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1 Serving You with Heart Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2011.

products including VVVF drive for lift systems variable, frequency drive for fresh water pumps, and energy saving lighting systems are to be considered. 31 Hong/ Service Consortium. In 2009, we submitted our training program “Seeding for a Green Revolution” in HKMA’s training competition. The program had not only been awarded with the /Fall Protection System At Mei Chung Court, The Seacrest, we introduced a horizontal lifeline system for workers to prevent fall from height while carrying out cleaning work on/

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from variety of sources Geological data, urban structure, water table level, transportation network, land prices, and land/Physical computational model: the result of a process of programming and system implementation Secondary modeling tasks System maintenance System/both eyes: they are binocular Retinal disparity: our eyes receive slightly different views of the /Computing Perspective, Second Edition, CRC Press Object lifeline Stage two: Object lifelines Designed to explicitly represent changes of state in /

California Public Utilities Commission

voluntary conservation Member of Governor’s Drought Task Force Our utilities are expected to be fine this year Monitoring vulnerable water systems along with Dept. Public Health Mandatory Conservation Catalina Island California American Water Company– Sacramento region 9 9 2014 Look Ahead/ receive $12.65 per months for plans that offer 1,000 or more minutes. California LifeLine program allows consumers to also receive Federal LifeLine subsidy Public Safety and 9-1-1 In July 2013, issued Decision 13-07-019 to/

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Anxiety Disorders 1.In moderation, stress & anxiety are a part of our lives. 2.Anxiety disorders occur when anxiety interferes with your daily /approach your friend, you can consult National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273- 8255, or online for specific /.  Inpatient residential facility  Outpatient  Non-residential treatment program  Mutual aid/self-help resources like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/of ones with butter, cream, or cheese. Drink water instead of sugary drinks Learn more about food safety,/

FFY2014 EAP Annual Training August 20 & 21, 2013 FFY2014 EAP Annual Training Part 6: ERR; Energy Vendors; Public Utilities Commission Presentation; EAP.

40 41  What happens after we receive the complaint form?  Complaint is recorded into our tracking system  Complaint is assigned to a mediator for review  Mediator contacts customer if there/water, cable, internet and sewer) 43  Lifeline wireless providers approved in MN  Assurance Wireless  Budget Mobile  EnTouch Wireless  Life Wireless  Qlink Wireless  ReachOut Wireless  T-Mobile  TerraCom Wireless 44  Lifeline eligibility based on program participation  Public assistance programs/


of all employees. Each member of our staff shall carry responsibility in ensuring a safe work environment. Our safety program has been developed to ensure compliance with/to gain additional reach distance. Never connect a lanyard to a retractable lifeline. Free fall distance shall be limited to six feet or less. Tie/ unprotected roof opening - Tangled extension cords - Airborne debris - Bees, Wasps, Hornets - Water, ice, or other slippery conditions - Any change in walking/working conditions HOLES AND COVERS /

RCCS Insurance Company New Hire Safety Orientation Guideline Prepared by Hettrick,Cyr & Associates (860) 652-9997 www.hettrickcyr.com Revision Date: 1-1-14.

of the incident RETURN TO WORK PROGRAM Company Name views our employees as our most important asset. Although we strive for zero accidents, /Total Fall Distance Freefall = 6 feet maximum Deceleration Distance = 3.5 feet maximum Lifeline elongation = 2 feet maximum Total fall before stopping = 11.5 feet Portion of/ Any unprotected roof opening - Tangled extension cords - Airborne debris - Bees, Wasps, Hornets - Water, ice, or other slippery conditions - Any change in walking/working conditions HOLES AND COVERS *** /

RCCS, LLC New Hire Safety Orientation Guideline Prepared by Hettrick,Cyr & Associates (860) 568 – 2999 www.hettrickcyr.com Revision Date: 5/4/05.

clinic. 187 RETURN TO WORK PROGRAM Company Name views our employees as our most important asset. Although we strive for zero accidents, / Total Fall Distance Freefall = 6 feet maximum Deceleration Distance = 3.5 feet maximum Lifeline elongation = 2 feet maximum Total fall before stopping = 11.5 feet Portion of/ Any unprotected roof opening - Tangled extension cords - Airborne debris - Bees, Wasps, Hornets - Water, ice, or other slippery conditions - Any change in walking/working conditions HOLES AND COVERS *** /

CPUC Public Agenda 3262 Thursday, October 14, 2010, 10:00 a.m. 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco Commissioners: Michael R. Peevey Dian M. Grueneich John.

Renewable Porfolio Standard procurement contracts. ESTIMATED COST: None. Regular Agenda – Water/Sewer Orders Item #46 [9693] Accounting Treatment of Contamination Proceeds from Government/for each investor owned utility.  The “if amended” portion of our support position was asking for the resources the CPUC will need to implement/ The intent is to give the CPUC clear authority to modify the Lifeline program so that Lifeline customers have more choices in service providers. −CPUC POSITION: NEUTRAL −Governor/

1 Regulatory Commission of Alaska Customer Service in Tough Times: Working with Customers and Utilities NARUC Summer Meetings Consumer Affairs Subcommittee.

Customers in Negotiating Deferred Payment Arrangements Statewide Consumer Outreach Consumer Assistance Programs, including Lifeline & Link Up Program Press Releases/PSAs/Consumer Advisories Utility I don’t have enough/. 5 Working with Customers Listen to the Customers  Listen to what our customers are saying, even if we heard it 100 times.  Advise/ fund to help needy customers in paying their water/wastewater bills.  This program allows Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility customers to voluntarily opt to /

Rapid Damage Assessment for Amateur Radio Groups

How did this project come about? What is the Executive Fire Officer Program? What does this project have to do with you? Why are we / than 5’ of water. Other Examples of Damage. If it doesn’t fit a category is it reportable? Yes! Mission Priorities. What’s our inspection targets and in/Iminent Hazard (circle it) Electrical Gas leak Collapse Fire Trapped HazMat Flood Other Infrastructure/lifeline (circle) Utility Transport Critical Service Communications High Life Threat Describe the problem: Identify Special/

1 Module 2: Introduction to UML  Background  What is UML for?  Building blocks of UML  UML Diagrams.

decisions. Constructing: Models can be directly connected to programming languages, allowing forward and reverse engineering Documenting: Diagrams/collections of things and relationships Just glance thru for now Water Rivers Oceans Fish Penguins Crocodiles Fresh water Salt water have live in have 13 UML 1.x  Structural/:  different human users roles interact with our system  other software systems/applications  hardware/with an X at the end of the lifeline Sequence diagrams – an example with object /

BREAK THE VICIOUS CIRCLE OF DISASTERS: FROM LIVING IN RISK TO LIVING WITH RISK Post Disaster Needs Assessment - PDNA What is it? Why do we need it? What.

FIRST HOURS 6. Training, exercises and awareness – Design and conduct of programming for persons completing and receiving post-disaster needs assessments as well as appeal/ (internalize vs externalize) disaster risk reduction Lifelines and basic infrastructure: energy, transport and communications, water supply, irrigation Supply and demand constraints in/existing gap, to coordinate amongst them and to make sure that our efforts to support countries affected by disasters become more effective and provide/

Constructing the Loom: Establishing a Tribally Owned Service Provider.

literacy low in elder population Little awareness of Tribal Lifeline What we did Revived RUS grant Built fiber to/through friendly, courteous and professional service, by our commitment to excellence our company will grow and succeed. Dedicated to /alternative high school, daycare, workforce improvement programs, cultural heritage preservation, library services, recreation venues such/ corporation, Fort Mojave Tribal Utilities Authority, is the water and wastewater service provider to tribal and non-tribal customers/

Mobillite Satellite phones Aron Butler Caitlin Allard Kristina Cole Jill Buote John Gordon.

programs Donate A Phone recycles phones to raise funds for a number of charities Donate A Phone recycles phones to raise funds for a number of charities Call to protect collects retired phones to give to victims of domestic violence for use as a lifeline/communities, or those who travel, taking on the environment by means of hiking, white water rafting, or anything else that may call for immediate assistance. Our target audience will therefore include customers as well as the communities which are more apt /

1 Prepared by Lake Market Research and Kent County Council Kent County Council Budget Consultation Final Report This report complies with ISO:20252 standards.

. Residents were each shown 17 screens containing a pre- programmed list of 4 sequences so all 22 services were tested /random and residents were invited to take part in the Consultation by our telephone interviewing team through:  Completion of the online budgeting tool/’t it? We can’t do anything about it – its like water – we have to pay it” “I expect it and accept it/ those that used the library regularly felt that this was a lifeline for them and valued the service highly. RESIDENTS FEEL PARENTS SHOULD/

St. Mary Health of the Sick Catholic Church 231 Main St, Merrimac Fr

(Min. age 14): Registration Reception Desk Greet & direct people entering our registration department (Mondays or Tuesdays, 1-4 p.m.) Escort – Transport/. With Lifeline, Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital’s personal emergency response service, you can have the security and independence to live at home. Lifeline links you/ Entire Program PROGRAM STARTS OCTOBER 7TH TO APRIL 25th INSTRUCTOR: Deb Raschka Village of Merrimac Water Notice Periodically throughout the summer, Village staff will maintain the water mains /

National Safe Boating Council Essentials of Close-Quarters Boat Control Single/ Twin Outboard and Stern Drive STUDENT / TRAINING MANUAL First Edition –

to take Jim’s detailed approach and craft it into a program of universal training in proper docking and close-quarters boat control/little more forward if needed, and we have better control of our momentum. The point of these “training wheels” techniques is to / a weak current? Since ultimate answers are found on the water, actual open-water testing of a boat in current provides the only answer that/on the top horn Task: Hang a fender on rail or lifeline (long term) Knot: Clove Hitch with Two Half-Hitches Pro/

Using Technology to Support Wellness and Aging-in-place Jennifer Boger, M.A.Sc., P.Eng. May 27, 2009.

trouble breathing 37 Get Neighbour Use ‘Lifeline’ (push button personal emergency response /Therapy Examples of Our Research 52 The/Water = on Use soap Turn on water Wet hands Wet hands Turn on water Turn on water Use soap Use soap Turn off water Dry hands Dry hands Turn off water START Rinse hands FINISH 64 Putting it all together… Hands = water Water = on Use soap Turn on water Wet hands Wet hands Turn on water Turn on water/ technology appropriate?  What funding programs are required?  Who chooses when/

Anderson Engineering 8 Hr. Ref. September Block. Items to be covered this Block Heat and Cold Stress 15 Min Excavation and Ground Disturbance 10 Min Hot.

movement, dampness of the air, and contact with cold water or surfaces COLD DISORDERS Chilblain Trench Foot Fingertip Fissures Frostnip /REQUIREMENTS Each project shall comply with the minimum requirements in our ADP. A Contractor may develop specific local ADPs that always/systems such as the One Call program in North America regarding intent to cause EGD within the /Equipment such as harnesses, lanyards, shock absorbers, fall arresters, lifelines and anchorages may reduce the risk of injury if a fall/

Panel Discussion: PBEE Practice and Needs Paul Somerville, URS Joe Maffei, R&C Ron Hamburger, SGH Lloyd Cluff, PG&E Tom Shantz, Caltrans Jim Malley, Degenkolb.

recorded time histories for seismic design The fine work of the PEER NGA Program notwithstanding, design earthquakes in most parts of the Western United States are from/ motion arrays (spacing < 1 km) combined with simulations are needed to advance our understanding of the blotchy nature of earthquake damage patterns Northridge Earthquake Red tagged buildings/ Lifeline interdependencies during earthquakes Highways and bridges/Power utilities/Water supply System performance Individual lifelines Lifeline groups

Differentiated Instruction and Critical Thinking

how photosynthesis reduces carbon dioxide to sugars and oxidizes water into oxygen, so what do you think the / Jones says that we should not fund the attack submarine program. I disagree entirely. I cant understand why he wants /Destiny Iron monster Unforgiving mistress to a hobo Lifeline Economic renewal Relentless beast Mechanical blight Movie set/the table for dinner.” “The table displays the empirical data for our conclusions.” Same Concept, Multiple Domains The Italian Renaissance: Symbolize curiosity,/

Aquatic Safety in California State Parks Alex Peabody Aquatic Safety Specialist Public Safety Division.

beaches had “swim lines” or “lifelines” which were ropes attached to shore that waders clung to. However, lifelines proved inadequate because struggling swimmers were/ for 33 years, retiring in 1983. Facts and Figures about our Aquatic Recreation Resources Of the 278 California State Park Units 155 /& access points Interpretation & Education: – pamphlets, panels, media programs – News releases, high surf/water warnings – Educational programs (Junior Lifeguards, Jr. Rangers, tide pool walks Mitigating the /

CPUC Public Agenda 3277 Thursday, July 14, 2011, 9:00 a.m. 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco Commissioners: Michael R. Peevey Timothy Alan Simon Michel Peter.

Meeting to ask our staff to mark /program implementation.  Assist in streamlining the application and enrollment process of programs for low-income electricity and gas customers with general low-income programs, including, but not limited to, the California LifeLine Program formerly known as the Universal Lifeline Telephone Service or ULTS program/  Faith Bautista / National Asian American Coalition  Dave Stephenson / American Water Works Service Company  Louise Perez / Community Resource Project, Inc. /

UNCLASSIFIED VIGILANT GUARD 17-1 CALNEVA Initial Planning Meeting (IPM) Updated: 9 Nov 2015 This Briefing is Classified:

3 UNCLASSIFIED VG 17-1 (CALNEVA) IPM Agenda 10 Feb 0830Introductions Exercise Overview VG Program Overview IPM Objectives and Output Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC) Timeline Concept Brief (/damage to major infrastructure (airports, mass transit, bridges, ports and roads) as well as lifelines (water, potable water, wastewater, electrical power, communications and natural gas). The damage is compounded by the fires/our earthquakes as to the how why and realism of it UNCLASSIFIED Vigilant Guard- Meeting Itinerary

Health and Safety at Works of Marine Surveyors

our employees, visitors, contractors and clients. Risk assess our operations and activities and develpo appropriate action Plans. Reduce our adverse environmental impact through sustainable development initiatives that minimize our resource use and waste generation. Increase our employee awareness of HSE concerns and issues. Ensure that our HSE Management processes and programs/ appropriate equipment and techniques (lifelines, respiratory protection, standby persons/isolated on steam, water and smoke sides At/

Minnesota Port and Waterway Security Working Group Meeting April 12, 2012.

and along our ports and on and along our waterways Enhance our awareness /Water Communications Transportation Emergency Services Lifeline Sector Awareness – Where do we fit? Time to take the next step! The NIPP describes the processes to: Set Security Goals Identify Assets, Systems, Networks, and Functions Assess Risk (Consequences, Vulnerabilities, and Threats) Prioritize Implement Protective Programs Measure Effectiveness Assessment Process One or two day workshops available Tailored to your needs Lifeline/

20 WAYS TO OVERCOME BARRIERS TO RECOVERY Prof. Courtenay M. Harding Professor of Psychiatry and Director, Center for Rehabilitation and Recovery The Coalition.


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WRITING. Global Solar Marketplace US Marketplace Federal/State/Utility Program System Components Solar Applications Project Financing Lifeline Solar 2 Agenda 3 “I’d put my money /renewable portfolio standard State renewable portfolio goal www.dsireusa.orgwww.dsireusa.org / August 2010 Solar water heating eligible * † Extra credit for solar or customer-sited renewables Includes non-renewable alternative/please contact one of our representatives. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -/

Www.fleetresponse.org 2015 Overview. www.fleetresponse.org WHERE WE STARTED 3/19/20152015 Fleet Response Working Group Overview 2.

Working Group Overview 3 www.fleetresponse.org What Does The AHC Do? Private Sector Lifeline Sector Companies Federal Government Private Sector Trade Associations, Non- Profits, & Solution Providers/Solutions Power, Trans, Telecom, Food, Fuel, Water, etc..) FEMA, DOE, DOT, DoD, etc… Results Produced 3/16/2014Sustaining Partner Program Overview 4 NIST, DHS S&T, Federal /.org 12 We must be safe, legal, develop mutual understandings with our local, state and federal agencies and attempt to bring a level of/

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 Certificate holder must establish and maintain FAA approved FA training program 15 FLA-FI-FEDREGS-CP-Rev1_0 Copyright © 2011FlightSafety International, Inc/Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is prohibited. Our primary responsibility onboard the aircraft is Safety! Our primary responsibility onboard the aircraft is / lifeline 44 FLA-FI-FEDREGS-CP-Rev1_0 Copyright © 2011FlightSafety International, Inc. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution is prohibited. Emergency Equipment Extended Over Water/

Customer Service Town Hall Meetings.

PROGRAM THESE ARE TAXES WE ARE REQUIRED TO COLLECT How to Read Your Bill THESE ARE TAXES WE ARE REQUIRED TO COLLECT THIS IS YOUR ELECTRIC BILL How to Read Your Bill THIS IS YOUR ELECTRIC BILL Water Rates A typical City of Lake Worth residential water/mail: customeradvocate@lakeworth.org Telephone number: (561) 533-7313 Our Customer Advocate Team is Staffed with Three Customer Services Representatives./ five (5) day notice of possible service interruption. Lifeline cont’d Seven (7) days after the past due/

State of the JSSPVA Annual Meeting May 20, 2014. 19 on JSSPVA Board, 40 led subcommittees. Focus is enrichment opportunities. Fundraising: Benefit, Turkey.

45,000 After School Tech Lab Supervisor $8,624 Lunch Program Study Hall Supervisor $7,280 1st grade Library $2/2 Bill Buczinsky1, 2 Lifeline Theater - "Click, Clack, Boo"1 Froebel Blocks1 Kenilworth Historical Society w/ Trolley2 Lifeline Theater2 Field Museum2 Swedish /savings from last year) Event insurance is not included in our Liability policy Certificate of Liability insurance Upcoming: File Annual Report/events this year – Adam Grant, Sian Beilock, Alice Waters and Carol Dweck. 15 Sears Café – Paige /

The Vietnam War The Brutality of War. Warfare – Conventional vs. Guerilla Surprise tactics, hit & run, sabotage, traps Unsure of enemy location Unsure.

quickly passed from room to room in the tap code. Communications were the lifelines of our covert camp organization. It was essential for everyone to know what was happening / have pictured a guard named "Mouse," who liked to throw buckets of cold water on a man on cold winter nights.Exhaustion and pain take their toll. When/ most men ignored the camp regulations and continued a daily exercise program. Many men give their strenuous exercise program as the reason for their good health. Sickness, such as /


? To bailout the banks with TRAP (Troubled-Asset Relief Program) so as to help banks get rid of toxic assets/shelves under the television. They were _______________ she mixed with water in the motel’s ice bucket and heated up in/ 说可是救命钱,这使 他们不至于形貌落魄 ,无立锥之地;不至 于无钱加油,缴不起 电话费。 b. Modest payments of unemployment benefits were a lifeline that enabled people who were out-of-work to maintain at least an appearance /rewarded by success. 2) It make us strive to do our best, leading to more value creation. 4. Which do/

21 st Century Skills: Distilling Information through Summarization Wormeli, 2011.

A mural that accurately expresses the “checks and balances” nature of our Federal government’s three branches: judicial, legislative, and executive A/programs/country Enforcer of Manifest Destiny Iron monster Unforgiving mistress to a hobo Lifeline Economic renewal Relentless beast Mechanical blight Movie set A foreshadow of things/ created Attribute : person or object Object : Where it’s located Lack (such as drought/water – one thing lacks the other) Synectics (William J. Gordon) “The joining together of /

MBS YEAR IN REVIEW Mike Chalk, MBS Manager Phil Goble, CIO.

CDG added 6 new companies to the MBS family since our last Conference. We have 3 MBS Conversions going on right/ 4:15pm in the Loyalty room! MBS bills for water and water usage for a new MBS company located in S. /) SAM ENHANCEMENTS 6www.cdg.ws MBS now has support for the NLAD program. This support includes: New NLAD detail screen in Customer Care to capture/discuss your NLAD needs! NLAD (NATIONAL LIFELINE ACCOUNTABILITY DATABASE) 7www.cdg.ws NLAD (NATIONAL LIFELINE ACCOUNTABILITY DATABASE) 8www.cdg.ws Task /

Information Visualization

Visual modelling of scientific data using computer graphics Examples In our department HEX program develops visualizations of protein docking http://www.csd.abdn.ac/is related to ingestion of contaminated water Input Data Locations of deaths due to cholera Locations of water pumps Dept. of Computing Science, /Computing Science, University of Aberdeen Dept. of Computing Science, University of Aberdeen LifeLines Visualization of computerised medical records For a patient Horizontal lines (time lines) represent/

Janitors, Custodians, and Housekeepers Module 5. This module: Is one in a series of modules that will discuss hazards janitors, custodians, and housekeepers.

. Eyes Some chemicals can burn your eyes or cause redness, watering, or itching. Nose, Throat, and Lungs Some chemical vapors /provide: Safety shoes Fall protection (safety belt, harness, and lifeline) Coveralls An emergency eye wash A hard hat Training in how/ Developed by the staff at: Occupational Health Surveillance and Evaluation Program (OHSEP), Occupational Health Branch, California Department of Health Services /For additional assistance, you can call one of our consultants. Click below for local L&I /

1 Ketra S. Crosson, OTR/L Assistive Technology to Support Living Independently Visit us online at alphaonenow.org.

to live independently. 4 Alpha One - Our Services Personal Assistance Services – Consumer Directed Transportation – Adaptive Driver Evaluation Recreation – Open Waters (Adaptive Scuba diving) – Rink Link (Adaptive Ice sports program) Adaptive Equipment – Renegade Wheelchairs Other – //Medical Management Medication management - $2.00 to $400.00 Low tech to high tech Phillips Lifeline offers auto dispensing product Personal Care/Medical Management Sonic Alert - alarm clock CamelBak Super Pole Hearing /

Working with Veterans in Crisis: Unique and Shared Characteristics with Civilians in Crisis Kimberley L. Mullen, Ph.D. Veterans Crisis Line Clinical Care.

Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline), American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), and /(off-site), position to be filled – 2 Assistant Program Managers, Julianne Mullane and Rich Barham – Program Manager, Vic Bridges – Deputy National Suicide Prevention Coordinator,/ knowledge of the VA either! SPC’s are our link. One story you need to know to understand/ I’m an alien.” Strong physical sensations (ice water, snap of a rubber band) can help, but/

1. 2 15 Awards for Best Teachers From Early Childhood Education to Higher Secondary.

peace-building. 20 Education As a Lifeline – Priortized by Communities Education is prioritized by communities and offers a lifeline to them. Communities often start up/ Extensive programs on Water & Environment Sanitation Health (WASH) should be introduced widely across schools serving as shelters to wider communities. Continuity in academic program after /delivery systems concurrently as the ultimate massive movement for EFA to include our currently excluded children and youth. 35 Early Call for Action on /

Look, Listen, and Link (LLL) Basic Psychological First-Aid and Suicide Awareness Based on the work by the World Health Organization 23 NOV 2015.

concerns; – helps people to address basic needs (for example, food and water, information); listening to people, but not pressuring them to talk; – comforts/ assists CAP members or their families which assists the our member’s behavioral health needs in crisis. It uses/, Lt Col, CAP Chief, CAP CISM and Resiliency Program cism@caphq.govcism@caphq.gov (goes to CAP CISM HQ/, a hospital, emergency department, or call 911. Confidential Suicide Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 or Text at 838255. Psychological First Aid/

1 ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION General We are a registered NGOs at Nagpur, Maharashtra (India) working in the area of Housing, Health and Women’s Education.

our region of work specially in Vidarbha, Maharashtra Our Doctor members and Associates have prepared a detailed project called Telefilm on Manavseva Netralaya and Drishti Lifeline/to poor the locality to overcome damage caused by shortage of drinking water, rehabilitating the poor and the down – trodden, help to overcome / project to eradicate childhood blindness, to control female feticide, Women’s empowerment programs, etc. It will also sponsor a massive employment scheme for unemployed youth residing/

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Launched Kiva, VisionSpring Scalable Water Systems WaterHealth International Attempts to Improve Access to Potable Water Business-Building Education Programs The Global Social Benefit Incubator/the faces of some of these people and provide them with an emotional lifeline. For me, this is not [continued online] By: Farida Helmy 9/at this years SOCAP Conference with speaker Amy Novogratz. "Our network, our expertise and, where needed, our financial resources are being made available to get projects started/

Welcome to Rotary Awareness Day.  The first Rotary club was organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul P. Harris.  The club, with four members, met in rotation.

we review our current /LifeLine Services  LifeLine Services - Hackley Lakeshore Hospital  Oceana County Food Pantries  Fire Prevention Awareness:  Fire Prevention Awareness: Smoke Detector Matching Challenge  Sports & Fine Arts Camp Scholarships  Rotary Youth Leadership Conference PROJECTS The Rotary Club of Shelby PROJECTS  Rotary Wheelchair Foundation  Water Purification Systems in Third World Countries  Annual Mission Trip to Honduras  Youth Exchange Program  GRAD Program -  GRAD Program/

Contents Ⅰ. Disaster countermeasures and Great East Japan disaster

T Z E N Local Government Telecom Carriers Media Lifeline carriers EPOS (Earthquake Phenomena Observation System) Transportation facilities / Station Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) EEW Alert information in Program only EWBS EEW: Earthquake Early Warning EWBS: Emergency Warning Broadcasting/ but we could get information on the disaster quickly from our one-seg TVs.” Note: the one-seg TV function/damaged by disaster. Transmitting images of coastal waters Wireline network important Information on well-being /

Technology & Regulation Henning Schulzrinne Columbia University Any opinions are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Columbia.

Lifeline 911 Resilience (power) Lawful intercept (CALEA) Disability access Privacy (CPNI) Two separate sets of concerns Telephone Social Policies Universal service (Lifeline/Public Utility Commission responsible for all utilities – gas, water, electricity, telephone federal: FCC, FTC (privacy),/is consistent with Congresss intent that our rules in the Internet area should/ access advisory committee) NG911 accessibility VPAAC (Video Programming Accessibility Advisory Committee) Providing input Helpful comments /

The Future of Design for Construction Safety 18 th Annual Construction Safety Conference Rosemont, IL February 12, 2008 John Gambatese, PhD, PE Chair,

products 2 Design cable type lifeline system for storage towers 3 Design cable type lifeline system for storage towers 3 /lower levels. Lower level is under water during normal operation.Lower level is under water during normal operation. Example Construction Site/Year Awareness Involvement in Design Build Activities with our own employees increased the awareness. Safety Qualified Supervisor/ Share information about your DfCS program Share information about your DfCS program Provide data to make the /


any other event. Diunduh dari: http://www.cmu.edu/ehs/newsletters/lifeline/what-is-Safety.html ………. 10/1/2013 Diunduh dari: http/managers and supervisors Sufficient resources to achieve SH&E program objectives Effective communication, consultation & collaboration Assessments, /human consumption Arbovirus Arsenic - a contaminant of fresh water sources (water wells) Asbestos – carcinogenic; Avian influenza Bovine /model on a sample of 455 Spanish firms. Our findings show that safety management has a positive /

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