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Amazing Atheists and Freethinkers Paducah Secular Society July 21, 2012.

of the ages has been done under what was claimed to be the command of God. -from Rufus K Noyes, Views of Religion W. E. B. DuBois - Agnostic Cofounder of the NAACP, 1910 Cofounder of the NAACP, 1910 Opposed / and Technology Summary Light bulb Light bulb Record Player Record Player Movie Projector Movie Projector Computer Program Computer Program Windows PC Windows PC Mac Mac iPod iPod iPhone iPhone iPad iPad DNA Structure DNA Structure DNA technologies DNA technologies Nobel Foundation Nobel Foundation /

New Teaching Technology By: Krystina Bertoldi Thomas Glancy Kyle Jager.

that were not seen in the classroom in the past, include: o Blackboard Learn o Smart Board o Projectors o Microsoft Office o iPads and Kindles o Digital Video Recording Blackboard Blackboard is an online utility that teachers use to get information out / courses to provide visualization of course lectures. o Podcasts- Short videos or audio clips that can be viewed on a portible device such as the iPad or iPod. Podcasts o Youtube- A video hosting site which allows free video hosting for entertainment or /

Dr. Gita Phelps Georgia College & State University I Mobile Technology for Instructors.

must be on the same wireless network – Find airplay controls (iOS 6 and older) Double click Home button on iPad to view active apps (iOS 7) Swipe up from bottom of screen Connecting To Projector Other Options: Source (Tony Vincent) Student Response Systems and Engagement Tools A web-based clicker tool used by educators around the/

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popular app, we can post pictures of our product and accept orders from costumers.  Banners- $1.50 for every 1000 views on the website because people with money go on vacations.  ‎  Sponsor Events- it/ of their room.  Our competition would be the kindle fire, IPads, Android tablets, and PC tablets.  Our product is better than our competitors because we have a unique projector display, a more convenient non-hassle charging system, a better variety /

Mobile TV Breaks Free! Introduction Confidential and Proprietary.

Dec.2009 “Almost 90% of mobile subscribers expressed interest in viewing live, local news programming on the go.” 88% Breaking News/ television on their mobile devices for FREE.” Blackberry iPhone/iPod/iPad Windows Mobile Android Confidential ‘AirCase” Hardware Solution A case &/Products SD Card Movie Capability Wimax Capability Projector Capability Touchscreen TV’s Pico Projector Integrated Pico Projector Product Projector Business Users ($299 MSRP) Pico Projector Integrated Can be used with Mobile TV/

Year One Year Two Year Three Information and Communication Technology E – Portfolio of work BA (QTS) Primary Education 2010 - 2013 Notes Amelia Anne Noone.

keeping children sheltered within school. However each school will have a slightly different view about what is acceptable usually found in an ‘acceptable use policy’ which will/ a more attractive manner to a class easier than photocopies or an over-head projector. Interactive Whiteboards are fascinating for children and they tend to be able to capture/as school computers can block access to undesirable or distractive sites within schools iPads have no type of adult block which can be applied. Whilst I think/

EXPERIENCE MEETINGS by Radisson Blu. Content overview 1.Issue & Objective 2.Background 1.The Audience 2.The Audience profile 3.The audience – what are.

: 3 hours; 8 hours; 24 hours Incl. breaks/lunch & core technology features (LCD projector; etc.) Flexible cancellation terms Flexible & dynamic meeting room furniture + style (e.g. Brain Box) iPad hire to interact with presenter; take notes; access presentation during breakout; go paperless;... Yes I/ content to be stellar and better than what they have already seen online. It’s time to view the annual conference within the context of a larger community eco-system. It is actually only one touchpoint/

Experience the ultimate for corporate and social event hosting at Pittsburgh’s most innovative, full-service conference and event center. 1.

banquet chairs  Advanced technology ◦ 55” flat-screen TV for Verizon FIOS viewing or presentations ◦ Ceiling speakers & microphone system ◦ iPhone/iPad/iPod station to run through central speakers  Dimming lighting to create any atmosphere/hunter green, black, gold or white  Extra-padded banquet chairs  Technology ◦ Portable projector and projection screen ◦ Ceiling speakers & microphone system ◦ iPhone/iPad/iPod station to run through central speakers  Dimming lighting to create any atmosphere  /

Ireland Country Case Study Jason Shaw EDTC 645 Tamara Blesh, Professor.

also a major issue. Interview with Paul Fiorentini Principal at Carndonagh Community School 3. What piece of technology do you view to be most important for education? Hitherto the lap-top and data-projector with internet access but more recently the apple iPad which we have introduced for First Years seems to offer great potential. 4. How are global perspectives integrated into the/


YOU THINK DIGITAL EBOOKS REPLACING TEXTBOOKS WOULD BE A GOOD THING? DO YOU THINK IPADS AND/OR SIMILAR MOBILE DEVICES FOR READING EBOOKS OR TAKING ELECTRONIC QUIZZES WOULD WORK / A price range closer to $200 - $300 would be ideal. What is your view on eBooks replacing textbooks and how would that process work? How would the eBooks be / is ideal (if it can be done well) All the necessary ports for connecting to projectors, smartboards, desktop computers, calculators, smart phones, etc. should be there. A 10” /

Science Lesson Plans Discover God’s World Adrinna D. Beltré- Spring 2013.

Non- Proficient: Only answer the first two questions. Materials/Resources: balloons-2, drinking straw, tape, thread, internet, iPad, projector, Science books, paper, pencils Homework/Follow-Up: Go to collaborizeclassroom and journal about the lab experience. Back to / it, writing about it, and watching videos, and participating in activities. Language Objectives: Students will express their views clearly about the subject we study orally. Sentence Frames: I can predict that ______because _____. Back to Table/

St. Joseph County Schools Information Services Benjamin Daugherty, St. Joseph County Schools Information Services / St. Joseph ISD

- Statewide K12 Broadband and One-on-one Access Devices Classroom presentation equipment (Desktops/Laptops, Data projector, doc camera) Student devices (iPAD, Android, Tablet PC, Chromebook, mobile) Peripheral devices (Headphones, video cameras) Information Services OneNetwork / district owned personal mobile devices (iPads, Android, etc) Cloud access to files and some district programs Phone System OneNetwork Benefits Cont By working as a single unit, vendors are now viewing us as a larger organization, /

A DIVISION OF ACCO BRANDS. 2 Confidential Agenda  Corporate Summary  Routes to Market  Brand Promise  Products  Consumers  30 Years of Recognized.

flip out stand allows for typing or viewing mode in landscape mode SecureBack™ 25 Confidential SecureBack™ iPad2 Security Case with ClickSafe® Lock Security and improved usability for iPad 2 Security: Unparalleled iPad security case with the highest security device/ security cable locks. Today, 99% of all name brand laptop computers as well as many flat panel monitors, projectors, desktop computers and other devices are equipped with the Kensington security slot. 2000 and beyond Since the companys inception/

Infusing Interactive Whiteboards and other Visualization Tools in the Music Classroom Wendy Bloom Blog Site: INFUSED MUS

a large interactive displayinteractive whiteboard (IWB) that connects to a computer and projector. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface where users / using Internet-enabled devices, such as computers, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad mobile digital devices, Blackberry Smartphone models, and phones on the Android mobile/ tool inTransparent Background Mode SMART NotebookSMART Notebook software with which you can view your desktop and windows (web pages and applications) behind a SMART /

Activities of Teaching Learning Support Center, Osaka University Haruo Takemura Director, TLSC Osaka University.

Cybermedia Center Blackboard LMS) Instructor Response Info Students’ iPad PC Instructor’s iPad WiFi Projector ICT supported collaborative learning classrooms Enrollment Info BeeDance Server Questions Students Response to Question Lecture Rooms / and Archiving Servers are place at Cybermedia Center Bldg. Scheduled recording Archiving Delivery Sutdnets can view lectures With PC ( Web browser )、 iPhone 、 iPad or Android. Links are generated EchoSystem capture appliance 10 11 Researcher Development at Osaka University./

Envision a Unified Campus. PRODUCT SOLUTIONS BELL & PA|CONSOLIDATED SYSTEMS Why SchoolView Bell & PA? REDUCE classroom interruptions.

Control System Interface Projector Theft Deterrence Instructor Panic Buttons CONNECTED Networked MP3 Bells and PA Networked Multicast Video Distribution Digital Signage Two-Way Intercom No Proprietary Cable AUTOMATED Classroom Control User Configurable Zoning for Bell / PA iPad, iPhone & Android/ all times but also have a dedicated page in the system  Camera feeds can be viewed full screen, quad views, or in the normal view allowing you to move camera to camera simply and quickly  Pan and Tilt features can/

1. 2  Students will:- › Be introduced to the topic of projectile motion › Explore the factors affecting projectile motion › Understand concepts through.

through their daily updates on PbWorks 14  Camcorder – to record the projectile motion of the javelin  Tablet PC/iPad for data recording and discussion activities 15  Data-logger with WIFI capability › sensor is attached to javelin to record / during lessons and through their daily updates on PbWorks 24  Science Workshop  Table computer for data-retrieving  Projector for model answer viewing and video screening 25  Due to limited computers, students will be broken into groups.  Students will then /

Classroom Technology Sharing Session Presented By Learning Space Technology Services Team (LSTS) LKCSB.

light  Please get your whiteboard markers/duster from your school admin DEMO NOTE: Switching to whiteboard mode does not turn off our projectors ! End of your class, press OFF button End of your class, press OFF button to turn off equipments to turn off/ to live stream events in Auditoriums Able to live stream events in Auditoriums Can be viewed on 1. Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) Can be viewed on 1. Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc) 2. Laptop (PC & MAC) Audience can be local or /

Marion County Public Schools NEWS from New Dimension Media New Dimension Media is proud to support Marion County Public School educators in their continued.

had 1 attachment. Many Thanks! Searching Help Closed Captioning Help Shout Out to Lori Willey iPad Help More iPad Help iPrint App from Epson On To More Great Travel and Training! Issue 10: / that allows me to use my newly purchased (yahoo!) iPad2 to control my projector and/or IWB software from anywhere in the classroom. It is called Doceri, and/between Russia and the United States at that time. The United States was viewed as second in technological advancements to Russia and embarrassed world-wide. To /

Technology in the Classroom New Faculty Orientation August 13, 2012.

computer – Adjust sound volume 3. Doc Cam button Turn Projector Off when finished. Document Camera Project diagrams, illustrations or demonstrations 3D objects – artifacts, plant leaves, specimens Allows equal view by audience Works well in normal room lighting RF Mouse /sound OIT Classroom Support Call 844-2293 Someone will be dispatched to help. iPads iPads in Classroom Personal learning devices – Interactive whiteboards – Access to Internet – Productivity apps – Instructional apps – Use with inquiry-based/

RDA and the Local Library

The right business model can create overnight sensations--think of Groupon, the iPad, or Facebook. At the same time, alternative models for organizing resources such/production company. 710 2 Copyright Collection (Library of Congress) $5 DLC RDA Record for Viewing Copy (cont.) 511 Narrator: Peter Coyote. 500 Contains the music of Italian tenor Enrico/a projection device such as a motion picture film projector, slide projector, or overhead projector. Includes media designed to project both two-dimensional and/

Welcome New Faculty and Staff!. Agenda 1) Introduction and Technology Vision at St. Mary’s 2) Who do I contact for tech help? helpdesk websitehelpdesk.

signups happen on Outlook. View the helpdesk site for directions. LMC Innovation Lab MS Laptop Cart MS iPad Cart MS Chromebook Cart LS iPad Cart LS Laptop cart Language B Laptop Cart Language A iPad Cart 3. Printers and /following items are available for checkout from Mrs. Yogaratnam in the LMC: -Chromebooks -Chargers (macbook, ipad/iphone, android, Dell) -Projector Adapters (for macbook or iPad) -Digital Cameras (individual or a set) -Pocket Camcorders -Presentation Remotes -MP3 Players with Audiobooks -/

60 Tips in 75 Minutes Presented by Ivan Hemmans. Mobile: Attend web conferences Attend GoToMeeting, WebEx, or other web conferences from a mobile device.

new slide. Mobile: Conduct presentations Newer phones and tablets can connect to projectors or HD televisions. With software like Keynote, Prezi or DocsToGo, you can/ messages do not automatically get marked as read when you traverse messages. – Click View > Reading Pane > Options, then uncheck the first two checkboxes. Mobile: Remote /keys available while your presentation is running. Mobile: Sync Exchange data iPhones, iPads, and Androids can sync Exchange data. In environments that require hardware-level /

Consumer Driven IT Gabriel Rangel IT Solution Strategist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory August 2011.

multitouch, voice, in the air, 3D everywhere) Smart Connectivity 12 Powerful Tablets 13 Evolving User Interfaces 14 To view JPLer’s photos/movies, Load a QR code reader in your smart phone done by JPL 1.eReaders  Kindle, iPad, eBooks, Hub 2.Eco friendly  Partnered with JPL Green Club, IT enabled sensors 3.Mobility  iPhone, iPad, Droid, App Store, JPL Apps 4.Media convergence  Small, wireless projectors, collab Ctrs 5.Gaming  MS Kinect /

Richard Wasserman. Toffler’s three waves, and the fourth wave if you believe we have entered one.

“By 1913, DeVry had begun to manufacture his famous E Model, DeVry Suitcase, 35mm projectors.” (Saettler, p. 53, 2004) (Charles) Urban founded the Kinemacolor Company in 1911/Robotic Girlfriend" January 9, 2010 (History of Science, 2010) Introduction of Apples iPad January 27, 2010 (History of Science, 2010) The First Brain-Computer Interface / Dewey (1859-1952) interpreted the method of empirical science in educational terms, viewing the classroom as an experimental laboratory.” (Saettler, p. 53, 2004) “/

Technology for Cognition and Academic Learning MacKenzie Parson and Jenny Lin.

a new left/right reversed mode for viewing 3D objects, which allows some people to view them without special glasses. Instructions are available through the Help (?) button after double-tapping a rotatable object. iPad for Word Recognition: Special Words Special /class. The system can also accommodate students with visual impairment The clicker system is supported by the PowerPoint and projector display. It eliminates the potential that students cannot read fine prints. The System Works for Various Level of/

The Evolution of a Monologue Unit of Instruction.

grading rubric B Time 2 - 45 minute class periods Materials Needed Promethean board, projector and pen Student Created Scripts Rubric for student assessment Student iPads/notetaking app The App “Garage Band” for Recording Lesson III (continued) Step 3/volunteersto demonstrate a scenario that contains a rule breaker. Anyrules omitted from students responses should be modeled andreviewed. Additionally, view the presentation found here:Improv - Rules of the GameImprov - Rules of the Game Step 4 (Assessment) a)/

Life Impact | The University of Adelaide IT Matters: Mobile Devices An introduction to mobile devices and how they can be used to increase office productivity.

functionality Touchscreen Take high resolution Photo/Video Display on TV, monitor, projector Good battery life Lighter than laptop Cons: Larger and heavier Most expensive/View, Edit, and Save documents saved on cloud storage (ie: Dropbox, Google Docs, etc) Access files stored on University share drives (S: and U:) Remotely control your computer… even from home! It is important to remember that this is not designed to replace your laptop Life Impact | The University of Adelaide Slide 22 iPadiPad 2New iPad/

Zone of Impending: Articulation “Looming” “Impending” environmental crisis.

human inhabitance How does it work? Each globe will be fitted with a ipad. The ipad will feed information about that particular globe’s ecological issue via the internet /time data on park trees to inform people on deforestation. Idea: A projector will project real time data on percentages of deforestation of primary forest / of fire, and fires are one cause of deforestation. The audience should view the data about deforestation as environmental destruction. Ross Ashton Projection Artist Projection Artist/

The Procedure in 1990 I want to teach a presentation about the Boston Tea Party I check out a movie or slide show from the district’s educational library.

projector from the school’s library Show the presentation one day Return the materials Integrating Technology Into Every Classroom Technology Available Today SmartBoard ($3,000) Promethean Board ($1,300) Palm Pilots ($3,000 for a class set) Laptop computers ($650 each) Wireless computer labs ($13,000) iPods ($7,500 for a class set) iPads/ to video your class –Only post videos of yourself on YouTube –YouTube setting of “View by link only” –Don’t use Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter –Use student podcasts instead/

Digital Citizenship. What is Digital Citizenship?  ijFXfD8&index=10&list=PLui3i0IG- _tFy8Ko_R82ThjGHu7pjBMzC

 On electronics when it is acceptable at home and school  iPad in the case  Used for educational purposes Projectors  Air dropping when asked or when appropriate  Not turning the projectors on/ off Cell Phones  Using these at appropriate times in /com/videos/search?q=t ed+talk+digital+tattoo&view=detail&mid= EB02C129C2F21CA0D458EB02C129C2F21 CA0D458&FORM=VIRE ed+talk+digital+tattoo&view=detail&mid= EB02C129C2F21CA0D458EB02C129C2F21 CA0D458&FORM=VIRE ReThink: Stop/

FBA for Jacob By: Kristen Janowicz Plymouth State University Behavior Disorders in School Age Children Winter 2014 Dr. Lebrun.

understanding, yet firm with high expectations for each student. Classroom Map Projector Screen WindowsMrs. W’s Desk Computers Cubbies Table Reading Table Bookshelf Desks/Intervention without refusal and will be rewarded with a turn on the iPad. HYPOTHESIS: _____Jacob_____________ engages in _____work refusal______________ when ______working on reading / areas and an increase in opportunities for success. Note: Please view interview in Appendix ABC Model AntecedentBehaviorConsequences Jacob sat down at the /

Assistive Technologies In Educational Settings Wolff Zilberman Image retrieved from: inclusive-classrooms.html.

Smart Technologies was founded in 1987 by David Martin and Nancy Knowlton as a spin-off from a company that sold 3M projectors. The first Smart Board came to market by 1991. This Canadian company has revolutionized how all children learn, but this / from: special-education.html The Benefits of Providing Assistive Technologies for Students This is a list of iPad pros, from a student’s point of view (this list may be applicable to users of other /

Visualization with 3D CG 2015 Masaki Hayashi 2015, Autumn Visualization with 3D CG 4K/8K Ultra-High-Resolution Imaging System.

= 2.54cm (dpi: dot per inch, is for printer) Retina display (iPad Retina) 9.7 inch, 2048x1536 4K display 60 inch, 3840x2160 73 ppi 264 ppi/Projector Visualization with 3D CG 2015 Summary of 4K video production 34 ・ Off-line production is established ・ Cinema production has been done in Hollywood ・ Live production is available but few. ・ Up-conversion of 2K to 4K is often used. Visualization with 3D CG 2015 8K Video Production Visualization with 3D CG 2015 Resolution:7680 × 4320 Aspect ratio: 16:9 Viewing/

Smart Classroom Orientation: KHS-199 Lecture Hall

connect either your laptop or a tablet such as an iPad to the classroom projector from the podium. This is a two step process Connect your laptop or tablet to the projector using the cables in the podium Set your laptop or / the Academic Technology Center – PLS 237 Smart Classroom Orientation: KHS-199 Lecture Hall Thank you for viewing this presentation For additional assistance please contact Classroom Technology Support at x2266 Smart Classroom Orientation: KHS-199 Lecture Hall Campus /

Technology at Yinghua Chemin Chu August 15, 2012.

): Excel After clicking the link: Open as a Google spreadsheet Google Docs (7): Word or Powerpoint After clicking the link: View on Word or Powerpoint files Save in Google Docs Google Docs (8): Share your Docs Click on Share button, a Sharing /the microfiber cloths. Return the iPad to the designated spot as instructed. Project your iPad screen Use an iPad adapter to connect your iPad to the projector / SMARTBoard / Big TV Two kinds of adapters: VGA port or HDMI port iPad Basics (1) iPad Basics (2) Tap app /

USING TECHNOLOGY TO ADAPT AND PROMOTE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY AAHPERD 2014, St. Louis, MO Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR Erin Siebert, Colin Brooksby,

Apps - Kristina & Kasi Video Apps - Rob Reward Apps - Paige Personal Tracker Apps - Colin Stage/Projector INDIVIDUALIZATION By Aaron Mason Modifications of iPad can be made for… Accessibility The Student The Teacher Accessibility VoiceOver Siri Speak Selection Dictation Zoom Large Text /Integrated tools allow user to highlight or draw on the video to emphasize performance variables. Side by side view also allows for the comparison between two performers - Students with disabilities learn in a variety of ways/

Wisconsin Forward Exam Spring 2016 Training Welcome Back!

see: See Tech Guide “Installing INSIGHT on iPad Devices" INSIGHT IPAD INSTALL Download the DRC INSIGHT executable (DRC INSIGHT.ipa) from eDIRECT under Test Setup>General Information/introduce students to INSIGHT navigation, tools, and features  Accessed via eDIRECT (no secure login required)  Can be viewed on a projector in groups (speakers needed) or on individual machines (headphones are needed)  Online Tools Training (OTT – practice /

Mobile Devices. Definitions Smartphones are phone first, enhanced to do things formerly reserved for PCs Tablets embody those enhanced computing features.

charge in your body and the static charge on the screen Dont require (re)calibration iPad uses In-Plane Switching (IPS) – richer colors and better viewing angles Phones Smaller devices can use organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) displays Apply an/Some offer bigger slots Some even offer USB ports Attachment for projector (mini-HDMI) General Wireless (Bluetooth) for keyboards, mice (not Apple) and headphones My iMAC keyboard can synch to iPad Config - networks Settings app Same as a portable computer wireless/

 Importance of property management.  Understand your financial liability for fixed assets.  Recognize all employees have responsibilities for equipment,

is liable?  Dr. Miller would be liable. He did not exercise reasonable care. He left the computer in plain view. If he had locked the computer in his trunk (out of sight), he would not be liable. 10  This/ Cost between $500.00-$4,999.99 each. Computers, Laptops, I-Pads, Cameras, Projectors  Depreciation on controlled items is not calculated. 16  Computers/Laptops/iPads  Network Printers  Projectors  Cameras and Camcorders  Televisions/VCRs/DVRs  Stereo Systems  Firearms (regardless of dollar value/


Engagement and Relevance Student clickers/ student response systems iPhone/ smartphone iPad Mp3 player Scanner Document camera DVD player DVR Desktop computer Webcam Internet/ teachers could communicate easier, faster, and more efficiently." "Blackboard makes viewing things in your class easier and more convenient." "E-books are cheaper/attaches to TV Other tablet DVD player Document camera/ digital overhead projector Projector Desktop computer USB drive Printer Laptop computer Wi-Fi Interactive whiteboard/

ART + BOOK Symposium, Dunedin 2014 Lesley Kaiser AUT University THEME: ‘Art and Book’/‘Against the Odds: The Editing, Design and Production of Books’ The.

guest lectures To demo techniques to 130 students at once I use an over-head projector connected to a data show – cooking show format with pre-made components overhead projector connected to a data show – to demo basics to students in lecture mode Demo / editions of artists books the first children’s pop-up books as iPad apps have appeared from LOUD CROW INTERACTIVE, Inc. Internet/software Download full version from iTunes App store or view video at PopOut! The Tale of Pete#801BFBPopOut! The Tale of Pete/

Unit 65 Amber burgess. Lighting Equipment Research.

to their DAW setup on their computer. The X32 can be remotely controlled via iPad or iPhone with a free app, this will be a welcome addition to /. Fast signal distribution Our proprietary BarcoLink technology guarantees swift signal distribution between Barco’s projectors and image processors. With BarcoLink, signals are distributed over a BNC coax cable, /50p and 480/59.94i and 576/50i Built-in Multi-Viewer allows users to view up to 10 images on a single display, including video sources, audio levels, and/

Academia Cotopaxi Technology Orientation Twenty-first Century Tools for Twenty-first Century Learners Jim Stratton, AC Director of Technology August 2011.

Office – 1 digital SLR (contact Admissions Dept.) Technology Availability: Document Cameras Document Cameras work with digital projectors to display content viewed by the camera on the movable arm. –Language Arts example: display student written work for markup on/Gr. 6-12) –Edline training next week! SMART Boards and SMART Teachers Document Cameras, FlipCams, Laptops, Computer Labs, iPads, Blackberries… E-portfolios (Google Sites, Pbworks wikis) Google Apps! Use ‘em!! Integrate ‘em!!! Web tools—VoiceThread,/

Today we will be focusing on getting a great start to your Quarter 3 AR Reading Goal! Assemble all reading supplies before the bell. You should have your.

your packet, or use your time for AR reading. Values Monday OPTIMISM As you view the following commercial, think about OPTIMISM: a disposition or tendency to look on the/all supplies needed for our “second try” ACUITY day—your folder, tracking sheet, and an iPad or Chromebook. Log into Acuity, click on STUDY and Language Arts. Select the first unfinished / packet if needed!!! 1.The football game was won by the Broncos. 2.The projector bulb popped loudly, no one moved a muscle. 3.We should meet at my classroom/

Team 2 Amy, Marlee, Jenn, Logan, Corbin, & Josh.  Started in 1970’s with mainframes  In 1980 the first PC was introduced- Altair 8800  The Altair 8800.

Mobile Devices  Variety of brands under Acer Inc. ◦ Gateway ◦ PB brands ◦ eMachines  Projectors, LCD monitors, HDTV’s  Personal Computer Uses: ◦ Personal ◦ Business  2007 Revenue –/ business ◦ Alienware  Gaming notebook  Developed a tablet to compete against the Apple iPad to try and gain a fair share of the market.  Large Global leader and/-Piracy Laws ◦ Global Effort  Microsoft ◦ Redmond, Washington  Google ◦ Mountain View, California  Research in Motion ◦ Ontario, Canada  Founded in 1975 by Bill/

M.A.S.S. Professional Development Series January 13, 2013 Reading, MA.

* Realize the vision at all costs * The vision is far more important than individuals * Organization is viewed as a moral system * Values and principles outweigh political interests * Transformational leaders will develop a plan of/ * Identify who has the willingness and capacity to use the technology effectively * Provide them with three tools * Laptop/iPad * Projector * Internet Access * Let them go… * Eventually, it will get contagious * For Community * For Teachers * For Students * /

CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY THE LEARNING MACHINES. 1650 – HORN-BOOK Wooden paddles with printed lessons were popular through the colonial era.

View Company began to market stereoscopes – three-dimensional viewing devices popular in home parlors – to schools, with educational sets containing hundreds of images. 1925 – FILMSTRIP PROJECTOR The cousin to the motion- picture projector/ PROJECTOR Widely used by the U.S. military to train forces in WWII, the overhead projector eventually/VIEWER All the benefits of a filmstrip projector, personalized. 1972 – THE HAND-HELD/using a touch- detecting white screen, a projector, and a computer. 2005 - ICLICKER It /

Impact of Smart Devices Student name: Chan Wing Ki(1155003342) Chin Tsz To(1155008968) Li Lap Fung(1155003287) Li Ho Fung(1155000564) Group no.134 GEU4011.

field Presentations help you to do the presentation on projector Graph, Charts, Diagram & Statistic See charts and /Clothing Styling:, Point Style Online shopping: ASOS Catalog, View fashion online Zara, H&M Changing living habits: Clothing EXAMPLE:/ who can’t afford buying one? Ipad as textbook? What about poor families? 小學要全級學生買 iPad 捱轟 書價 3 倍 拒買可租每年 2000 元 明報 – 2012 年 6 月 25 日 石硤尾聖方濟各英文小學在沒有諮詢下, 9 月起於小三中、英 文科全面推行電子教學,並要求所有學生購買 iPad 平板電腦作 電子書,費用是購買課本至少 3 倍。校方指不會強迫學生買電 腦,家長可以每年 2000 元向校方租用,連租用/

Faculty Innovators Project: Using Technology to Facilitate Discussion and Communication Kathleen N. Kannass Department of Psychology.

presentations and incorporate new technology into my classroom using iPad as a whiteboard via Airsketch app Did it work? Airsketch was easy & useful in making notes Easy to connect iPad to projector with VGA But writing was awkward….GIANT “first / electronic communication and intellectual climate Did it work? Yes, undergraduate student survey responses… -84% went back to view information posted by other students Results Yes, graduate student responses… -generated new ideas for their research projects -felt/

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