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Managing and Administering SQL Server 2005 Matthew Stephen ITPro Evangelist Microsoft Ltd

DBDeveloper No SA Privileges Start Trace with Profiler Grant Alter Trace to DBDeveloper Agenda SQL Management Studio Web Data Administrator SQL Express Manager SQLCMD SQLiMail Database Maintenance Workflow SQL Profiler Monitoring Tools Monitoring Tools New Features Log File Viewer Activity Monitor –View Locks in Real-Time Agent User Role –Enhanced Security SQL Server Agent Multiple Proxies –One Proxy Per Subsystem WMI Event Alerts Session Summary New/

Module 8: Monitoring SQL Server for Performance. Overview Why to Monitor SQL Server Performance Monitoring and Tuning Tools for Monitoring SQL Server.

Event Logs Windows application log Windows system log Windows security log Windows System Monitor with SQL Server Windows System Monitor Can Track: SQL Server I/O SQL Server memory usage SQL Server user connections SQL Server locking Replication activity Current Activity Window in SQL Server Enterprise Manager SQL Server Process Information View by process ID View by object Locks, Blocking, and Deadlocks Managing Locks and Processes System administrators can take/

SQL Server 2005 Express Jeremy Kadlec Edgewood Solutions 410.591.4683.

Service management Remote Connections –Features CLR Integration xp_cmdshell Slide: 13 © Edgewood Solutions LLC 2006 SQL Server 2005 Express Tour Primary interface to SS2K5 Express –Object Explorer –Template Explorer –Summary Window –View Toolbars Combination of Enterprise Manager and QA in SQL 2000 Similar functionality as the Management Studio for other SQL 2005 versions Slide: 14 © Edgewood Solutions LLC 2006 Database Creation Right click on the ‘Database/

H ECATAEUS A Framework for Representing SQL Constructs as Graphs George Papastefanatos 1, Kostis Kyzirakos 1, Panos Vassiliadis 2, Yannis Vassiliou 1 1.

all the semantics for the types of nodes and edges G.Papastefanatos, K.Kyzirakos, P.Vassiliadis, Y. Vassiliou. A Framework for Representing SQL Constructs as Graphs EMMSAD’05, Porto, 2005 20 H ECATAEUS Functionality  Different views of the graph(zoom in zoom out)  Subgraph Isolation/Highlighting  Manipulation of the graph components(e.g. add edge/ remove node)  Output graph to various formats (PostScript/

Course Topics Administering SQL Server 2012 Jump Start 01 | Install and Configure SQL Server04 | Manage Data 02 | Maintain Instances and Databases05 |

procedures Primary permissions –ALTER –CONTROL –EXECUTE –VIEW DEFINITION Applying Permissions SSMS –Begin with a principal –Begin with a securable T-SQL statements –GRANT –REVOKE –DENY Security model anomaly (prior to SQL Server 2012) –Column-level GRANT override Table-level/names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this /

Oracle and SQL Server Under One Roof Joe Yong Chief Architect Scalability Experts Inc.

: Storage Blocks VariableFixed Database Architecture SQL Server: Query Processing Lookup in Plan Cache Generate Executable Plan Fix Memory Grant & DoP Execute Found Executable Plan Found Compiled Plan Not Found Auto-Param Bind, Expand Views Parse Query Optimization Return Plans to Cache New Statement Query Optimization (Plan Generation, View Matching, Statistics, Costing) Query Execution (Query Operators, Memory Grants, Parallelism, Showplan) Language Processing (Parse/Bind, Statement/

Views. Logical data is how we want to see the current data in our database. Physical data is how this data is actually placed in our database.

this data is actually placed in our database. Views may be created for the following reasons :- Provides data security Simplifies queries Can be queried as a table itself. Avoids data redundancy. Prevents updating a record as DBA knows you are really working with a subset of a record. Creation of views Syntax Create view as Select, ……. from where = ; Example SQL> Create view emp_view as select eno/

SQLRX – SQL Server Administration – Tips From the Trenches SQL Server Administration – Tips From the Trenches Troubleshooting Reports of Sudden Slowdowns.

– Tips From the Trenches Find info on queries that have recently completed. Cached Queries script available on request. SQLRX – SQL Server Administration – Tips From the Trenches Dynamic Management Views (DMV’s) sys.dm_exec_query_stats - Returns aggregate performance statistics for cached query plans in SQL Server. The view contains one row per query statement. See: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189741.aspxhttp://msdn.microsoft.com/

Oracle 11g: SQL Chapter 7 User Creation and Management.

table or view UPDATE – change data in a table or view DELETE – remove data from a table or view ALTER – change definition of table or view Oracle 11g: SQL12 13 Granting Object Privileges Grant object privileges through the GRANT command Oracle 11g: SQL Granting /(continued) Roles can be modified with the ALTER ROLE command Roles can be assigned passwords Oracle 11g: SQL Viewing Privilege Information ROLE_SYS_PRIVS lists all system privileges assigned to a role SESSION_PRIVS lists a user’s currently enabled/

EN 600.619: Adv. Storage and TP Systems MauveDB: Model-based User Views.

models Scientists use the in the most rudimentary ways –As a backing store for raw data –Run few or no queries User-define functions are inadequate –Static models, insufficient for many applications –Let’s discuss this later? EN 600.619: Adv. Storage and TP Systems Approach Define user-views based on a model syntax –Extend traditional SQL-view model User views provide access to synthesized/

CFUNITED – The premier ColdFusion conference www.cfunited.com SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Performance Tuning Jeremy Kadlec Edgewood Solutions www.edgewoodsolutions.com.

the code share?  Which business processes map back to the code? June 28 th – July 1 st 2006 SQL 2005 - Activity Monitor  Management Studio | Management folder | Activity Monitor icon  Snapshot of SQL Server processing June 28 th – July 1 st 2006 Dynamic Management Views  Operate in near real time from internal structures at a Server and Component level dm_exec_* = Execution of user code and/

Beginning SQL Microsoft SQL Server Introductory SQL Presented by: Britton Lowry, MCP, CPIM Kraft Enterprise Systems, LLC Prepared.

of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) SQL Server Management Studio Standard SQL Interface Hierarchical Database Navigation Database Objects SQL Database Table SQL Database View SSMS Overview SQL Commands SELECT – Retrieve Data from Table/s or View/s INSERT – Insert new rows into Table UPDATE – Update Data in a Table DELETE – Delete Row/s from a Table SELECT SELECT select_list [ FROM table_source/

Introduction to SQL 1 Lecture 5. Introduction to SQL 2 Note in different implementations the syntax might slightly differ different features might be.

implementations the syntax might slightly differ different features might be available in certain implementations non-relational operators might be supported certain relational operations might not be possible to be performed Introduction to SQL 3 Operations create table restrict, project and join (via SELECT) insert, update, delete create view, query view Introduction to SQL 4 CREATE TABLE CREATE TABLE Depts ( Dept_idCHAR(2), Dept_nameCHAR(20), BudgetDECIMAL(8/

Moving from Access Databases to a Visual Studio/SQL Server Solutions Andrew Couch UK Access User Group asc associates www.upsizing.co.uk.

AS SELECT * FROM BigCustomers CROSS JOIN vw_tblParameters WHERE COALESCE ([Country], ) = COALESCE ([SelectedCountry], [Country], ) AND COALESCE ([Date], 1/1/1900) >= COALESCE ([SelectedDate], [Date], 1/1/1900) Translating SQL We choose here to consider maximising translation of objects to SQL Server objects, rather than embedding SQL in code Stored Procedures Views Access Support Library Custom UDF Translation Parameter Translation Form/Report Control and Record Source re-packaging/


List Command line by passing arguments Results are stored in the repository Integrated Data Modeling Open existing models Drag and drop relational Design Rules Inspect all properties Thumbnail view Read only Trace Files Open trace files Search SQL Sort Options Filter recursive SQL Statistics of executions Real-Time SQL Monitoring Real time view of SQL Use /*+MONITOR*/ Drill to view details Visual indicators for current step Queries over/

Note: A bolded number or letter refers to an entire lesson or appendix. A Adding Data Through a View 10-15 ADD_MONTHS Function 03-22, 03-23, 03-46, 03-60.

-11, 10-13, 10-14, 10-15 DML Operations on Data Through a View 10-13 DROP ANY INDEX Privilege 10-36 DROP ANY VIEW Privilege 10-19 Index Oracle Database 10g: SQL Fundamentals I Index-7 D DROP INDEX Statement 10-36 DROP SYNONYM Statement 10-39/SELECT 06-04 Subqueries in UPDATE statements 08-16 Subqueries to Delete Rows 08-20 Index Oracle Database 10g: SQL Fundamentals I Index-18 S Subquery 6 AS Keyword 09-32, 10-07 Embedding a Subquery Within the CREATE VIEW Statement 10-07 Group Functions in a Subquery 06-10/

RDBMS Progress, Oracle and SQL Server in relationship with Big Brother/Big Data.

-16384 50 VST/ Dynamic Performance/Management Views PUG Challenge Americas 2014 ProgressOracleSQL Server Virtual System TablesDynamic Performance Views Or V$ ( Vee dollar) Views Dynamic Management Views _Connectv$session, v$processsys.dm_exec_sessions, sys./TB regular backup or 250 GB RMAN compressed backup (BZIP2 is default). Compressed backup could be done in SQL Server. 56 Replication PUG Challenge Americas 201457 OE ReplicationSynchronous Asynchronous SourceTarget Oracle 12c Far Sync DB Server /

SQL Views Chapter 3A. Appendix Objectives Learn basic SQL statements for creating views Learn basic SQL statements for using views Learn basic SQL statements.

Appendix Objectives Learn basic SQL statements for creating views Learn basic SQL statements for using views Learn basic SQL statements for deleting views Understand the reasons for using views SQL Views A SQL view is a virtual table that is constructed from other tables or views A view has no data of its own, but uses data stored in tables or other views Views are created using SQL SELECT statements Views are used in other SELECT statements just as/

SQL Power Tools - Enhance Your Effectiveness with Extended Events boB ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor MCA, MCM, MCSD.Net, MCT Microsoft Corporation DBI410.

they have in common? They all use SQL Server Trace Now what do you do? NameDescription package0 Default package. Contains all standard types, maps, compare operators, actions and targets sqlosExtended events for SQL Operating System / for Microsoft SQL Server SecAuditSecurity Audit Events ucsExtended events for Unified Communications Stack sqlclrExtended events for SQL CLR filestreamExtended events for SQL Server FILESTREAM and FileTable sqlserverExtended events for Microsoft SQL Server Viewing a real-time/

A scalable algorithm for answering queries using views Rachel Pottinger, Alon Levy [2000] Rachel Pottinger and Alon Y. Levy A Scalable Algorithm for Answering.

Motivation Θ Contributions Θ Algorithms Θ Experimental results Θ Future work Introduction → Motivation → Contributions → Algorithms → Expmtl Results → Future Work SQLViews ↔ Rules Bucket, MiniCon What is a view (in SQL)? Θ Virtual Table Θ Logical data Θ Query vs. View Θ Materialized View Introduction → Motivation → Contributions → Algorithms → Expmtl Results → Future Work SQLViews ↔ Rules Logical Online Instructor Evaluation System for Whitman College, by Paea LePendu, 2003. Introduction → Motivation/

SQL Server 2005 Database Engine Sommarkollo Microsoft.

SQL Server Integration Services 4 Tools and Utilities SQL Server Management Studio SQL Server Configuration Manager SQL Server Surface Area Configuration sqlcmd Utility Database Engine Tuning Advisor SQL Server Profiler SQL Management Objects Business Intelligence Development Studio SQL Server 5.NET Framework integration Procedural database objects –Extends T-SQL Logic & features Managed Execution Visual Studio Rich Libraries In/ system point of view –CPU from an SQL Server point of view 11 Data Storage /

The Essentials: DMV’s and T-SQL for the DBA Rocky Mountain Tech Tri-Fecta.

s Categories Dive in and try them out – T-SQL for internals / DMV’s Utilizing DMV’s How DMV’s can work for you DDL Triggers Plan Guides Rocky Mountain Tech Tri-Fecta DMV’s DMV – Definition Dynamic Management Views (and functions)/ Mountain Tech Tri-Fecta Key DMV’s – Sys.dm_exec_cached_plans – Shows query plans that are cached by SQL Server – For query plans, this DMV maps to the syscacheobjects table in SQL Server 2000 – Sys.dm_exec_query_stats – Performance statistics for cached query plans – Top 10 … – Sys/

Platinum Sponsors Titanium Sponsors. ETL Tool (SSIS, etc) EDW (SQL Svr, Teradata, etc) Extract Original Data Load Transformed Data Transform BI Tools.

processing services into data pipelines Initial data sources SQL Server, SQL Server in IaaS Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database, Azure Blobs, and Azure Tables /Initial processing services Hive, Pig, C# code running on HDInsight hybrid data movement PowerShell developer experience for pipeline composition and deployment Cluster management for on-demand or bring your own Rich visual monitoring experience for a single view/

Slide 1 Chapter 7 – Part 2 Chapter 7 – Part 2 Constraints JOIN statement View.

artist, the following information will be used: artist Id, artist name, nationality, birthday, deceased day. In addition, each artist may have many works or not. The work of each artist will be identified by/View Solution 2.1. What is view for? 2.2. Create view Slide 23 2.1. What is view for?  A SQL view is a virtual table that us constructed from other tables or views. A view has no data of its own, but obtain data from tables or other views. View are constructed from SQL SELECT statements.  Using views/

Anil Desai Austin CodeCamp 2008.  Anil Desai ◦ Independent consultant (Austin, TX) ◦ Author of several SQL Server books ◦ Instructor, “Implementing and.

a trace definition  Specifying events, columns, and filters  Running and viewing a trace  Creating new templates  Scripting trace definitions  Extracting SQL Server Events ◦ Transact-SQL Events ◦ ShowPlan Events ◦ Deadlock Events  Purpose / Goal: ◦ Correlate server performance with database performance  Process: ◦ Define and start a counter log ◦ Define and start a SQL Profiler trace ◦ Import Performance Data in SQL Profiler  Required Trace properties ◦ StartTime ◦ EndTime  Can monitor local/

Managing and Monitoring SQL Server 2005 Shankar Pal Program Manager SQL Server, Redmond.

Tables, etc. User DB Monitoring or Diagnostic Application Some existed, yet not exposed New and exposed in SQL Server 2005 Database Management Views and Functions Maintaining Security and Operational Policies  SQL Server Surface Area Configuration  Auditing and Change Control SQL Server Surface Area Configuration Auditing and Change Control Controlling and Monitoring Change  DDL Triggers – targeting  Specific Commands: DROP_TABLE  Groups: DDL_PROCEDURE_EVENTS  CREATE PROCEDURE  ALTER PROCEDURE  DROP/

Soror SAHRI SD-SQL Server: a Scalable Distributed Database.

u Query Processing, we allow a large number of queries: u Most of the SQL commands (aggregations…) in the SELECT clause. SELECT clause. u Most of the SQL commands (joins…) in the WHERE u Several objects in the FROM clause: tables, views… u Tables with aliases u Scalable view at several levels (3 levels) 9 Performance Measurements u Use of the SkyServer Database from the website: http/

Monitoring and Optimizing SQL Server 2005 Performance Anil Desai.

start a counter log –Define and start a SQL Profiler trace –Import Performance Data in SQL Profiler Required Trace properties –StartTime –EndTime Windows Performance Monitor Can monitor local or remote computers Performance Statistics: –Objects –Counters –Instances Modes: –System Monitor –Performance Logs and Alerts Counter Logs Trace Logs Alerts Using Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) Purpose: –Monitoring and troubleshooting –View server state and performance details –Returns relational/

Getting SQL Right the First Try (Most of the Time!) May, 2008 ©2007 Dan Tow, All rights reserved SingingSQL Presents.

you use a view, the view- defining SQL is part of your SQL, and your SQL is only right if the whole combination is right! Know what you code - views Do rows from the view map cleanly, one-to- one, to a single entity? (Are the view- defining join trees clean?) Is that exactly the right entity for purposes of your query? Are there elements in the view (joins, subqueries/

Temple University – CIS Dept. CIS331– Principles of Database Systems V. Megalooikonomou Relational Model – SQL Part II (based on notes by Silberchatz,Korth,

set to “A” ALL such records) DML - view update consider the db-takes view: create view db-takes as (select * from takes where c-id=“cis351”) view updates are tricky - typically, we can only update views that have no joins, nor aggregates even so,/ Overview - rel. model Formal query languages rel algebra and calculi Commercial query languages SQL QBE, (QUEL) Rel. model - QUEL Used in INGRES only - of historical interest. Eg.: find all ssn’s in mini-U: range of s is student; retrieve (s.ssn); Rel. model /

Data Definition1 After this lecture, you should be able to:  Use SQL DDL Statement to define a database structure.  Work with mysql or phpMyAdmin to.

(Part II - a, b). Data Definition 2 SQL DDL Statements  Create Table create table s (sno char(5),... );  Drop Table drop table s;  Alter Table alter table s add phone char(13);  Create View create view SV as select....  Drop View drop view SV;  Create Index create index X on s/bits, from 1 to 64. The default is 1 if n is omitted.  date  Year values in the range 70-99 are converted to 1970-1999.  Year values in the range 00-69 are converted to 2000-2069.  datetime Date and time. The format is ‘YYYY-/

Process Control Charts Process Control Charts using Microsoft Excel to Query SQL (Data base) that is created by Wonderware 1H2Morgan.com.

automatically when opened Process Control Charts using Excel to extract Data real time from SQL Data Base Advantages: Excel is standard PC application. Files can be emailed and viewed on any PC with Excel loaded. Special Data calculations can be done with /com3 4 5 6 H 2 Morgan Services: H2Morgan provides engineering services to Identify key Plant process data to archive in SQL data base. Creates Excel files to extract data automatically from archived Plant data. Sets up control charts that visually optimize/

SQL. Relating Multiple Tables Relational Database Terminology Row PK Column FK Field NULL.

SQL Course ) UPPER( SQL Course ) INITCAP( SQL Course ) LOWER( SQL Course ) UPPER( SQL Course ) INITCAP( SQL Course ) sql course SQL COURSE Sql Course sql course SQL COURSE Sql/in the FROM Clause ENAME SAL DEPTNO SALAVG ---------- --------- --------- ---------- KING 5000 10 2916.6667 JONES 2975 20 2175 SCOTT 3000 20 2175... 6 rows selected. CREATE TABLE [schema.]table (column datatype [DEFAULT expr] [column_constraint],... [table_constraint][,...]); Creating Table CREATE [OR REPLACE] [FORCE|NOFORCE] VIEW view/

Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, C16© 2014, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc.Slide 1 Thursday, March 12, 12:30 – 13:30PM. MIDTERM.

executes. Introduced to SQL standard in SQL:1999, Supported even earlier using non-standard syntax by most DBMSes. /in a database. AFTER Triggers Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, C16© 2014, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc.Slide 14 Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, C16© 2014, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc.Slide 15 Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, C16© 2014, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc.Slide 16 Murach’s Oracle SQL and PL/SQL, C16© 2014, Mike Murach & Associates, Inc.Slide 17 Triggers for Views Recall updateable views/

Carnegie Mellon Carnegie Mellon Univ. Dept. of Computer Science 15-415 - Database Applications C. Faloutsos Rel. model - SQL part3.

15-415 - C. Faloutsos11 DML - view update consider the db-takes view: create view db-takes as (select * from takes where c-id=“15-415”) view updates are tricky - typically, we can only update views that have no joins, nor aggregates even so/Formal query languages –rel algebra and calculi Commercial query languages –SQL –QBE, (QUEL) Carnegie Mellon 15-415 - C. Faloutsos44 Rel. model - QUEL Used in INGRES only - of historical interest. Eg.: find all ssn’s in mini-U: range of s is student; retrieve (s.ssn/

The SQL Applications Documentation Tool for Dublin City Council.

SQL Server applications Understanding the Stakeholders Brainstorming We brainstormed as many ideas as possible of what a solution might look like and came up with three alternatives :- one in which all data collection was automated (High Automation); one in /applications will be affected if a server needs to be brought down Improved capacity planning via database growth analysis View key SQL Application Information at a glance – quickly find out business information (lead business user; first line support; /

Authorization in Oracle Part 1 Ji-WonMahesh. Sources Starting source: Starting source: Oracle Database – Security Guide Oracle Database – Security Guide.

inherited privileges E.g., need explicitly granted rights on base objects to include in view E.g., need explicitly granted rights on base objects to include in view Subtleties when it comes to stored procedures Subtleties when it comes to stored procedures named and anonymous PL/SQL blocks named and anonymous PL/SQL blocks E.g. cannot set roles within a definer’s rights procedure E/


Monitoring: DBA Lifesaver Agenda Case Study Agentless Architecture Monitoring Tool Comparisons SQL Sentry Demo Case Study Background Needs  Ability to view both real-time & historical activity  Ability to review resource contention and / TuningNoYes – DetailedYes – Basic Replication Monitor NoYes Approx. Overhead3%-4%0.25%-0.5%2%-3% * Data Compiled in 2011 SQL Sentry Demo To the tool! Summary Analyze your needs, review monitoring options Use database monitors to troubleshoot emergencies as well as/

SQL LOADER. SQL*Loader (sqlldr ) is the utility to use for high performance data loads. The data can be loaded from any text file and inserted into the.

", IF_ROW_BATCH_NUM CONSTANT "200", AP_ADDR_NAME, AP_ZIPCODE ) The Log File The log file contains information about the SQL*loader execution. It should be viewed after each SQL*Loader job is complete. Especially interesting is the summary information at the bottom of the log, including /that is created when at least one record from the input file is rejected. The rejected data records are placed in this file. A record could be rejected for many reasons, including a non-unique key or a required column being/

VIEWS A view is like a window through which one can view or change information in the table. Although view does not contain any data of their own. They.

kumar sales manager 16000 444 raj marketing manager 15000 555 muniya purchase manager 15000 Ex:2 One might define a view of EMP table called EMPVIEW, which contains employee no, name, department, post and basic only the records in post as clerk. SQL> create view EMPVIEW as select * from EMP where post = ‘clerk; Output Error : name is already used by an existing object But/

M-Connect John Pinder. Agenda Problems? Future development SQL server Oracle Web based Data dictionary Central repository.

Names NHS Number Problem Causes - Speed Server workload Other applications -SQL Server -Oracle -Exchange Server Problem Causes - Speed Network traffic Applications competing for network/NHAIS ICM PCIS Open Exeter Orphaned licence processes Caused by cancelling queries in front end Licence record remains Limits amount of active connections available Problem / of data dictionary to update Ensure all users viewing latest version Located where all users can view Web page Central Repository Not widely used Needs /

SQL Query Analyzer. Graphical tool that allows you to:  Create queries and other SQL scripts and execute them against SQL Server databases. (Query window)

without knowing the parameters. (Object Browser procedure execution feature)  Debug stored procedures. (T-SQL Debugger)  Debug query performance problems. (Show Execution Plan, Show Server Trace, Show Client Statistics, Index Tuning Wizard)  /Locate objects within databases (object search feature), or view and work with objects. (Object Browser)  Quickly insert, update, or delete rows in a table. (Open Table window)  Create keyboard shortcuts for frequently used queries/

Page 1 Overview of SQL Azure Jeff Chu | 2010-6-25.

–Akin to SQL Server Instance –Unit of Geo-Location & Billing –1:1 Subscription & server User Database –Restricted T-SQL surface area –Additional catalog views provided e.g. sys.billing, sys.firewall_rules, etc Page 4 SQL Azure Database / Provisioning Endpoint Business Logic Services Connection Mgmt SQL Scalability and Availability: Fabric, Failover, Replication, and Load balancing Page 8 Provisioning Subscription –Coordinated across all Azure services –Executed in parallel w/retries Server –May occur between/

CSC 240 (Blum)1 Introduction to Oracle. CSC 240 (Blum)2 Start/Programs/Oracle – OraHome 90/ Application Development/SQL Plus.

a password james_pw. The host string is: cscora2.lasalle.edu CSC 240 (Blum)5 After successful log in CSC 240 (Blum)6 You can enter SQL commands at the SQL prompt These line numbers were supplied automatically. The line will execute (or attempt execution) after the / RIGHT JOIN. CSC 240 (Blum)27 Use Notepad to create an.sql file with SQL commands CSC 240 (Blum)28 Go to Windows Explorer, select Tools/Folder Options CSC 240 (Blum)29 Select the View tab, choose not to hide file extensions CSC 240 (Blum)30/

CSS Microsoft Korea. Data Collector Management Data Warehouse Performance and Configuration Reports Graphical Showplan Activity Monitor SQL Profiler Dynamic.

Korea Data Collector Management Data Warehouse Performance and Configuration Reports Graphical Showplan Activity Monitor SQL Profiler Dynamic Management Views Resource Governor (Enterprise Only) XEvents Database Engine Tuning Advisor  성능 튜닝 도구의 이해와 활용  베이스라인 수집을 위한 전략 수립  SQL Server 2008 의 성능 튜닝 도구  Activity Monitor Management Data Warehouse 현재와 최근 /-of-the-log-manager.aspx  Statistics Used by the Query Optimizer in Microsoft SQL Server 2008  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd535534.aspx http/

Oracle: Programming Languages SQL and PL/SQL Introduction Toomas Lepikult

for interacting with oracle-server; you can insert SQL-statements through SQL*Plus; You can format the query results through SQL*Plus; You can update SQL-statements; SQL*Plus enables to store the SQL-statements in external files; It enables to read the external files into buffer. SQL*Plus and SQL Buffer SQL*Plus SQL- statements Server Formatted report Query result SQL*Plus formatting statements SQL*Plus editing statements 1) ssh enos.itcollege/

Data Management and Index Options for SQL Server Data Warehouses Atlanta MDF.

/or partitioned tables. Agenda Data Warehouse Overview Partitioned Views Partitioned Tables Compression Indexed views Filtered indexes Columnstore indexes Partitioned Views (SQL 7) Multiple tables, but presented as a single logical entity with a view CHECK constraint on each table enables partition elimination in queries Use UNION ALL in view definition to prevent engine from attempting de-duplication Partitioned Views (SQL 7) Pros Adding/dropping tables is easy Able to update/

Business Intelligence in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Marin Bezić Microsoft EMEA SQL BI PRODUCT MANAGER

in and the Business Scorecard Analyze (Excel) Collaborate (BI Portal) Manage (KPIs, Scorecard) Integrated BI Offering SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Analysis Services OLAP & Data Mining Integration Services ETL SQL Server Relational Engine Reporting Services Management Tools Development Tools SQL/Services ETL SQL Server Relational Engine Reporting Services Management Tools Development Tools SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Unified Dimensional Model Integrating relational and OLAP views Pro-active/

SQL Rohit Khokher.

queries easy. :- To provide data independence. :- To present different views of the same data. SYNTAX:- CREATE VIEW viewname as SELECT columnname, columnname from tablename; Ex:- SQL> CREATE VIEW c_view 2 SELECT name, city 3 from client_master; Removing a View:- SQL> DROP VIEW c_view ; INDEXES An index is an ordered list of a column or group of columns in a table. An index created on the single column of/

부산대학교 산업공학과 대학원 Department of Industrial Engineering at PNU. -1- Copyright © 2008 Chang-bong Kim 하병현교수님 ASP.NET & MS SQL Server 이름 : 김 창 봉 학번 : 200893192.

Chang-bong Kim GuestBook D/B Add Page Index to GuestBook Change Attributes  AllowPaging=True  PageSize=5  Mode=NumaricPages (In PagerStyle) Add Event  “PageIndexChanged” Add Code private void dgGuestBook_PageIndexChanged(object source, System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridPageChangedEventArgs e) { this./Copyright © 2008 Chang-bong Kim Web D/B Concept Write.aspx Delete.aspx Mosidy.aspx MS SQL Server 2005 List.aspx View.aspx Department of Industrial Engineering at PNU. -39- Copyright © 2008 Chang-bong Kim Web/

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