Ppt on types of production process

Metric Designer Cognos 8 BI. Objectives  In this module, we will examine:  Scorecarding  Dimensional Data Sources  The Application Process  Creating.

 The Application Process  Creating Projects  Object Extracts  Defining Mappings  Data Filtering  Metric Extracts What is Cognos Metric Designer?  Simplifies Building and Automation of Large Applications  / defines the metrics you want in Metric Studio (metric types must exist first). Define Mappings with PowerPlay Cube Time Dimension/ not considered in the equation.  Create filter: [gosales_goretailers].[Products].[Product line] in (Camping Equipment, Golf Equipment, Mountaineering Equipment, Outdoor/

Productivity review Marketing Plan Onboarding and Retaining MDF Channel Events Director’s Club Collateral Updates (Presentations, Pricing, Competitive)

have budget? Is there a timing conflict? Sales automation experience? Planning Campaigns The Plan Name Type Objective Budget Campaign Resources TimeFrame Response Lead Revenue Planned Actual Start End Approval Internal external Description Prepare/ Leads by Source Campaign ROI Lead Quality Channel Productivity Partner Marketing Plan – Objectives – Campaigns – Organisation – Financials Channel Review – Web site, landing pages etc.. MDF – Menu of programs Registration Tradeshow or Web ClickThru etc.. Inside/

E-DECIDER Workshop: QuakeSim Tools and Products Marlon Pierce Indiana University.

E-DECIDER Workshop: QuakeSim Tools and Products Marlon Pierce Indiana University Fault Models (QuakeTables) Inverse Methods and Data Tools: Simplex Inputs: GPS positions and velocities, InSAR and Optical/ Open Layers Output KML Output Interactive User Interfaces Fault Refinements with Simplex How To Make It Happen For end users – Types of Data Products – Delivery mechanisms – End clients For data providers – Service architectures for interoperability – Open community development processes – GIS Standards

Oracle Work In Process 講師 : 林侯成 s91660026@cc.shu.edu.tw.

Completing Assemblies Outline Work In Process Concept Oracle ERP Overview Oracle WIP Flow Discrete Jobs Supply Types and Material Flow Moving Assemblies Completing Assemblies Work In Process Concept What is WIP WIP 圖解 WIP 的功能及目的 WIP 的生產型態 何謂工單 WIP Supply Types Work In Process Concept 在製品管理 生產管理 指規劃、排程、執行, 並控制將投入材料轉變為成 品或半成品的過程 WIP 圖解 產出 (成品或半成品) 投入 (原物料) (資金、人力、 機器 設備…) WIP處理 Input Process Output WIP 的功能及目的 功能 目的 Manufacturing Support 製造支援 Production Scheduling 生產排程 Material Control 物料控制 Shop Floor/

WebFlow example: Online Purchase Process. Control-Unit Modeling level Implementation level *** Struts code *** Control Unit Application Action Send Warning:

Purchase Process Control-Unit Modeling level Implementation level *** Struts code *** Control Unit Application Action Send Warning: “No Such Artist” If search returns empty result Development level Buy product / checkout High-Level Workflow Ship product Search by artist Add product to cart Cart content (Jsp page) Search page (Jsp page) Artist, Genre Identify type of search Search by genre Search results (Jsp page) Product ID, Quantity Search products and/

Heavy Duty High Intensity SONICATOR Ultrasonic Processor for Low and High Temperature Liquids Processing MPI Providing Challenging Ultrasonics Solutions.

Biodiesel production Cells disruptors Atomizing low and high viscosity liquids Liquids processing on high temperatures (until 250°C) MPI Providing Challenging Ultrasonics Solutions Choice of different /sonotrodes for maximizing and optimizing extraction & homogenization Spherical-end sonotrode: Uniform axial and radial high intensity mixing; -minimized sonotrode erosion Step, piston-type/

K ERATIN H AIR T REATMENT K ERATIN H AIR T REATMENT The Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary process that repairs damaged hair, leaving.

Teixeira Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary process that repairs damaged hair, leaving it soft, shiny, frizz-free, and smooth for up to 5 months. B RAZILIAN K ERATIN T REATMENT Brazilian keratin hair treatment products by Marcia Teixeira are your safest / than any keratin products manufactured and sold in the market today. K ERATIN T REATMENT K ERATIN T REATMENT Marcia Teixeira Keratin Treatments deliver frizz-free, soft, shiny, and manageable hair. They can be used on any type of hair to reduce curl/

Engineering Design Process (EDP) Type Project name here By: your name here.

in words and pictures when, how and what you did to create/make the product: 1.Type here Communicate Results Record in words and pictures when, how and what your finds where as you went through this process to create/make the product: 1.Type here 1.Save each slide of this PowerPoint as separate png file 2.Import each image into InVision 3.Create a/

EE Detailed Design Review. Wire Movement Team: Spooling Motors Specification Process.

Force (will vary): 200 N Work Piece Movement Team: Specification Process Options Option 1 (120 V option) ItemProductDescriptionQtyList PriceExt. Price 1EL1405TBaldor / High-Resolution/Resolver Encoder Type, Standard (Non-Flex), 9 Meters1$67.00 9MPM-B2153F-SJ72AA Bulletin MPM - Medium-Inertia Servo Motors Product, 460 V, 3000 RPM/ Ideal OptionEbay OptionMinimalistL36ERM Only Compromise Option Controller option Acceleration of Wire Speed of Wire Torque Large Enough to cut glass System Synchronized Bidirectional/

VI. Anaerobic Respiration This process occurs when oxygen is NOT available to produce ATP. This process occurs when oxygen is NOT available to produce.

process occurs when oxygen is NOT available to produce ATP. OR FOR ORGANISMS THAT DON’T NEED AS MUCH ENERGY! A. 2 Stages to ANaerobic CR 1. Glycolysis – 1 st stage (same as normal CR) a. Reactant: Glucose a. Reactant: Glucose b. Products/ NAD+, so glycolysis can continue.. C. Two types of fermentation: 1. Alcoholic 1. Alcoholic 2. Lactic Acid D. Alcoholic Fermentation 1. Only bacteria and yeast use this 2. Reactants: Pyruvic acid and NADH (from glycolysis) 3. Products: a. alcohol (2 carbon molecule) a. /

 Word Processing Applications › Software that enables the user to type and manipulate text › Examples:  Microsoft Word  OpenOffice.org Writer  Google.

the user to type and manipulate numbers › Examples:  Microsoft Excel  OpenOffice.org Calc  InspireData  Google Spreadsheets  Organizing and Brainstorming Software › Software that enables the user to create idea maps, KWHL Charts, and category maps › Examples:  Inspiration/Kidspiration  Brainstorm  SMART Ideas  Visual Mind  Multimedia › Software that enables the user to create or access visual images, text and sound in one product › Examples:  iMovie/

Harvey Cement Products, Inc. 16030 Park Avenue, Harvey, Illinois 60426 Phone: 708-333-1900 Fax: 708-333-1910 Harvey Cement Products, Inc. 16030 Park Avenue,

tamp provides the most natural-looking cast stone result possible without unsightly bug holes, veining, or large visible aggregate. ADVANTAGE #3: The Dry Tamp Production Process Process offers a smooth consistent finish which is less porous/permeable than other types of manufactured and natural stone. This helps control color variance. PSI strength can be maintained at higher levels than quarried limestones. Dry tamp provides the/

Wood-fibre for future products from pulp Paul Kibblewhite.

to in short-term? Conventional breeding and propagation technologies Short crop rotations High forest productivity and disease resistance Emphasis on low cost, rapid propagation procedures, and screening tools Genetic modification of lower priority Softwood fibre-types Softwood pulp uniformity by fibre-type Northern is the premium softwood fibre-type Low coarseness long and slender High number Low MFA High hemicelluloses Low refining energy Long crop/

Twin headed milling machine THV 430 New. EMO Hannover 2011 Applications Your products : P-plates, machine parts, hydraulic parts.

Twin headed milling machine THV 430 New EMO Hannover 2011 Applications Your products : P-plates, machine parts, hydraulic parts EMO Hannover 2011 Comparison of processing time with the conventional milling machine to THV430 ■ Example 4-sided / Palallelism : Material C50 100x100x100mm Measuring pointMeasured value 10.0067 mm 20.0072 mm EMO Hannover 2011 Accuracy THV430 ■ Surface roughness Type Actual value Ra0.20 µm Ry1.58 µm Rz1.16 µm Grinding quality EMO Hannover 2011 EASY CONVERSATIONAL OPERATING SYSTEM ■ /

Alternative Renewables. Biofuels Plant or animal material 3 types – Biomass Wood, yard waste Methane from landfills, feedlots Burned and used to create.

with gasoline Byproducts used as feed Energy Information – In vs Out – Final product Decreased emissions Biofuels Advantages EES 1 st EES 4 th EES 6 th EES 7 th Disadvantages Geothermal Uses naturally hot air underground Pump air to surface Requires energy Remove toxins Spins turbines, turns generators Cooler air sinks Process repeated Reverse – air conditioning Hydrogen Separated from water Using lots/

Managing New & Diverse Single Family Loan Automation Processes John Sager and Susan Semba October 20, 2014.

Managing New & Diverse Single Family Loan Automation Processes John Sager and Susan Semba October 20, 2014 IHFA Facts  Started Transitioning from MRB Financing to Alternative Secondary Market Channels in 2009  Large Geographic and Diverse State  1.6 Million Population  >70% Homeownership  Whole Loan Preference  “Best Execution” Strategy Strong Loan Production Loan Funding Evolution Risk Management Loan Commitments (Net of Fallout) + Warehouse Purchases ________________ Total/

EDT321EDT321 1 Summer Session Productivity Applications Individual Software and Application Suites.

Word Processing Word PerfectWordProWord SpreadsheetCorel Quattro Pro Lotus 1-2-3Excel DatabaseParadoxLotus Approach Access Presentation Graphics Corel Presentations Freelance Graphics Power Point Personal Information Managers (PIMs) Corel InfoCentral Lotus Organizer Outlook EDT321EDT321 15 Summer Session Integrated Software  Usually custom made  Specific purpose  More expensive EDT321EDT321 16 Summer Session ACTIVITY (5 points)  Search the web to find: Names and types of personal productivity software/

Tools Developed For AVHRR Data Production and Analysis The AVHRR modular framework can produce three output datasets in NetCDF format when AVHRR NetCDF.

mask, surface elevation, IGBP, etc…) required for NOAA-9/10 ERBE radiation CDR Tools suggested by team members and developed for product production and analysis 1)Scripting infrastructure on AMI to 1) pull AVHRR LV1B files from cloudsgate1 NAS, 2) convert to NetCDF, 3)/ farm out to a user-defined maximum number of jobs, 4) each job process orbit in 1000 scanline chunks, 5) write NetCDF file types 1 and/or 2 above, and 6) push output back to cloudsgate1 NAS - Files /

Our products are made from 100% recycled plastics, made in the USA. Each product has to go through a 10 step process before completion. Products come.

in the USA. Each product has to go through a 10 step process before completion. Products come in 3 different colors and three different designs (As seen above.) Our company, CEH MASSAGERS INC. is located in SLC, UTAH. All recycled products are bought from VIKOZ ENTERPRISES/ percent of persons age 25+, 2000 87.7%80.4% Bachelors degree or higher, pct of persons age 25+, 200026.1%24.4% Building Size:100,848 SF Price/SF:$54.54 Property Type: Industrial Property Sub- Type: Manufacturing Property Use Type: Vacant//

“H” Paper Petrocoke Boiler Furnace Slagging Comparison (CEC2571 TEST RESULT) GE Water & Process Technologies Korea.

Furnace Slagging Comparison (CEC2571 TEST RESULT) GE Water & Process Technologies Korea Test Summary Fuel Type: Petro coke Test Period - Before CEC2571: 30 days - After CEC2571: 2011. 07.15~08. 09(25 days) TEST Result - Before using CEC2571 (actually treated by other vendor’s MgO product), the slagging and fouling material nearly blocked the gas passages of tubes. Also, the slagging was so hard to/


Complacency builds up 5 Q G WGBH Public Television Quality Workshop  Still developing  Changes based on acquisition type and NLE  Not efficient (yet!) across production components  Archival questions  Consequences for mismanagement can be severe 6 Q G WGBH Public Television Quality /the files safe guarded through the process?  How do we transfer that much footage?  How will this affect our efficiency?  How long will it take to ingest?  How does one just find a portion of the footage?  Can we/

MOL The Mission Operations Laboratory MOL The Mission Operations Laboratory NASA MSFC Engineering Directorate Huntsville, Alabama PROCESS REVIEW Training.

Engineering Directorate Huntsville, Alabama ISS CREW TRAINING PROCESS CHANGES MOL The Mission Operations Laboratory Page 7 NASA MSFC Engineering Directorate Huntsville, Alabama Agenda  Crew training topics  Phases/Types  TST & Training Data Set  / and close any action items  Declare lesson & instructor Ready for Training  Successful completion of Training Validation certifies equipment, products, and instructor until changes are needed MOL The Mission Operations Laboratory Page 15 NASA MSFC Engineering/

Office 365 Home - Consumer - process flow November 2014 AJAS.

start email has been sent to the email address. If the customer has typed the wrong email address, he can amend it by clicking the link ‘Ret/ receives an email as per the picture. In order to commence the activation of the OneDrive voucher, the customer has to click the button ‘Klik her’. /to the SMS with his email address, this is Step 2 in the process. The email is generated by Wunderman. 6 STEP 5 The customer is/Product Manager Morten Klingenberg (MOKL) or Project Manager, ePMO Anne-Mette J. Stehlin (AJAS)

Offers/Orders A supply system that helps you with the sales process. Integrated with your CRM and ERP systems.

on this customer is found. Retrieve the right offer to revise this. We begin a new procurement process here. We begin a new procurement process and will receive a new sales number. We have reported this offer in sales reporting in SuperOffice/ lines: We extract products, prices and discounts from your ERP system. If you know the product number, this is registered directly here. If you need to search for products: Double click or Enter. Search for a product by typing parts of the product number or name. /

By: John Savage Period 4.  Types  Simple (simple sugars)  natural foods (dairy and fruits)  Complex (starches) exp.  grain products  Major energy.

products  Major energy source  Rich in fiber  Whole healthier than processed  Found in most foods  Types  Unsaturated (good fat)  Plant foods and fish  Saturated (bad fat)  dairy and meats  Trans (awful fat)  processed and fast foods  Fuel body  Keep skin healthy  fat intake should be 25%  Types/, grains, etc.…  Fights disease  Grains offer most  More fiber more water  Preforms lots of important jobs  Without water body stop working  You body get water from any fluid, vegetable, fruit/

Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Winning The Software Configuration Management Tools Market Beny Rubinstein (BenyR) - Product Manager Doug Neumann (DougN)

Innovation For Developers Deep Visual Studio Integration Everything within the IDE Process Automation Shelving Information and Control For Managers ReportingMethodologies Custom Work Item Types Checkin Policies Automated Build Higher ROI For CTOs Increased Productivity Better Information Minimal Training Costs Low Administration Excellent Price Point The V1 Warts… Limited distributed development support Lack of cross-platform story No web access interface for issue tracking Developer/

1 9 th Open Forum on Metadata Registries Harmonization of Terminology, Ontology and Metadata 20th – 22nd March, 2006, Kobe Japan. ebXML Core Component.

Process R&R Business Process & Information Sharing Organisation, Address ContractDate, PaymentAmount, CountryCode Date, Amount, Code Aggregate Core Component Basic Core Component Core Component Type Supplimentary/Product Waste Disposal Reuse Recycle Selling Procurement Use History Product Lifecycle Management Model for Traceability Product Information in Lifecycle Product A thing an object, a commodity or substance produced by a natural or a artificial process Product Unit An individual product. Product/

DEV 303 Visual Studio "Whidbey" Enterprise Tools: Source Control and Work Item Tracking Brian Harry Product Unit Manager Microsoft Visual Studio.

Build Automation Project Site Reporting Guiding Principles Productive Integrated Extensible Capable  Short learning curve  Minimal administrative overhead  Tools integrated tightly  Automates common tasks  Customizable for your process  Integrates with 3 rd party tools / The foundation for software process Integrates with the tools you already use Work Item Tracking Custom Work Item Types Every organization works differently You must be able to customize Each type consist of: Fields, form, rules/

CALL US ON +44 (0)1733 530530 VISIT READ Product Demonstration.

READ www.indigomountain.co.uk/blog EMAIL theindigoteam@indigomountain.co.uk Agenda IT Asset Management Best Practice Barkode Product Information Barkode Solution Demo Q & A Move To Stores Physical Audit Installation Goods In Uninstall Location /process of reporting on Asset by an assigned Status value CALL US ON 01733 530530 VISIT www.indigomountain.co.uk READ www.indigomountain.co.uk/blog EMAIL theindigoteam@indigomountain.co.uk Dell KACE Functionality Within Dell KACE you can: Create Custom Asset Types/

Italian Cooking By: Eellisa Moore. Research  Diversity of Italy  Meal sizes  What cultures influenced Italian food  Southern Italy.

ingredients to test food Process  Getting cheese Process  Testing recipes Process  Cleaning chicken Process  Melting butter for sauce Process  Cooking chicken Process  Flipping over the chicken Process  Pouring cream Process  Grating cheese Process  Grating nutmeg Process  Measuring wine Process  Scraping mushrooms Process  Cooking eggs Process  Finding somewhere to make the book ProcessTyping in the recipes Process  Arranging everything in the book Product  Chicken Alfredo Chicken Marsala/

1 Industrial Process Offerings and Capabilities May 8, 2003 Atmosphere Recovery, Inc. 15800 32nd Avenue North, Suite 110 Plymouth, MN 55447 Ph: (763) 557-8675.

Recovery & Reuse Systems  Current: 4 per Year  Within 1 Year*: 1 per Month  Gas Process Evaluation & Improvement  Analysis, Monitoring and Assessment Services (All Types)  Current: 2 per Month (Average 7 Day Consulting)  Within 1 Year*: 4 per Month (Average 7 Day Consulting Service)  Advanced Industrial Gas Based Manufacturing Processes  Current: 2 per Year  Within 1 Year*: ??? * Assuming Standard Products & Services and Sufficient Customer Demand

Copyright © 2012-2014 by Mark J. Sebern Software Engineering Process I SE 2800.

order Guiding team on creating, following process; removing impediments 5-9 people: determines how to deliver what product owner requests. Copyright © 2012-2014 by Mark J. Sebern Some Role Questions Is the product owner the only interface to the stakeholders/2012-2014 by Mark J. Sebern PBIs vs Tasks Measurement units (story points, hours)? Mapping between PBIs and tasks? Types of tasks and definition of done Design, code, review, test, etc. Copyright © 2012-2014 by Mark J. Sebern Checkpoint Copyright © 2012/

REWM 3500 Rangeland Plant Ecophysiology November 13, 2009 Plant physiological ecology and ecosystem processes Ecosystems, ecosystem components and ecosystem.

REWM 3500 Rangeland Plant Ecophysiology November 13, 2009 Plant physiological ecology and ecosystem processes Ecosystems, ecosystem components and ecosystem processes Diversity vs composition Plant diversity and ecosystem productivity a) sampling effect hypothesis b) niche differentiation hypothesis Plant strategies and functional types Sampling effect model of diversity vs production relationships Niche differentiation model of diversity vs production relationships What do the data say about diversity vs /

Jessica Marks VS.. Overview Introduction Attributes Consumer Decision-Making Psychological Process Environmental Influences Questions.

Facebook/Twitter  Bar Promotions Variety (Other Brands, Types) Other Guinness Beers:  Black Lager  Extra Stout  Foreign Extra Stout Amber Bock is a Michelob product. Other Michelob products include:  Original Lager  Honey Lager  /products as alternatives.  Michelob offers other styles and products Outcome/Post- Purchase Evaluation Advantage: EVEN, slightly towards Guinness  Consumers familiar with brand  Consumers know of brand, but may not be as familiar with the product. Psychological Process/

C10 - 1 Learning Objectives Power Notes 1.Product Costing Allocation Methods 2.Single Plantwide Factory Overhead Rate Method 3.Multiple Production Department.

M10 Product Costing Allocation Methods Activity-Based Costing Activity-Based Costing in Service Businesses Slide # Power Note Topics Note: To select a topic, type the slide/direct labor hour $57 per direct labor hour Condition 2: Different ratios of allocation- base usage Snowmobile 8 direct2 directlabor hours Snowmobile 8 direct2 directlabor hours/ 2.Order writing 3.Promotional support 4.Order entry 5.Customer return processing 6.Shipping document preparation 7.Shipping and handling 8.Field service Selling /

L/O/G/O www.themegallery.com. About Us Product Lines Index Quality Certificates Partners.

R/R2 Ladder R – Double Sided 4 Pins to 16 Pins 2% to 5% Product Lines 8 Conventional Type Carbon Film Copper Plated Steel Lead Wire Precision Metal Film Metal Glaze Metal Oxide Fusible Power /PROCESS CONTROL INSTRUMENTATION 6.CONTROL CIRCUITS OF VCR 7.PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY 8.MEDICAL & MILITARY EQUIPMENTS 9.LIGTHING Market Scope Core Competence Wide Range Resistor Products Core Competence Complete Production Process 35 yrs. mfg. & distribution experience Trusted Brand OEM ODM Capability Capable of/

Report Printing: Pre-Production Worksheet

process for viewing and printing Pre-production worksheet By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to: View and print the pre-production worksheet for a selected day. Click on the arrows below to move back and forth through the tutorial Pre-Production Worksheet The pre-production/ pages you want to print in the Page Range Select the pages you want to print in the Page Range area. Pages Type the page number in the Pages box. Remember your entire “Pick Sheets” could be on the last three pages. After the/

2011 NRHA “Best New Product” High Performance Instant Adhesive INC.

Hold & Wait 5 seconds & it’s bonded!  Highly replenishable product ‘once used, use forever product!’ ‘Best Product since Silicone/Duct Tape!’ Applications  Wood- Trim, Moulding, Cabinetry,/ Carpentry  Automotive  Tiling, Flooring & Carpet seams  Building / Construction  Metal Working – all types  Marble & Granite –Stone Fabricating & servicing  Arts & Crafts, Hobby  HVAC – installation, /of the joints, this will start the acceleration of the curing process from the outside in, give this process/

UCL ESPO/IAG/POMS PROD 2800 PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Gestion de la production et des opérations Per AGRELL Lecture 3Aggregate.

280011 Time horizon in APP t PROD 280012 Relevant costs Production – Direct costs – Overtime/undertime costs Capacity change – Hiring/firing costs – Extra setup costs, opportunity costs – Subcontracting Inventory – Holding cost Backorder/shortage costs PROD 280013 Decision Inventory level Delivery regime (MTO,MTS) Change in workforce Change of load (overtime) Subcontracting Change of process Complementary lines PROD 280014 Capacity Strategies t Aggregate demand PROD 280015/

Factory Building Symposium on Lean Production January 29, 2007 Austin, Texas.

Started:1994  Location:Middlebury, IN  Home type(s):Primarily HUD Code  Price point:Moderate  Design:Limited customization  Production:10 floors/day  Market area:Northern US Objective:/Map product flow 2.Analyze data to identify causes of cycle time variability 3.Implement solutions that reduce NVA and control cycle time variability Sources of /Allow team to own the decisions  Lean is a process Going Forward  Refine our lean process  Conduct kaizen events to improve efficiency in departments /

Warm Touch Product Introduction

Process & Client & Concept Discussion & Specification Define & Design & Prototype & Engineering Verification / Certification & Process Design & Pilot Run & Scale up & Troubleshooting & Warehousing and Logistics Open & Share & Product Engineering CAD / Prototyping / Product Engineers & Manufacturing Process Design Process/ power consumption, and better environmental spec of shock, temperature, especially in car application/ RoHS & Lead Free Compliant 44 Car Power Solution Type 1 DC to DC module (DC 24V in for/

Polished Belt Information Sandvik Process Systems May 2011.

-site installation service Cross-welding and polishing of welding line Field polishing equipment available (in Japan) Sandvik Process Systems Feature 3: Repair Service Complete “re-polishing” service available At Japan factory Good for less damaged belt On-site “spot repair” service available At customer’s site Good for one spot repair Sandvik Process Systems Polished Belt – Production Process Steel Belt from Sweden AOD Material (Argon/

V v Business Process AMTV Streaming TV Streaming.

& Data Editing Session Notification Register subscription At each login Registration Process Personal info Login Process Payment Inquiry Payment Database Table 1.User/subscriber 2.Payment 3.Product List 4.Package List 5.Device Type & Device List 6.Transaction History Database Table Mapping Database – User Table 1.ID User identity registration number (Primary) 2.Name Name of user 3.Email User email address (Primary Key) 4/

April 2010 products catalogue Buyincn Telecommunication Co.,Ltd Address China : 1610 West tower Biliding Nanshan software park Nanshan District Shenzhen.

products/Macau Main Features Frequency: Quad band, GSM 850/ 900/1800/1900 Mhz CPU : MTK6235B HIGH processing system Dual SIM Card, Dual standby Dimension: 112*62*14.2 Display:2.46 inches TFT,262K/ 6.NAT&NAPT with VPN pass-through Virtual Server 7.Automatic receipt of IP address with DHCP Server 8.Supports the high-speed gateway 9.Supports/-mail and browsing web Automatically install software, No CD required Technical Specifications Card Type: USB2.0 Interface, 5.0V LED Indicator: 1 RGB LED Indicates Different /

Introduction Purpose Provide an overview of Sullins 1.0mm pitch header series Objectives Discuss the SMH Male Header Series features & benefits Discuss.

Examples - Headers Product Application Examples – Stacker Headers Applications Aircraft Electronic Controls & Radio Communications Computing Equipments & Peripherals Consumer Electronics & Household Appliances Office Equipment Automotive Electronics & Accessories Casino Gaming Devices Medical Device Industrial Machinery & Process Control Equipment Telecommunication Vending Machines 100 - SERIES L HOUSING MATERIAL D ROW OPTION ST - TERMINATION TYPE BK - COLOR M# MODIFICATION SMH CONNECTOR TYPE P CONTACT/

Record Creation Module. Record Creation Module Overview Record Load process Create and modify manual records Build rules for each record “source” Select.

Production Files TMPIDEN RCRSUSP Added to Banner N - new M - match S - insufficient data E - missing data D - duplicate data H - hold View and maintain records in suspense Data Load process Suspended Records (cont) Matched records receive one of/. Determine Validation Values –Requirements –Recruitment –Admissions Contact Type Select Data Load parameters Identify the Source Select the “Load Option” Recruiting Option Recalculation of Need Analysis option Suspended records Determine cause –Insufficient, missing/

Lowe’s Spend Management Ordering Process with Screen Shots How to Order, Blue Tape and Pre-Cut Labels & How to Order Reset Graphics, Sliders, & Signage.

Lowe’s Spend Management Ordering Process with Screen Shots How to Order, Blue Tape and Pre-Cut Labels & How to Order Reset Graphics, Sliders, & Signage 2 Log on to Lowes.net 3 Click on “Spend Management” 4 Scroll to bottom of screen 5 Bottom of screen 6 Click “Select/ Jen Durham on 6/7), click on “Create Requisition” Click “Web” tab at top, then click “Archway” 15 Type in Lowe’s Item # in “Product Search” 16 Click “Add” 17 Confirm Item to be ordered, click “Save & Submit” 18 Requires Approval from Management/



QC Deep Dive Presented by: CONNER HELTON Product Manager 11/10/2015.

What is the current QC functionality in Orchestrated for both Core QC & Advanced. Who Should Attend: Production Staff, Production Managers, QC folks Logistics: Smoothly. SUMMARY #Orchestrate2015 1.Brew QC 2.Cellar QC 3.Packaging QC /have a Pack Type family of ‘KEG’ BOTT - Packaging items that come into stock and have a Pack Type family of BOTTLE or CASE BOTTLE WARM – Packaging Items that have been in Warm Storage for 21 to 31 days. CENT/BBT - Filtration Production orders that have been processed. FV – /

1 Instructions / Guidance This template is a reporting template for product updates or enhancements being promoted into operations. The OSPO SPSD Division.

/Division Chief approval to declare operational status 8Announcement of operational enhancement promotion in Office/Division weekly/monthly reports 9Provide this completed briefing to Tom Schott Stacy Bunin SPSD Division Chief (Dave Benner) SPB Branch Chief (Antonio “Ricky” Irving) SPSRB Executive Secretary and SPSRB Manager V2 15 Jan 2015 6 Product Deliverable Details Product Type and Number Product Delivery/Tracking Name Environmental Observational Parameters SatellitesSensorsN#N/

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