Parents have access from home…personalized usernames Parents have access from home…personalized usernames and passwords and passwords You can look at quizzes your child/

Team Flying Dragons John Boesen Randy Mai Carrie Padgette Kara Rittel Jay Neylon Vincent Salerno TL For Approval: Professor Emeritus Randall K. Nichols.

Drone 2©  Alfa© AWUS036H wireless adapter  Edimax© EW-7811Un wireless adapter  Auxiliary tools:  Password Theft  Wireshark  Man-In-the-Middle Attacks  Trojan Horse Virus  Distributed Denial of Service Attacks/ RSA. Derynck, R. (2004). SCADA system security threats, vulnerabilities and solutions. IEE Seminar on Developments in Control in the Water Industry. Elkaim, G. H., Pradipta Lie, /24/army-3d-printed-uav-drone/80858028/ tech/uas/2016/02/24/army-3d-printed-uav/

USAES Credentialing Program and National Credentials COL Jason Smallfield, PMP, CFM SGM Jon Meyer, Program POC 19 FEB 14.

asset management strategy. Standardize business processes. Objective 1d: Objective 2d: Objective 3d: Objective 4d: Develop and apply innovative approaches to delivering quality infrastructure. /= 20 pts) 1-3 conferences (3 days/20 pts per conf; max 60 pts) Seminar attendance (1 pt = 1 hr) Professional Involvement (60 pts max) Membership FM association (5/ Outreach Step 1 - Create a member login Army Password: F6638ITJKITARAO Step 2 – Join a LEED Project Team to gain experience Step/

The CMBI: Bioinformatics Content  Bioinformatics   Bioinformatics tools & databases Hanka Venselaar CMBI UMC Radboud February 2009.

alignment Similar sequences have: – A similar evolutionary origin – A similar function – A similar 3D structure Bioinformatics 8/37 ©CMBI 2009 CMBI - Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics Dutch national /experimentalists for data analysis at the CMBI Centralization of UMC-wide bioinformaticians Shared (weekly) seminars of CMBI with ‘inhouse bioinformaticians’ Collaboration/advice in acquiring grants with a Bioinformatics /password = t0psp0rt (with zero’s) The program Yasara is on your desktop

CRTI Annual Project Review CRTI Project 02-0093 RD Thursday, 8 June 2006.

of Claude Pelletier last fall, Yufei Zhu was hired to work on the 3D- turbulence. Also, Cathy Xie was hired to work on the generation of /and 4) have been written and submitted for distribution at the Conference. An internal seminar has been given on 24 February 2006 by J. Mailhot in the RPN/CMC/from Montreal Urban Snow Experiments (MUSE), and make data available to US collaborators through password protected website 2007 March (new) 15Development of adjoint of Eulerian and Lagrangian dispersion models/

Week 15 LBSC 671 Creating Information Infrastructures The User Experience.

Blueprint” Main Homepage TeachingResearch Other Activities LBSC 690 INFM 718R Doctoral Seminar Ph.D. Students Publications Projects IR Colloquium TREC Some Layout Guidelines /?” Interaction Styles Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) –Direct manipulation (2D, 3D) –Menus Language-based interfaces –Command line interfaces –Interactive voice response /Passwords, digital signatures) Protected with social structures –Report lost keys –Don’t tell anyone your password Use SSH to defeat password sniffers Good Passwords/

Welcome to Mrs. Baker’s Second Grade Class’ Open House! PSE is the place to be Welcome to Mrs. Baker’s Second Grade Class’ Open House! PSE is the place.

have a solid grasp of the concept Curriculum Literacy…Reading Literacy…Reading –Reading 3D –This assessment measures fluency and comprehension. A written response is expected. 3/ –Anthology stories, novel studies, skills, small/whole group, literature circles –Seminars Curriculum Literacy….Writing/Grammar Literacy….Writing/Grammar –Grammar skills are taught and reviewed / usernames Parents have access from home…personalized usernames and passwords and passwords You can look at quizzes your child takes…sign /

Welcome to Mrs. McMurray’s Second Grade Class’ Open House! PSE is the place to be Welcome to Mrs. McMurray’s Second Grade Class’ Open House! PSE is the.

a solid grasp of the concept Curriculum Literacy…Reading Literacy…Reading –Reading 3D~NEW this year. This is not only for fluency! It has a/ will be used to assess comprehension (work on higher-level thinking skills) –Seminars Curriculum Literacy….Writing/Grammar Literacy….Writing/Grammar –Grammar skills are taught and reviewed /passwords…please have your child memorize their log in and passwords! instructions, as well as their log in and passwords…please have your child memorize their log in and passwords/

BERMAN FINK VAN HORN P.C.. Non-Competes, Trade Secrets and Other Restrictive Covenants – Oh My! Presented by: Benjamin I. Fink Berman Fink Van Horn P.C.

Benjamin I. Fink Berman Fink Van Horn P.C. ICLE Growth Companies Seminar September 9, 2016 BERMAN FINK VAN HORN P.C. Georgia’s new restrictive/sentenced to 15 years in prison. -United States v. Chung, 659 F.3d 815 (9 th Cir. 2011)  BUT increasingly stolen by foreign governments/Device Security: Passwords, encryption, wiping or shut off capabilities, locks. Device Security: Passwords, encryption, wiping or shut off capabilities, locks. All passwords complex and periodically changed. All passwords complex and/

Green Light for Grey Literature? Orphan Works, Web-Archiving and other Digitization Initiatives Recent Developments in U.S. Copyright Law and Policy Prepared.

administrative requirements. –Internet archiving allowed: publicly available online content not protected by password or requiring an affirmative act by the user to access but would likely/ database is a fair use). Perfect 10 v., Inc., 487 F.3d 701 (9th Cir. 2007) (vacating injunction regarding Googles use of thumbnail images) (/public place for anyone to take is publication. 4. Distributing text at a seminar for use only by the recipients is ordinarily not publication. Compendium II, Copyright Office/

Agenda  An Overview on Radio Frequency Spectrum  World Division on Frequency Allocation  International allocation Table/ frequency allocations to services.

2 MHz) Overview International Allocation (150-223 MHz) Derived from ITU-R Seminar Mexico Overview BandFrequencyBC/BTRegionPlan LF148.5-283.5 kHzBC1GE75 MF526.5-1 606./of SMS4DC desktop Some of SMS4DC Administrative functions Menu of User-ID and Password management Interface to the external resources IDWM BR IFIC RR App.7 / of a selected area (Globe30), relevant 3D view and vector overload 3D view of a selected area Dialog box to adjust visual effects of 3D view Geographical Information System (GIS) functions /

UMass Lowell Computer Science 91.504 Advanced Algorithms Computational Geometry Prof. Karen Daniels Spring, 2004 Lecture 1 Course Introduction.

Simulation: ä Model molecular environment ä Can a molecular complex “fit” into environment? ä 3D containment ä Joint proposed work with Prof. McDonald Figure: from NSF proposal Figure: clustering results/ Software Libraries: CPLEX, CGAL, LEDA Affiliations:CACT IVPR IVPRHCTAR Algorithms Courses & Research Seminar: 91.503, 91.504, 91.404 Machine Accounts ä Each student will have / ä Username will be the same as your username on CS. ä Password will be your initials followed by the last 5 digits on the bottom/

PATLIB 2004 19 – 21 May 2004 Vilamoura / Algarve Portugal Workshop E 20 May 2004 PATLIB: For Success in Economy and Research Tools for the valorization,

for large format (A0) acquisition and printing; high resolution digital back and 3D laser scanner for the acquisition of documents, images, objects and environments; software/ by the persons in charge, tackle particularly complex and specific searches, consult password protected databases accessible on-line, and process, store and print the results/courses on modern computer technologies have been organized. In particular, courses and seminars have been held on management and diffusion systems of on-line and /

Faculty Senate Meeting September 19, 2013. Agenda I. Call to Order and Roll Call - Melanie Mormile, Secretary II. Approval of June 20, 2013 meeting minutes.

to ‘assets’ (e.g. retirement) Other System: IT security measures (e.g. change password regularly) are coming, someday FAS vendors presented Faculty Senate Report September 19, 2013 Approved revised/ Leventis and C. Sotiriou-Leventis, “Pre-formed Assemblies of Sol-gel Derived Nanoparticles as 3D Scaffolds for Composites and Aerogels,” US Patent Number 8,501,319, August 6, 2013./ ReedPhysHari Hara Kumar Chaluvadi GSEHauwa Hamman GSEMohammad Alkazimi Seminar Series Beyond Grad School CGS General Meeting – /

ACOUSTICS ULTRASOUND IMAGING 2015 Ultrasound Imaging 2015.

: Acoustics and Ultrasound course number: E1301 Access code: e1301 sign up using full name and ID Password: bme Lecture, References, Materials, Assignments ULTRASOUND IMAGING Instructor ULTRASOUND IMAGING Instructor Manufacturing Research & development Management Academic H/W: Ultrasound,2D,3D,4D,PW Doppler, color Doppler S/W: Dyalisys,3D,4D US, US Doppler, ICU Monitor, Dialysis, Embedded system, Visualization, Speckle R Courses H/W design/

Computing Center of Max-Planck-Society and Institute of Plasmaphysics K. Stoeckigt, U. Schwenn – H.323 Opensource Firewall Solutions 1 H.323 & Firewalls.

fields only Theoretically optimized magnetic fields to overcome difficulties due to genuine 3D topology Computing Center of Max-Planck-Society and Institute of Plasmaphysics K./–2 in Garching: Tandberg 6000 systems –1 in Greifswald: Tandberg 6000 system 8 seminar rooms –4 Tandberg 550, 7 Tandberg 880, 2 Tandberg 1000 ~ 30 ViaVideo //Windows/Apple Support for NATed endpoints E.164 rewrite (important for password protected conferences were password is separated with * (new VV software cant handle *)) Computing /


evolutionary biology Slide 7 Background – knowledge processing in orgs. eMail, seminars, conferences, web pubishing and peer-reviewed publication are all means for / e.g., Enovia Matrix 1 ( –Content/ as eScholarship support system End user capabilities –100% web-based –password secured access (authentication) role based access rights –document oriented functions central/

Physics Opportunities with e+A Collisions at an Electron Ion Collider Thomas Ullrich, BNL on behalf of the EIC/eA Working Group EIC Collaboration Meeting.

l TWiki  editable for collaborative effort but not final solution l Ask for password at times (ignore, press cancel, continue) Soon to be replaced with permanent /A   +A can provide detailed info on distribution and correlation of partons in nuclei (3D picture) Issue: interferes with Bethe-Heitler process but in 10 GeV + 100 GeV/n DVCS / manpower 31 Additional Material 32 Next Steps … Strengthen eA WG: Had 1-2 seminars/discussion sessions weekly at BNL from November until we got too busy with eA position/

IELM 4110 Engineers in Society Course Website: Course Website: Chung-Yee Lee Chair Professor/Cheong Ying Chan Professor.

Environmental, Emission, Security,…,Health  Sustainable Development,…,etc 6 Dynamic Customization  On line purchasing and 3D printing  On line transaction in finance and trade  Social media (networking); FB, Twitter… /issues as a professional engineer 7 Design of the Course  A set of seminars presented by leading professionals (engineering, legal, political etc.)  Sit, listen,/ and password from Turnitin (Help Desk) around the week of 16 th February  Please use your own password to /

Proposer: Lara Pajewski «Roma Tre» University, Rome, Italy

guidelines, software manuals and final reports; workshops, meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the Action; Training School; distribution of free ROMs featuring /consortia; subscriptions to a newsletter via the Website; internet discussion forum; password-protected section of the Website. For Public Agencies, Institutions responsible for /methods; in-situ moisture quantification techn.; and work combining highway speed 3D NM-GPR data with data from Traffic Speed Deflectometer and other techniques/

CERN IT Department CH-1211 Genève 23 Switzerland t ES CORAL & COOL A critical review from the inside Andrea Valassi (IT-ES) WLCG TEG on Databases,

: need better code instrumentation for DB queries See Cary Millsap’s recommendations at his seminar in June In parallel: a few minor feature enhancements –Support for sequences, FKs in/essentially no longer used)? –Would also need a new distribution model in case (alternative to 3D/Frontier) CORAL & COOL model did lead to successful common projects –CORAL is largely a/are username & password No support of Oracle server for X509 proxy certificates Could try using Kerberos authentication on Oracle server/

1© 2014 - Brad Myers Brad Myers 05-899A/05-499A: Interaction Techniques Spring, 2014 Lecture 21: Past to Future: Gesture Recognition and Its Algorithms.

(2003) © 2014 - Brad Myers 6 Also Already Covered: Gestures in 3D Gestures for 3D manipulation See lecture 16 Mainly pose and path of fingers with datagloves Also elaborate/ © 2014 - Brad Myers 25 Serious ISR and HCII PRESENT a SOCIETAL COMPUTING SEMINAR: Towards Science of Gesture-Based Authentication: Security and Memorability Janne Lindqvist Thursday, April/ gestures. For example, entropy-based metrics used for text-based passwords are not suitable for capturing the security and memorability of free-form/

International legal english

limiting the time and geographic scope of non-compete covenants). Key 1e 2i 3d 4g 5b 6h 7a 8j 9c 10f Identify the type of clause exemplified/& Acquisitions department From: John Thornton Date: 10 February 2006 Subject: In-company seminar on contract negotiations Memo As part of our in-company training programme focusing on / become as widespread a problem for e-commerce as credit-card scams and stolen passwords. Consumer-protection groups suggest caution before signing anything online. Questions 1. What is/

United States Patent and Trademark Office (Recorded Version Available at: The USPTO Webcast Will Begin Shortly.

attendees will receive a copy of this PowerPoint presentation Today’s seminar is being recorded and will be available for replay within 1 hour/ Getting Started: About PDF Files Object Content –No 3D models, attachments, multi-page objects, commenting/reviewing features, no dependencies on external / Getting Started: About PDF Files Security Features –No password protected or encrypted PDF files are permitted –EFS-Web PKI infrastructure will handle/

Introducing AP/CU Succeed Biology Instructor: Kristin Donley Office: B-107 Room: B-111.

CDC Science Advisor (2008)  Science Instructor for 17 years  Science Research Seminar Coordinator and Instructor (12 years)  Science Curriculum Coordinator (3 years)  Hobbies: reading, movies, music, technology (vodcasting, games, 3D, clickers…), scuba, volleyball, soccer, my son Ben Which students should take AP/.aspx Keep track of your grades. Grades are posted on-line! We are using Infinite Campus… Logins/Passwords are given out in main office! If you forget…see me or Mr. Lowe.

2013-04-10 (Week 2) RJM - IP: Sci Ev in Pat Lit - Spring 2013 1 Please take your seat Rob Rob David Emily Andy* Scott Asa Hernan Jennifer Helio Andy Jenn.

- IP: Sci Ev in Pat Lit - Spring 2013 2 Today’s Agenda Profs HW How the seminar will work X,Y,Z,Q; boilerplate Sched Your Patents and Your Comments (contd) Begin Review of/. They say youll hear back in 24-48 hours, but I received a login and password in 2 minutes. An activation code is *not* required; that section can be skipped/The claim term will be given its plain and ordinary meaning. See Phillips, 415 F.3d at 1323 (cautioning against reading limitations that may be present in the specification into the /

Project Management 60-499 Work Breakdown Structures Identifying Manageable Activities.

.g. A team member is working on improving the design for the 3D graphical engine When this is complete, another programmer might want to incorporate/ accounts payable Finalize trip time with employees Have employees sign waivers Register for seminars on the finalized dates … … 60-499 Personas A persona is a /needs an overview: SeptemberOctober NovemberDecember User Interface Prototype Registration Persistence Code to Gen. Password MD5 …etc… Registration Dialog …etc… Project Management 60-499 A Practical Guide/

Annual meeting on CRTI Urban Modeling Project (CRTI 02-0093RD) “Advanced Emergency Response System for CBRN Hazard Prediction and Assessment for the Urban.

Urban Snow Experiment (MUSE-2005) (Benjamin et al.); 5) Computational modeling of 3D turbulent flows with MC2 (Pelletier et al.). A presentation has been done at /4) have been written and submitted for distribution at the Conference. An internal seminar has been given on 24 February 2006 by J. Mailhot in the RPN// Montreal Urban Snow Experiments (MUSE), and make data available to US collaborators through password protected website 2007 March (new) 15Development of adjoint of Eulerian and Lagrangian dispersion/

Feb 7th, 2007 BILCW07 1 ILCAgenda – ILCDoc – ILC EDMS Status Maura Barone GDE/Fermilab.

Design Effort 2 ILC Electronic Document Management System Project suite: Meeting/conference/seminar Publications/white papers/notes Engineering documents ILCAgenda – based on CDS InDiCo CERN/ –Modify: Approver or Librarian –Approval: List/Group within ILC INTERNAL –Read: All ILC (password protected area) –Submit: All ILC –Modify: All ILC –Approval: None PRIVATE –Read:/ week to be used by 1.3D Global CAD collaboration (already in production) real-time 3D CAD collaboration for contributing, accessing, updating/

Information Resources – OPT 6111 Sandra A. Martin, M.L.I.S. Health Sciences Resource Coordinator Optometry Subject Librarian John Vaughan Library Room.

Computers, Scanners & Printers 2d Floor – Journals, Newspapers, Special Collections, Computers, Scanners & Printers 3d Floor – Books, Government Documents, Optometry Librarian (305B) Books & Journals shelved by Library of / and password to access the library’s electronic resources Contact Tom Tinnell if you have problems with your user id or password Contact / Sandra A. Martin, M.L.I.S. Optometry Librarian NSUOCO Residency Program Seminar 4-15-15 Guidelines for reuse of images, under “fair use” provisions /

Laurel High School Registration  Welcome  Introduction of School Counselors  Graduation Requirements  Promotion Requirements  Career Academies  Electives.

Constitutional Law (10 th grade) Law, Writing, & Research/Law Seminar (11 th grade) Law, Writing, & Research/Law Seminar (11 th grade) Philosophy/Career Academy Capstone (12 th grade) /Calculus French Language Spanish Language Music Theory Studio Art 2D Studio Art 3D *AP Form required with recommending/current teacher’s signature Dual Enrollment Minimum/ – last name 2. laurh-last 4 digits of student number or individual personal password 3. Click on inbox 4. Click on email 2016-2017 Registration Form (Sender:/

EATING 12/10/06Keren Mills Games in Learning. EATING 12/10/06Keren Mills What do I know? I’m investigating possible uses of games to develop information.

12/10/06Keren Mills Reading & Resources MMOG seminar: available until 5 th Nov 2006 –To access the archive visit: –To view the recording use password: tgbyhn –Presentation: EATING 12/10/06Keren Mills Development Tools Xbox game development software Panda 3D – Blade Engine for creating visual novels - EATING 12/

1 OET 2002 Module 1 Lecture 2 Technology for education Anita Pincas.

for staff in all offices and at home where required. Studios Lecture and seminar rooms wired to the internet and with banks of computers and/or overhead projection/– for document sharing across the internet VRML virtual reality modeling language for 3D Bandwidth Client – server CMC Cu-See me GIF JPEG ISP PDF portable/members can have their own private communication areas within shared workspaces. 5. Testing -Password ‑ protected (practice) test sessions are available, with automatic feedback when appropriate /

Video Conferencing : Fundamentals and Application

Audio 125 Kbps~700 Kbps VCR quality video 1.5 Mbps~4Mbps 3D medical images 6 Mbps~120 Mbps HDTV 110 Mbps~800 Mbps Scientific Visualisation/ISDN line. Streaming / Archiving : An equipment for streaming / archiving the lectures/interviews/seminars etc. QoS (QUALITY OF SERVICE) Three advanced functions to enhance QoS over network are/-5 fps) Frame Size (176x144) Frame Quality (60-80) Provide User & Password Provided by eBaithak Administrator Click Connect Button Click Publish Button Select Remote User Click on/

1 EA Exam Prep – Part 2B All audio is streamed through your computer speakers. There will be several attendance verification questions during the LIVE.

, Phd., CPA Cherie J. Hennig, Phd., CPA 3 Learning Objectives After attending this seminar, you should be able to: Explain the tax gain or loss and basis rules related/a. $50,000 b. $60,000 c. $70,000 d. $80,000 39 40 3D Corporate Passive Losses Regular C Corps – Not subject to the passive loss limitations Personal Service Corporations (//postevent.php?id=15786 Use your password for this webinar that is in your email confirmation. You must complete this survey/

Census Management Workshop based on UN Handbook 1 Census Management Workshop Prototype PowerPoint March, 2009.

6.Backup and recovery 7.Security of equipment and data 8.Passwords 9.Authorized use of equipment 10.Packing and returning equipment Census Management/reporting and questions Provide online references Census Management Workshop based on UN Handbook 337 3D. Distribution and return of materials 1.Introduction * 2.Inputs * 3.Material/campaigns for general awareness, and specific groups b)Trade shows, conferences and seminars c)Public relations activities d)Personal contact e)Internet website Census Management /

Windows Operating System Internals - by David A. Solomon and Mark E. Russinovich with Andreas Polze Unit OS C: Interoperability C.2. Programming.

Andreas Polze Microsoft has licensed these materials from David Solomon Expert Seminars, Inc. for distribution to academic organizations solely for use in /NIS schema and Kerberos authentication extensions Identity Management for UNIX Administration Components Password Synchronization Server For NIS Other Network File and Print Services Microsoft Services/ User Utilities MKS Toolkit contains the SCO XVision Eclipse X Server. Hummingbird 3D OpenGL X Server an add-on to MKS Toolkit for Enterprise Developers 39/

UPSpace An institutional research repository for the University of Pretoria Presented by Ina Smith to the School of Public Management and Administration.

Technical reports Working papers Interviews Datasets Maps Audio files Video files 2D/ 3D - objects Other Items For Researchers –Central archive of research –Profile /has been archived in a central database Benefits for SPMA Conferences, seminars, workshops, presentations Link each research item to full text in/ Limit access in UPSpace  Collection Level  Item Level  Bitstream Level (File)  PDF password (File) Statistical Reports Amount of items Items viewed & number of views User logins Words searched User/

January 5, 2007 THEMIS Mission Readiness Review. January 5, 2007THEMIS Mission Readiness Review 2 Mission Overview Mission Science/EPO System Engineering.

1-60Hz), whistlers and other high frequency modes (up to 600Hz) in 3D electric and magnetic field data on two individual probes near the current disruption / California Police Department Network Security –Tight Access Rules on Firewalls –Regular Password Changes Document Access –Critical Documents and Databases Kept Confidential Personnel –Screening / Planned: –April 2007: Dave Sibeck to present THEMIS at “About Goddard” seminar Develop a feature presentation with SVS on Heliophysics for “Science on a Sphere”/

National Center for Supercomputing Applications GridChem: Integrated Cyber Infrastructure for Computational Chemistry Sudhakar.

htm Simple one page submission Password is user generated ( with strong suggestions of the type) /managerresource management post-processingvisualization integration of additional applications Provide as workshops and seminars –5th Annual Computational Chemistry Conference at the UIUC, April 17-19,/ Applications Molecular Orbitals 2D National Center for Supercomputing Applications 3D VRML Views National Center for Supercomputing Applications Questions We would /

CS147 - Terry Winograd - 1 Lecture 1 – Introduction Terry Winograd CS147 - Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design Computer Science Department.

Terry Winograd - 4 How Do People Interact with Computers? login as: winograd winograd@graphicss password: Last login: Tue Sep 20 15:22:48 2005 from *********************** * / Devices Desktop GUIS and applications CS147 - Terry Winograd - 8 Web Applications CS147 - Terry Winograd - 9 3D Desktops CS147 - Terry Winograd - 10 Mobile Devices CS147 - Terry Winograd - 11 Pen-based Interaction CS147 / Also available on line List of all HCI courses http://hci.stanford/

Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences A Welcome and Orientation to UCI and the Bren School of ICS.

and Networked Systems Mathematics Courses:  Math 2A-B-D (calculus)  Math 3A (linear algebra)  Math 3D (elem diff equations)  ICS 6B (boolean algebra)  ICS 6D (discrete math)  Stats 67 (probability and/the same country as the international educational experience. ICS 90: New Students Seminar 1 unit course taught by Bren School Lecturers Richard Pattis and David / enroll in classes from anywhere in the world using your UCInet ID and password.  Access WebReg at http://www.reg.uci/

Kansas State University Department of Computing and Information Sciences CIS 736: Computer Graphics Wednesday, 03 May 2006 William H. Hsu Department of.

subdivision (grid / pixel, volumetric / voxel) Hierarchical: quadtrees and octrees – know how to obtain for 2D, 3D scenes –Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) trees – know how to obtain for simple 2D object –Constructive Solid Geometry (/ –Login: Students; password: announced in class –Research announcements (seminars, conferences, calls for papers) –Discussions (instructor and other students) Mailing List (Automatic) /

Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences A Welcome and Orientation to UCI and the Bren School of ICS.

)  ICS 6D (discrete math)  ICS 6B (boolean algebra)  Math 3A (linear algebra)  Math 3D (elem diff equations)  Stats 67 (probability and stats) Total Number of Major Classes: 33 Science Courses: /Core and University Studies 13-15-17 are still open. ICS 90: New Students Seminar 1 unit course taught by Bren School Lecturers Richard Pattis and David Kay No /you to enroll in classes from anywhere in the world using your UCInet ID and password.  Access WebReg at /


line Help  Task Request Forms  Quick Reference Guides  Software User Guides  Hardware Manuals  Seminars  Spreadsheet and other Document Templates Contacts and Scheduling  Phone, Fax, and E-mail Directory / Build security in the group up – include firewalls, encryption, and passwords CHALLENGES: ISSUES WITH BUILDING AN INTRANET After the initial rollout of the /online lectures is common; but how about an internal radio station? (or 3D conference calls?) Why not?  Let us help you build the Intranet /

Presented By: Mamta Yadav Final Year IT. CONTENTS Introduction PC & Mac Minimum Requirements Technology Residents or Avatars Currency Membership in Second.

servers operated by Linden Lab. Second Life Grid:- the platform and technology behind 3D online virtual world Second Life. LSL(Linden Scripting Language):- Similar to C or/ application. You can then log onto Second Life using the avatar name and password that you selected when creating the account. Cont.. When you log onto SL/of new concepts Cont.. Better learning via interactive and immersive training sessions and seminars… from home base Collaboration Build big things real cheap! Disadvantages of Second /

Information Technology Promises, Prospects, and Reality John Bruno Vice Provost Information and Educational Technology University of California, Davis.

libraries provide online repositories, available everywhere and any time Instruction 3D graphics and virtual realities Sound Synthesis: Music composition The wired / Dean of School of Engineering, Stanford University (now president!) Offer interactive seminars and chat line discussions of relevant topics (the virtual campus experience) Content/a student services portal called MyUCDavis PORTALS Authentication; sign on with password Authorization: what are you permitted to do? Personalization: the web /

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