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OFFICE ADMINISTRATION Compiled by HEB Solutions 1.1 The Role and Function of the Office Functions of the office The office is the nucleus of any organisation,

www.hebsolutions.weebly.com September 2014 Compiled by HEB Solutions www.hebsolutions.weebly.com What goes on in the office? Receiving and opening mail and passing it on to the attention of the right persons. Collecting information about sales, markets, products/Solutions www.hebsolutions.weebly.com Integrity and sincerity : Communication should wherever possible also be sent down the accepted line of authority, because if people are by-passed they lose status and resent the action. September 2014 Compiled/

Microsoft Office 2007 Access 2007 Chapter 7 Advanced Report Techniques.

Edition39 Opening the Sub-report in Design View Microsoft Office 2007: Comprehensive Concepts and Techniques - Windows Vista Edition40 Modifying the Controls in the Sub- report With the Client Number control selected, press the DELETE key to delete the control Change the labels in the Report Header section to match those shown in Figure 7–38. To extend a heading over two lines, click/

CMPF124 Basic Skills For Knowledge Workers Module 3 Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Word 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Microsoft Word 2007.

is a large area called the text area. You type your document in the text area. The blinking vertical line in the upper-left corner of the text area is the cursor. It marks the insertion point. As you type, / Open a File with Windows Vista –Click the Microsoft Office button. A menu appears. –Click Open. The Open dialog box appears. –Locate the folder in which you saved the file. –Click Open. Open a File with Windows XP –Click the Microsoft Office button. A menu appears. –Click Open. The Open dialog/

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Courseware # 3252 Lesson 1: Getting Started with Email.

– right-click message and click Reply All To reply to all recipients from open message: – On Message tab, in Respond group, click Reply All; or – press CTRL+SHIFT+R © CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 37 Microsoft Office Outlook 2013 Reading and Viewing Messages Default layout is blank area with horizontal line separating original message – If using Plain Text or mail format other than HTML/

Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 1 Skills for Success with Microsoft ® Office 2007 PowerPoint Lecture to Accompany.

. Copyright © 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 27 Skills for Success with Microsoft ® Office 2007 Skill 6: Open a Student Data File and Save a Copy Using Save As Introduction folder window Three files display in Introduction folder/© 2009 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall. 29 Skills for Success with Microsoft ® Office 2007 Skill 7: Edit and Format Text New line inserted Paragraph alignment changed to Center Text deleted To delete text, click to the right of the/

Laboratory Exercise 10 – Managing Files and Folders Office Productivity Tools 2 Laboratory Exercise # 10 Managing Files and Folders Objectives: At the.

when composing and reading messages. Creating a Signature Signature allows you to include your names, office addresses, phone numbers, and even design your own tag line in every message they send. Modifying Delivery Options Delivery options can also be managed to know/ complied on this exercise using the entire format that you did. 6. Close the whole application. Managing the Mailbox 1. Open the MS Outlook application. 2. From the Favorites Folders pane, click on the Unread mail folder. 3. Access the Edit/

Introduction to Linux. Topics Covered  History of  Unix  Linux  Windows  Features of Unix  Introduction to Open Source Software  Comparison of.

/ C++/ Java/ Fortran/ Basic/ Pascal (dozens of other languages) for free or Commercial Office Tools: * Star Office (Commercial @ around Rs.1500/-) * Open Office/ kOffice (free) Databases: * MySQL/ PostgreSQL/ Sybase/ IBM DB 2/MySQL Industry Acceptance/string, by default ``$ .  PS2Secondary prompt string, by default ``> .  IFSInternal field separators, normally space, tab, and new-line.  SHELLShell name that is invoked  TERMStores the name of the terminal  User Defined variables  name=“Peter” (No gap on/

Officer / NCO School of Instruction Basic Drill Procedures Formation of companies in battalion Moving off in open column - wheeling Taking the open order.

first leads: he is always to keep that first officer and those points in a line, and those two officers, together with the placed mounted officers, thus become a direction for the other pivot officers to cover.--In marching in open column, the covering serjeants are placed behind the second file from the pivot officers, that the officers may the more correctly see and cover each other in/

Laboratory Exercise # 10 – Microsoft Word Additional Topics Office Productivity Tools 1 Laboratory Exercise # 10 Microsoft Word Additional Topics Objectives:

document. Simply choose the caption you want to delete and press the DELETE key. Procedures: Activity 1Inserting Captions 1. Open the document The Dog – [Your Name] (previous activity). 2. Insert additional five (5) dog clip-arts in/ should be inserted only to the additional clip-arts. Laboratory Exercise # 10 – Microsoft Word Additional Topics Office Productivity Tools 1 4. Use Wrapping Style “In Line With Text” under Layout. Use Center for image alignment. 5. Sample inserted clip-arts are shown below/

1 Course Medical Statistics with Informatics. Office on the Internet Google Apps.

and point your mouse to the Download as option. Select one of the following file types: HTML (zipped), RTF, Word, Open Office, PDF, and plain text. Your document will download to your computer. Google Docs: Upload document You can upload existing documents to/select an option, the selected cell borders will be highlighted. Then, you can format the cell borders using the Line weight, Line dash or Line decorations options under the Format menu. Resize table, rows and columns – To resize a table, point your /


to fire. The rebels greatly outnumbered us, so that we were almost surrounded. They opened fire upon us in front and on both flanks, and soon threw us into confusion. The officers did all they could to rally the men, but it was impossible. I told / have no doubt that had they been seasonably re-enforced when they checked our advancing troops they could certainly have broken our lines had you not concentrated all the artillery you could obtain at that point, which was weakest. Even then I feared serious /

What is Microsoft Office? Microsoft Office is an integrated software package. An integrated software package is a collection of software applications.

as addresses and inventory items. What is Microsoft Office? Microsoft Office is an integrated software package. Microsoft Office is a collection of various software applications: Publisher/10 points of space after each paragraph. Intro to Microsoft Word Line Spacing versus Paragraph Spacing After applying a double-space to the/ Wrap Copy the folder titled Word Graphics_Column Activity into your student folder. Open the Word document titled Costa Concordia salvage nears final phase_STUDENT. Graphics, Columns/

Microsoft Office 2007- Illustrated Creating Documents with Word 2007.

to Any amount of textDrag over the text A wordDouble-click the word A line of textClick with the selection pointer to the left of the line A sentencePress and hold [Ctrl], then click the sentence A paragraphTriple-click the paragraph/ the document from Print Preview Click the Office button, point to Print, then click Print Preview to open Print PreviewClick the Office button, point to Print, then click Print Preview to open Print Preview Microsoft Office 2007-Illustrated 28 Formatting Text Using the /

Computer Communications DCS Lab. ghcho 2001 Fall1 Course Syllabus (I)  Lecturer : Gihwan Cho office : room 607 (voice 3437) office.

Switching techniques  Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)  xDSL: x Digital Subscriber Line Technologies  Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Networks Computer Communications DCS Lab. ghcho 2001 / Circuit Switched Network Other Network Databases Other Services ISDN Central Office Customer ISDN Equipement Desktop System Telephone PBX Router IBM Compatible/the congestion Computer Communications DCS Lab. ghcho 2001 Fall171 Open Loop Systems LayerPolicies Transport Network Data Link Retransmission Policy /

Delivering Intelligent Communications to Small Businesses

reduce call costs. Door entry control: The user can remotely activate one of two relays connected to IP Office (e.g. open door or switch on coffee machine). Increased Speed-dial / BLF capacity Personal Numbering, Out Calling, and Message/ Designed to minimize skill-sets required (reduces administration costs) Centralized Management: One console can manage multiple sites Off-line & remote programming (LAN, WAN or via analog modem) Proactive SNMP polling for remote administration Forced back-up for/

Via Oberdan, 24 - 40121 Bologna - Tel. +39051.2194771-2194667 Fax +39051.2194719 Youth Office Bologna City Council Youth.

Youth policies 2010 Youth office Bologna City Council On line activitiesLocal activities Flash Giovani Flash Musica Flash Video Giramondo Carta giovani - Youth Card International Exchange Programmes and European Voluntary Service Support to associations Workshops about writing, information and video production for the Web Young people in Bologna Flash Fumetto Conventions with agencies and consortium Front office and portal editorial staff open to young people/

1 Ecma TC45 – Office Open XML Formats Jean Paoli & Isabelle Valet-Harper – Microsoft, TC45 co-Chairs Adam Farquhar – British Library, TC45 Vice Chair Brian.

of an international standard, with particular attention given to enabling the implementation of the Office Open XML Formats by a wide set of tools and platforms in order to foster interoperability across office productivity applications and with line-of-business systems Produce a comprehensive set of W3C XML Schemas for the Office Open XML Formats, with particular attention given to self documentation of the schemas and/

XP New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Word 2003 Tutorial 7 1 Microsoft Office Word 2003 Tutorial 7 – Collaborating With Others and Creating Web Pages.

was closed when the chart was updated in the source program, the link will be updated the next time the Word document is opened. When the chart is updated from the Word document, the changes are also made in the source file, but the link is / and size, creating a unique look for your Web page. XP New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Word 2003 Tutorial 7 30 The Horizontal Line dialog box XP New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Word 2003 Tutorial 7 31 View a Web document in a Web browser When creating a /

INTRODUCTION TO THE OPEN MEETING LAW Washoe County District Attorneys Office Presented by Paul Lipparelli Assistant District Attorney.

law in the annotations to NRS Chapter 241 –Available in your local law library Opinions relating to the Open Meeting Law published by the Attorney Generals Office Opinions relating to the Open Meeting Law published by the Attorney Generals Office –Available in your local law library or on line at http://ag.state.nv.us But Wait! Theres More… Letters issued by the Attorney Generals/

Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office

by Mail On site: Place documents in a sealed, opaque envelope or wrapping, stamp or write the words “To Be Opened by Addressee Only” Note: Personnel should contact their employer to ascertain if the company has levied any further restrictions (on local/printed or electronic material may be slightly different at your site. 38 Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office E-Mailing OUO Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office If e-mail is OUO First line in the body of the e-mail must say “Official Use Only” before text /

USMC Regional Contracting Office NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION (rco-ncr)

most valuable resource is our people which requires an investment of time, training, encouragement, and empowerment; (2) openness to customer feedback is vital to continuous improvement and communication; (3) sound business practices that enable meeting customer/businesses obtain contracts and subcontracts. Federal regulations require that contracting officers publicize proposed contract actions expected to exceed $25,000 through the on-line government point of entry, or FedBizOpps http://www.fedbizopps.gov//

BIOSAFETY TRAINING Pierre Laflamme May 16, 2012 Uottawa2k9

’s ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROLS Inspections Routine self-inspections Biosafety Inspection Checklist available on-line In addition, ORM and Health, Safety and Risk Officers will inspect labs to ensure compliance with regulations/ guidelines and provide feedback/ AND PROCEDURES PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES General Safety Guidelines Good Microbiological Practice Handwashing Receipt of Packages Opening Packages Specific Procedures Centrifuges Needles & Syringes and other sharps Pipettes Blenders, Grinders, Sonicators /

Microsoft ® Office Outlook ® 2007 Training Get up to speed [Your company name] presents:

. Send and receive pictures and attachments. Ensure that recipients will be able to open attached files that use the new 2007 Microsoft Office release file formats. Lesson 1 Whats changed and why Get up to speed Whats/open, edit, and save 2007 files by installing the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats, offered free by Microsoft. Get up to speed Suggestions for practice 1.Attach a file to a message and send it to yourself. 2.Insert a picture in line/

Basis of Estimates for Designers, Estimators, and Reviewers

evaluation All of these situations should be monitored by the Responsible Office, so that results can be carefully recorded and evaluated. Chapter 6: Requesting Pay Items Opening pay items Creating new pay items Pay Item request instructions Inactive/for use on concrete surfaces. High performance tapes are required for longitudinal markings; standard tapes are limited to transverse lines, arrows, and messages. Selecting Pay Items 700s 700 Highway Signing 701 Audible and Vibratory Markings 705 Object Markers/

Lesson 4: Formatting Documents to Print

orientation: Click Page Layout tab, in Page Setup group, click Orientation; or double-click darker area of ruler to open Page Setup dialog box, click Margins tab to specify orientation Pg 93 © CCI Learning Solutions Inc. Setting Up the Document/boundaries for left and right margins appear on top ruler Access left margin marker by pointing precisely between left and first line indent markers Access right margin marker by pointing above right indent marker Top Margin Marker Left Margin Marker Right Margin /

Raytown School District Open Enrollment

Individuals on Cobra are not to complete the electronic version for Open Enrollment. If you have not received your packet by April 23, please contact Benefits Office/Payroll Office, (816) 268-7066 ALL EMPLOYEES MUST COMPLETE ONLINE ENROLLMENT / on glasses VSP Preferred Provider Coverage Exam covered after $10 copay Lenses covered after $25 copay Single Vision, Lined Bifocal, Lined Trifocal, Lenticular lenses. Polycarbonate lenses for dependent children Frame: $130 allowance toward any frame, 20% discount on/

Created 5-20-2010 Revised 6/9/2010 Office of Information, Technology and Accountability 1 Survey Monkey.

, you can create a text box based on the number of lines and the number of characters wide (e.g. 5 lines/20 characters wide or 10 lines/70 characters wide).  With the Single Line Input Box you can set the input box according to character widths/click the Collect icon on the My Surveys page next to the specific survey. The list of current collectors will open for that specific survey.. Office of Information, Technology and Accountability 34 Created 5-20-2010 Revised 6/9/2010 To access the Change Settings /

Key Applications Unit 4: Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007

Can switch between multiple open presentations To create new blank presentation: Click Office Button, New, Blank Presentation Press + Pg 432 As with other programs, you can create multiple presentations at the same time, even though you may only need to work on one at a time. For example, you may need to create a presentation focusing on one product line for one trade/

2009-2010 YEAR END CLOSING FOR DISTRICTS Marin County Office of Education June 24, 2010.

addition to having a support function, have an "Undistributed" goal (0000 and 9000). When opened, Form PCRAF automatically extracts into Line A any Undistributed general ledger expenditures that must be allocated to program goals. Allocation factors are only needed for / support cost and the only portion left in goals 0000 and 9000 is that applicable to the central administrative offices. When this occurs, so that the remaining costs are allocated proportionately among all of the LEAs goals, enter/

Lone Star Shooting Association Safety Officer Certification Course.

Event Officials to be unsafe.  Grounding of a firearm during a Course of Fire  Gun is loaded SAFETY ON or unloaded bolt open.  Failure will result in a DQ. Safety Rules  Unless otherwise stipulated in the course of fire, required firearms will begin the stage/ be prohibited. At the time a shooter moves to the line to begin a run, he/she is assumed to understand and be prepared for the course of fire. Safety Officer Commands  The Safety Officer uses the following commands to start the run:  Range going/

Officer Manning: Armies of the past Successful traits: –Armies with lower ratio (1:33) of officer to enlisted had faster decision cycle –Policies built.

College, Strategic Studies Institute, October 2001. References Shamir, Boaz, and Eyal Ben-Ari. “Leadership in an Open Army? Civilian Connections, Interorganizational Frameworks, and Changes in Military Leadership.” In Out of the Box Leadership: Transforming /of the Army, 1 October 1989. ________. MILPER MSG 02-220, “Refinements to Officer Evaluation Reporting System (OERS”) (issued 08/07/2002). Database on-line. Available from. Internet. Accessed 29 January 2004. ________. Mission Command: Command and /

Word Lesson 1 Microsoft Word Basics

on Start menu. Click the Microsoft Office folder. Click Microsoft Office Word 2010. 7 7 Starting Word (continued) Opening screen in Word 8 8 Identifying Parts/ of the Word Program Window Understanding the Word program window 9 9 Understanding Document Views 10 10 Inserting Text and Understanding Word Wrap To enter text in a document, begin typing. When you reach the right margin, the text continues on the next line/

Abraham Lincoln #1 In office th US Republican President

. She was the first woman to work as a clerk in the U.S Patent Office. She cared for the sick and the wounded on the front lines of battle along with being good at anticipating troop movements so that she could get to/.gif%3Bhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.unicef.org%252Finfobycountry%252Fcolombia_2660.html%3B192%3B213 Panama August 15th, 1914 was when the Panama canal opened for business. The United States negotiated a treaty that guaranteed Panama’s independence. More than 1,000 merchant ships used the/

U.S. Department of Labor U.S. Department of Labor Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) Form LM-2 Software Training.

the file instead of starting Adobe® Reader® version 6.0 (or higher) first, then the form will open in the earlier version and will not function properly. Form LM-2 Software Navigation Tips Use the Page Thumbnails / LM-2 Software Schedule 11 – All Officers & Disbursements to Officers Complete Columns (A) – (G) and Line I. The percentages you entered in Line I for each officer must total 100%. To add more officers, click the “Add More Disbursements To Officers” button. Click the “Perform Calculations” button/

Microsoft Office 2010 for Medical Professionals

Change the width, or scale, of characters Change the spacing between characters Raise or lower characters relative to the line of text Microsoft Office Word 2010 for Medical Professionals 13 Copying Formats Using the Format Painter (continued) Title formatted in 42-point, green/the document’s look and feel Format the document with a Quick Style set The default theme is the Office theme With the document open, move the pointer over a theme to preview how the theme will change the document Change a theme using/

{ Mifos: Ending Poverty One Line of Code at a Time Paris; September 23 rd, 2011 Humanitarian FOSS track at the Open World Forum Paris; September 23 rd,

One Line of Code at a Time … group meeting (GK) … branch of GK Loan Officer counting cash after returning from group meeting Data Entry officer (Mifos) Mifos: Ending Poverty One Line of Code at a Time Banashankari Branch Office Grameen/Business Intelligence Suite 21 22 Mifos – open source platform 23 Flexible & Open APIs Configuration Centralized database Reporting engine Financial Modules Mifos Core Regulatory Compliance Mobile Interfaces Data Analytics Open Mifos Architecture MFIs Front-End Technologies /

Office 2003 Introductory Concepts and Techniques M i c r o s o f t Word Project 3 Creating a Resume Using a Wizard and a Cover Letter with a Table.

a Resume Using a Wizard and a Cover Letter with a Table 18 Entering a Line Break Type Computer Software and Programming and then press SHIFT + ENTER Type Professional Communications /Using a Wizard and a Cover Letter with a Table 35 Switching from One Open Document to Another Click the Okamoto Resume – Microsoft Word program button on /Microsoft Word button on the Windows taskbar to display the letterhead Double-click the Office Clipboard icon in the notification area on the Windows taskbar Word Project 3:/

Electrical Safety - Construction

boxes, pull boxes and fittings must have approved covers Unused openings in cabinets, boxes and fittings must be closed (no missing knockouts) Photo shows violations of these two requirements OSHA Office of Training & Education Hazard - Overhead Power Lines Usually not insulated Examples of equipment that can contact power lines: Crane Ladder Scaffold Backhoe Scissors lift Raised dump truck bed Aluminum paint roller Overhead and/

1 Computerized Word Processing and Office Suites Asst. Prof. Emin Korkut.

equations and work on them. * StarOffice is 100% compatible with other office applications. You can save the documents you prepared with StarOffice in any format and open the documents you prepared with other applications in StarOffice. 5 You can download/ grids function, and for various layout and measurement options. * Picture placeholders: * Object outlines: * Text placeholders: * Line contours: 52 Setting the Slide Show Options The options that apply to running a slide show are not part of the /

990’s DO Matter! All materials here have been developed (and are presented) by: Eve Borenstein Borenstein & McVeigh (BAM!) Law Office LLC Eve Rose Borenstein,

org examples: Community Building: Undertook the sponsorship of weekly socials (36 during year) at organization’s facility, open to the public; printed and distributed 200 newsletters quarterly to most households in town; via newsletters successfully solicited / they have been on prior years’ Forms. These occur at: Line 5 – receivables from current and former officers, directors, trustees, key employees or other related parties Line 6 – receivables from other disqualified persons as defined under section 4958/

Accounting & Financing in po

ensure that— Cash from BO acknowledged by treasurer Cash remitted to BO taken into account Date stamp impression Opening balance is correct The account tallies with documents such as MO issue, MO paid, SB deposit etc./ points Time required to replenish or clear cash Safety arrangements for cash Line limits for remittance Whether the office is Collecting office Paying office Both equal 1.6 Fixing of authorized balance (collecting office) Minimum cash 50% of daily average payment (Bank transaction) Daily /

The post-Ferguson analysis, the current issues affecting peace officers, and the nexus to agency leadership John B. Edwards Georgia Law Enforcement Command.

“Community Walmart” “The advent of social media has changed the entire communications environment. Social media has opened portals into everyone’s personal interests, beliefs, private views, and even locations, thus creating a “fishbowl/ particularly the first line supervisors, have all the training and skill necessary to adequately supervisor those officers under their command. Following officer training, supervisors absolutely must exercise close and effective supervision of officers to ensure that they/

Georgia Institute of Technology Office of Organizational Development

Administrators Faculty All Other Staff AWARENESS DESIRE KNOWLEDGE ABILITY REINFORCEMENT Using ADKAR at Georgia Tech Transition to On-line Open Enrollment System Midpoint Assessment AWARENESS DESIRE KNOWLEDGE ABILITY REINFORCEMENT Using ADKAR at Georgia Tech Transition to On-line Open Enrollment System Midpoint Assessment Facilities, Housing, Police, Post Office Campus Administrators Faculty All Other Staff AWARENESS DESIRE KNOWLEDGE ABILITY REINFORCEMENT Using ADKAR at Georgia Tech Transition/

Word Lesson 14 Working with Long Documents Microsoft Office 2010 Advanced Cable / Morrison 1.

nonbreaking hyphen nonbreaking space optional hyphen orphan pagination 444 Word Lesson 14 Cable / MorrisonMicrosoft Office 2010 Advanced Vocabulary (continued) reference marker section section break separator line widow works cited page 5 Word Lesson 14 Cable / MorrisonMicrosoft Office 2010 Advanced Working with Multiple Documents Microsoft Word allows you to open multiple documents and work with all of them at the same time. Number of windows/

Excel Lesson 6 Enhancing a Worksheet

by using a picture file, by using the Clip Art task pane, or from Office.com. A picture is inserted in the workbook as an object. As with shapes,/ data typically used in a worksheet, such as statistics or corporate financial data. To open the Research task pane, click the Review tab on the Ribbon, and then, in/tracks gains and losses, within one cell. 42 42 Inserting Sparklines (continued) Examples of line, column, and win/loss sparklines Inserting Sparklines (continued) To create a sparkline, first select/

Revolutionizing Office Space Redesigning Offices for Better and Workable Space.

workers who want to sit and have meetings where they can feel more removed from the hustle and bustle of the open office around them. The sofas are high enough that there is no visual distraction because of the high sight line. Large sofa to provide for when there is a need for group or team meeting Individual workstation where there are more/

Microsoft Word 2007 Tools that Simplify

in a Document Selection using the Arrow Keys Selection using Home and End keys To Select This Mouse Action Shift + or Shift + Select one line at a time Shift + or Shift + Select one character at a time Shift + Ctrl + or Shift + Ctrl + Select one word / from Quick Access Toolbar Note: If pressing insert does not toggle between insert and overtype mode, open advanced options window using word option under office button and select use insert key to control the overtype mode. Or select overtype mode as default/

Pre-departure Workshop February 27, 2014 International Initiatives Office (F308B) - www.nipissingu.ca/international - (705) 474-3450 x4105 Pre-departure.

Toronto) - Understanding Free the Children “Adopt a Village” concept and Me to We policies - Me to We Trips on-line application form and instructions to complete - Me to We Trips video and destination specific videos - On-the-ground: meals, /Abroad Back Home Pre-departure Session: BEd. P.T. International Placements International Initiatives Office (F308B) - www.nipissingu.ca/international - (705) 474-3450 x4105 Open Mindedness: Ability to keep opinions flexible and be receptive to new stimuli. Sense/

Microsoft Office Word 2013 Core Microsoft Office Word 2013 Core Courseware # 3250 Lesson 8: Using Productivity Tools.

new macro. DescriptionDisplays description for currently selected macro. RunRuns selected macro. © CCI Learning Solutions Inc. 26 Microsoft Office Word 2013 Core Understanding Macros Step Into Opens Visual Basic Editor and steps through each line of code to view effect of each step in macro. Edit Opens selected macro in Code window of Visual Basic Editor. CreateOpens module in Code window to create new macro/

An Introduction To Open Water Swimming (OWS) As Of 2011-09-20.

note that ocean swims should not start or finish on a beach 5 Course Structure starting line turn markers finish line 6 Course Structure (cont’d) A good open water swim course... has a large map minimizes swimmer confusion eliminates direction until field spreads has/ officials if considered necessary. OWS 3.8 Receive all reports prior to start from the Clerk of Course, Course officer and Safety Officer etc. The Referees shall: OWS 3.9 Have the authority to intervene in the competition at any stage to ensure/

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