Ppt online application form 2016/2017

Overview & Outlook for the Commercial P/C Insurance Industry: Focus on Southeast States Insurance Information Institute April 27, 2016 Download at www.iii.org/presentationswww.iii.org/presentations.

2% 10 Years 9 Years History suggests next ROE peak will be in 2016-2017 ROE 1975: 2.4% 2013 9.8% 2014 8.4% 2015/Insurance developed home insurance policy forms that are similar but not identical to the standard forms. In addition, due to/.artemis.bm/deal_directory/cat_bonds_ils_issued_outstanding.html US Property CAT Rate on Line Index & Global Reinsurance ROE 12/01/09 - 9pmeSlide/insurers have received permission to test Wide variety of applications: claims, pre-event property inspections… Insurers partnering/

ERASMUS+ Traineeship Information for students going abroad in the academic year 2015/2016 or in the winter semester 2016/2017 28/4/2016, Brno.

2016/2017 selection procedure) 2 Erasmus+ Traineeship The application for an Erasmus+ Traineeship is binding! Cancellation is possible only for serious reasons, such as serious health condition etc. Fill out and deliver the "Notification of Traineeship Cancellation" form to international officer of your faculty to download the form, see the section „Forms/ number in UIS: Student´s portal -> Bank connection Undergo initial on-line testing of your knowledge of the workplace main language (you will receive /

Research & Innovation HORIZON 2020 Euratom Research and Training Programme Work Programme 2016-2017 Mykola DŽUBINSKÝ DG RTD/Directorate Energy/Unit G.4.

shall be implemented through: Activities in the form of indirect and direct actions Cross-cutting /Fusion, CEG – Severe Accident Management - research projects Lines of collaboration Information is not legally binding EU-Ukraine collaboration/2016 Evaluation: November - December 2016 Information to the applicants: February - March 2017 Signature of Grant Agreements: May 2017 NFRP-2016-2017 callCalendar Information is not legally binding Research & Innovation Research & Innovation Work Programme 2016-2017/

2016-2017 Course Registration. 2016-2017 Scheduling Process You will learn: How to fill out your course request formsHow to fill out your course request.

help you! Pick the classes that sound the most interesting to you. The TIME line January 19 th – begin scheduling process during Rails Time January 19 th – begin scheduling/ during your English class to complete your final draft of your course request form, then a week later, students meet with schedulers to officially enter your course/3D Design IV { Business Courses @ Lincoln High School (2016-2017)  Computer Applications 1  Business Law  Accounting 3 and 4  Marketing Principles  Marketing Retailing  Marketing Co/

E-rate Training Workshop What’s New for FY & Form 471 Demonstration

Your District’s Discount is (in a given year): Voice Discount Will Be: FY 2015 FY 2016 FY 2017 FY 2018 FY 2019 20% No Funding 25% 5% 40% 50% 30% 10% 60%/ 5 10 Quality of References   100 70 75 PEPPM: Resellers Each PEPPM product line has been awarded to a single vendor Where the awarded vendor is the manufacturer, /from your application Reminders: Form 471 Window is OPEN NOW Form 471 Filing Window closes at 11:59pm on Thursday March 26, 2015 Last possible day to post Form 470 for 2015/2016 is February/

Applying for Financial Aid 2016-2017 Academic Year Patricia Buono Senior Assistant Director of Financial Aid Services Telephone: 860-439-2058

these? FROM THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN, FORM 1040 Education Credits (1040, line 50) Health Savings Account deduction (1040, line 25) Tax Exempt Interest (1040, line 8b) Untaxed portions of Pension/Annuity withdrawals (1040, line 16a – 16b) Untaxed portions of Retirement account/campus and not charged for that housing. Federal Aid Eligibility Determined Using the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  2016-2017 FAFSA available 01/01/2016 on www.fafsa.ed.gov www.fafsa.ed.gov  Must be a U.S. /

Horizon 2020 funding for Innovation Procurement (PCP and PPI) Updated version for 2016-17 calls Lieve Bos European Commission DG CONNECT (Communication.

several suppliers in parallel (comparing alternative solution approaches), in form of competition evaluating progress after critical milestones (design, prototyping/, incl extent to which resources assigned to WPs are in line with objectives & deliverables - Appropriateness of the management structures and/2016) ICT-34 ICT-27(d): Robotics based solutions for smart city applications (€ 7M; 25 Apr 2017) ICT-27(d) Space Work Program EO-2: Downstream earth observation services for public sector (€ 3M; 3 Mar 2016/

2016 Financial Aid Night Gary Schindler Dean of Students Riverland.

income from work if: –Marital status is other than married –If ‘married’, total income from work from tax form will appear on screen and will need to separated by student or parent for entry into FOTW fields 13 FAFSA on/ high school graduate –Apply directly to colleges in Manitoba –All other students must submit application to Office of Higher Education in MN –Apply on-line for 2016-2017 after March 1, 2016 at: –www.getreadyforcollege.org Reduced rates for MN residents attending select schools in Illinois,/

E-rate Category 2 Training Workshop for PA Applicants Presented by Julie Tritt Schell PA E-rate Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

budget and spend down over multiple years – Funding Year 2016 = 4/1/2016 – 9/30/2017 Can use school’s entire budget in a single year or/Minimum 2 week bidding period suggested (new) – Then conduct bid evaluation among all product lines that offer the ‘category’ of service, including equivalents – Can consider other factors besides /is EXACTLY what was listed on the Form 471 Submit the Form 486! Be sure to label all equipment – FY 2016, FRN XXX Invoicing (applicant choice of discounted bills) – After /

Welcome to The South Carolina Department of Administration Office of Economic Opportunity 2016 Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Pre-Awards 1.

category. – Accomplishments Report Due dates April 5, 2017 (April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017) July 15, 2017 (July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017) Accomplishment Report Forms Application Forms-Section 4 – Only previously funded subrecipients should complete this form to included in their application. Accomplishment Analysis Form Accomplishments Analysis Form (Only previously funded subrecipients should complete this form to included in their application.) Agency Name and Physical Address: Reporting period analyzed/

Wappingers Central School District May 17, 2016 Ballot Presentation Wappingers Central School District May 17, 2016 Ballot Presentation Living by our Mission.

forms enriches the human experience. 2016-2017 District Office/OVAHS Building Purchase Proposition 3 2016-2017 Vehicle Replacement Proposition 4 2016-2017 General Fund Budget Proposition 1 2016-2017 Capital Project Proposition 2 2016-2017 Reserve Fund Proposition 5 Putting together the pieces for educational excellence and fiscal diligence! 2016-2017 Contingency Budget Summary The 2016-2017 Contingency Budget is $3,270,311 OR 1.48% less than the 2016-2017 Proposed Budget. 2016-2017 Proposed Budget 2016-2017/

E-RATE 2016: BID MATRIX AND FORM 471 WALKTHROUGH Funding Year 2016 July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017 2016-17 school year.

Form 471: Funding requests The form automatically enters 7/1/2016 as “service start date.” You will need enter the contract expiration date which is the end of the fiscal year. 06/30/2017 There is NO rule for this… select no. Form 471: Funding requests Provide narrative that will give enough details so that anyone looking at this application/library if you have just one location. Hit save and continue You will see a summary of line item then hit continue. You will come back to the FRN page. Now you can add /

New Developments in Energy and Exergy for Better Technologies Summer Course on Exergy and Its Applications Marmara University May 25-27, 2016 Yunus Çengel.

operation of the district heating applications Project Type: Innovation Action Budget: 3 - 4 Milion Euro Deadlina: 19/01/2017 European Union: Horizon 2020 / used a new material on the positive electrode in the battery, formed by adding cobalt to the lithium oxide crystal structure. This aids /line with Directive 2014/94): smart EV charging (grid to vehicle and vehicle to grid) Project Type: Innovation Actions Butce: 12 – 18 Million Euro (Toplam 60.5 Million) Deadline: 5/04/2016 – 14.02.2017 LCE-01-2016-2017/

Bushey Meads Sixth Form Higher Education Evening.

and MAT Exam centre – support from September Open days – authorise 5 visits Higher Education Evening Matt O’Kelly Head of Sixth Form UCAS Apply 2017 On-line application completed in tutorial groups and at home. School email address Research Open days UCAS Applications September 2016 Cost: £24.00 for two – five choices and £13.00 for single choice Total of 5 choices. No order of preference/

FY 2016-17 Budget Review. Introduction  Public Works Department Budget –Six Divisions and Six Funds  Engineering - General Fund - 001  Streets - Gas.

This program will allow the department to upload line condition video recordings, flow composites and as/ Mission Statement and Department Focus Fiscal Year 2016- 2017  The Community Development Department is dedicated /2016 in accordance with state of California legislation. The Planning Department is responsible for coordinating with the Building and Engineering Departments by monitoring the Landscape Water-Efficiency Residential and Commercial Compliance Forms required from all Building Permit applicants/

Plan for European Cooperating States (PECS) in Slovakia | Briefing AO 1-8673 | 17 th June 2016 | Bratislava | Slide 1 This is not a legal document. It.

. For other organisations, the profit is presented on line 9 of the “Company Price Breakdown Form PSS A2 (Issue 5)” and shall not exceed 8% of the Total Company Cost shown on line 8, which excludes the base value of 3.5b/2017 Examples of good and bad deliverable lists Plan for European Cooperating States (PECS) in Slovakia | Briefing AO 1-8673 | 17 th June 2016 | Bratislava | Slide 102 This is not a legal document. It is made available for information only. 9.INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (if applicable/


buildings thereby reducing the energy demand on existing properties in line with DPW’s Green Building Policy. 15 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS –/of the farming sector and rural development. 18.Development and application of the fair value model to determine deemed cost or /form of the Schools programme, Bursary scheme, Internships, Work Integrated Learning, Learnerships, Young Professionals, Management Trainee, Artisan Development and Mentorship Programmes. 23 BUDGET ALLOCATION PER PROGRAMME 24 Programmes 2016/17 2017/

Applying for Financial Aid 2016-2017 Academic Year Sean Martin Director of Financial Aid Services Telephone: 860-439-2058

these? FROM THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN, FORM 1040 Education Credits (1040, line 50) Health Savings Account deduction (1040, line 25) Tax Exempt Interest (1040, line 8b) Untaxed portions of Pension/Annuity withdrawals (1040, line 16a – 16b) Untaxed portions of Retirement account/campus and not charged for that housing. Federal Aid Eligibility Determined Using the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)  2016-2017 FAFSA available 01/01/2016 on www.fafsa.ed.gov www.fafsa.ed.gov  Must be a U.S. /

ROOM SELECTION 2016 - 2017 Office of Residential Life.

of Room Selection. IMPORTANT DATES April: Register for Fall 2016 classes Wednesday April 6, 2016: Roommate Mixer Wednesday April 12, 2016: Suite Open House Thursday April 7, 2016: Medical Single Request Form due Friday April 22, 2016: $250 room deposit due Friday April 29, 2016: You must attend Room Selection in McGovern Hall Lounge, bring your completed 2016-2017 Housing Application or have a friend proxy for you. ALL HOUSING/

1 47TH ANNUAL PAFPC CONFERENCE May 1-4, 2016 Seven Springs Resort, Champion, PA 2016 PAFPC REGIONAL MEETING.

form to your regional coordinator – Establish SW planning team. Document a year of planning to address all schoolwide components (Planning year 2016-17). – Send final plan (undesignated and reward schools only) to DFP for approval by May 2017. 86 Required Schoolwide Plans for 2016-2017/ be awarded Eligible schools are in the application process Application due May 27th 98 Comprehensive Literacy Plan /PA Youth Development Centers (funds are directly allocated by line item in the Governor’s budget) 107 New /

1 Integrated Capacity Analysis Working Group July 25, 2016 OAKSTOP, Oakland, CA drpwg.org.

line)long term October, 2017 ongoing 3.2.e Methodology advancement and improvement: Method for reflecting the effect of potential load modifying resources on integration capacitylong term November, 2017/comparability of the results, and their applicability to future efforts. 18 Stakeholder Comments / learning objectives which are often in the form of questions to be answered through the/ light Industrial Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural 2016 Project Load217 MVA314 MVA SubstationsJohanna, Fairview, /

Crime Victims’ Services 2017 Grant Writing Workshop.

Traffic Stop Reporting (for LE agencies)   IRS Form 990 (for non-profits) Required Attachments for Grant /2017 SASP applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed. GEMS  Select Program Priority 2017 Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP) and title the application (County Name) SASP 2017. SASP applications entered in the incorrect priority will not be accepted. Application Complete  An on-line application, with supporting documentation, has been submitted through GEMS only  Applicants/

What Everyone Ought to Know about Preparing for and Completing Your Consolidated Application in the eGrants System PAFPC 2016 Seven Springs, Champion,

3-year-cycle 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 Requested in Application 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020 CURRENT 3-YEAR /any of the items below: **Be sure to enter those funds in the following Line Items w/in Title I budget: Parent Involvement3300 – Community Services Audit2350 – Legal /Sign & Submit.” 2)LEA will download a ‘Nonpublic School Involvement Verification Form’ to be signed by both parties: - Title I person at LEA - NP /

ACCREDITING COUNCIL FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION AND TRAINING 1 ACCET Accreditation Workshop July 11-12, 2016 Planning Personnel Management Communication Governance.

2016  Expand web activity E - EVALUATE 73 Status reports – oral or written Administrative staff meetings Regular budget reviews Year-end reports Documentation of all of the above R - REVISE 74 Determine if change is required Plan alternatives Adjust plan in response to current conditions Re-write/communicate new plans A Business Plan … 75 Objective: Open a new branch in 2017/contract, or application, as applicable, is / Open lines of/See Employment Verification Forms (best practice forms) 200 Organizing/

11 WELCOME 2016 PARCC District Test Coordinator & District Technology Coordinator Training Veronica Orsi & Orlando Vadel Office of Assessments New Jersey.

application. Include: Names, Telephone Numbers & Email Addresses Must keep District & School information up to date: https://education.state.nj.us/broadcasts/2016/2016 PBT: April 11-22, 2016 Spring Block High School - Semester Based Courses CBT: April 25 thru June 3, 2016 PBT: April 25 thru May 6, 2016 15 2016-17 PARCC DATES Fall Block High School - Semester Based Courses CBT: November 28, 2016 thru January 17, 2017 PBT: November 28, 2016 thru December 9, 2016/- graph, lined or unlined paper/ Security Forms to/

Knowledge Area Review (KAR 030) Impact of Telematics on Automotive Insurance February 2016.

a compounded rate of 90%, reaching 89 million in 2017. This ia driven by: Proliferation in technology Reduced costs/ Internal Consulting Group 2016 16 Insurers are typically trialing one or more of six different applications ApplicationsDescription Vehicle diagnosticsMonitoring/score as a rating factor. Leading global commercial lines carriers, too, are refining their risk engineering through/ UW Rule Analysis Loss Experience Analysis Contract/ Forms Analysis Product Launch ROI Analysis Product Launch Analysis/

The College Application Process For State College Area High School Class of 2017 September 2016 Steve Guthoff (A-K), Jack McCurdy (L-Z), Nkenje Clark (School.

2016 was not used in the application review and decision. **The new SAT scores shown here represent conversions of the prior test’s scores to fit the new test’s structure and 1600-point scale. Complete regular PSU application on-line. Indicate that you want to complete the Schreyer on- line application when prompted. Another Application/packet and complete the Evaluators Request Form. Other colleges that require recommendations state/the web by February 15 th 2017 for maximum financial aid consideration. Make/

Clinical Commissioning Forum November 2016 Programme Board Commissioning Intentions

carers Address social isolation Delivery the 5 Year Forward View Priorities in line with STP planning 39 Dementia Alliance Aligned to the Urgent Care and/monitor waiting lists, waiting times, engagement and recovery across the alliance The application of a stepped care model with a greater use of Well Being /forms, no later than 28 July 2017 (review of latest 3 month data) 31 January 2018 (review of latest 3 month data) Plus Dressings:- Q4 2017/18 ePACT data to show 95% reduction from baseline (Jan-Mar 2016/


TARGET FOR 2016/17 AS PER APP ACTUAL OUTPUT AS AT END OF 1 ST QUARTER OF 2016/17 DEVIATION FROM PLANNED TARGET FOR 2016/17 STATUS Number of off-line digital /2016. The printing of the 2017 volume 1 workbooks is currently in progress and the delivery is expected to commence during September 2016. The expenditure will improve in the second and third quarter of the financial year when invoices have been received and paid. EPWP: Kha Ri Gude The Kha Ri Gude classes resume in October 2016. The application form/

DETAIL OF BRIGHT-LINE TEST. 2| Table of Contents 35111519 page 22252832 page What is the bright-line test? Date of acquisition and disposal Definition.

Councils are given wide discretion as to the form and content of their district plans. There /line will not cover disposals of inherited property ​ This is because a person cannot be expected to have acquired the property with any intention of resale when there is an inheritance Excluded Not excluded 21| Example scenario 1 May 2016 Mrs Higgins acquires residential rental property ($500k) 1 May 2017/a purpose or effect of defeating the intent and application of a continuity provision: a)the establishment of /

Vanuatu Tourism Accreditation Program Proposed Time Line 2016 - 2017.

Vanuatu Tourism Accreditation Program Proposed Time Line 2016 - 2017 Vanuatu Tourism Standards Forum_ October 2015 TO DATE: Preparation and launch of Vanuatu Tourism Accreditation Info Pack Awareness, Training and mentoring of DoT Provincial Product Development Officers Development and roll out of Operator Self-Assessment Forms Development and roll out of the process for issuing 2015 Tourism Permits Review of the Minimum Standards based on feedbacks/

Brookville High School Financial Aid Night  January 13, 2016  Presention compiled by: Courtney Donati from:

2016-2017 draft paper FAFSA and related documents posted under Forms and Instructions: http://www.regulations.gov/#!docketDetail;D=ED-2015-ICCD-0101 (Draft is found under “Forms/Scholarship  For Ohio dependents and spouses of safety officers killed in the line of duty.  The current annual, full-time award is 100% of/ Collegescorecard.ed.gov FAFSA Completion Tool studentaid.ed.gov/about/data-center/student/application- volume/fafsa-completion-high-school Resources  Federal Student Aid Publications Website /

2017 General Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Grant Program FY 2017 General Child Abuse & Neglect Prevention Grant Program Pre-Bid Meeting Friday, January.

for FY 2017  Approximately /line Protective Factor Training – opportunity for bonus points… Obtaining the General Prevention Application The General Prevention Application/application.  Applicants MUST use the forms provided by the Children’s Trust Fund. Application Due Date  Applicants will not be contacted if an item is missing from the application, or if a component is technically incorrect. Applications must be postmarked or delivered by : March 11, 2016  It is strongly recommended that applicants/

Florida Government Finance Officers 2016 Legislative Review April 14, 2016 Davin Suggs Fiscal Policy Director Florida Association of Counties Amber Hughes.

a homesteaded property is required at the time of the initial application. The amendment takes effect January 1, 2017, if approved by 60 percent of the voters and adopted/line of duty. Subject to the approval by 60 percent of the voters in the November 2016 general election, the proposed amendment will take effect on January 1, 2017./ officers to file a full and public financial disclosure (Form 6), rather than a financial interest disclosure (Form 1). Governmental entities would have been required to create /

EOF Budget Workshop February 12, 2016 New Jersey Office of the Secretary of Higher Education Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program.

, (transfer to a 4-year institution if applicable) and graduation FY 17 Contract Attachment B2 Summer 2016 Program Components of Contract Attachment B2- Summer Program/NEW FEATURES Art. IV AY Budget-Contract Budget Attachment B3 Line Item Description Use the new worksheet tab labeled “line item description” to provide a brief description of each item /tab labeled “COE Renewals..” FY 17 Contract Expenditure Report Forms C2- C4 Contract Attachment C2 FY 2017 Article IV Expenditure Reports Interim 1, Interim 2 &/


addition to or subtraction from any specific expenditure account line. Budget Modification Request Form Page 2 Page 1 31 Reporting Requirements  Quarterly /. 39 NEW SUPPLEMENTAL GUIDANCE FOR PY 2016/FY 2017 1)Negotiation of local cost sharing must/2017 Perkins Plan Within Form 4 you must:  Detail your collaboration with other partners including the regional planning and local MOU processes in Principle 1, element h.  Describe how you will provide career services to one-stop center clients (if applicable/

Arrangements for Transfer 2017. 2 Transfer 2017 The Board of Governors have decided to continue with academic selection for Admission to Antrim Grammar.

2016 3 AQE LTD:www.aqe.org.uk Post Primary Transfer Consortium (PPTC): www.pptcni.comwww.aqe.org.ukwww.pptcni.com Two important website addresses: 4 Transfer 2017 Parents should choose the test, or tests, which best accommodate their child’s choices of schools; Applicants/ items 8 mathematics items Basic skills passage (lines numbered on the right) followed by 5 basic/year. 24 Transfer Application Form Administered by the Education Authority (North Eastern Region); Usual Transfer Forms to be completed /


& Multicultural Ed. Dept. 2016-2017 Title III (7S176) Allocation Opt-Out Form ELAC Recommendation Form 2016-2017 Budget Information This is a resource to assist schools in designing an effective instructional program for participating students. 2016-2017 Budget Information  The listed /The following needs to be submitted:  Completed form for Approval of Restricted Positions/Services  Copy of the manual Budget Adjustment Request  Provide a copy of the applicable SPSA page (from the EL programs section of/


the newly established Working committees in the form of panels which deal with decision-making in respect of investigations in terms of section 196 (4)(f) of the Constitution, in line with the Rules and the delegations framework./2017 Report on the assessment of the effects of organisational restructuring on service delivery in Gauteng Jul 2016 Report on the investigation into the management of the Department of Health: Western Cape: Policy on Incapacity Leave and Ill-health Retirement (PILIR) application/

Susquehanna Council Seven Bridges District Roundtable March 17, 2016 1.

Applications: Aug $ 118.00Jan$ 100.00 Sep $ 129.87Feb $ 100.00 Oct$ 68.00Mar Nov$ 118.75Apr Dec$ 108.50May 2015-2016 to Date: $ 743.12 Special Donation: $ 500.00 by Middleburg Kiwanis 50 IONTACH! Important Dates 51 April 23 – Beaver Day April 29 – Early Bird Registration fees due with completed Scout & Adult Rosters; Camp K t-shirt & merchandise pre-order forms/rafting 5 miles of zip-lines and challenge courses Rappelling / the local council’s payment schedule. Jambo 2017 – Payment Plan 78 Cost (Youth/Adult)/

Hammersmith & Fulham Secondary Transfer Process 2017.

an additional form to complete or if your child must sit a banding test. You will also find this information on the individual school websites and in the Hammersmith & Fulham secondary school brochure. Key Dates 1 September 2016 1 March 2017 31 October 2016 Key Dates 29 March 2017 onwards June/July 2017 15 March 2017 15 April 2017 Advantages of the on-line application process The online application process The/

Monthly MSO Meeting July 19, 2016. 2 Welcome Mark Perez Cost Standards and Policy Analyst Business and Financial Services 209-228-2465.

will be an important campus initiative during FY 20162017. In our role as an objective third party, Internal Audit will verify that pay increases are in line with the results of employee performance evaluations./of an offer letter, department will be required to submit:  Completed interview notes, rating forms, questions, etc. – All documents used to asses candidate/applicant qualifications.  Completed references  Completed disposition in PAWS indicating all candidates interviewed.  Completed /

FI$Cal Project Kick-Off January 7, 2016 2017/2018 Release.

2016 Change Management Engage – Starts today! Onboard Retain FI$Cal: Transparency. Accuracy. Integrity.10 January 2016 FI$Cal: Transparency. Accuracy. Integrity. 11 January 2016 2017/ 2016 Next Steps January  Form /Item Conversions (as applicable) CNVPO107 – /Line account reconcile Ledger Summary Fund Reconciliation COA: Chart of Accounts Bank & EFT FI$Cal: Transparency. Accuracy. Integrity. 84 January 2016 Chart of Accounts (COA) General Ledger (GL) FI$Cal: Transparency. Accuracy. Integrity.85 January 2016/

1 Active Travel Forum Welcome 10.00am 03 rd March 2016 Councillor Hinds Active Travel Forum.

1 Sauchiebank & Mid Calder rail line 36 Section 1 Sauchiebank & Mid Calder rail line 37 Telfer Subway 38 Telfer Subway removal 39 Key Dates February 2016 ▪Consultation review and reporting March – June 2016 ▪Major Planning application – advance ‘PAN’ submission ▪Development of proposals in advance of planning application ▪Further consultation related to planning application, greenspace proposals and possibly Telfer Subway July 2016 – March 2017 ▪Planning Application – 6months for approval ▪TRO process/


by law. The publication of this presentation in certain countries may violate applicable regulations. The new securities referred to herein have not been, and will/(Pierre and Marie Curie University) in 1993, Company formed in 2003.Seasoned leadership, 23-strong team (M.D/3Q2015 – Results mid-2017 ODD EU-USA: Request 1Q-2017-, Designation 3Q-4Q-2017 Part 1. Phase II – Adults EU: first patient in: 2Q-2016, Results 4Q-2017, N = 30 / NEOVACS ANNOUNCES TOP LINE PHASE IIB CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS OF TNF-KINOID IN RA/

Jan. 15, 2016 ISFIS SitRep Webinar Larry Sigel, Partner Margaret Buckton, Partner © Iowa School Finance Information Services, 2016 1.

did not receive an increase in general aid in FY 2016.) 16 Other Line Items An appropriation of $576,000 for Teach Iowa / Funding Debate Begins (or Continues) 19 House Subcommittee Action FY 2017 Thursday: Rep. Jorgensen, Rep. Dolecheck and Rep. Ruff held/ employees to be working on educating students rather than requisitioning forms and chasing down packages) For more information, contact Sean Gibson/. 15Dropout Prevention Application Opens Feb. 1Last Date to Request Authority to Charge Administrative Costs/

The SME Instrument Dr Maria Makridaki 14 April 2016.

applications SME business model innovation The SME Instrument Supporting innovative SMEs in the healthcare biotechnology sector: SMEInst-05-2016-2017 April 23rd 2015 Presentation Title 13 Cell technologies in medical applications The medical applications/and covers all the aspects for each evaluation criteria: Form also matters Take time to think about a catchy /(ΕΕΝ) IT Helpdesk European IPR Helpdesk Partner Search Services H2020 On line Manual 30 Information and Support National Contact points for SMEs “/

Health and Food Safety EU Health Programme - How to apply & Draft Work Programme 2016.

, SANCO web and the Participant Portal Evaluation & grant agreement: on-line 9 Important steps Get an ECAS account Register in the beneficiary registry / in 2016 14 FPA concluded in 2014 (covering operating years 2015, 2016 and 2017) FPA holders will be invited to submit an application for a SGA for 2017 Important:/Cost not eligible 34 35 Content preparation NEW - electronic submission system Part A administrative "form": title, keywords, abstract, partners, overview budget (60/80%), checklist with criteria /

Presented by: Pumlani Xaba Amandie van der Mescht Racquel Bergman Stanley Masete March 2016.

line) Complete, submit & upload supporting documents via Indicium ( This is compulsory for employers employing 50+ employees) (Less than 50 are urged to also make use of Indicium but hard copies will be accepted) Formats: (Hard Copy) Less than 50 > available for download from website 50 and more > Special request form available for download form our website – only applicable/ July 2016 and will conclude in May 2017 July 2016 and will conclude in May 2017 Request : Due to the large number of applications we /

Year 4 and 5 Secondary Transfer meeting 20 th June 2016 Caroline Bannister Head of School.

forms received after Mid December will not be considered until after 1 st March 2017. The process cont…. Parents must return acceptance slip for the place offered to their home authority by mid March 2017 The school will receive notification of all Lewisham residents applications in November 2016/1A1B2A2B3 20 1km1.1km1.3km1.5km1.6km Distance is from door of school to door of house in a straight line! Greenwich is one of the few boroughs left using banding as part of their admissions code. Lewisham stopped /

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