Ppt on waxes in dentistry

CAD-CAM IN FPD www.rxdentistry.net.

The graphite electrode is milled www.rxdentistry.net SPARK EROSION Used in dentistry since 1982 Graphite electrode is fitted Removes the metal by electricity in the form of controlled sparks to fabricate copings. www.rxdentistry.net / porcelain fused to metal restorations Digitizing Processing Milling www.rxdentistry.net Conventional Technique Preparation Impression Die Waxing Investing Casting Digitizing Processing Milling Conventional Technique CAD/CAM system www.rxdentistry.net DIGITIZING Die is /

D D Sleep Disordered Breathing and Dentistry Sleep Disordered Breathing and Dentistry National Primary Oral Health Care Conference August 9, 2005 Atlanta,

D MedicationsMedications z Only for those patient who are not good candidates for CPAP, Oral Devices or Surgical Procedures z Should not be considered by dentistry D D Oral Device How and What D D D D D D z Snoring/OSA caused by loss of airway space z Most oral/ Device D D Practice CR to maximum protruded position D D D D D D D D Patient closing in the pre-selectedprotrudedposition D D An interocclusal recording is made using the wax matrix D D D D D D D D D D Adjustment of the device must be made depending /

PRESENTATION & DISCUSSION ON CAREER & COURSE OPTIONS AFTER 10 th & 12 th STANDARD 1 Integrated National Development In Action I.N.D.I.A. TRUST.

downstream units Production, Refining, Transportation, Marketing PG Dip/B.Tech –Petroleum –Industrial Chemistry, Oil Fats & Waxes, Paints & Varnishes Integrated National Development In Action I.N.D.I.A. TRUST 35 PLASTIC, POLYMER & RUBBER TECH - 1 Career & Course/ based on recorded message Health Care & Hospital Management –In charge of facilities –Masters in Hospital Administration Integrated National Development In Action I.N.D.I.A. TRUST 109 MEDICINE & DENTISTRY - 4 Career & Course Options after 10 TH &/


DENTISTRY, AZ-ZULFI, KSA. SURVEYOR AND SURVEYING OF RPD. At the end of the class students should be able to;Define the surveyor [surveying instrument] and surveying.Enumerate the purpose of surveyor.Enumerate types of surveyor.Enumerate in brief the surveying procedures. a) This RPD cannot be inserted in/ undesirable tooth and soft tissue undercuts-Reduces the possibility of distortion during duplication.3. Shaping wax patterns/ milling castings ; -Used to shape the axial surfaces of crown patterns for RPD/

By Dr.Reham Mohammed Abdallah. Science of dental materials  Is defined as; compositionproperties manner in which they interact with the environment “The.

dental materials. Oral environment  An understanding of the physical, electrical and mechanical properties of materials used in dentistry is of tremendous importance. This is because these materials are exposed to the oral environment and subjected /.  Acid – etch solutions, impression materials, casting investments, gypsum cast, and model materials and dental waxes. Properties of Matter  Properties of materials include microscopic and macroscopic properties.  Microscopic properties are responsible about/

The Tissue Reaction To certain Retrograde Filling materials Employed In Endodontic Practice – An Experimental Study Dr.Humaira Anjum Baig BDS, MDS CONSERVATIVE.

cement has an inherent weakness of dissolving in the tissue fluids and with the increasing use of composite resin in dentistry in recent years, attempts have been made towards its application in endodontics as retrograde filling material. Due / were then sacrificed & the tissue spp.containing the pellets were obtained, fixed in formalin, dehydrated in graded ethyl alcohol, cleared in xylene,embedded in paraffin wax & bocks were prepared. Six micrometer thick sections were made & stained with haematoxylin/

Properties of Materials

2-3 Dental Cement 10-12 1-3 Gold 14-16 710 Amalgam 22-28 55 Composite 20-50 Wax 250-400 1 Electrical Conductivity Metals are good conductors Polymers and ceramics are poor conductors – insulators Affects corrosion of metals /defect Glass cutter scratches surface (defect) Bending stress applied; fracture occurs Control the defects – it’s important in dentistry to handle materials properly Remove surface defects that concentrate stress Polish restorations, proper design, glaze porcelain Chemical Properties/

Introduction to Dental Materials

Introduction to Dental Materials DHYG 113 Restorative Dentistry I Biomaterials Oral Tissues Enamel Dentin Cementum Pulp Periodontium Gingival Tissue Objectives Discuss some of the / Odorless Cost-effective History Ancient Times to the 1700’s During the 1800’s The 20th Century Gold, Ivory, Porcelain, Wax, Gypsum, Cements (Zinc phosphate & ZOE) During the 1800’s Amalgam in use, Porcelain inlays & crowns The 20th Century New materials constantly developed Variety of cast metals: gold, chromium & nickel,/

Diagnosis and Management of Hemorrhage in Oral Surgery

Dentistry King Saud University What is meant by Hemorrhage ? Prolonged or uncontrolled bleeding is often referred to as hemorrhage. The amount of blood lost as a result of hemorrhage can range from minimal to significant quantities. Hemorrhage in /achieve hemostasis. Use of electrocautery to achieve hemostasis. Use of hemostatic agents like bone wax, surgicel,e.t.c., Hypotensive anaesthesia (G.A) and use of vasoconstrictors in L.A. Local Measures ( Synthetic Materials) There are several materials that are /

Bleeding Disorders Haemostasis Hemorrhage in Oral Surgery.

What is an adequate platelet count for procedures? What is an adequate platelet count for procedures? Routine Dentistry >10 000 Routine Dentistry >10 000 Dental Extraction >30 000 Dental Extraction >30 000 Regional Dental Block >30 000 Regional / Use of electrocautery to achieve hemostasis. (iv) Use of hemostatic agents like bone wax, surgicel,e.t.c., (v) Hypotensive anaesthesia (G.A) and use of vasoconstrictors in L.A. Local Measures ( Synthetic Materials) There are several materials that are commercially/


be used to repair parts as well as fabricate them. Titanium Engine Valves COST OF RP SYSTEMS TURNAROUND TIMES EXAMPLES Dentistry Cynovad (Montreal, Canada) announced an agreement to purchase several hundred ThermoJet printers from 3D Systems (Valencia, CA), which/ the production of crowns, bridges and other types of dental restorations. The machines produce wax patterns needed for the investment casting process. Formula 1 Racecars In England, a service provider named 3T RPD (Berkshire, UK) is using RP to /


University, Lucknow Partial denture impression INTRODUCTION Impression A negative likeness or copy in reverse of the surface of an object ; imprint of teeth and adjacent structures for use in dentistry. GPT – 8 Partial denture impression A negative likeness of a part or/ discussed are as follows: Mc Lean’s and Hindel’s methods, the functional relining method, and the fluid wax method. The selected pressure impression technique not only equalizes the support between the abutment teeth and the soft tissue,/

Importance for the CAD/CAM Dentist. In latest years, using CAD/CAM generation has above all strongly inspired dental-technical production processes. If.

the significance of this technology for the dentist isnt without delay clean. In recent years, CAD/CAM manufacturing has truly expanded the palette of substances/manufacturing of lengthy-time period temporary prostheses has, because of using a virtual wax up at the pc, end up faster, greater handy and more predictable/, immediate implants, CAD CAM dentistry, ceramic laminate veneers and fixed implant teeth by experienced dental implantologist and cad cam dentistry Hyderabad. If you are looking for/

Health care careers Therapeutic services dentistry.

treats problems related to irregular dental development, missing teeth, and other abnormalities in order to establish normal functioning and appearance. Pediatric Dentistry deals with the diagnosis and treatment of children, adolescents, and young adults whose/technician… The dental lab technician is an artist, creating dental prostheses out of waxes, plastics, precious and non-precious metals, porcelains, and composites in precise color shadings and shape variations. They do not work with the clients, /

Odontology Forensic Dentistry: The application of dental knowledge to civil and criminal matters.

Unerupted teeth Patterns of arrangement Appliances Fun fact! THE FIRST American use of forensic dentistry to make a positive ID was in the case of Dr. Joseph Warren. He was thought to have died in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Skeletal remains were found with a dental implant. The/bite down hard. Open the plate up and you will have your bite mark. Take a piece of wax paper, and draw your bite mark with permanent marker. Turn in Making of teeth cast Each student is to bite down on a ball of white Model Magic (no/

Isolation from oral fluids Prof. Asaad Javaid Dept of Restorative Dental Sciences College of Dentistry, Zulfi Almajma University slide 1.

Javaid Dept of Restorative Dental Sciences College of Dentistry, Zulfi Almajma University slide 1 slide 2 Learning Objectives Narrates significance of isolation Mention various methods of controlling moisture in oral cavity Use saliva ejector effectively Properly position/Rubber dam clamp forceps Rubber dam frame/holder Rubber dam stamp for marking the position of tooth Rubber dam lubricant Waxed dental floss Scissors slide 31 slide 32 slide 33 Rubber Dam: Advantages  Complete, long term moisture control /

Instruments and instrumentation used in operative dentistry I

and a number that describe the size, design and common clinical usages. The general classification of instruments used in restorative dentistry according to their use includes; 1. instruments used for cutting tooth substance: a. Hand cutting instruments; chisels/ line angles and creating retentive features in dentin in preparation for restorations. Placing bevel on enamel margins. 2.Excavators Spoon excavators Used for removing caries and carving amalgam or direct wax patterns. Blades are slightly curved and/

Dr. Waseem Bahjat Mushtaha Specialized in prosthodontics

closely the atoms are packed. Shaping of metals: 1) Casting “cast metal”: this is performed by melting the metal and shaping it in a mould. In dentistry a molten metal is poured into a mould made from a wax pattern embedded in an investment material 2) Cold working (wrought metals): Metal can be hammered into sheets or pulled through dies to form wires at room/


use Examples: alcohol torch, facebow, articulator, mixing spatula, mixing bowl, lab knife, shade/mold guide WAX BITES/RIMS, BITE REGISTRATIONS Immersion disinfection may cause distortion to some items Use spray disinfection Heavy-body bite registration /References CDC. Guidelines for infection control in dental health-care settings – 2003. MMWR 2003; 52(No. RR-17):1–66. Available at www.cdc.gov/oralhealth/infectioncontrol. USAF Guidelines for Infection Control in Dentistry, September 2004. Available at www/

Questions and Answers on School Oral Health Programs Presented by the ASTDD, School and Adolescent Oral Health Committee in conjunction with the National.

Solution Dental Floss Tweezers Flashlight Dental (Paraffin) Wax Gauze Squares Cold Compress/Popsicles Small Containers w/ Lids/Coin Envelopes http://www.deardoctor.com/dental-injuries/dental-injuries-guide1.pdf Downloadable in Seven Languages other than English http://www.iadt-/ Southern California School of Dentistry linking how a child performs in school when they are well or ill. http://dentistry.usc.edu/2012/08/10/poor-oral-health-can-mean-missed-school-lower- grades http://dentistry.usc.edu/2012/08/10/

Aspects of Employer Engagement in Education in Turkey Dr Berna Bridge Deniz College Employer Engagement in Education and Training 2016 Conference - London1.

Employer Engagement in Education and Training 2016 Conference - London521-22 July 2016 Educational Background: University Education Degree courses: 4 years for all subjects except medicine and dentistry. Dentistry is 5 /waxing, etc… Secreterial Electrical, computing, ship making technicians… Employer Engagement in Education and Training 2016 Conference - London1621-22 July 2016 Employer Engagement in Vocational Colleges Not structured like vocational secondary schools, small attempts… Employer Engagement in/


surface of an object; an imprint of the teeth and adjacent structures for use in dentistry. Considerations for Precision Impression Taking Before Impression Making (Extra-oral): - Easy to / for instruments Multiple pouring is not possible ALGINATE IMPRESSION TECHNIQUE Clinical interest : For the study cast / diagnostic cast – diagnostic wax up – mock preparations For interim restoration (temporization) Clinical considerations Tray selection Perforated metal / rigid plastic trays Tray adhesive Perforations /

Chapter 15 Preventive Dentistry. To help people have maximum oral health throughout their lives To achieve maximum oral health –Dental professionals must.

Preventive Dentistry To help people have maximum oral health throughout their lives To achieve maximum oral health –Dental professionals must work together with patients to prevent new and recurring disease Bacteria Various types of bacteria found in dental//Tape Removes bacterial plaque and reduces interproximal bleeding Available in waxed and unwaxed Floss before brushing –Plaque needs to be removed interproximally first Interdental Aids Used in addition for brushing and flossing –Not take the place/

BIO MATERIALS Pankaj Varshney/A.P./Phy/SRMIMT. It is a non viable material used in a medical device, intended to interact with biological system. INTRODUCTION.

a composition 30% chromium, 7% tungsten and 0.5% carbon in cobalt was found. Many of the alloys used in dentistry and surgery, based on the Co-Cr system contain additional elements such/ as carbon, molybdenum, nickel, tungsten and iron. Pankaj Varshney/A.P./Phy/SRMIMT Cast alloy: The orthopedic implants Co-Cr alloy are made by investment casting.In an investment casting process,the various steps which are involved are a wax/

Infection Control Procedures in Dentistry Part II Asma’a Al-Ekrish.

in Dentistry Part II Asma’a Al-Ekrish Aseptic Technique Clean, sterile, and disinfected materials should not contact contaminated material and vice versa. Processing of Instruments Instruments must be cleaned well before sterilization Instruments Clean gross deposits of materials or tissues with gauze soaked in holding solution. Soak instruments in/ Acrylic has tiny porosities which may harbor bacteria. Prostheses Bite registration Wax rims Custom trays Rinse-spray-rinse Other Items Casts If disinfection of /

LECTURE 1 By Head Of DEPARTMENT Dr Rashid Hassan Assistant Professor Science of Dental Materials DEPARTMENT RAWAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES RAWAL.

Professor Science of Dental Materials DEPARTMENT RAWAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH SCIENCES RAWAL COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY ISLAMABAD INTRODUCTION TO DENTAL MATERIALS AND INSTRUMENTS DR RASHID HASSAN INTRODUCTION TO DENTAL MATERIALS / Formed indirectly over a cast or models. 3. AUXILIARY DENTAL MATERIALS Materials used in the process of fabricating dental prosthesis. These include: Impression materials. Dental waxes. Gypsum casts and model materials. Finishing and polishing abrasives. Acrylic resins for impressions/

Student Committee. What is the AADMD? Established in 2002 Composed of physicians and dentists who are dedicated to medical and dental care for the population.

1 of every 2 individuals with IDD have hearing issues Over half of these individuals simply have too much wax in their ears Over 50% of individuals with IDD wear the wrong shoe size 1 ½ sizes too big / study presentations at AADMD Annual Conference Special Olympics Healthy Athletes screenings on 11/29/12 at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health The New Physician mini feature article in 10/12 issue about serving adults with ID/DD through medicine and AADMD promotion Starting AADMD School Chapters (AZ/

Oral Rehabilitation of a Patient with Chronic Periodontitis In partial fulfilment of BTech: Dental Technology, Dental Sciences, Tygerberg Campus, CPUT,

of mandibular prosthesis 9,10 Followed by accurate bite registrations 9,10 Wax try-in of mandibular denture 10 Placement of finished denture by dentist 10 Laboratory /in Finishing and polishing with personalised denture tinting 7,9,12 Maxillary Prosthesis Fig. 5 Palatal view of maxillary prosthesis Ismail Mandibular Prosthesis Du Preez Fig.6 Completed mandibular prosthesis Completed Prosthesis Du Preez Fig. 7 Articulated prosthesis References 1. Lindhe J. Clinical Periodontology and Implant Dentistry/

The Fabrication of Two Maxillary Anterior Implant-Retained Crowns By: Hugo Relling In partial fulfilment of BTech: Dental Technology Peninsula Technikon.

25 and 26, 14 and 15 Dental Technology Procedure… (Standard procedure for temporary partial denture) Wax-up done and ball-clasps positioned Wax-up done and ball-clasps positioned Denture flasked Denture flasked Heat cure denture material used Heat cure /Selection. 2 nd ed. Carol Stream (IL): Quintessence Publishing Co, Inc; 1997. 4. R.M. Palmer et al. Implants in Clinical Dentistry. New York: Martin Dunitz; 2002. Acknowledgements Prof. Morkel Prof. Morkel Ms Nortjie Ms Nortjie Mr Mazema Mr Mazema Mr Steyn /


Impression Material While It Sets . Impression Is A Negative Replica Or Imprint Of The Teeth And Adjacent Tissues For Use In Dentistry Impression Material Is A Substance Used For Making A Negative replica For The Required Tissues Is A Positive Replica (Imprint) / Denture Extensions. Pouring & Trimming And Indexing Of Master Cast Boxing Is building up vertical walls around the impression usually in wax, to produce the desired size, form of the base of the cast and to preserve the width, height and landmarks/

Impression Materials Chapter 14.

function as elastic impression materials. Hydrocolloids used in dentistry include reversible and irreversible hydrocolloids. Irreversible Hydrocolloid Also called alginate hydrocolloid or just alginate Most widely used impression material in dentistry Easy to manipulate Requires no special equipment Reasonably/ or narrower. Wax can be added to the rims to extend the tray. Adhesive Even though most trays have retention holes in them, tray adhesive should be used to help keep the material in place. Adhesive /

Impressions 1. Tool Marks Tool marks are made when a harder object comes in contact with a softer object, leaving marks on it. 2.

dental stone changes color, letting you know when to apply the paste and when it has set.  In snow, a waxy substance called Snow Print Wax is first sprayed over the impression, and then the cast is made. 36 2. Permlastic 3. Polyvinylsiloxan Are/.uk/images/0303.jpg Bite Mark Evidence Bite Mark Evidence Video 81 Dental forensics concerns the application of dentistry to law. In criminal trials, dental forensics can be helpful in two ways:  1. to establish the identity of a homicide victim  2. to associate a/

IRB Institutional Review Board Background and Process Dara Rosenberg DDS, MS, MPH Director, Department of Dentistry Chair, IRB.

Review Board Background and Process Dara Rosenberg DDS, MS, MPH Director, Department of Dentistry Chair, IRB 2 History and Ethical Principles Research Categories Covered Informed Consent Guidance on /indicates a need for extraction; (d) excreta and external secretions (including sweat); (e) uncannulated saliva collected either in an unstimulated fashion or stimulated by chewing gumbase or wax or by applying a dilute citric solution to the tongue;(f) placenta removed at delivery; (g) amniotic fluid obtained/


better products are flooding the market these days.The “chinese clay” of olden days have become the unavoidable product in esthetic dentistry... resin-bonded ceramics * reinforced ceramic core systems resin-bonded ceramics metal-ceramics HISTORY Since the stone age ceramics /a leucite reinforced ceramic glass material. Flexural strength- 125mPa "Pressing" - lost wax injection molding At 930°C, for 20 min Inherently fluorescent Ideal transparency range from (clear) to (opaceous) PRESSABLE /

4 - 1 Aqueous Solutions. 4 - 2 Essential Questions: Why does something dissolve? Can an unlimited quantity of a substance dissolve in H 2 O? What quantities.

alloy: solutions of two or more metals: steel tincture: ethanol is solvent; used in medicine/pharmacy amalgam: mercury is solute with another metal: dentistry 4 - 9 HOMEWORK: Define following terms Heterogeneous Homogeneous Solution Aqueous solution Solute Solvent /LIKES! General rule only! Substances, like alcohols, which are only slightly polar, can dissolve nonpolar substances, like oils/waxes/etc. and polar substances, like water/sugar/etc. However, it’s not polar enough to dissolve ionic compounds./

Will Doxycycline Treat An Ear Infection Vibramycin Price what are symptoms of doxycycline over dose in dogs doxycycline probiotics same time doxycycline.

many doxycycline for acne doxycycline waxing eyebrows doxycycline side effects weakness doxycycline for what std is doxycycline hyclate a penicillin what color doxycycline hyclate 50mg come in online pharmacy doxycycline doxycycline est/effect of doxycycline in early pregnancy doxycycline breastfeeding safe treating heartworms with doxycycline and ivermectin doxycycline generic vibramycin skin infections treated with doxycycline dose of doxycycline for bronchitis doxycycline dentistry allergic reaction /

“Sports/Injury Prevention”

is compatible with the periodontal ligament cells and helps keep them viable Typical First Aid Kit Cold compresses Waxed Dental Floss Plastic Cups Improvements and Prevention Properly fitted mouthguards reduce the chances from a blow to your face that/ can injure your teeth, lips, cheeks, tongue and jaw Dentistry now recommends wearing properly fitted mouthguards in non-contact sports such as in-line skating and gymnastics Properly fitted mouthguards should be worn at all times during /

Biology - Chapter 28 “Arthropods” Introduction to Arthropods l Phylum Arthropoda - vary enormously in size, shape, and habits.

hairs that collect pollen Section 28-4 Insects and their Relatives l Chemicals in bee saliva help change nectar into a more digestible form- honey – glands on the bee abdomen secrete wax, which is used to build storage chambers for food and others structures within/food to prevent spoilage l the adhesive that barnacles use to attach themselves to rocks under water could be used in dentistry or underwater construction Section 28-5 How Arthropods Fit Into the World l Spider venom is being tested as a pesticide l/

1 Lecture: 5 The Sense of Hearing Dr. Eyad M. Hussein Ph.D of Neurology Consultant in Neurology Department, Nasser Hospital, Assistant Professor, Faculty.

5 The Sense of Hearing Dr. Eyad M. Hussein Ph.D of Neurology Consultant in Neurology Department, Nasser Hospital, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University Faculty of Dentistry, University of Palestine الرجاء تحويل الجوال إلى وضع الصامت مع الشكر 3 1.Communication: /Sound localization. 4.Protective function: skin of the auditory canal secretes wax (a bactericidal effect). 12 It is a thin membrane about 1 cm in diameter located between the external and middle ear. Function: 1.Separates/

Do you have clients looking for a practice in a city you have nothing to sell them ? We are your answer: New turn-key locations anywhere in the United.

NM using the very conservative ratio of one DentalSense location per every 200 private practices 2013 The year DentalSense will revolutionize dentistry again, particularly in the USA Typical Floor Plans Support Services Available Hit the Ground Running With Are Experience Example: Complete System *Clinical Supplies: / 3/4" EA *ARCH WIRE RETAINER 14" LONG.036 10/PK *BALL CLASPS.028" 0.7MM 100/PK *BASEPLATE WAX ALL SEASON #2 PINK 5LB *BENDA BRUSH REGULAR 144/BX *BITE RIMS PINK 100/BX *BRUSH ROBINSON HP #11 X/

Bite mark analysis Lecture III 1- 36.

the evidence of a tooth out of alignment missing teeth unique dentistry procedures. Bite mark analysis All of these are examined in detail and then compared, preferably in a blind test in which the odontologist is not aware of which teeth impressions belong / be numbered for future reference. Collection of evidence from victim Impressions A small dam of wax or other material should be used to keep the impression material in the desired place. If the skin is hairy , it should be gently clipped. Shaving/

MAKING THE MOST OF PLASTICS IN YOUR COLLECTION Workshop organised by the Plastics SSN Steering Group in partnership with Modern Materials in Collections:

–stoppers for soda water bottles – submarine telegraph cables – not replaced until polyethylene came along. –Dentistry –Golf balls "guttie" (solid gutta-percha) introduced in 1848 replaced “featherie” 1843 MONTGOMERIE Featherie (c. 1400) Guttie (c. 1860) Hammered Guttie (/ leads to: 78 rpm records –25% "shellac“, cotton filler, powdered slate, and a small amount of a wax lubricant 1839 CRITCHLOW Bois Durci François Charles Lepage patented a plastics material composed of sawdust and blood albumen which he/

Optical Fiber Done by: Sun Yudong 1O2 (27).

as an optical fibre. History Practical applications, such as close internal illumination during dentistry, appeared early in the twentieth century. Image transmission through tubes was demonstrated independently by the radio experimenter Clarence Hansell and the /; previous optical fibers had relied on air or impractical oils and waxes as the low-index cladding material. A variety of other image transmission applications soon followed. History In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, light was guided through/

ALKALI METALS. LITHIUM  The name was taken from the Greek meaning “stone” because it was believed to be present only in stones  It was also thought.

-white when freshly cut  At ordinary temp it is like a wax and can be cut with a knife SODIUM  Sodium is a very active metal, stored under kerosene (inert)  In the air, rapidly covered with a dull gray coating which a mixture/together with reduction of fecal and renal calcium output SODIUM  NaF and SnF 2 is impt in dentistry in retarding or preventing dental caries  Higher tha 1ppm fluoride content in drinking water may cause mottling of the teeth  Sodium fluoroacetate (1080) is effective rodenticide /

Madhu Varga Pharmacological Aspects By Dr. R. Sivakumar Under the Guidance of Dr. J. R. Joshi M.D. Department of P. G. Studies in Kayacikitsa, Ayurveda.

promote oral wellness. Molan PC The potential of honey to promote oral wellness. General Dentistry. 2001 Nov-2001 Dec 31; 49 (6):584-9 Madhu Varga - Pharmacological Aspects - Dr. R. Sivakumar Slide 25 of 35 5. Madhu in Shalya Tantra qÉkÉÑ has ´Éå¸ uÉëhÉ zÉÉåkÉlÉ uÉëhÉ /qÉhQûsÉ, mÉëqÉåWû, pÉaÉlSU. Beeswax is a remarkable wax because it does not melt readily. It can stand temperatures up to 60 o C. It is used as a base in many products including lipstick, hand creams and beauty creams. Beeswax is also used for/

D ENTAL RESIN / SYNTHETIC RESIN. S YNTHETIC RESINS Are non-metallic compounds which are molded into various forms and then hardened for commercial use.

). These are materials are composed of polymers or complex molecules of high molecular weight. A variety of resins are used in dentistry which includes: Acrylics Polycarbonates Vinyl resins Polyurethanes Styrene Cyanoacrylates Epoxy resins C LASSIFICATION OF RESINS Based on the THERMAL BEHAVIOR THERMOPLASTIC/the flasks by inserting a blunt knife at the slot at the back of the flask. Peel off the softened wax and discard. 5. Flush the mold space with hot water coming from the boil-out container. Use a dipper /

Laboratory Materials and Procedures

Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 3 Learning Objectives (Cont’d) Describe dental models and how they are used in dentistry. Discuss gypsum products and their role in making dental models. Mix dental stone. Pour a set of dental models using the inverted-pour method. Trim and/. Construct a light-cured custom tray. Construct a vacuum-formed custom tray. Describe the types of dental waxes and their use in dentistry. Copyright © 2009, 2006 by Saunders, an imprint of Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 25 Custom /

Impression Materials DH 363 Dental Materials I.

reaction and properties as gypsum products used for models/casts Major use is for edentulous ridges Wax First material used in dentistry Cheap, clean, easy to use Thermoplastic material May be used for impressions for complete dentures Mainly used in fabrication of crowns, bridges, and other restorations Compound Impression compound Wax with a filler added to improve handling and stability Stronger and more brittle than/

Introduction to Dental Materials. Three basic classes of materials: Three basic classes of materials: Metals Metals Polymers Polymers Ceramics Ceramics.

: Cohesive gold Cohesive gold Amalgam Amalgam Wrought wires Wrought wires Metals Casting metals Casting metals The restoration is fabricated outside the mouth utilizing the lost wax technique. POLYMERS They are widely used in dentistry. They are widely used in dentistry. Polymers versus plastics??? Plastic is any material cabable to be shaped. Ductile metals considered as plastic Polymers: Polymers: this term means many parts Polymerisation: process/

Oral Health and Multiple Sclerosis Oral Health and Multiple Sclerosis Eleonore D. Paunovich, DDS, MS, FASGD, DASCD Director,

Care South Texas Veterans Health Care System Clinical Professor, Department of Comprehensive Dentistry University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, Texas VA MS Centers of/ Drooling  Fluid leaking from the nose after swallowing  Increased congestion in the chest after eating ASPIRATION RISK Oral Health Therapeutic Strategies Swallowing Problems/Ultrasonic Oral Health Preventive Strategies Flossing Floss types Floss types Waxed and Unwaxed Waxed and Unwaxed Dental Tape Dental Tape Yarn, gauze strip/

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