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Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation November 18, 2008 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number:

your phone will be muted. Q&A After the presentation, well hold a Q&A session. Well open up the phone lines, and youll be able to ask questions. Shari and the panel will answer as many of your questions as time allows. /currently being fabricated. Applies to fabricated assets that dont meet the JHU capital project criteria. Note the approximate in service date on the C825 Form. Note the approximate date of completed fabrication on the shopping cart. When the asset is in service please notify the FASSC to /

Unit Nine Shopping All good things are cheap, all bad things are very dear. ( H. D. Thoreau ) Shopping.

v. watch and direct (work, workers, an organization) 监督;管理;指导 He is responsible for supervising the whole project. The teacher is supervising all the pupils taking the English examination. 他负责监督整个工程。 这个老师对参加英语考试的学生正在监考。 a highly consumption oriented society/ Sentence Study 6. These seems little hope of escape from the influence of merchants and sales persons in shops and shopping malls.( Line 53) 要逃脱商店和购物中心里商人和推销员的影响似乎不太可能。 escape (n.) from 逃走,逃脱 e.g. There have been few successful escapes from this prison/

ProQMS - On line SPC system DSS Systems & Software Technologies Ltd

, Oracle Gold Partner. ProQMS – DSS’ On line SPC system Pro-QMS was developed about 10 years ago and today has evolved into a world class On-line Quality Management System for the shop floor. This system has been evolved based on Technology/action. Separate monitoring station is provided for detailed Offline analysis of the current data & historical data for Process improvement projects. Data can be used for internal/external presentations, Audits, Customer reports. As data is available with Component Sr. /

111 INVESTOR PRESENTATION November 2011. 222 3 Turkey Real Estate Economic Highlights 3 Turkey Real Estate Market Review 5 Business Review 23 Project.

residential neighbourhoods in cities with good connectivity to metro etc. Opportunistic investments in non shopping mall related projects Asset management Active asset management targeting occupancy optimisation and rent increase Active refurbishment and extensions in-line with increased demand and evolving consumers and market trends Tenant rationalisation opportunities Ensure appropriate shop and tenant mix Leveraging Torunlar Group’s reputation and network of contacts to attract/

UK-Liverpool: Smart card& Retail Solutions

a dialogue with such organisations to design an innovative ticket solution to meet their needs, which is also in line with Merseytravel’s key objectives. Key aims for this dialogue will be: To enable efficient deployment to users of/including digital input from Rail, Bus and Post Office, Merseytravel Shops and Saveaway Centre EPOS systems Vendor current period activity reporting and KPIs Essential TIMS functions (as defined by the project) Historic sales activity reports, trends and KPIs (rolling last/

SUUNTO PROJECT “RAMPING UP SALES” June 2003 Vantaa, Finland IBD team: Marybeth Thomson Carlos Ramirez Youngsuk Ko Shin Hamanaka.

, WHERE TARGET CONSUMERS AND HIGH TRAFFIC EXIST Prioritization of Web Site Categories General portal/directory General news/media Shopping /auction Traffic Consumer Target Sport- enthusiastGeneral High Low Priority sites Travel sites Sport portal/ news/media sites /approximately $5 million for endorsement arrangements and $3 million for advertising OAKLEY HAS PROJECTED THE IMAGE AS AN IINOVATOR ACROSS ALL THEIR PRODUCT LINES AND CREATED AN EXPANDED DISTRIBUTION NETWORK WITH A SIMILAR STRATEGY, FOSSIL IS A/

1/34 일본 관광객 증가에 따른 면세점 시장 내 경쟁우위 확보를 위한 신라면세점 마케팅 커뮤니케이션 전략 The Project for Shilla Duty-free 작품 번호 : PT01-0011.

+ Females are more familiar with shopping. 9/34 Characteristics? Tangible Factors Intangible Factors : Price & related incentive, Accessibility, Product line, Shop Design etc. : Brand, Service, etc. Extremely affected by Korean Syndrome Enjoy shopping Prefer to buy the famous brands Interested/ the peak during summer vacation seasons, we are planning these following project. 33/34 Follow-up & Extension Plan The brand of Shilla duty free shop cannot be thought separately from the brand of Hotel Shilla. With /

Process Strategy. To do if time:  Look through old project  For announcements – look thru good example of italicize and defined OM term  Look for good.

customization services: Marketing Making service ‘warm’ Attention to physical surroundings Managing fairly rigid hierarchy with need for standard operating procedures To summarize:  Products  Project  Job-shop process  Batch/assembly process  Continuous/line process  Mass customization  Services  Service Factory  Service Shop  Mass service  Professional service What is a Business Process? Traditional Process definition in OM literature A process specifies the transformation of inputs to outputs/

Course project – MIS 2010-2011 Overview of Course assignments and 4 Case study views.

4 Case study views Course project Course project – Topic from MIS Book MS Word Document; 20 pages (see Course Project.ppt) Includes  Theoretical part/View: Notation task 3 lines event 3 lines event 2 lines event task with refinement task 2 lines ORXORAND process link 3 lines process link 2 lines status organisational unit job /Trading Company all trading processes sales order processing product data ERP database e-shop database additional product data order data order customer data browser online purchase /


PROJECT DESCRIPTION OF GENERAL DETAILS OF THE FIRM LOCATION  BELGIUM  8HUNGARY  6  BRAZIL  1INDIA  1  CHINA  14ITALY  46  FRANCE  235POLAND  10  GERMANY  8PORTUGAL  10  NETHERLANDS  2ROMANIA  1  RUSSIA  2SPAIN  57  UNITED KINGDOM  6 SIZE  22 COUNTRIES, 313 SHOPS/ Good staff to advicing for all their products all their products and more and more services…  On-line shopping  Complet catalogue of products (with dimensions, weight and prize) (with dimensions, weight and prize)  /

Service NSW – the ‘one stop shop’ for New South Wales Government services CCS 007 – Certified Case Study November 2015.

such as those made by credit or debit cards, or PayPal. The project, now named Gov.uk Pay, will begin taking online payments for some / times over two week period) Service NSW web site, service centres and call line CCS 007 – SERVICE NSW COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE | © Internal Consulting Group 2015 /2015 CCS – Certified Case Study Best publically available information supplemented where possible with mystery shopping KEY CUSTOM / BESPOKE LIR – Local Industry Radar Local comprehensive and expert analysis of /

QCI – D.L. SHAH QUALITY AWARD Sector & Categories – Infrastructure,Code: (M) “Reduction of weld repair to 5% level” in “Bogibeel Rail cum Road Bridge Project

Training & continuous dialog. Daily Tool Box Talk at shop floor level CHALLENGES / OPPERTUNITIESACTIONS Communication amongst Engineers & Managers across Organisation Monthly IMS review meeting with all officers chaired by Project Manager to focus QHSE concerns & customer Focus Different work/ shielding gas233222146th 6Welding technique678577404th Monthly Weld Repair Bar Chart 2014-15 BAR Graph Weekly Weld Repair Line Graph Dec ‘14 to Mar ‘15 Monthly Welders Performance Training to welders in Welding School/

1 THE GENERIC 5 TYPES OF PROCESS CHOICE 1.Project 2.Job Shop 3.Batch 4.Line 5.Flow/Continuous Processing Note: Most businesses will select two or more.

1 THE GENERIC 5 TYPES OF PROCESS CHOICE 1.Project 2.Job Shop 3.Batch 4.Line 5.Flow/Continuous Processing Note: Most businesses will select two or more processes as being appropriate for the products they manufacture, which reflects the different volume requirements of components, subassemblies, and products. 2 PROJECT 1.Project basis 2.Product: unique, complex product (i.e., civil engineering contracts, aerospace program/

Implementing Activity Based Costing for Job Shops

costing rates as volume levels change. You find yourself competitive in one product line but not another or at one volume level but not another. Shop Characteristics Your shop manufacturing operations do not always require the same number of operators—partially attended /“cost driver” (i.e. quantity, # of labor hours, # of machine hours, # of parts). How Does a Shop Allocate Costs? Project a normal level of production activity. Review over a longer period of time, such as a 12-month period. Costs based upon/

Innovating Public Procurement through

KONEPS checks the suppliers’ business registration, tax payment status, credit rating, and so on. In evaluating bidders for construction projects, KONEPS obtains the construction companies past performance data. As such, you can access any necessary information on suppliers. Functions of/products 99.5% of the total 191,000 registered bidders are SMEs 97% of the suppliers of the On-line Shopping mall are SMEs Another impact of KONEPS was a much better business environment for SMEs. SMEs could do business with/

Capital Shopping Centres and Vipre UK Ltd ECOMM 2008 Lets Work Together at The Glades Steve Beverley (CSC) Natalie Owen (Vipre UK Ltd)

from Bromley Town Centre Manager Capital Shopping Centres and Vipre UK Ltd ECOMM 2008 Project Consortium Committed Partners Bromley Town Centre /line if people cant get to our centre by sustainable means Steering group – platform Marketing and media – instrumental Travel booklet – awareness Branding – ownership Community based – localised Website – dissemination Launch event – profile Pilot studies – models Awards – recognition Dont get hung up on Modal Shift! Long process – Patience!!!!!! Capital Shopping/

Your Partner in Sustainable Water Management Solutions

- OEM Side In-house Design, Engineering and Manufacturing for special application Pumps Computer Aided Design, Pattern Shop, Large Foundry for ferrous and Non ferrous material, Highly Equipped Tool Room, Modern Machinery India’s /excellent design and engineering capabilities which delivered excellent value in our project” Case Study 7- Irrigation Project Customer: WRD, Govt. of Bihar, Lift Irrigation Daha Pumping Stn. & Distribution Pipe Line at Chapra, India Our Differentiators: Flowmore used its in-house/

Bears That Buy Town Hall December 6, 2013. Bears That Buy Town Hall 2 Agenda BearBuy Overview New Home/Shop layout Shopping in Bearbuy – Workflow without.

a single point of entry where faculty, staff and students can go to shop and manage payment for most of their campus- related purchases. BearBuy is part of the Operational Excellence project portfolio and will allow our faculty and staff and students to direct more /5mb Splitting by amount at the Accounting Codes - Header level or line level? – It is recommended if there are multiple lines on the PO that you perform the split by amount at the line level instead of at the Accounting Codes header level. If you/

BUILDING STRONG ® MILITARY SUPPORT  MILCON PROJECT AWARDS FISCAL YEAR 13  Ft. Belvoir, VA  SCIF Ph I: 22 Jul $ 39,700,010  Replace Fire Station:

, Nuclear, Explosive special equipment enclosed storage. A standard design Vehicle Maintenance Shop will be constructed with organizational vehicle parking. Project also includes Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) installation, Energy Monitoring and Control Systems/and building information systems. Supporting facilities include electric services, water and gas distribution and wastewater collection lines, access roads, pavements and walkways, curbs and gutters, storm water management systems, site preparation/

Queuing Models.

per hour. s = 40/ 60 = 0.6667 hours. VASSILIS’S TV REPAIR SHOP - Results M / M / k / F Queuing System Many times queuing systems have designs that limit their line size. When the potential queue is large, an infinite queue model gives accurate results, /process. A population size of a (finite) m customers. Progress Homes Progress Homes runs four different development projects. Data At each site running a project is interrupted once every 20 working days on the average. The V.P. for construction handles each /

www.atemiscloud.com Business Management Portal Business Management on line | ERP 100% Internet.

24/7. One extranet is available to the investors to realize their Due Diligence on line. All the projects are managed through a colloborative process on line. Tasks, constraints, financial data are created, shared and analysed in real time. Invoicing/emailing draft with layout and sending it to the different segments. Hexagone was mostly sending to the shop assistants (about 1800 shop assistants). This module was specially created to manage the promotion campaigns for different targets, analyse their /

Www.atemiscloud.com Business Management Portal Business Management on line | ERP 100% Internet.

fitting candidate to the requested skills. Event management E-mailing Recruiting 22 Project Hexagone (1) XRM A centralized data base of customers, suppliers, contacts, shop assistants and final customers managed by 300 employees split all over Ukraine./Terresens) Business processes and forms (Generali, Hatier) For the quick integration time Smaller and international (KPMG, Geant Casino) On line work and processes (Renault) For the price Rental: Based on usage per month Value: 6 times cheaper than SAP, SIEBEL/

Empowering Business in Real Time. © Copyright 2009, OSIsoft, LLC. All rights Reserved. Integration of Shop Floor to Top Floor: A Roadmap for Business System.

OSIsoft, LLC. All rights Reserved. Additionally, more information for corporate Providing management “near-real-time” History of Bag Line Performance across all plants 13 Empowering Business in Real Time. © Copyright 2009, OSIsoft, LLC. All rights Reserved. Adding/ rights Reserved. GPI’s Future Direction, Vision and Plans 1.Apply key learnings and leverage model for project to replace legacy shop floor system throughout GPI’s folding carton facilities. 2.SAP will be ERP solution for core converting business/

Problem-Solving Strategy to Fund Social Projects Rick Reese YTB Director 719-217-4825.

Cell Phones & Cable  Car, Motorcycle Parts Supplies  Home Projects  Music/Media Downloads  Pharmacy  Personal Care  Pets Supplies  School Books & Supplies  Vacation & Travel  Movie & Event Tickets  Health, Auto, Life, Home Insurance  Specialty Stores Shop, Save, Share, & Earn! Getting Paid to Do What/, 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST o Follow-on Discussions (Immediately after webinar) Unmute lines for brief Q&A Call-in number (775) 996-3560 pin#510493 o E-Commerce Training Center Website:/

IRDSu Integrated regional development in the Municipality of Suharekë/Suva Reka in the sector of agriculture Strategic Work Shop Integrated Regional Development.

farmers and farming industry in the “ONE STOP SHOP” principle. The experts of the MDC will help their customers through consulting services, developing projects and getting funds from international projects. MISSION STATEMENT - EXAMPLE MDC IRDSu Integrated /Suva Reka in the sector of agriculture ORGANIZATION – TYPES OF ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Unity of command Multiple-line system Line-and-staff organization Matrix organization IRDSu Integrated regional development in the Municipality of Suharekë/Suva Reka in /

Final Presentation: Morning Glass Surf Shop and Coffeehouse Final Presentation: Morning Glass Surf Shop And Coffeehouse Ryan Thurm Course# IMD123 13 December.

. Once again, the footer is like that of the About Us page where it’s a simple blue line with a link to the Surf Shop at the right. Project Features: Events Page Project Assets: Events Page “About Us” Page Wire Frame #1: Morning Glass Surf Shop and Coffeehouse Works Cited 1. Unknown Artist, “Pleasure Point” http://www.pleasurepointsurf.com/page/13/ 2. Ekaterina AristovaEkaterina/

1 ME 442 Senior Project Week 1 Dr. Joseph Vignola Pangborn G43, Phone 202-319-6132, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9:35-12:25 AM,

project. There is only one exception We must keep everyone from getting hart Taken from http://patheoldminer.rootsweb.ancestry.com/faybuffington.html Safety 13 McCarthy Machine Shop Changes are coming to the McCarthy shop 14 McCarthy Machine Shop Changes are coming to the McCarthy shop/protocols A timeline with milestones, component delivery dates, estimated dates of the completions of sub-tasks and dead line dates imposed by SAE and the syllabus. A document that lists target, design and as-build weight and /

1 Types of Consumer Products Unsought Products Unsought Products Specialty Products Specialty Products Shopping Products Shopping Products Convenience.

Specialty Products Shopping Products Shopping Products Convenience Products Convenience Products Consumer Products Consumer Products Business Products Business Products PRODUCTS 2 Product Items, Lines, and Mixes Product Item Product Line Product Mix A/ Test Marketing Test marketing should take full advantage of information gathering -- well beyond sales projections Commercialization Scope Timing Location Operational Plan Awareness Interest Evaluation Trial Adoption New Product Adoption Process Loyalty/

Terza Scuola Estiva Mediterranea 3-5 October, 2012, Sassari, Sardegna, Italy Norbert Steinhaus The International Science Shop Contact Point The Living.

Shops, Universities and CSOs Science Shop - Wetenschapswinkel - Boutique de Science - Videnskabsbutiken - Wissenschaftsladen - Bazar de las Ciencias - InterMediu Activities Debates and dialogues on science and research –Science Festivals, Science Centers and Cafés –On-line/) public support to participatory research Universities and research institutions Support to Science Shops Participatory projects of individual scientists (toxicologists, ecologists, sociologists, urban development, …) Regional France/

TAH4 Philadelphia locations to consider Please note that the slides that follow represent a combination of projects. Some animation and graphic features.

pulley rope system for lifting heavy timber or objects. Bob: A plumb bob and line is a weight of metal or stone suspended from a cord used for testing vertical/ the City Tavern while writing the Declaration. ► The site became among other things a print shop and a Tom Thumb diner. ► The Independence Hall Association led the efforts to have the Declaration/ into a 85-foot-high atrium Inside the lobby is an 85 ft Atrium Philly Project By Ms. Doolittle & Mrs. Jones aka Greta & Bernadette By Nikki Boccaleoni and /

Drawings Review Questions. 1.The type of line used to represent the extent of the property boundary for site is called the: a.Regulating line. b.Property.

line. b.Property line. c.Match line. d.Solid line. 2.The type of drawings whose purpose is to provide the owner with a set of documents that will facilitate operation, maintenance, and future modifications of the project throughout its useful life are called: a.Final drawings. b.Construction drawings. c.Record drawings. d.Shop/, and future modifications of the project throughout its useful life are called: a.Final drawings. b.Construction drawings. c.Record drawings. d.Shop drawings. 3.Views drawn at a/

2015-12-15 1 导游英语 第二版 高等教育出版社出版. 2015-12-15 2 Unit Ten Shopping Travel in Sichuan 购物 — 四川导游.

3 Part A Know-how for Tour Guides 导游实务 1. Entertainments 娱乐活动 2. Shopping 购物 3. Buying Traditional Chinese Medicine 选购中药 Part B Listening Comprehension 导游听力训练 Wuhou Temple 武侯祠 教学内容 Part C Situational Dialogue 情景对 话 Dujiangyan Irrigation Project 都江 堰水利工程 Part D Methods of Introduction 景 点讲解方法 Method of Section-by-/Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei’s Mausoleum and so on, are all located on a (5)______________ line, facing south. It contains: 47 statues of historical figures, 80 founding mausoleum subject center (6/

Applied Buyer Behavior Project Overview and Guidelines.

: Project title Consumer and observer (class time) Product chosen A brief outline of how you plan to go about the shopping This should be one-page. It should be formatted as follows: One-inch margins on all sides Double line spacing/ write a short conclusion on what you learned from the project (suggested length ½ page to ¾ page). The CB Analysis Document Now you should have the following: WCA analysis of shopping story (shopping story with appropriate superscripts) Key interactions among elements of WCA/


project work has not been submitted earlier for the award of any degree or diploma to the best of my knowledge and belief. CONTENTS Introduction About Diesel Locomotive Works Locomotives Produced By DLW Products Of DLW Innovations In Global Locomotives Different Shop Main Gauge Room Maintenance Shop/DIESEL GENERATING SET) LOCOMOTIVES PRODUCED BY DLW BROAD GAUGE MAIN LINE FREIGHT LOCOMOTIVE: WDG 3A TECHNICAL INFORMATION Diesel Electric main line, heavy duty good service locomotive, with 16 cylinder ALCO /

Product Development Presentation Sept 11, 2015. Product Development – Key Functions 2 Business case Preparation for the New model introduction. Time line.

Project s 09 projects 09 projects 9364 Approved implement How Many Projects Identified? Feasibility Validation How Much DMC Savings? Re-Engineering 02 project s 02 projects 02 projects 114 Re-sourcing 11 project s 09 projects 09 projects/ Scratch mark on rhs rear door0.340Process Improvement Roof lining wrinkles near C pillar0.340Process Improvement Scratch mark on / CPA Target for Classic Assembly ASI21 Top issues: Body Shop Top issues: Assembly Shop FIAT INDIA AUTOMOBILES PVT. LTD. Punto Classic: CPA /

1 Welcome to our Design Consultancy, Project & Construction Site Management Profile F INISHED R ESULT L TD. Celer et Certus.

2 Cold Storage facility -25 o Centigrade - Project and Construction Management 2,000,0002005 Bitexco Office Building District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 45 million Dollar 30 storey 5 Star Office, Shopping Mall and Apartment Complex Construction Managed 35,000,/painting at steel workshop Curing concrete floorSaw cut for floor 133 Milling machine installation Cryo blending machine Installation New Cleaning line CP Ventilation duct installation OLAM SPICES EXPANSION – Long Binh Tech. Park 134 CAFÉ OUTSPANT Phase 2 – /

Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation November 18, 2008 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number:

your phone will be muted. Q&A After the presentation, well hold a Q&A session. Well open up the phone lines, and youll be able to ask questions. Sadhya will answer as many of your questions as time allows. Slide 5 /SAP Approvers based on multiple factors, including Cost Assignment, Initiator, Org Unit, etc. Shopping Cart: Cost Center or Responsible Cost Center of IO (Internal Order) charged (or WBSE for Projects). Additional routing may happen based on document type and amounts. Online Payments (Check /

Slide 1 FastFacts Feature Presentation October 23 rd, 2008 We are using audio during this session, so please dial in to our conference line… Phone number:

5: Workflow Rules ) Slide 11 2. Shopping Cart Approval Shopping Cart Approval Separate Shopping Cart Inbox (on your initial portal page) You can view Shopping Cart line items Slide 12 Shopping Cart Approval Cont. Shopping Cart Approval (continued) You can change date / up to responsible Cost Center. If WBSE, Project Manager of WBS. Travel Approver Can be specifically requested by departments: Optional Approver: if assigned, must also approve. YesNo Shopping CartECPO: Cost Center/s or Responsible Cost Center/

BuyWays Shopping(Phoenix) 2014 1. 2 1. State and Clemson-specific contract pricing 2. Search results guide you to right contract suppliers 3. Gained efficiencies.

; requisition will be returned if justification is not sufficient Shopping 15 Edit the Cart Option to modify the cart name to something more descriptive Option to enter a description (i.e., noting the grant/project or lab) Click the Proceed to Checkout to review / for the address you need You can save the address for future use, or as your default  “Fl/Rm/Ste” line Only the room number should go in this field Do not duplicate building name Supplier interfaces have limitations that we must accommodate and /


 PTSPs to be encouraged to accept frontal roles in PoS deployment in line with approved guidelines  Training on the usage of PoS Terminals immediately after /Methodology  Spot Check on enumerators during enumeration  By both FDC and NIBSS team  Project update presented during the course of the survey  Feedback from update incorporated 36 Scope of/ merchants’ location vary  50% were in Open markets  27% in Neighborhood shops  21% in Shopping malls  2% in Kiosk 79 Proximity to Banks and ATMs 80  In /

Chapter 9 Queuing Models.

classified by: Arrival process. Service process. Number of servers. System size (infinite/finite waiting line). Population size. Notation M (Markovian) = Poisson arrivals or exponential service time. D (/ standard deviation of the distribution are needed. TED’S TV REPAIR SHOP Ted’s repairs television sets and VCRs. Data It takes an /customers. PACESETTER HOMES Pacesetter Homes runs four different development projects. Data At each site running a project is interrupted once every 20 working days on the average/

Telecities - Hradec Králové27/03/2000 Barcelona on-line: one stop shop.

lové27/03/2000 Barcelona on-line: one stop shop Telecities - Hradec Králové27/03/2000 Barcelona on-line towards one stop shop Integrated attention services Evolution Information /projects EDC and Telecities DALI Project Amenities, city diary, etc. INFOCITIES Project City Map, citizen participation, etc. GALA Project XML, Traffic information, etc. EXE Project Internet for educators NETFORNETS Project One stop shop for procedures INFOPIME Project Information for SMEs Continue to participate in EU projects/

Introduction to the project

get a clear idea of who is working on what where. Go for a simple site structure in line with the template. Calendars and project planning/management tools may be useful to keep. My Department – Preparing for the move We are here/, policies/guidelines (as applicable). Intranet homepage – news, events, staff services and more. Faculties, schools and departments may have a shop-window on staffcentral. With this there is an obligation to provide and share information with the university, as a whole, and ensure /

November 19, 2014 Procurement Council Meeting: MarketPlace Catalog/eInvoicing Project Update Susan Filburn Director NYS Procurement.

· V ALUE · E FFICIENCY Various types of catalogs can be hosted on the Marketplace Site. Users can shop the site directly from SFS (Agencies) or from the site/internet (Agencies/Locals). High-Level MarketPlace Catalog Process/– David Bates End-User Training – Deidre Lines Extended Team Steering Committee PC Exec Sponsor – Michael Ereli NYS Proj Mgr – Susan Filburn PC Project Manager – Carol Capek SME’s as needed Project Team Structure MarketPlace Catalog Project Team 13 S ERVICE · A CCOUNTABILITY ·/

1. 2 UPDATE ON TANZANIA’S PILOT ACT SUBSIDY PROJECT Roll Back Malaria 13 th Board Meeting 29 November 2007 Addis Ababa.

and repackaging Build on lessons learned from ACT repackaging/subsidy experiences in other countries Tanzania Pilot ACT Subsidy Project 8 Three rural districts were selected as representative of socioeconomic and malaria conditions in Tanzania and sub-/ selection criteria: High burden of stable, endemic malaria Malaria-related DHS indicators in line with national averages Significant number of local drug shops (duka la dawa baridi) Socioeconomic indicators indicative of rural, poor population Low opportunity/


PREMIUM COMPUTATION CONTRACT WORKS – STRUCTURAL WORKS 1 There is a specific rate % for each project type e.g.. RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS, OFFICE BLOCKS, HOTELS, HOSPITALS, SHOPPING MALLS, BRIDGES, FACTORY PREMISES, WATER TOWERS CHIMNEYS AND THE LIKE; THE APPLICABLE RATE X/. Exposure to air, and possibly water, may initiate chemical and other weathering processes not previously present, which lining, grouting and other work must take into account. RISK ASSESSMENT SHAFT SINKING HAZARDS - 1 Although Shaft Sinking /

Secure and Practical lottery protocol Sep. 13, 2001 2001140 C&IS lab. Ham Woo Seok ICE 615 Network Security Term project Progressive.

2001 2001140 C&IS lab. Ham Woo Seok tarzan92@icu.ac.kr ICE 615 Network Security Term project Progressive Report by Charlie Ham Lottery -2- Contents 1.Overview 2.Threats 3.Requirement 4.Pervious /Digital signature  $M: Electronic money by Charlie Ham Lottery -7-  Lottery Protocol 4. Previous Work – KMHN00 User Promoter Shop SIDh1h2TLP User Shop Soccer Lottery Protocol Payment Protocol (Off-line) by Charlie Ham Lottery -8- 4. Previous Work – KMHN00  Details  Purchase protocol 1) User computes hash value h1/

Silver Linings… Ten consumer trends that will help you create new Housewares business in the next 12 months Robin Albing Albing International Marketing.

I can afford most – a week in the Dominican Republic on a work project or a contribution…it’s a tradeoff and probably they would prefer I just / “buy local” campaigns across the United States banding together to encourage consumers to shop nearby independents Independent retailers in cities with Independent retailers in cities with buy-local campaigns/ 9. Ethics Skeptics 10. Creative Innovation Silver Linings… Ten consumer trends that will help you create new Housewares business in the next 12 /

Policy Research Shop Poverty in Vermont What We Know and What We Don’t Know.

hide Policy Research Shop Poverty In Vermont Comparison of Vermont Demographics to National Demographics Vermont Low Income (at or below 200% of the poverty line) USA Low Income (at or below 200% of the poverty line) Racial Demo- / less likely to seek government benefits Policy Research Shop Programs to alleviate poverty 1. Conditional Cash Transfer Programs 2. Community Development Projects 3. Transportation Improvements Policy Research Shop Conditional Cash Transfer Programs Provide finical assistance in /

Bob Devine & Ed Foerster “Simulation & Modeling” Term Project December 7, 1999 Facilities Planning A Simulation Study of a Flow Shop Vs. a Job Shop Manufacturing.

7, 1999 Facilities Planning A Simulation Study of a Flow Shop Vs. a Job Shop Manufacturing Layout Bob Devine & Ed Foerster “Simulation & Modeling” Term Project December 7, 1999 Characterized by: Product-oriented layout composed mainly of a few lines. Specialized equipment dedicated to the manufacture of a particular product is used. Processing and Assembly facilities are analyzed in accordance with the products’ sequence of/

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