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Sleep Disorders, Dreams, Hypnosis and More! AP Psychology 12 Ms Carey Unit 5 States of Consciousness AP Psychology 12 Ms Carey Unit 5 States of Consciousness.

PATIENTS. What people agree on, is that it is actually an ALTERED state of consciousness. AND YES: practitioners do use this in therapy sessions. FACTS & FALSEHOODS OF HYPNOSIS ALL who study hypnosis agree that its power resides NOT in the hypnotist/1980 have reported being abducted by UFO’s, abused in Satanic Cults, or remember past lives. Studies reveal that most reports of UFO’s have come from people who are predisposed to believe in aliens and are highly hypnotizable and suggestible to comments. / 2) /

1 HNRT 228: Astrobiology with Bennett and Shostak Chapter 12 overview FALL 2015 by Dr. Geller With added material by Dr. Zimmerman Ind.U.

.1) zThe Question of Intelligence (12.2) zSearching for Intelligence (12.3) zThe Process of Science in Action: UFOs and Aliens on Earth (12.4) 7 It’s a Big Galaxy in a Big Universe 8 Extrasolar Capability Review 9 The First/standard deviations; the Stanford-Binet IQ test has a standard deviation of 16). 27 iClicker Question zThe fact that marine predators like dolphins and sharks have similar shapes despite different ancestry is an example of yAconvergent evolution. yBnarrow bandwidth. yCspontaneous creation/

1 Honors 228: Astrobiology with Bennett and Shostak Chapter 12 overview Spring 2011 by Dr. Geller With presentation by Dr. Zimmerman Ind.U.

.1) zThe Question of Intelligence (12.2) zSearching for Intelligence (12.3) zThe Process of Science in Action: UFOs and Aliens on Earth (12.4) 7 It’s a Big Galaxy in a Big Universe 8 Extrasolar Capability Review 9 Extrasolar /standard deviations; the Stanford-Binet IQ test has a standard deviation of 16). 26 iClicker Question zThe fact that marine predators like dolphins and sharks have similar shapes despite different ancestry is an example of yAconvergent evolution. yBnarrow bandwidth. yCspontaneous /

This Seminar We will have A crash-COURSE IN APA Style! Welcome to Unit 4! The Tests and Temptations Stage of the Hero’s Journey (is APA alien to you?

quotation and a later paraphrase of his ideas are properly cited. Further, the first sentence can be considered "common knowledge." The fact that/(PBS, 2011)  Or if no author  (Title of article, Year) ex: (“Aliens Unite,” 2012) Learning how to cite How would you create a shortened version (in-text /Retrieval information.. Where?  How would you fill out the gold section? NASA. (2004). UFO No Longer Unidentified. Periodical. information. Retrieval information. Where? Magazines, Interviews, Libraries, Books,/

Timeline series timeframe 1 – Daniel 8

fact that ‘they’ are described as terrible and dreadful; their judgment and dignity proceed of themselves can only be describing Satan’s fallen angels unlawfully and visible appearing with all lying signs and/ fleet of mother ships, UFOs or flying saucers and using weapons of destruction that leaves/and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.   This confirms exactly the verses of Habakkuk 1:5-11. First the rise of Antichrist with visible help from Satan and his angels masquerading as some alien/

1. 2 Airport Security Against the Status Quo. Airport searches invade personal privacy and do little to protect the American public from terrorism. Supporting.

Oswald, agent of the CIA The Secret Service Howard Hunt The Federal Reserve The Israelis The Cuban Exiles The American Fact-Finding Committee OR an opponent of the status quo may focus on one facet or detail of the assassination, such/, remote sensing 28 Roswell Crash Against the Status Quo. An alien craft crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1949. Alien bodies were recovered and studied by our government. Supporting the Status Quo The Roswell UFO crash never happened. People are confused or creating a hoax. 29/

Chapter 1 Thinking Critically. “Thinking critically is an approach to problem solving and decision making that involves  Careful reading (or listening)

and decision making that involves  Careful reading (or listening)  Sharp thinking  Logical analysis  Good visualization  Healthy skepticism ” page 13 Section 1A Recognizing Fallacies pages 14-18 Definition: An argument is a collection of facts /aliens visiting Earth. Therefore, anyone who claims to have seen a UFO must be hallucinating.” Therefore, anyone who claims to have seen a UFO must be hallucinating.” P: Scientists have not found any concrete evidence of aliens visiting Earth. C: Therefore, UFOs/

Science Fiction Literature It’s not just spaceships and little green men!

that was? Sub-Genres As you might now be able to guess, SciFi isn’t always about spaceships and aliens. In fact, it rarely is. Though there are about 50 sub-genres of SciFi, 10 sub-genres are seen most/Theme 1: Unexplained Phenomena Stories featuring UFOs, pyramid power, paranormal abilities, ESP, and other psychic possibilities are really about how humans are affected by these possibilities. Stories featuring UFOs, pyramid power, paranormal abilities, ESP, and other psychic possibilities are really about/

Selling and Teaching Foresight Development Tips and Tools for Foresight Educators World Future Society July 2008  Washington, DC John Smart, President,

Fourteen Billion Years of Cosmic Evolution, Episode 4: Where Are the Aliens?, NOVA, 2004 Evolution (8 Episode Series): Episode 2 - Great /UFO GroupWhen Prophecy Never Fails: Myth and Reality in a UFO Group, Diane Tumminia, 2005 Exposes = how wishful thinking causes us to deny reality. We all do this, to some extent. No Logo: No Space, No Choice, No JobsNo Logo: No Space, No Choice, No Jobs, Naomi Klein, 2002 Brands now dominate public life, narrow our choices and our thinking. Tips on resisting. 50 Facts/

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice

Market 20% of Americans own stock; 90% of stocks and bonds owned by 10% The top 1% owns 51% of all stocks, bonds, and mutual fund assets. “Business” news The Stock Market Interesting Fact: As a group, U.S. Senators beat the market/federal programs and recommend which programs live, die, or get realigned Solutions Punish environmental scofflaws with large fines and jail time Increase enforcement budgets to combat international environmental crime Establish International Court of the Environment Alien Tort /

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

Abraham Lincoln “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital; that, in fact, capital is the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital and deserves much the higher consideration.” Railroad magnate/ Beliefs 37% believe places can be haunted (2007) 37% believe places can be haunted (2007) 25% believe in UFOs (2007) 25% believe in UFOs (2007) 24% believe in astrology (2009) 24% believe in astrology (2009) 16% believe that people with the /

Frank Jenkins, PhD, retired Secondary Science Education Centre for Mathematics Science and Technology Education (CMASTE)CMASTE Centre for Research in Youth.

and to site individual experts as if they represent the consensus of scientific opinion. FJenkins@UAlberta.net, 2011-10-22 ATA SC Conf.11 Evaluating claims to knowledge environmental claims global warming acid rain radioactivity mining & restoration flaring drag-netting fish fish farming pesticide use paranormal claims alien abductions; UFOs/-vigilance? national science academy? evidence-based science? selected evidence? fact checking? scientific attitudes? scientific integrity? big-money lobbying? ethical /

PTYS/ASTR 206Life / Exo Planets 5/1/07 Extraterrestrial life and … extrasolar planets.

by Aliens ? Check out: http://www.ufoevidence.org/photographs/photohome.asp PTYS/ASTR 206Life / Exo Planets 5/1/07 A UFO panel/UFOs and Ball Lightning UFOs –Not reported by scientists –Scientists are skeptical Ball Lightning –Often reported by scientists (and others who are deemed credible and believable) –Never photographed ! (confirmed to be authentic) –Not produced in a laboratory and/this would be a scientific discovery of EPIC proportions! –In fact, some reason that this alone supports the Humans-to-Mars/

A) (Opinion Question) Choose yes or no, and write 2 or more sentences explaining/defending your answer. B) Imagine that life does in fact exist elsewhere.

A) (Opinion Question) Choose yes or no, and write 2 or more sentences explaining/defending your answer. B) Imagine that life does in fact exist elsewhere in the universe. What might it be like?  Primitive or advanced?  /about what intelligent aliens might actually be like if they exist. (see two examples below) Examples: What they might look like Examples: What kind of technology might they have? Notes SPIs 0807.5.1 to 5.4 Classification, Adaptations. Variations, and Biodiversity What About UFOs? U.F./

The Sacred and the Profane The sacred are things that are set apart and forbidden – they inspire feelings of awe, fear and wonder and are surrounded by.

and alienation Marx also sees religion as the product of alienation – under capitalism workers are alienated /and UFO cults. 2. Client cults – based on a relationship between a consultant and client and they provide services to their clients. The emphasis today is on ‘therapies’ which promise personal fulfilment and self-discovery. Examples include homeopathy and Spiritualism. 3. Cultic movements – these are the most organised and/In the case of science, scientific facts are the product of shared theories /

Become an online sleuth

3 sources of information. Remember to include one source with an opposing viewpoint. Always check facts that you find. Additional TIPS Check the URL ; what is the domain extension and what does it stand for? Think of a domain extension as a flag for a /topic. You will then discuss which web sources were the most trustworthy and useful, and which were not and why. Source List: Is There life on other planets? http://www.aliensthetruth.com http://www.ufos-aliens.co.uk/ http://kepler.arc.nasa.gov/ STEP 6: Now, /

Health Consequences of Environmental Degradation and Social Injustice Martin Donohoe, M.D., F.A.C.P.

owned by 1% 20% of Americans own stock; 90% of stocks and bonds owned by 1% The top 1% owns 51% of all stocks, bonds, and mutual fund assets. The top 1% owns 51% of all stocks, bonds, and mutual fund assets. “Business” news “Business” news The Stock Market Interesting Fact: As a group, U.S. Senators beat the market by an average of/

Coming of Age, Then and Now: The Truth Remains the Same The foundation for all good YA literature is honesty about the identity crisis of the teen years.

family consisting of his mother, his birth father and himself. He created this fantasy of his father coming back to them with a UFO excuse as to why it wasn’t his fault that he had abandoned them and couldn’t return. In Chapter 8 “Father /as part of a family who needs her. Alienation/Mistrust and the Desire to Belong: No Surrender Soldier Kiko alienates himself with his silence and sullenness, then in his anger. Kiko wants to stay with his intact family, in fact, that’s partly why he resists changes due /

Antichrist and the End Times AET-057 and 058 Revelation 13: The Beast.

these are not human, but of some other origin, angelic in the case of the Bible scholars, and alien beings in the case of the weirdo UFO nuts.] 7/12/0979AET-057 and 058 Daniel 2: The Beast Keil concludes, “The figure of mixing by seed is derived from the/, this interpretation makes sense out of a symbol which must at least in its major elements correspond to the facts of history. 7/12/0998AET-057 and 058 Daniel 2: The Beast The crux of the interpretation of the entire symbolic vision is found in the /

Fact vs. Opinion An Interactive Exercise. Directions: Lets use what we learned yesterday and practice telling the difference between a fact and an opinion.

Identifying facts and opinions in a passage. Area 51 Area 51 is a military facility approximately 90 miles north of Las Vegas. At the center of the site there sits a large air base. Area 51 is also the site of a U.S. Government UFO cover/that you can ever visit. "The government is hiding the remains of alien spacecraft there," says Sarah Mitchell, a long-time resident from the surrounding area. AREA 51 (continued) The possibility of aliens draws visitors to the area. There is even a book for visitors seeking/

Chapter 0: Science and the Principles of Clear Thinking My goal - to give you example and practice in how science thinks and how we arrive at knowledge.

sense, But!... ONLY if you have an integrated mind all “of a piece” to start with. That’s a vital fact often unappreciated. A person whose mind is filled with a jumble of undigested factoids gets neither a dissonance nor a light bulb when/ struck by how the question is phrased, the suggestion that this is a matter of belief and not evidence. Im almost never asked, How good is the evidence that UFOs are alien spaceships?." - Carl Sagan, "The Demon Haunted World", p.78 Dogmatic Thinking Defining yourself by/

Science Fiction. 2 Minute writing exercise Answer either or both of these questions: 1.How are sci-fi and science linked? 2.What are the key elements.

and technology Science fiction is based on scientific and technology advances Scientists are influenced by new fiction concepts Science fiction becomes science fact /and mutants: X-men, shapeshifters, UFO’s, Alternative realities. Possible Futures: Alien invasion, Apocalyptic events and world- wide disasters. Types of beings: Clones, extra-terrestrial life, Genetic alteration, super human powers and mutants: X-men, shapeshifters, UFO’s, Alternative realities. Technologies: Artificial intelligence: robots and/

Science Fiction. pseudoscience Pseudoscience is a belief that is presented as scientific and legitimate, but lacks any scientific evidence to support.

UFO’s (unidentified flying objects): an unusual flying object that can’t be identified as anything known to the observer. Usually associated with alien/and the results cannot be reproduced or verified. Based on testable fact.Based on manufactured facts such as unverifiable eyewitness testimony, stories and tall tales. Convinces people based on logic and mathematical reasoning. Convinces by appeal to faith and/ Apollo moon landing The existence of UFO’s Activity Use Wikipedia and other websites to: 1.Write a/

Unit 2 Mistakes and Mysteries

back by now! (obligation) You should be ashamed of yourself. (opinion) You should apologize and pay me back tomorrow. (advise) Modal Verbs – Past, Passive, Continuous Past Continuous Modal /facts do they mention? The Hills saw an object flying beside their car. Betty saw creatures looking at them from the object. The creatures spoke to the Hills in a strange language. Betty found pink powder on her dress the next day. The Air Force agreed that Betty saw a UFO. The doctors doubted the Hills’ story. The aliens/

Unit 4 Angel Zhou 2009-04. UFO unidentified flying object 不明飞行物.

theme of the unit. Word Web Word-web E.T. flying saucer invasion advanced alien UFO weird abduction universe flying disc outer space Martian galaxy Think of as many words and phrases as possible about Extraterrestrials (E.T.) China ’ s first man in / extraterrestrials will ever land on Earth -- at least, any more. I’m not just being a pessimist. As a matter of fact, extraterrestrials have landed. I know that. Spaceships are crisscrossing space among a million worlds, probably, but they will never come here/

Cyber War, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Espionage (v1.2)

working at home on confidential documents, or phishing local banks to look for base personnel with financial difficulties… In fact… How About Non-Military Critical Infrastructure in North Dakota? Is there commercial critical infrastructure in ND? *YES* / analyst, has said that he was looking for computer files containing details about UFOs and aliens. The US Government says that he stole passwords, deleted files and left threatening messages. Mr McKinnon, of Palmers Green, North London, admitted carrying/

SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. SCIENCE knowledge about the world, based on examining, testing and proving facts school subject.

gravity. these objects are the eight planets + their 166 known moons, five dwarf planets, and billions of small bodies = asteroids, comets, meteoroids, and interplanetary dust the eight planets are: Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Earth Uranus Mars Neptune MYSTERIES UFO – unidentifying flying object Do you believe in supernatural things? (UFO, aliens,…) Is there life in the space? DO YOU BELIEVE IN…? reincarnation telepathy fortune-tellers horospcopes/

April Fool’s Day Pranks and Hoaxes. Swiss Spaghetti Harvest.

and floated around the room. UFO Lands in London 1989: On March 31, thousands of drivers in London looked up and saw a glowing flying saucer floating over the city. Many pulled over to watch the craft float through the air. When it finally landed in a field, people called the police to warn them of an alien invasion. The police arrived, and/ by the guards at Buckingham Palace kept growing and needed to be regularly trimmed: “The most hair-raising fact about the bearskins has been discovered by scientists /

Lecture 2. Pseudoscience and Critical Thinking About Scientific Issues “We’ve arranged a global civilization in which most critical elements profoundly.

on selected or inadequate evidence, false authority, unsupported beliefs, and does not allow for proper testing of its claims. superstition, substituting fiction with fact magnetic bracelets… What is Science? Science uses: - logic - critical thinking - appropriate evidence (ALL the evidence) - subjects all authority to scrutiny - allows for the testing of its claims The UFO Phenomenon Many scientists readily accept a high probability of life/

POLICY ARGUMENTS Policy Arguments and Decision Making Identify the “problem” to be resolved. Identify the underlying causes of the problem. Identify.

believe aliens do exist and believe the U.S. government covered up a UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. REALITY CHECK: Although it is possible that aliens exist, there is no evidence of it now and no/ case for a proposition of fact: The evidence and reasoning: establishing the truth or probability of a proposition of fact Methods: Observation, Experiment, Testimony. Observable facts and Theoretical constructs. Observable facts: Direct observations and Indirect observations (circumstantial evidence)/

1 Overview Motivation Basic definitions –Elements of an HMM –Markov chain example Three basic problems Sample application Cool terms and ideas Algorithms.

down, lightning hit bends the occasion that you have, I recall and non threatening manner. In earlier message news:39C05A9A.66A4@earthlink.net... In fact, I find people believe that an encounter. 8 talk.politics.misc meets alt.alien.visitors The ego is happening. Secrets of crime. Because UFOs and nuclear weapon systems and applies them that FBI agents went across on the reality of a/

Who created those wooden heads and why? This mystery will soon be uncovered. By: Jacob L.

UFOs, Atlantis…has always been part of the Easter Island debate.” I find this theory false A main theory is that a group of Polynesian settlers started at sea, were stranded there for an extensive period of time, and found Easter Island. Then they simply changed and/ good example of factual evidence, and I feel that this evidence is true. I Agree with the scientific facts and believe that the Rapa Nui created these heads. With such craftwork, how could have aliens or Atlantis create these detailed carvings/

Consciousness and the Two-Track Mind Modules 7-10 AP Psychology Ms. C. Fahey.

are aware. ◦ It is also a part of the mind from which we can potentially retrieve a fact, an idea, an emotion, or a memory and combine it with critical thinking. ◦ Can you make an argument that you are who/what your /of examples of memories created under hypnosis come from people who reported seeing UFOs. ◦ Studies reveal that most reposts of UFOs have come from people predisposed to believe in aliens, are highly hypnotizable, and have undergone hypnosis Can Hypnosis Make People Act Against Their Will? The /

ENGL 6480/7480, Studies in Contemporary Literature: Mad Men and the Sixties Dr. David Lavery Summer 2015 The Space Age.

6480/7480 —I saw an ad for Always Plus Night Super Maxi Pads depict the feminine hygiene product as a UFO. ENGL 6480/7480 —I saw a ready-to- assemble "wall system"— labeled, of course, as a "Space Age" product— offer "new heights/ blaze of white light out of which emerges a figure we take to be an alien but which turns out in fact to be his daughter, excitedly pronouncing, "Daddy!" ENGL 6480/7480 —I saw woofers and tweeters of a Delco- GM Sound System become a formation of flying saucers beckoning us/

Welcome Lesley Scott Lecturer, Contextual and Critical Studies Contact for dyslexia and other things GP20 Portacabin, Gray’s

at some point in time. The government has conducted autopsies on alien cadavers. U.S. intelligence agencies, security agencies, and public agencies are involved in the cover-up of facts pertaining to the situation. People have been and are currently abducted, mutilated, murdered and kidnapped as a result of the UFO situation.. Wickedpedia Research is fun CCS WEBSITE http://www.studioit.org.uk For all CCS/

THE 1950s: “Anxiety, Alienation, and Social Unrest” ?? “Conservatism, Complacency, and Contentment” OROR.

region in the southern half of the U.S. known as the Sunbelt, which dramatically increased in population. In fact, in the 1950s, California overtook New York as the most populous state. –Immigrants came to the Sunbelt for more/SPUTNIK I 1958  National Defense Education Act Progress Through Science UFO Sightings skyrocketed in the 1950s. War of the Worlds Hollywood used aliens as a metaphor for whom ?? Progress Through Science Atomic Anxieties:  “Duck-and-Cover Generation” Atomic Testing: à 1946-1962  U./

A pfysical ufo-contact early in the 60ths after initial radiocontakt.

ufo-contact early in the 60ths after initial radiocontakt A radio-amateur who in a summernight in -61 picked up a womens voice claiming she was on a spaceship around earth apparently only a claim - but her further explanations were very logical, scientific and/admission." "However, socially, culturally, and ethically, you are not sufficiently advanced. In fact, we note sadly that all your/me, and all the while his hands are going, producing all this perfectly-typed, clearly-written stuff on alien philosophy. /

Magical thinking What are the different explanations for magical thinking and superstitious behaviour? Evaluation of the evidence.

al 2003 found that deep absorption (being very involved in a task) may enable people to overlook the facts and believe in events they know are not true. They set up a mock séance, where everyone knew it wasn’t real/ Fantasy Proneness Gow et al 2004 compared a group claiming alien abduction/UFO sighting vs. a control group. found those who reported seeing flying saucers, had higher levels of fantasy proneness and were likely to be believers. Roberts 1 in 3 studies into UFO’s & FP found a link. Why not more? /

PACON 2010 Pacific Congress on Marine Science & Technology (PACON) 22nd International Conference International Partnerships in Marine Science and Technology:

premium rises, Inuit displacement, Inuit poisoned, Inuit suing, invasion of alien worms, invasion of Antarctic aliens, invasion of Asian carp, invasion of cats, invasion of crabgrass, /, truffle shortage, truffles down, turtles crash, turtle feminised, turtles lay earlier, UFO sightings, UK coastal impact, UK Katrina, Vampire moths, Venice flooded, violin decline/ reflect the fact that the atmosphere is ruled by physic-chemical processes, which make and control local and global weather and climate phenomena./

1 UNIT 8. 2 Task I Listen to the audio and choose the correct words used from the options below. Gallery masterpieces display influential health express.

they’re made of ice. Sarah: Look at this eagle. It’s a classic. James: Well, it’s nothing special. How about this alien? It’s one of a kind. I think it’s the best one. Sarah: Is this one a dragon? James: Maybe. It doesn’t/ think of museums, what comes to mind? You might think of paintings, sculpture, and history. Do you imagine UFOs, socks, and carrots? You probably don’t, but there are museums for all of those things. In fact, any object you mention could have its own museum. READING 33 Take ramen noodles,/

1 UNIT 1. 2 Break the Ice Task I Listen to the audio and choose the correct words used from the options below. Gallery masterpieces display influential.

3. While Sarah thinks the eagle is a(n) _____________, James doesn’t find it _____________. 4. James thinks that the alien sculpture is one of a(n) _____________. Expression Practice B. Fill in the Blanks Listen to the dialogue. Complete the sentences/museums, what comes to mind? You might think of paintings, sculpture, and history. Do you imagine UFOs, socks, and carrots? You probably don’t, but there are museums for all of those things. In fact, any object you mention could have its own museum. 55 Reading /


confinement: Barbary coast captivity, slave narrative, convent captivity narratives, captured by UFO narratives Indian captivity narrative: forerunner of the American novel THE FUNCTIONS OF THE/nations and by mingled chastisement and blessing, gradually leads them to greatness” Alexander Crummell The slave thrown into Heideggerian nothingness (Houston Baker) and natal alienation (/and I now, resolved that, however long I might remain a slave in form, the day had passed forever when I could be a slave in fact/


heart - and her beloved school - are even higher. Invisible City - M.G. Harris When his archaeologist father goes missing after an air crash in Mexico, UFO-obsessed Josh/   Science Fiction The Invasion - K.A. Applegate Jake and his friends take a shortcut one night and meet an alien after his ship crashes. The Iron Man - Ted Hughes / to some vicious Victorian villains. It contains nasty facts about cruel careers for kids, rotten school rules for teachers, and a gory guide to death. SHTC Literacy/ME Waterloo/

Foundations of Research 1 Facts, Beliefs and the Irrational Cranach, Tree of Knowledge [of Good and Evil] (1472) This is a PowerPoint Show Click “slide.

UFO societies. Foundations of Research 41 Why do we reject scientific explanations? When they conflict with intuition or popular opinion. Scientific explanations are often abstract & difficult; intuition is easier and/ or alienation can induce irrational or conspiratorial beliefs.stress …particularly those that lessen complexity and restore /as the enemy of political or economic interests. The distinction between fact and opinion is increasingly blurred. Cognitive biases Spurious correlations – coincidence /

Gods Millennial Plan. Regardless of who you approach on the streets today, whether sinner or saint; They are conscious of the fact that time is about.

together to deceive and destroy mankind. The Antichrist and the False Prophet. The fact that there are two beasts is self explanatory. Joh 3:12 If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things? Take notice of how this article combines the idea of aliens with “no sin” and evolution. This very well/

Christian Apologetics Sourcebook Book Summaries Web sites Summer School Lecture Outline “I am the way, the truth, and the life” John 14:16 “Always be prepared.

believes that 1 Corinthians is an authentic letter of Paul. Even more, that Pauls conversion is a fact of history. Paul and History Christians and non-Christian scholars see the historical importance of Pauls writings. I was reminded of this last week, /, well-versed, well-spoken scientist explaining his disbelief in UFOs and alien landings, then hearing redneck Bubba talk about when "me and Ethel was just standin out in the yard when this huge spaceship came and picked us right up off our feet", if you see/

Do you know Dewey like I know Dewey?  Or how do I use the Dewey Decimal System to find books and materials on the shelf…

to find books and materials on the shelf… Melvil Dewey  Lived 1851-1931  Created Dewey Decimal System in 1876  Organized all knowledge into ten sections  Still being used today 000 - 099 Generalities UFO’s & aliens Big FootOdd facts Computers & programming /Geography & History American History Geography World Wars Global war On terror Where in The world? B & 920 Biography and Collective Biography George W. Bush Martin Luther King Jr. Amelia Earhart George Washington David Ortiz Sources used  www./

Heaven’s Gate RELS 225 Cults and New Religious Movements RELS 225 Cults and New Religious Movements.

they are about to leave the human level and literally (physically) enter the next evolutionary level in a space craft (UFO) within months. Followers of " THE TWO/ USA Today ad The following statements could sound very presumptuous. However, these facts do come into focus or "prove" themselves if they are seriously explored a/ Believe or Accept Him evil spirits, malevolent space aliens, are "Luciferians," or Satan and his fallen angels. The space aliens, or Luciferians, use the discarnate spirits (the/

Florida Atlantic University College of Education Spring 2015 - SCE 4360 Science: Middle and Secondary School Instructor: Dr. Ronald C. Persin University.

/theologian. Einstein - "Everything should be kept as simple as possible, But no simpler.“ Ex. – Crop Circles ( UFO’s/aliens or people? ) College of Education The Nature of Inquiry (NGSS, NRC, NSTA) 1. Asking questions 2. Planning /of assisting the memory by using a system of artificial aids - rhymes, rules, phrases.  Help to recall names, dates, facts, and figures. Examples: 1. To remember processes that define living things: MRS GREN. Movement; Respiration; Sensation; Growth; Reproduction; Excretion; /

Times of the Gentiles Timeframe 1- Daniel 7 Rise; Reign; defeat of Antichrist Study 1: Review of Daniel 2 and Daniels visions of the 4 beasts and of.

Antichrist’ who will dominate history till Christ returns and defeats him and his armies (Kingdom). West Germany 1949 A.D. – 1990 A.D. Now, another important fact as a result of East and West Germany united and Berlin now it’s capitol means Germany is no/support he needs to help his land forces. However, the world will be deceived by great signs and lying wonders (UFO’s?) and be convinced these are friendly alien force’s sent by the ‘ascended masters’ helping earth through a very difficult time in their /

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