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1 3 rd Draft Water Resources Management Bill 2006 WRAP TEAM.

title and commencement ;Short title and commencement ; Interpretation;Interpretation; Vesting water in the President;Vesting water in the President; No private ownership of waterNo private ownership of water Use and allocation of waterUse and allocation of water Principles of Water Resources Management.Principles of Water Resources Management. 7 Principles of Water Resources Management Water resources should be managed in an integrated manner; Water is a basic human need; There should be equitable access to/

LVBC The 3 rd Lake Victoria Basin Donors’ conference 17 th -18 th June 2013 Mr. Mathias Chemonges Climate Change, Environment &Natural Resource Management.

Ecosystem 2.Intergrated Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Programme in Lake Victoria Basin 3.Regional Water Resources Management Project 4.Mechanical removal of Water Hyacinth in Lake Victoria 5.Kisat River Catchment Restoration Project (KRCRP) 6.Nyungwe –/ 2.Increased sedimentation: 3.Increased pollution and euthrophication: 4.Wetlands destruction:. 5.Forest degradation: REGIONAL WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT PROJECTS LVBC Why IWRM Programme 1.LVEMP is finalising WRMP which will be based on IWRM 2./

January 15, 2015 1 Identifying dominant measurements errors in fully automated water networks PWN Waterleidingbedrijf Noord-Holland Water technology Lucyna.

at an early stage, greatly reducing their impact on the process. January 15, 2015 MSc: Water Resources Management, Lucyna Magda Water balances 7 Problem definition January 15, 2015 MSc: Water Resources Management, Lucyna Magda Water balances 8 Problem definition “On site flow calibration is painful but necessary” January 15, 2015 MSc: Water Resources Management, Lucyna Magda Water balances 9 Errors in mass balances Faults are frequently not the result of an instrument/

Pierre Mathy Head of Unit Natural Resources Management

health risks and indicators for prevention strategies. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, GLOBAL CHANGE AND ECOSYSTEMS Sustainable Management of Resources 6. Environment (incl. climate change) Sustainable Management of Resources Conservation and sustainable management of natural and man-made resources: ecosystems; water resources management; waste management and prevention; protection and management of biodiversity, soil protection, seabed, lagoons and coastal areas protection, approaches against desertification and/

EPA Water Research EPA Water Research Safe Water & Innovative Technologies Showcasing Ireland’s Water & Waste Water Research Enterprise Ireland, 7 th May.

of resources SC5-WATER-1-2015 SC5-WATER-5-2015 LEIT-NMP24 –2015 “wastewater treatment” “water treatment” “drinking water” “water and resources recovery” “water sanitation & developing world” Water-Agriculture SC5-WATER-4-2015 “Water and bioeconomy” “water and agriculture” “water and irrigation” “water and food production” Flood and drought risk management SC5-WATER-1-2015 SC5-WATER-2-2015 “Flood risk” “drought risk” “water and extreme event” “hydrology” “water and climate change” “water resource management/


conflicts Environmental Security (2) Toronto School (Homer-Dixon, 1993, 1994) Oslo School (Gledditsch, 1998, 2000) Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars (ECSP), Washington. THE SECURITIZATION OF WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Link between environmental problems (water) and national security issues Threat perception Securitization of environmental problems: maintain local biosphere as an essential support on which will depend all other human activities (Buzan et al., 1998, p/

Conservation Choices Your guide to conservation and environmental farming practices. Natural Resources Conservation Service.

reduce disease and pest problems? What type of wildlife would I like on my farm? Total Resource Management Checklist: (continued) Conservation Choices Total Resource Management Checklist: (continued) Does any practice interfere with or cancel out another practice? Can I use wetlands or filter strips to filter nutrients from runoff water? Am I making the best use of animal manure as nutrients for plants? These five/

Enhanced Flood Disaster Response Capability: developing high resolution remote sensing technology into an advanced knowledge management system to monitor,

Process Development and Review Risk Assessment, Management, and Emergency Response A conceptual water resources knowledge management framework has been developed to enquire and collect relevant information for water resources management and decision making. The framework was developed by understanding and mapping water resource management and decision making processes in the Committee of Water Resources – a government agency responsible for water resources management in Kazakhstan. The framework includes/

Water is God’s”: Commonality View and the Challenges of State Institutions in Nigeria By Emmanuel M. Akpabio, Department of Geography & Regional Planning,

, 2006, 2007a; Akpabio et.al 2005; Mitchell, 1994 and Salau, 1986, 1990), it, however, represents a significant realisation of the urgent need for a sound management of available water resources. Despite the above listed regulatory instruments for water resources management, Akpabio (2007b) observed that such regulatory instruments are mainly obtainable at the federal level and are not sufficient enough to resolve issues of control, ownership and/

Management of Freshwater Resources in Florida: A History of Environmental Change and Economic Development.

with human socio- cultural features and the use of technologies in relation to the environment Conflicting interests associated with water resources management are heavily influenced by the application of science and technology through different cultural, social, political and historical perspectives Conflicting interests associated with water resources management are heavily influenced by the application of science and technology through different cultural, social, political and historical perspectives/

1 California Water Plan Update 2009 We Are Here => Work Plan Recap 1 st Plenary Meeting Sacramento October 22-23, 2007.

strategies Different combinations of actions selected from the 25 resource management strategies Reduce Water Demand Reduce Water Demand Improve Operational Efficiency & Transfers Improve Operational Efficiency & Transfers Increase Water Supply Increase Water Supply Improve Water Quality Improve Water Quality Resource Stewardship Resource Stewardship 12 What risks does climate change pose for the management of California’s water resources? 3. Quantify Climate Change Impacts & Recommend Adaptation Actions 13/

South Africa’s National Water Resource Strategy Progress Report June 2003 Bill Rowlston Department of Water Affairs and Forestry, Pretoria.

-referencing between chapters and partsImproved cross-referencing between chapters and parts Changes to the Proposed NWRS (2) Minister’s Introduction and Chapter 1 - Water Policy, water law and water resources management Clearer emphasis on commitments in respect of, for instance, achieving equity in water resources management (particularly iro gender mainstreaming), and contributing to the eradication of povertyClearer emphasis on commitments in respect of, for instance, achieving equity in/


figures for India are (in bracket global average) 80%(70%), 15%(22%), 5%(8%). Almost all water use by industry gets polluted; Let down to fresh water bodies, it further contaminates available fresh water. Uses of Water Domestic use Agricultural use Commercial Industrial use The overall management of water resources is one of the greatest challenges facing the world in this century World population - > 6 billion and/


RIVER BASIN Purposes: Presenting concepts of integrated watershed management; integrated water resources management The status quo of water resources in Red River basin, challenges and research orientation i. CONCEPTs OF RIVER BASIN MANAGEMENT and water resources River BASIN MANGEMENT strategy Resources managementEcosystem management Watershed management Water management Quality Quantity Sedimentation Tropic Pollution Flora Surface water Ground water Water distribution Environment flow a. CONCEPT OF RIVER/

Country report on Water Resources Demand Management for Irrigation Presented by Mr.Thong Sokvongsa, Deputy Chief Office Mr. Khun Sovithea, Technical Officer.

and the welfare of the people. - The rights and obligations of water users, - The fundamental principles of water resources - The fundamental principles of water resources management, and management, and - The participation of users and their associations in the - The participation of users and their associations in the sustainable development of water resources. sustainable development of water resources. Under Law on Water Resources Management 4 Sub-decrees were identified : 4 Sub-decrees were identified/

1 WATER QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN TURKEY. Scope 2 Current Situation Analysis of Water Quality Management Current potential of water resources Quality of water.

Current Situation Analysis of Water Quality Management Current potential of water resources Quality of water resources, WWTP situation in Turkey and the technologies used, Financial size of water sector, Administrative structure Progress in Water Quality Management EU legislation National legislation Studies carried out Bottlenecks and challenges faced in Water Quality Management Strategies and policies for future Available Water Resources Potential in Turkey 3 Total Amount of Water Targeted for Serving to/

SOPAC IWRM Planning Meeting Alofi, Niue 21st to 22nd July 2008

an economic good Background 2002 the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was held in Johannesburg, South Africa Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (JPOI) calls for all countries to: “Develop integrated water resources management and water efficiency plans by 2005, with support to developing countries” Background Millennium Development Goals (MDG´s) national commitments: Halve, by the year 2015, the proportion of people without access to/

Water Demand Measures Course 5 1 Teacher Saroj Sharma

Auditing Reduction of meter error by  Testing,  Sizing  Replacement Four components of an active apparent loss management program Source: Thornton (2002) CASE STUDIES Part c 26 Limited water resources, importing water from Malaysia Strong emphasis on Water Conservation as well as Management of Water Distribution System Water Demand Management Approach  Keeping unaccounted-for water low  Conservation in customers’ premises  Tariffs and use of economic incentives and disincentives Case Study: Singapore/

Environmental Science Unit 9 Resource Management

of managing specific renewable resources such as water, soil, animals and timber Describe 3 different resource management approaches & their goals Identify methods used to strike a balance between the ecological & economic values of our resources Identify & explain methods used to harvest timber sustainably How can we manage renewable resources for sustainable use? 11.1 Resource Management How can we manage renewable resources for sustainable use? Renewable Resource Management To manage resource harvesting/

Integrated Water Resources Management

its practical realisation. 7. Institutions Institutional requirements The functioning of a consortium of stakeholders involved in decision making, with representation of all sections of society, and a good gender balance; Water resources management based on hydrological boundaries; Organisational structures at basin and sub-basin levels to enable decision making at the lowest appropriate level; Government to co-ordinate the national/

Delivering Water Resources Information 5/5/20151 Informational Briefing for the NOAA Executive Panel April 13, 2004 Responding to America’s Emerging Water.

the art, is required to meet these challenges. We should integrate NOAA’s collaborative research, data, and operations to generate products and services to help water resource managers.” NOAA’s Guidance for FY 2006 Delivering Water Resources Information 5/5/20156 America’s Water Resources Rivers & Streams Reservoirs & Lakes The Great Lakes Wetlands Estuaries Coasts Soil Conditions “Any of the entire range of the Earth’s natural/

1 Draft Rules to Govern Water Resources Management in Kenya Eugen M. Mnyamwezi Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA), Kenya.

regional bodies. 6 Current Water Sector Institutions As Established by the Water Act 2002 Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) Water Services Regulatory Board (WSRB) Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) Water Service Boards (WSB) Water Appeals Board (WAB) Water Catchment Areas Advisory Committees (CAAC) Water Service Providers (WSP) Water Resource Users Associations (WRUA) 7 Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) The Water Act established the Water Resources Management Authority (WRMA) as the/

Chapter Menu Chapter Introduction Lesson 1Lesson 1Energy Resources Lesson 2Lesson 2Renewable Energy Resources Lesson 3Lesson 3Land Resources Lesson 4Lesson.

you agree or disagree? Lesson 4 Reading Guide - KC Why is it important to manage air and water resources wisely? How can individuals help manage air and water resources wisely? Air and Water Resources Lesson 4 Reading Guide - Vocab photochemical smog acid precipitation Air and Water Resources Lesson 4-1 Air and water are resources that you cannot live without. Oxygen and water are needed for many life functions. Importance of Air and/

1 Rev2005-00 water and forestry DIRECTORATE: RESOURCE PROTECTION AND WASTE Directorate Resource Protection and Waste Information Management Workshop 30.

.2.5.1 Regulations for the prevention of pollution and the control of waste sources reviewed and promulgated 6.5.2 Water-related emergencies and disaster management – policies, guidelines, etc 15 water and forestry DIRECTORATE: RESOURCE PROTECTION AND WASTE KFA 7.1 : Protecting Water Resources 7.1 Ongoing technical support provided to RDM development to ensure harmonisation with other mechanisms and implementation of reserves through authorisation/

Arkansas Water Rights/ Supply/Development/Protection Issues January 18, 2012 Walter G. Wright, Jr. Edward Swaim

State’s power to regulate uses of the waterways does not come from any ownership of the waters by the State. State need not own the waters in order to regulate them. As a protector and manager of the resources, the State through its agencies, is acting to protect the citizens Not acting as a property owner to enforce a property right. Changes in/

Decision Tools to Evaluate Vulnerabilities and Adaptation Strategies to Climate Change Water Resources Sector Sebastián Vicuña University of California,

daily timestep Focuses on supply side of water balance Physical Hydrology and Water Management Models (continued) WEAP21 advantage: Seamlessly integrates watershed hydrologic processes with water resources management Can be climatically driven Based on holistic approach of integrated water resources management (IWRM) – supply and demand Outline Vulnerability and adaptation with respect to water resources Hydrologic implications of climate change for water resources Tools/models WEAP model presentation Role/


çin değerlerini 2100 yılına kadar aylık olarak üretmek mümkündür. a b SU VAKFI c da SU VAKFI e SU VAKFI RUNOFF HARVESTING FOR WATER RESOURCES MANAGEMENT 35 35 36 36 37 37 38 38 39 39 40 40 41 41 42 42 43 43 44 44 RECOMMENDATIONS 1) Research priorities (data networks, problems of scale, need/

Chapter 10 Implementing Response Objectives

Sometimes Used Interchangeably, But They Actually Have Very Different Meanings A Strategy Is A Plan For Managing Resources Several Strategic Goals May Be Pursued Simultaneously During An Incident 423 Strategic Goals Examples Of Common Strategies/-forming Foam (AFFF) —synthetic Foam Consisting Of Fluorochemical And Hydrocarbon Surfactants Combined With High Boiling Point Solvents And Water. Flammable Liquid Foams Alcohol Resistant AFFF (ARC) – Alcohol-resistant AFFF Are Available At 3% Hydrocarbon/3% Polar/

Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research www.epa.gov/research Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Program Promoting safe and sustainable waters through.

focus on Narragansett Bay & Watershed End Users of knowledge R&D knowledge Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Program Promoting safe and sustainable waters through integrated management of nutrients in New England Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research www.epa.gov/research Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Program Promoting safe and sustainable waters through integrated management of nutrients in New England How can we more effectively inform governance decisions at multiple/

Integrating Water Management The Future of Integrated Water Management: Moving the Program Forward Gary Lippner, CA Department of Water Resources Sierra.

assistance and financial incentives More coordination among State agencies & with IRWM Partnerships Integrating Water Management 29 Water Resources Management Integrated Flood Management Hazard Management Coastal Zone Management Land Use Management Comprehensive approach to flood management Comprehensive approach to flood management Considers land & water resources at watershed scale Considers land & water resources at watershed scale Minimizes loss of life and property damage from flooding Minimizes loss/

Agenda Introduction Need for Groundwater Resource Management

protection of groundwater has been seriously neglected, potentially endangering the resource The sustainability of groundwater is linked to policy issues influencing water and land use, and represents one of the major global challenges in natural resource management There is a need to integrate groundwater and surface water management to ensure better overall water management and allocation Need for Groundwater Resource Management Millions of m3 pumped every year Monitored? Why? Who/

1 14 th European Seminar on Geography of Water Facing climate change and desertification. Water Management in Sardinia Drought Watch System in Sardinia.

Sardinia to Reduce Supply Vulnerability and Improve Water Resources Management During Periods of Drought Roberto Silvano (Director of Water Resources Management and Remote Control Service - ENAS) Ente Acque della Sardegna ENAS Ente Acque della Sardegna Presented by: Andrea Virdis Water Resources Management and Remote Control Service ENAS, Ente Acque della Sardegna, Italy Water Resources management in Italy 2 Ente Acque della Sardegna The management of the water resources in Italy and in the other Countries/

Dikoleksi oleh: smno.psdl.ppsub.2013

essential contributors to sustainable energy as they generally contribute to world energy security, reducing dependence on fossil fuel resources, and providing opportunities for mitigating greenhouse gases. The International Energy Agency states that: Conceptually, one can /Manure is the main waste of raising livestock, when spreading in soils can cause surface and ground water pollution. The management of manure is associated with emissions of greenhouse gases and odours. Dry manure contains at least 45%/

Water Resource Management in Norway. River systems and theri associated lakes and wetlands are complex system with folra adn faua characterised by the.

Water Resource Management in Norway River systems and theri associated lakes and wetlands are complex system with folra adn faua characterised by the great diversity of species Ecological conditions diffrentriate heavily – from see to mountains Norway has many river and waterfalls, which are important for both commercial and private ( recreation) use There are a number of colliding interest reg. water use – starting from water supply, whih/

Water Resources Systems Modeling for Planning and Management An Introduction to the Development and Application of Optimization and Simulation Models for.

Objectives Decision Making with Multiple Objectives: Other Multi-objective Methods: Satisficing Dominance Lexicography Indifference Analyses Obj. Weights or Obj. Constraints Goal Attainment and Programming Compromise Programming Interactive Methods Water Resource Systems Engineering Planning & Management Objectives Decision Making with Multiple Objectives: Multi-objective Methods: Satisficing (setting improving targets for objectives that are functions of decision variables in vector X.) OBJ 2 (X) OBJ/

Module One: Integrated Water Resources Management and Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills for Integrated Water Resources Management.

vulnerable to development. Holistic approach: Link social and economic development with the protection of natural ecosystems. Integrated Perspective: No dichotomy between land use and water use. The river basin is the logical unit for water resources management. Principle 2: Water development & management should be participatory. Everyone is a stakeholder (inclusion/exclusion); Democratisation of decision-making principle is adopted; Ideally, multiple stakeholders In reality, involvement in decision/

Water Resource Division San Joaquin County Water Resource Management Planning Update C. Mel Lytle, Ph.D. Water Resource Coordinator San Joaquin County.

Water Resource Division San Joaquin County Water Resource Management Planning Update C. Mel Lytle, Ph.D. Water Resource Coordinator San Joaquin County Department of Public Works August 26, 2004 Water Resource Division Hydrologic Setting Confluence of Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers Confluence of Sacramento & San Joaquin Rivers Eastside tributaries Eastside tributaries Delta - water switching yard for State Delta - water switching yard for State Delta supplies water to about 22 million in State Delta /


joint research work as well as the cooperation under the partners: Urban water management Water loss management in water supply systems Water quality in water supply systems Water demand management Agriculture, domestic, and industrial water demand management Impacts of climate change on water resources Application of water footprint methodology as decision support tool for water allocation/management tasks Water pollution and health Emerging pollutants and effects on environment and human health Wastewater/

The Challenge of Water Resources Management in Laos CSIRO Land and Water Seminar by Sengmanichanh Somchanmavong International visit sponsored by the International.

on the River Basin for interested stakeholders Directions for strengthening knowledge and information management. 31 Update May 2007 Trend to set up New Water and Environment Agency, Strengthening River Basin and Provincial Water Resource Management Draft Water Resources Profiles Available Draft Water Resources Data and Information Strategy 32 1. Previous Strategic Activities Improved management of natural resources and environment is recognized as a national priority 33 Recognized a more coordinated/


(WSS) from 1993 to date; and Reorganisation of Water Resources Management from 2001 to date. 47 In 1994 National Water Policy was therefore adopted to address the issues, with emphasis on strengthening framework for Water Resources Management following an integrated water resources management approach. The objective NWP: to promote sustainable water resources development with a view to facilitating adequate, equitable and good quality water for all users at acceptable costs and ensuring security/

M4: Management: Planning, Implementation and Operation M 4-4: Economic Aspects seecon International gmbh ACTS Agriculture -Crafts - Trades - Studies Dr.

.pdf – In: Werner et al. (17). http://www.tuhh.de/susan/downloads/water21ecosan_discussion.pdf (27)Otterpohl, Ralf (2005):”A shift to resources management sanitation”. - WATER 21 June 2005, IWA (International Water Association) Publishing, London, UK - part of the discussion on ecosan in WATER 21, complete discussion digitally available at: http://www.tuhh.de/susan/downloads/water21ecosan_discussion.pdf – In: Werner et al. (17). http://www.tuhh/

by Nilgun B. HARMANCIOGLU Director of SUMER, DEU

to have no collateral to offer, despite working much harder than men work. Gender commitment in water resources management Women, water science and technology While most women are considered technologically illiterate, their traditional knowledge should be considered when/of life of women in rural and urban areas in Sub-Saharan African countries, by facilitating their access to water resources management. The project is both a followup to the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing, 1995) and a /

Water Resource& Policies

& Policies In The Name Of God Country Report from Iran Water Resource& Policies S. Shirzad Ministry of Energy Water Resources Management Company Aug. 2007 Contents Water Resources Potentials and Related Issues Major challenges and Trends in Iranian Water Resources Management Recent Approaches and Water Policies Conclusions Water Resources Potentials and Related Issues Iran Location Area: 1.648 million km2 Population: 69 million No of provinces: 30 Average Rainfall: 250 mm Neighboring Countries: Afghanistan/

Focus Area 5A3 Issues in Australian Environments

/PageFiles/6450/Report1.jpg http://www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/PageFiles/6450/Report1.jpg Land Management – Contemporary Management In recent times individuals, groups and governments have joined forces to manage and protect land and water resources sustainably in Australia. New approaches such as total or integrated catchment management, where a whole river system is managed from the headwaters to the mouth, are being implemented. New technology and farming/

Chapter 11 Section 1 Water Resources Warm Up

as buildings and parking lots can act as impermeable layers and reduce the amount of water entering an aquifer. Communities should carefully manage recharge zones, because surface water can take a very long time to refill an aquifer, even tens of thousands of years. Chapter 11 Section 1 Water Resources Wells A hole that is dug or drilled to reach groundwater is called a well/

ANU Workshop, August 2007 NeWater New approaches to adaptive water management under uncertainty Transdisciplinary Research Project: FP6 EU January 2005.

35 project partners www.newater.info ANU Workshop, August 2007 Guiding Assumptions  Sustainable management of water resources and IWRM cannot be realized unless current water management regimes undergo a transition towards more adaptive water management  Systems to be managed are too complex to predict with accuracy the outcome of management interventions and to control all processes  Water management is a political process and implementation of all policies are to some extent/

Saline Irrigation Management for a Sustainable Use

from introduction of canal irrigation; facilitating the use of poor quality water which cannot otherwise be used without appropriate dilution; storing water in ground water basins closer to the users, to ensure water supply to the users in case of interruption of surface water supply; minimizes drainage water disposal problem. Management of the Multi-Quality Water Resources Operation strategies that permit an optimal increase in cropped area and maximize/


Common Fisheries Policy (CFP, for fisheries & aquaculture). Exploitation of resources providing sustainable economic, environmental & social conditions. Including recently incorporation of ‘ecosystem approach to management’ (EAM). 1991 Directive on Aquaculture Animals & Products – productivity, health rules, limit spread of infections & diseases. 1991 Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive – point sources of municipal waste water discharges, sets minimum standards for collection, treatment & disposal 1991/

Definition: Definition: Integrated Resource Management (IRM) is a way of using and managing the environment and natural resources to achieve sustainable.

fish producers and fisheries administrators in policy and decision making over allocation and use of water and land resources, at local and river basin levels. Levels and areas where integration measures for enhanced fish production are possible: Inland fisheries – case study conclusion Basic features of good integrated resource management (IRM) include the formation of extensive partnerships and the close involvement of local interests. Basic/

Contents India’s Water Resources Integrated Watershed Management

. e.g. Stanford Watershed Model Distributed Models: These models are based on complex physical theory, i.e. based on the solution of unsteady flow equations. Part 3: Integrated Watershed Management Background Large water resources development projects in India have adverse socio-economic and environmental consequences. The failure of such projects, contributed to indebtedness, raising economic pressure and jeopardising future development. Indiscriminate expansion of/

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