Ppt on wastage of time energy and money


of the following is not a reason why we should use energy wisely ? A To save time. B To avoid wastage C To reduce pollution D To save cost RM 8,000 NEXT In a solar powered calculator, the solar energy is transformed into A electrical energy B heat and light energy C light energy D electrical and light energy/ RM 700,000 NEXT SO CLEVER. BUT ONE MILLION IS A LARGE AMOUNT OF MONEY. TRY TO GET IT IF YOU DARE. CLICK EARTH AND UNIVERSE THEME NEXT BACK EARTH AND UNIVERSE ARE YOU READY ? CLICK THE A, B, C, OR D TO/

Version Bror 11 System for transportation of goods realistically will diminish car traffic with calculated one third to one fourth and climate gases with.

om ca 500 000 km 12 Life time costsSEK Writing off of the wagon (Buying cost for the wagon) Reparation and maintenance Electrical energy 0.01 kWh per km, 500 000/of lesser capital binding in stockings, lesser needs of stockings equipment, locals and to some extent handlings equipment and lesser handling including unplanned and unintended but often necessary extra handling. Working with stockings inventories and other calculation of stocking’s volume and sorting and more will diminish. Unsaleable and wastage/

Water in our homes Andrew Tucker Water Strategy Manager Energy Saving Trust.

you site’s water use. New Smart Metering Use of AMR to get real time data & management Leaky pipes on a customer’s property are their responsibility. We help you to find them and fix them. Water Audits Identify points of water use Carry out a Water Mass Balance Use to identify leakage and wastage Facilitate appropriate remedies and fixes Examples: Reducing water use for business is/


are the fellows of the devils and the satan is ever ungrateful to his Lord. (Isra 26-27) Outcome of modern economic system Explosion of Over-utilization كثرت استمال Explosion of Over-production كثرت بيداوار Explosion of Over-wastage كثرت ضياع Explosion of Over-supply كثرت ترسيل Explosion of Debt سودى كاروبار كا جال Explosion of Competition اندهى مقابله بازى http://lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/Research.html Importance of Energy How Much Human Energy Is Contained in One Barrel of Oil? *** 1 Barrel of Oil = 5,800/

ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT Organization and Management Bikash Adhikari Acknowledgement: Khem Gyawali Mechanical Engineer.

organized, in order to produce required quantity of the products of the required quality, at the required time with the minimum production cost. “Take away all our money, great works, ore mines, and coke ovens but leave our organization and in few years. I shall have established myself. In fact the success and failures of any enterprise largely depends on the nature of organization.” – A. Carngie, an American Industrialist/

Save Energy… Use Energy Saving Lamp. Introduction Electricity crisis is a common phenomenon in our country. Its a regular sufferings for the people of.

large amount of money and time for a total and complete implementation. In the mean time, there are a lot of initiatives exist that general population themselves can undertake to ease the electricity load. In this process, to some extend, the electricity crisis will be solved eventually. The first step would be and awareness among people to stop all wastage of electricity and drive towards some savings. Hereby, using CFL(Energy saving/

Looking after our customers Customer and Community Liaison.

, regardless of the time of day. 12 Energy Savings – Quick tips Energy Saving HabitPotential Annual Saving Don’t overfill the kettle£7 Switch off unnecessary lights £8 Wash clothes at 30°C£12 Use a clothesline, not a tumble dryer £17 Have a shower instead of a bath £18 Switch Appliances off£35 Turn heating down by 1°C £60 Number of ways to reduce energy wastage and save money Simple/

Practical feeding of finishing cattle

most rapid gain possible High capital investment – time is money so must maximize gain ADG 3 to 4 lb/d F:G 6 to 7 High grain finishing diets typically result in the best performance and lowest cost of gain. Feedlot nutrition Energy is usually what limits gain in finishing diet Want to maximize energy and not get digestive problems Energy management is typically where problems occur Acidosis/

Understanding consumer behaviour and attitudes towards the consumption and usage of potatoes and other carbohydrate options in Ireland February 2012 Growing.

family meals Most filling Most nutritious Best value for money Healthiest Tastes best Most natural Best when you have time to cook Best for every day routine Most versatile Most enjoyable Best for refrigerating/ reheating for another dinner Most popular nowadays Best with a glass of wine Quickest to cook Quickest to prepare Least wastage Best for snacks Best for busy lifestyles Easiest to/

Cold Chain Market In India India is the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world. Due to lack of adequate cold storage facilities,

to grow furthermore. More modern facilities along with planned establishment between the point of production and market can help India improve the situation, helping it lower wastage and increase profitability. India needs investment of $ 2 billion for low-cost cold chain tech India needs $ 2 billion investment to set up low- cost and energy efficient cold chains in the country, Agriculture Ministry Radha Mohan Singh said, Cold/

Energy Audit- a small introduction A presentation by Pune Power Development Pvt. Ltd.

areas of thermal and electrical energy economy. Highlighting wastage’s in major areas. Fixing of energy saving potential targets for individual cost centers. Implementation of measures for energy conservation & realization of savings. PPDPL The Role of an Energy Audit An energy audit identifies which areas in your establishment unnecessarily consume too much energy, where energy is being consumed and assesses energy saving opportunities, which is the most cost- effective to improve, so you get to save money/


and secondary employment 4/19/2017 RAMIFICATIONS OF CIVIL ENGINEERING HOWEVER a poorly designed and executed project is: A sure recipe of disaster Case in point is damage caused in a recent earthquake in Haiti Cause of wastage of precious resources Wastage of money Source of pollution and creator of GHG 4/19/2017 ROLES OF/ are: Initial cost of acquisition Finance charges Sustainability Ease of maintenance Long term cost of operation including energy and fuel costs Cost of disposal Social responsibility 4/

Water §Importance and unique properties. Features §covers 71% of the Earth’s surface §regulates Earth’s climate §dilutes wastes §sculpts earth’s surface,

, phase II indefinitely postponed Case Study : Aral Sea §regional ecological disaster §shrinking and increased salinity as a result of irrigation water being diverted §all fish dead §salt, dust,pesticide residues carried by wind -salt rain Withdrawing groundwater - US §being withdrawn at 4 times replacement level §1/2 of US drinking water and 40% of irrigation water from aquifers §Ogallala aquifer Aquifer depletion §Saudi Arabia, Northern China/

1 Tools for Building Capacities of CSOs in electricity reforms in Rajasthan A CUTS initiative.

society’s opinion against mal practices such as electricity theft, wastage of energy and so on in rural areas. These grassroots consumer organisations/activists are better informed about the role of regulator and obligations of utilities in terms of deliverables to common consumers.These grassroots consumer organisations/activists are better informed about the role of regulator and obligations of utilities in terms of deliverables to common consumers. Jan-Sunvais (public-hearings) have/

OPERATIONS HIGHER BUSINESS MANAGEMENT. Importance of Operations Core activities of any business Operations Purchasing Raw Materials Appropriate methods.

costs The Purchasing Function Having sufficient stock available Avoiding wastage of stock Having the correct quality In the factory when needed Competitive prices paid Building good relationship with suppliers The Purchasing Mix Best quality Dependability Lowest price Delivered in correct quantities Delivered at correct time Location PRODUCTION Read the Dell Case Study on P80 Read and summarise the information on the Kanban Stock Control/

MEC057 Attendance CA MTE(T) ETE(T) 5 20 25 50.  Concept/Definition of Industrial Engineering  Industrial Engineering Objectives  Industrial Engineering.

organizations, transportation, construction, processing, social services, electronics, facility design, safety, and warehousing.. Production is defined as the number of units produced per unit time. Production may be defined as a process or procedure to transform a set of inputs into output having the desired quality and quantity. Productivity is nothing but reduction in the wastage of the resources. The recourses may be men, machine, material etc Productivity/

Measuring and Increasing Profit. Unit 1 Reminder – What is Profit? Profit is the reward or return for taking risks & making investments.

what is left after all the costs of a business have been taken from its sales revenue Example£’000 Sales150 Wages(50) Energy costs(25) Marketing(15) Other overheads(/ right!) The Importance of Comparison (1) The net profit margin of a business should be compared with other competitors in the same market, and over time Example Company A £’/ A measure of the returns made from investing in the business How good is the business at converting money invested into profit? Provides a means of comparison with /

Low Carbon Chilterns Cooperative Ltd Samantha Free 2 December 2015 COMMUNITY BULDINGS & ENERGY EFFICIENCY.

? Electricity reading every week: 15 16 Background level 1 and 2 Hours Elec kWh 17 Smart Meter for Gas Hours of day Energy wastage INAPPROPRIATE Use of inappropriate fuels Too expensive; Fossil fuels, not renewables Consider electricity generation and building heating POORLY CONTROLLED Timer and/or temperature controls wrongly set – too long, too high Manage users & control energy UNNECESSARY Equipment and lights that are redundant, no longer needed Check/

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

and steel corrosion may become problems of the past. Lower use of materials and energy over time saving money and the environment. Lower more stable long term alkalinity. Reduced AAR and steel corrosion,. Better rheology. Lower water cement ratio, less shrinkage, and easier placement. Other improved properties: Greater density, adjustable placing and finishing times. Fire retarding properties Lower Costs Making reactive magnesia is a benign process with potential for using waste energy and capture of/

The Air-Con Team An initiative to conserve the environment by reducing the usage of air-conditioners.

extent to the wastage of electricity consumption is not that great. Question 4 Analysis of results for question 3 From the pie chart, we can see that almost 60% of the respondents are not aware of the energy rating system /and details of the damage the usage of air conditioners have on the environment o Energy rating system of air conditioners o Existence of certified energy efficient models of air conditioners They are also unwilling to spend more money or compromise their own comfort levels for the sake of/

Live Simply Award Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and St Joseph.

and habitats, to use less and recycle more? Think about the use of parish buildings, energy, food, rubbish and transport. When spending money, does your parish consider the environmental and social effects of its choices? Think about Fairtrade food and drink and sustainable products for building work and repairs, office and /in Solidarity Plan into action Once you’ve agreed your plan and registered with livesimply it’s time to launch the award to the wider parish. A great way to do this is to /


religious and cultural implications. Colour, texture and value for money must also be considered when presenting a menu. It must be presented correctly and in a attractive and appealing manner to the consumer. Before you start planning a menu, consider the 4W’s: WHO is going to eat the food (age, sex, occupation, specific dietary needs)? WHEN is it going to be eaten (time of year, time of day/


and preventive action in case of errors, delays, wastages, rejects, rework, break-downs, accidents, indiscipline, or any other undesirable incidents, and minimizing such cases. Readiness to learn new skills, technology, volunteering to use them. Helping each other Each member will maintain discipline, good conduct, punctuality, time/ within, which is my real Self. Self is the source of all power, energy, life. My real Self is full of Bliss and therefore I can never be satisfied till I regain my blissful /

Barriers for Energy Conservation (A management view) By: D K Singhal Chandpur Enterprises Ltd., Sumit Agarwal Shree Badri Kedar Papers Ltd.,

common attendee, is only interested in determining the possible savings opportunity in his plant, and suitable ways for achieving the same. Wasting too much of time on such presentations, is a wastage of time and energy. At the End of the Day: Any management is interested to know from the attendee whether his attending the energy conservation seminar will be useful to the company or not. If yes, what would/

PLANNING Planning is the first managerial function to be performed. It is concerned with deciding in advance what is to be done in future, when, where.

faced with such options must treat each one as unique, investing enormous blocks of time, energy, and resources into exploring the situation from all perspectives. TYPES OF DECISIONS Intuition and experience also play large roles in the making of non programmed decisions. Most of the decisions made by top managers involving strategy (including mergers, acquisitions, and takeovers) and organization design are non-programmed. So are decisions about new facilities, new/

1 International Financial and Economic Organizations GEED 151 Lecture 3 Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

largely around the need for an emergency sharing system in case of energy disruptions, It produces monthly Oil Market Reports and an annual World Energy OutlookOil Market ReportsWorld Energy Outlook the 26-member IEA has a broad mandate –to consider means of improving energy supply –enhancing efficient energy use –integrating energy and environmental policies –opening dialogue between energy producers and consumers within and beyond its own membership. 28 The OECD: Associated Organizations Nuclear/

Specialist High Skills Major Energy Efficiency Training Awareness featuring the Energy Star Program.

Specialist High Skills Major Energy Efficiency Training Awareness featuring the Energy Star Program What is Energy Efficiency? Means conserving energy by…  Using less energy  Using existing energy more effectively Like time and money, energy can be used effectively or squandered. What everyday examples can you think of, of Energy wastage? Of effective use? Why Energy Efficiency?  Energy costs everyone $$$$$!  Shortages of energy  Environmental impact  Public Health New House Construction & Renovations/

AIM OF THE SURVEY To promote the use of public transport among people so as to reduce the consumption and fuel and reduce pollution of atmosphere.

) Increased rate of traffic. 3) Wastage of money. Cost of 1 litre of petrol = Dhs 1.72 Using one way to travel to office = 50 km Total cost of fuel in a day = Dhs 86 Total cost of fuel in a month = Dhs 2580 If a person uses public transport -: Bus fare in a city = Dhs 7 POLLUTION OF AIR FROM VEHICLES The extent of the problem Drive time, peak hour/

Consumer Education To educate the consumer as to what, how much, where and how to buy ad how to use what they have bought.

It is mark that indicates that the product is tested and is good quality. The product that has ISI mark contains right amount of ingredients, correct weight, not adulterated and prepared under hygiene condition. AGMARK Agricultural, horticultural, forest and livestock products. To prevent poor quality, duplicate and unsafe products from coming into the market. It saves time, energy and money. E.g. wheat flour, gram flour, rice, pulses, jaggery/

ZMoney doesnt create man but it is the man who created money. -Warren Buffet.

product development facilities Lack of Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lack of Specialty fabrics & Accessories -Lack of Direct contacts/ Access to Retailer. -Long lead time - Cost of Agents Proximity to market, regular sailings -sea & Air. Electronic Data Interchange for documentation High Cost Structure ( Labour, Utility) Wastage use of CAD/CAM Labor Laws, Invest in Human Resources Lack of Skilled Management Low productivity, Proximity to Suppliers High energy cost Need to develop/

Ecological Economics to Protect the Planet from Ecocide and Free People from Iron Cage Consumerism Dr. Kazi Abdur Rouf Visiting Scholar Leadership, Higher.

with energy- and carbon-saving measures; (b) renewable energy technologies; (c) redesigning utility networks, in particular the electricity grid; (d) public transport infrastructures; (e) public spaces, green spaces, libraries and so on ; and (f) ecosystem maintenance and protection Tim Jackson (2011) recommends five points: (1).Working time policy; (2) Tackling systematic inequality; (3) Measuring capabilities and flourishing; (4) Strengthening social capital and; (5) Dismantling the culture of consumerism/

CAN-Europe Energy Efficiency Workshop Wednesday 8 September 2010 Mundo B.

share for renewables directly reduces conversion losses Integration of RE requires smart grids, which also enable less wastage of power due to reduced congestion, fewer grid disconnections, and more accurate view of needed storage capacities Smart technology also makes possible variable pricing and demand side management Should also increase investment in energy saving measures due to higher consumer awareness, and / or more tailored offers from ESCOs -> strengthen ESD/


price. Photo-voltaics, new appliances, and modern technologies tend to cost more money. Most green buildings cost a premium of <2%, but yield 10 times as much over the entire life of the building. The stigma is between the knowledge of up-front cost vs. life-cycle cost. The savings in money come from more efficient use of utilities which result in decreased energy bills. It is projected that/

Unit 3 Economic Activity Broken up in three sections

. After a long period of time, erosion will make the farmland useless due to the loss of fertile soil Erosion will also cause habitat loss if the water lasts long enough In that area. Erosion is dangerous to farmers because of the effect of ruining soil, if erosion occurs close to crops, farmers will have to replace the soil, costing them more money and lowering their profit/

 Built-in obsolescence › Some products are designed to stop working after a certain period of time – this is called › This is shown in computer software.

a certain period of time – this is called › This is shown in computer software and hardware, where companies stop supporting products – thus forcing consumers to buy the new products › Manufactures using inferior or less expensive components in their products to ensure they fail quickly.  Advantages › When it breaks the consumers often buys a new one, manufacture makes more money › New, improved and more expensive products/

The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Resource Efficiency Training Add venue Name of advisors.

of packaging and packaging materials in order to reduce costs and material wastage without compromising product protection, handling and/of lifts Capacity Type of Skip -size -security -compatibility Are they licensed? ENWORKS Resource Efficiency Programme Summary A good waste management system: Identifies opportunities Can reduce legal risks and environmental impact Save money/ approach to energy management Monitoring – over time and against production Common areas of savings Water billing and purchasing No /

The challenge of stabilisation Stern Review, Chapter 8.

their cost per unit of greenhouse gas reduction Some of them can be very cheap or even save money Others might be rather expensive today but are expected to get cheaper throughout time The range of abatement opportunities Content Calculating the costs of cutting GHG emissions Abatement opportunities  Cutting no-fossil-fuel related emissions  Reducing demand for carbon-intensive goods and services  Improving energy efficiency  Low carbon technologies/

Public Sector Energy Management Satish Kumar, Ph.D. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Public Sector Energy Management Workshop Mumbai, India September.

-cost Measures Project Term:2001 to 2004 Planning Concept:Quality Circle and Deming Cycle JJ Hospital Case Study Primary Energy Conservation Strategy  Creating awareness about energy conservation Catchy campaigns (use of easy to remember) slogans; Posters displayed at strategic locations (simple steps that people can take to conserve energy and minimize wastage) Secondary Energy Conservation Strategies  Use of natural daylight  Switching off equipment when unused  Plugging air leakage in/


up of fine material known as a FLOODPLAIN. At the same time, the largest material/incinerators in Germany. The owners of these plants receive money to incinerate the waste and income from the heat it gives/and steel industry, £1 in every £12 spent on fuel is wasted. HOW CAN WE SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF ENERGY WASTAGE IN THE UK? NATIONAL SCALE: Government policy providing grants for energy efficient measures (£2,500 a household) and removing planning permission for energy efficient measures (solar panels and/

Indian Economy. Growth and Development of the Economic Firmament.

and training; real estate and ownership of dwellings; banking and financial services; insurance; retail services; and media and entertainment services.  Other Sectors and Sub-Sectors : production, distribution and consumption of energy; horticulture; floriculture; construction of buildings; and / the village money-lender at exorbitant rates of interest varying between 24 to 36%  The adoption of new technology depends upon control over water supply & ability of the farmer to regulate its timing. It requires/

GROWING YR 11 BUSINESS STUDIES MOCKS. GROWING Aims An objective is a statement of specific outcomes that is to be achieved how much profit the business.

Interests Power & Influence shareholdersprofit growth, share price growth, dividends election of directors banks & lenders interest and money to be repaid enforce loan covenants, withdraw banking facilities directors & Managers/ of available time, too many resources sign of inefficiency Improve Productivity training improved motivation more and better capital equipment better quality raw materials (reduces amount of time wasted on rejected products) improved organisation of production, eg. less wastage/


natural resources. Due to increase in population, industrialisation and urbanisation the demand for natural resources is increasing and their availability is limited. So there is a need for proper management of natural resources. The proper management of natural resources consists of :- i) Judicious use of natural resources and avoiding wastage of natural resources. ii) Long term planning for the use of natural resources so that it last not only for/

Economics of Banking and Money (ECOBAM) Yaseen Ghulam

: (2) Prudential control, and/or (3) Government Debt Placement This part of the banking lectures considers these 3 functions. (1) Monetary Control Monetary control: the stabilisation of the price level, or controlling inflation. Money supply: currency in circulation + deposits held at bks. Simple monetary model    P = MS - y, where:  P: rate of inflation: rate of change in p level over time  MS: the rate of growth in the/

ZMoney doesnt create man but it is the man who created money. -Warren Buffet.

for certain in exchange for a chance at something better. zInterest The cost of borrowed money Costs zFixed – are not influenced by the amount produced but can change in the long run e.g., insurance costs, administration, rent, some types of labour costs (salaries), some types of energy costs, equipment and machinery, buildings, advertising and promotion costs zVariable– vary directly with the amount produced, e.g., raw/

Why Economists Disagree: A Common Blindspot Professor Steve Keen Head of Economics, History & Politics Kingston University London IDEAeconomics Minsky.

S = 1000°K (car engine) and D = 300°K (hot summer day!) Maximum efficiency = 1 – (300/1000) = 70% So “perfect” efficiency is impossible 30% of energy wasted even with ideal car engine Actual wastage will be much higher… The environmental blind/shale gas, etc. By the time these run out, we’ll likely have built up a renewable infrastructure of wind, solar, and geothermal energy—plus next- generation nuclear fission and potentially nuclear fusion. And there are likely energy technologies we cannot yet fathom in/


MW SOLAR POWER STATIONS..3 The peak demand period - during the hottest part of the day, when air conditioners are running in the office and home - coincides with the period of time when the solar thermal power plants are at peak production. THE 60 MW SOLAR POWER STATIONS..4 The energy from the Solar Thermal Power Stations is cost effective because it has replaced the/

SCHOOL FOR HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT (SHRD) Department of Entrepreneurship and Procurement DBPC 4119 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT THEORY Prof. Henry M. Bwisa.

Wastage = Financial loses. Sustainability…..Why???? To reduce costs…energy To reduce risk…waste bills, water shortages To reduce absenteeism…less toxins, cleaner air To improve productivity…natural light and/of 40 years ago, now have moneyand they want clean, green and organic; but with style. The hippies of 40 years ago, now have moneyand they want clean, green and organic; but with style. This is a new, emerging and potentially huge market !! This is a new, emerging and/ Longer response time to react /

Sustainable development and state capacity in the Gulf Steffen Hertog Sciences Po/Durham.

industries (coal esp.) could leave more space for oil-based transport emissions Solar energy and other renewables –Use of natural geographic advantages –Hope to build up exportable technology expertise Nuclear energy –could provide affordable, carbon-free baseload energy supply Reduction of domestic energy consumption –big potential in principle – large current wastage The impact of international energy prices on Gulf sustainability policies Oil income determines available capital resources for project/

Reducing Sutton Grammar’s Energy usage Carbon Trust Pilot Scheme Sutton Grammar Eco-School Team.

and building; before school, at lunch and after school With a few access problems, we managed to make a total of 296 observations about energy use We observed 74 unnecessary uses of energy This is an EPIC FAIL of 25% wastage!!!!! Environmental Survey Results Unnecessary Energy Use/ We will be taking meter readings every week and hope to be able to report energy and money savings to you during, and at the end of, this period We will have a newsletter keeping you and your parents up to date This needs you /

Contents of the Presentation What is Energy/Power System of Pakistan? What is Energy Mix of Pakistan? What are Economic Challenges of Pakistan? What can.

should be imposed and minimum punishment of complete power cut off should be implemented. The shareholders and workers of industrial and agricultural sectors should be educated regarding implementation of new and more efficient practices towards energy and water utilization which will lead towards reduction in energy wastage. [1] Beginning of a study for the estimation of external cost of present energy utilization towards generation of electricity, for purpose of transportation and to meet industrial/

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