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Click to go to the next slide, Press ESC to go back St. Fintan’s National School School Science Log 2012 –AOSME NumberDUB 53 –Roll Number19549 I –AddressCarrickbrack.

faces of the pyramid and the difference between 2D and 3D shape, as appropriate to the class level. Click to go to the next slide, Press ESC to go back Amazing Triangles(4) Click to go to the next slide, Press ESC to go back Greenwave (1)/key part of the science program at St. Fintan’s NS and In 2012, we participated for the 9th successive year !! What makes the Primary Science Fair special is that it allows the class to explain in public their science project. Every year, it is often the “quieter” children/

1 Volume 1, Issue 12 October 31, 2007 NEWSLETTER: November 2007 Graymont Grade School Newsletter Thank you to all the parents who attended the parent teacher.

as we are notified. Graymont PTO is holding the 2nd Schwans fundraiser from Oct. 25-Nov. 9th. All students are able to sell and there are prizes for each amount sold. Everyone may order from a student or on the internet. All orders need to/ compelling. After that we will read about Buckminster Fuller, a famous architect who invented the geodesic dome, using just triangles. All of the classes work hard and I especially notice how well they work with one another. 3 Student Council The Student Council will be/

Questions with System of Equations (set up only).

rectangle with a length of 8 feet and a width of 12 feet. B. An isosceles right triangle with a side length of about 12 feet. C. A circle with a radius of about 5/tax? A. The percent markdown for the shirts B. The original price of the jeans C. The percent markdown for the jeans D. No additional information is needed. Obj 10 - TAKS 2006 9th [8.14(A)] Problem #/ of the 2 test scores counts as the rest of their grade. In Mr. Brown’s class Anthony earned a grade of 87 on his first test and a grade of 96 on his /

1 3D Game Programming 王銓彰 2005.

the engine. ID & Function class ID & Function class TheFly3D creates the objects for you. TheFly3D creates the objects for you. Return the object ID /triangles are the next searching target for current triangle for terrain following Neighboring triangles are the next searching target for current triangle for terrain following A terrain for terrain following is not the same as the terrain in visual A terrain for/w b M vb A two-weight skin vertex example 240 9th Game Control 241 Game Control System (1/2) Game /

1 3D Game Programming 王銓彰 2005.

the engine. ID & Function class ID & Function class TheFly3D creates the objects for you. TheFly3D creates the objects for you. Return the object ID /triangles are the next searching target for current triangle for terrain following Neighboring triangles are the next searching target for current triangle for terrain following A terrain for terrain following is not the same as the terrain in visual A terrain for/w b M vb A two-weight skin vertex example 240 9th Game Control 241 Game Control System (1/2) Game /

Chapter 12 Geometric Shapes Section 12.1 Recognizing Shapes The van Hiele Theory Level 0 (Recognition) At this lowest level, a child recognizes certain.

triangle. A triangle with 3 acute angles is called an acute triangle. Classification of triangles according to their sides. A triangle with 3 equal sides is called an equilateral triangle. A triangle with 2 equal sides is called an isosceles triangle. A triangle with 3 different sides is called a scalene triangle. Angles & Angle Sums in Regular polygons center vertex angle central angle For/8.In fact, exactly 3 classes of convex hexagons can tile /R. James III) discovered a 9th type! Between 1976 and 1977, /

Overview of Wireless Sensor Networks

S. Shenker, I. Stoica, “Geographic routing without location information,” Proceedings of the 9th annual international conference on Mobile computing and networking, September 14-19, 2003, San Diego/ support. For any point on this path, the distance to the closest sensor is minimized. By construction, the Delauney triangulation produces triangles that have/ there is currently no algorithm that can localize a large class of localizable networks without requiring high connectivity while giving correctness /

Mathematics of Islamic Art & Geometric Design رياضيات الفن الإسلامي والتصميم الهندسي The prominent historian, de Vaux said “(the Muslims) were indisputably.

his major mathematical contributions was the formulation of the famous law of sine for plane triangles: a⁄(sin A) = b⁄(sin B) =c⁄(sin C) ibn Al-Haytham /sketch presented here. Astrolabe The Astrolabe was highly developed in the Islamic World by 9th Century It was introduced to Europe from Islamic Spain (Al Andalus) in the /is designed for Teachers of Mathematics to create activities in a form of jigsaws for use in a class. It includes the powerful equation editor for building the math-expressions for the /

Classical Era The Age of Enlightenment. Things are a-changin’ Baroque Era Louis XIV, XV Frederick the Great Catherine the Great POWER WEALTH Baroque Era.

to play Bach: FugueBeethoven: Für Elise Written for middle class Non-sophisticated Listener Simple and Melodic Themes Bach: FugueMozart: Eine Kleine… Large Room Bach: AirBeethoven: 9th Movements have beginning, middle, end Bach: Brandenburg Beethoven/of Turkish immigrants to Austria. Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven wrote Turkish Marches. Added percussion to orchestra Bass drum, triangle, cymbals Whirling dervish ceremony imitated in Beethoven SUMMARY – 18 TH CENTURY IDEAS – Enlightenment & rationalist Criticism ART/

 Aligned with college and career expectations  Include content and rigorous application of knowledge through higher-order skills  Internationally.

have speed and accuracy with simple calculations; teachers structure class time and/or homework time for students to memorize, through repetition, core functions. Shift/ Jefferson, Thomas. The Declaration of Independence State Standards Reading Literature 9th – 10th Grade Cite strong and thorough textual evidence of what the text says explicitly/ Students record the names for triangles based on their side lengths and angle measures. Students will be able to sort and classify triangles and name them by /

Assessing English Language Proficiency A Training Module PUBLISHED AS PART OF THE LEP STUDENT SUCCESS INITIATIVE GRANT Department of P-16 Initiatives Texas.

the party system in the U.S. illustrated in the cartoon below. Social Studies Example 3 (9th – 12th grade) Content Area Examples – Language Arts Language Arts Example 1: (6th – 8th / name, e.g., Draw a triangle in the upper right hand corner. Be specific and remember to use the terms we have learned in math class. Each of you has 10 minutes/the same grade? 8.How high is the student’s anxiety level in your class? Is school stressful for the student or is s/he self confident and able to handle frustration or /

American Federation of TeachersTIMSS 1 The American Federation of Teachers looks at TIMSS.

of TeachersTIMSS 50 Level of 8th grade content by average international placement F 8th grade F 9th grade F 7th grade F Germany F Japan  United States NCES, 1996. TIMSS Videotape / Students F The vertices of the triangle PQR are the points p(1,2), Q(4,5) and R(-4,12). /S., 8th grade students are generally put into different math classes on the basis of ability. The content differs for different classes. F In Germany, although tracked to different schools, students study /

PERIOD 7: 1890–1945 An increasingly pluralistic United States faced profound domestic and global challenges, debated the proper degree of government activism,

»Middle class**** »Well-educated »Professionals »Native born »Women What types of people were “Progressive”? 4 Middle class “squeeze” –Upper class unchecked political power –Working class unstable /Triangle Shirtwaist Fire 4 Saturday afternoon - 500 workers in the 10 story building. 4 Fire began on the 9th floor - quickly erupted into an inferno Triangle/ to gain support for the Ladies Garment Workers unions 4 Demands were made for political reform and safer working conditions Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Justice/


the lesson’s conclusion. 14.5 ACTIVITY 1 CYCLIC QUADRILATERALS Cyclic Triangles  Draw three points on a piece of paper.  Can /of teaching the 9th grade students. Madeline  Mentor to a new TFA teacher  Co-planned and demonstrated lessons  Strengths: planning and collaboration  Challenges: time, differing classes 14.25 / backing us on the proposal for a new class Lori & Lindsay  Create a textbook selection process for a Geometry adoption  Create rubrics for evaluating materials that will translate to/

Multiple-Entry Points Professional Development Module World Languages Consultants Ohio Department of Education.

? –Until 7th grade? –Until 9th grade? Answer: Consider Language Development Consider Learner Development Consider Pedagogy/breakfast? My morning classes are math, science and French. My afternoon classes are social studies, English and physical education. My class schedule stays the/parce que l’artiste ulilise jaune et vert. Les triangles rendent la peinture triste. Graphic Organizers Older Learners: /writing process strategies to produce a variety of documents for publication So what does this all mean? Novice-Level/

Algebra 35% Number & Operations 28% Geometry Measurement 19% Data Analysis & Probability 18% 6th GRADE CRCT.

3 ¼ hours C. 4 hours D. 5 ½ hours Proportions The two triangles are similar. What is the length of the base of the smaller triangle? A. 9 cm B. 12 cm C. 15 cm D. 18 cm/ y = 5x D. y = 2x Lucas has to read a total of 164 pages in a novel for his English class. He has already read 36 pages. He has 4 more days to complete the assignment. If he reads /bar graph? (A) 30% of members of the cheerleading team are in the 9th grade. (B) There are 5 members of the cheerleading team in the 10th grade. (C) There are/

School Year-2010 to 2011 Eagle River High School Teacher: Mrs. Kimberly Handy Room: A129.

sentences. Identify and discuss the main elements of a short story (story triangle) Deliver an oral presentation Self-monitor and self-correct while reading aloud /Acrobat Reader English Foundations I (Fall 05) English Foundations I 9th Grade Curriculum Guide (Aug 06) 9th Grade Curriculum Guide Coming of Age: Ending of Childhood Facing /liquids to class, but they may not be around the computers. If you are absent, please get caught up on your assignments, as quickly as possible. Seating chart-For now, /

New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences R T U Discovery Seminar 175555/UE 141 M – Fall 2008 Solving Crimes using Referent.

State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences R T U The killing of Senator Huey Long On September 9th, 1935, Carl Austin Weiss shot Senator Huey Long in the Louisiana State Capitol with a.35 calibre pistol./number of definitions –Many bad definitions –No relationship given with the semantic triangle Some tips: –Read assignment carefully –Ask me for clarifications if needed –Take more notes during the class –Download slides from the blackboard New York State Center of Excellence in /

AP Microeconomics REVIEW. Production Possibilities Price/Quantity Controls Consumer/Producer Surplus & Taxation Market Models Elasticity of Demand/Supply.

.50 better off. This is called CONSUMER SURPLUS. The 9th beer is worth to people what it is worth to people. It is different for everybody. $4 $3 $2 $1 Beers per week/ c. D inelastic Applications of Price Elasticity of Demand: 1)Airline tickets (vacationers vs. business class) 2)Early bird specials 3)Movies vs. matinees 4)Drugs and crime 5)Excise taxes on / buying less of the product at a lower quantity. What is the height for the new Consumer Surplus triangle? 65432106543210 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13/

Case Studies of EE in EC. Some proposals towards EE Curriculum Stiyan Genov, Ivan Tonev, Konstantin Stamov, Mihail Kolibarov, eng.

so called sustainability triangle). Any consideration of one of the three dimensions in isolation is a risk to the sustainable development. Education for sustainable development covers /Antarctic. Connections to the Curriculum Geography, world history Grade level: 8th – 9th grade Time: Three to four hours Materials Required: Computer with Internet access/than other parts of the world? Closing: Discuss students findings as a class. How are global environmental problems affecting the Polar Regions? Why are the /

#Broccoli - aka. I’m Here, Let’s GO! Wichita Public Schools

physical activity and its contributions to a healthful lifestyle. 2013 National Standards for Physical Education Standard 1- The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a /the Tiger” by Survivor Songahm #1 - 9th Grade White Belt Form Hi-YAWW! Incorporate Martial Arts into a General PE class 1st Nine Techniques “June Be” Ready /– Jean Blaydes Brain Video – Dr. John Medina Yoga – Cool down Reverse Triangle Mountain Pose Downward Facing Dog Cobra or Upward Facing Dog Childs Pose Cat/Cow /

Becoming a World Power- Imperialism 1872-1912 Chapter 14.

San Juan Hill, Kettle Hill Rough Riders & all black 9th & 10th Calvary captured Kettle Hill & next helped capture San/ era (1890-1920)- middle class women & working class women became for vocal about suffrage. Progressive era (1890-1920)- middle class women & working class women became for vocal about suffrage. 1900- only/strictly for residential, commercial etc. 5. * Building Codes- set min. standards for light, air, room size, sanitation, & fire escapes. * Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (1911) * Triangle /

Gail D. Thompson Work Based Learning Coordinator Colquitt County High School Moultrie, Georgia.

for Parents & Students  Utilize Internet Based Programs & Train Parents & Students to use.  Work closely with Guidance Office Advising Students CCHS Implementation:  Students  Part of their 09-10 WBL application process  Businesses  Business Orientations  Community Organizations working with Workforce Ready  Moultrie Technical College  Moultrie Colquitt County Chamber of Commerce  Tested Students in English Classes/ Academic Standard 9th Grade Biology /the triangles below are similar, find x. 40 /

Welcome! 2011-2012 School Year Denbigh Baptist Christian School Mrs. Marshall Geometry.

triangles, properties of triangles, and quadrilaterals. Throughout this course, students will be exposed to the Pythagorean Theorem, bisectors and inductive reasoning. Calculators A graphing calculator is an essential tool for/ Policies High School – Grades 9th -12th  Beginning of “REAL/class on time (Before bell rings).  Wait to be dismissed. The bell is a reminder for me, not a sign for you to pack up.  Be: HONEST, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE - To teacher, classmates and YOURSELF  Be prepared for class/

Individualized Education Program Accountability—Measurable Annual Goals EC Teacher’s Meeting January 27 th and 29th.

PLAAFP, Annual Goals, and Benchmarks and/or Objectives for all students. NO CHANGE Components of PLAAFP Data-based/. Mary’s Language Arts Annual Goal When given selected 9th grade reading material, Mary will use decoding strategies, context/a model of each shape Jack will correctly name a rectangle, triangle, cube, and cylinder, 8 of 10 trials. Annual Goal:/Therapist—Rochelle Middle School OCS Teachers—Central Office Board Room Low Incidence Classes—(Joyner, Parks (Rouse and Morris), Potter, Britt, Stout, /

Spanish American War, Extending the Monroe Doctrine and Domestic Unrest Instructor Pacas.

Hemisphere was wealthy in natural resources. The Southern Hemisphere was also coveted for supplying viable markets to dump industrial goods produced by the Northern Industrial /in power dictators friendly to U.S. Industrial interests. U.S. Domestic Class Struggles 1900-1910 Instructor Pacas Some Statistics of Work Related Deaths and Injuries/ at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company swept through the 8th, 9th, 10th floor (ladders of fire department could only reach up to the 7th floor) 146 Triangle workers were /

High Stakes Assessment: Comparing the States (grades 6-12) Dr. Eric Milou 2006 NCTM Annual - St. Louis Rowan University (NJ)

level  SBEs - Standards Based Exams  Aligned with state standards - usually at 9th/10th grade level  EOCs - End-of-Course Exams  Standards Based but given after a student completes /Delia ’ s drafting teacher gave her these instructions for drawing a geometric figure to be used in a design for a birdhouse.  Draw isosceles triangle ABC so that angle A is a right angle/ (SBE)  Joseph and Cindy made up a game in their mathematics class. To earn points in the game, each player rolls a six-sided cube/

First Day – 9/3/14 Supplies: Planner, Pencil, Ruler & Science Notebook Independent: In your student planner find the date and record the topic (Notebook.

C.Black lines with half circles or triangles on a weather map indicate __________. D.Why are the triangles and semicircles facing different directions? __________ /5 th is the last day to turn in missing work. Looking for more points in class? Have you thought about extra credit? EMM 20.1Building a Roller Coaster/Test – Tuesday, June 10 (Catastrophic Events & Energy, Machines & Motion) Launching Rockets Monday, June 9th. 2-Liter H20 Bottle Rocket 6/9/14 Supplies: Planner, Pencil, Ruler, Scientific Notebook, 3/

Michigan Association of Agriscience Educators.  Governor Granholms 21st Century Jobs Fund Authorized by bipartisan legislation in the fall of 2005,

are in the 11th grade and the balance 24% (2869) are 9th graders.  28% (3337) of the students studied Plant Science, 28% (3292) Animal Science and 22% (2565) were in a Natural Resources based class.  In Michigan we have 106 programs (high schools and career center /theorem Location: Geometry Classroom Objective: Have the students compute the length of the hypotenuse on a right triangle when given the length of the legs. For a right triangle with legs a and b and hypotenuse c, then a 2 + b 2 = c 2 Michigan/

Implementing RtI 2 at the Secondary Level: The Critical Role of Leadership Building Student Success: Response to Instruction Conference January, 2012 Judy.

of last years 9th graders are off-track for graduation 19% (75) are off-track due to failed FCAT, Credits and GPA 13% (52) of exiting 9th graders failed 3 / target class “Double-Dip” or Double Block – Requires schedules to permit back-to-back schedule of target class with same teacher “Alternate Core” – Requires separate class to provide/. – Is this at, above or below 80%? Same for Tiers 2 and 3? – What does the distribution look like? A triangle, a rectangle? Tier 1 Data Analysis-Building Level: Step /

Today’s Agenda Review Reconstruction – Tests must be signed if received a D or F Unit Overview Pre-test Project Exit Ticket HW #1.

Square, 1866 Strikes Homestead 1892 Strikes Pullman, 1894 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory –Triangle Shirtwaist Fire (1911) –New York City –All doors were locked but one door which was blocked by the fire. –7th, 8th, and 9th floors were engulfed in flames, and the fire /with another pair to form a discussion group Share responses with group Be prepared to share final answers with class Checking for Understanding Answer individually on separate piece of paper in COMPLETE SENTECES 1.Why did many Europeans move to /

Learn about research involving this online formative assessment system and hear about how it is used in classrooms. Worcester Polytechnic Institute Introduces.

Card Objective Find the side of a triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem Lesson Use Connected /carefully. Lesson Discuss the linear equation question in class. Assessment Next nights homework had multiple questions about/Research on Technology in Education (JRTE). Published by the International Society For Technology in Education (ISTE). Spring 2009 issue. 41:3 p / In Woolf, Aimeur, Nkambou and Lajoie (Eds.) Proceeding of the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Tutoring Systems. pp. 426 -437. Springer-/

An Integrated Analysis of Asian Outflow Events Using Comprehensive Emissions in Support of ACE- Asia and TRACE-P J.-H. Woo 1, G.R. Carmichael 1, D.G. Streets.

1 1. Center for Global and Regional Environ. Research, Univ. Iowa, USA; 2. Argonne National Laboratory, USA; 3. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, USA;/ class, Biomass density Region Area Fraction (For anthro. gridding 30 min, Shifted) LPSs & Volcano Population Road network Ship lanes Landcover Development Methodology Schematic methodology for /5day 2-D back trajectories. 2-D and 3-D analysis features for DC8 flight8 (March 9th), Left: same as uppermost figure, but (light blue: 3./

The Industrial Revolution Late 1700s through …early 1900s? Battersea Power Station, built in the 1930s and used as a Pink Floyd album cover, is a decommissioned.

for dangerous working conditions while treating the workers harshly. Economic: New technologies improved production, allowing manufacturers to make things faster and cheaper. 39 The Triangle Factory Fire of 1911 March 25 th, Manhattan, NYC Fire engulfs the 8th, 9th,/ Marxism refers to a very large amount of economic and political theory, but in a nutshell, it is a class struggle between the proletariat (worker) and the bourgeoisie (wealthy owners). Marxism supports a socialist society where the proletariats/


2006) Mental Model for Poverty 14 Actual responses from people living in poverty. All rights reserved. aha! Process, Inc. 2016 Mental Model of Middle Class 15 Developed by Phil/ mass changes Conflicts over scarce resources Result in the karpman triangle Rescuer Victim Abuser/ Persecutor/ Bully Karpman Triangle Note. From “Fair Tales and Script Drama Analysis,” by/HIGHER LEVEL OF PREGNANCY, LOWER GRADES AND THE LIKELIHOOD OF COURSE FAILURE IN 9TH GRADE, MORE SEXUAL ABUSE IF YOU ARE MALE – MORE AGGRESSIVE, MORE/


. We meet with 8th grade teachers each year to discuss accurate placement into 9th grade courses. Course request forms are pretty detailed. Make good choices. Try / alternate choices. If you don’t provide alternate choices, we may pick classes for you. Deerlake students must return completed registration forms to their American History teachers/ request for accuracy and a final time to make elective course changes! Directions for completing course request forms: Fill in the squares and/or triangles in front/

Rowntree, et. al. - Modified by Joe Naumann, UMSL

-Geomancy -Ideographic writing -Three Gorges Project -Marxism -Conurbation -Loess -JAKOTA Triangle Globalization & Diversity: Rowntree, Lewis, Price, Wyckoff Globalization & Diversity: Rowntree/ 2nd (22nd) INFANT MORTALITY - 1st (29th) GNP PER CAPITA - 3rd (6th) LITERACY RATE - 9th (6th) EDUCATIONAL RANK - 15th (2nd) HUMAN DEVELOPMENT - 3rd (2nd) JAPAN VS (UNITED STATES) /student-led protests repressed in 1960s and ’70s Middle class successfully pushed for democratization in late 1980s Taiwan and Hong Kong (/

Pediatric Population May 2015 CE Condell Medical Center EMS System Site Code: 107200E-1215 Prepared by: Sharon Hopkins, RN, BSN, EMT-P Rev: 5.13.15.

for immediate interventions ◦Pediatric Assessment Triangle/for the/for/for/for/for/for/ for /for/for/Classes/for total of 3 fluid challenges for/for all persons ◦Total for/for/for/for/for dosing calculations? ◦The Region X SOP for calculation formula ◦Back of the SOP’s for dosing charts ◦Check “how supplied” for/for reassessment 68 Case Scenario #1 EMS is called for/for/for 22-77# or 10-35 KG) ◦Consider need for/for/for/for/for drug assisted intubation ◦Lidocaine for/for/for/. Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals 3/

Algorithm Design by Éva Tardos and Jon Kleinberg Slides by Kevin Wayne Copyright © 2004 Addison Wesley COS 423: Theory of Algorithms Kevin Wayne Princeton.

n Available at Triangle Copy, 150 Nassau Street. Course web site. www.cs.princeton.edu/courses/archive/spring05/cos423 see me after class 3 Grades Grading. n "Weekly" problem sets, due Wednesday 11am in class. n Class participation, staff discretion for borderline cases. /algiros [painful] + arithmos [number]. n True origin: Abu Abd Allah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizm was a famous 9th century Persian textbook author who wrote Kitab al- jabr wal-muqabala, which evolved into todays high school algebra text. /

PBIS: Alternatives to Zero Tolerance and Punitive Discipline April 14, 2015 Matthew Phillips, M.A., CCC-SLP PBIS Coordinator, Ingham ISD.

environment. Unfortunately, a significant number of students are removed from class each year — even for minor infractions of school rules — due to exclusionary discipline / failing courses as they continued high school. for 20 % of the students suspended in 9th grade, efforts to find alternatives to suspensions /Evaluation Tool (SET) Benchmarks for Advanced Tiers (BAT) Outcome Data Suspensions Ave. Referrals per Day per Month Location Behavior & Motivation Triangle Report Ethnicity Report Illuminate On/

Chapter 11: East Asia Rowntree, et. al. - Modified by Joe Naumann, UMSL.

-Geomancy -Ideographic writing -Three Gorges Project -Marxism -Conurbation -Loess -JAKOTA Triangle Globalization & Diversity: Rowntree, Lewis, Price, Wyckoff 4 Introduction –East Asia / (22nd) INFANT MORTALITY - 1st (29th) GNP PER CAPITA - 3rd (6th) LITERACY RATE - 9th (6th) EDUCATIONAL RANK - 15th (2nd) HUMAN DEVELOPMENT - 3rd (2nd) –JAPAN VS (UNITED /government student-led protests repressed in 1960s and ’70s Middle class successfully pushed for democratization in late 1980s –Taiwan and Hong Kong (now /

AS Revision Each day different questions…..Click on the photo and name them to see the answers!!!

it e.g. influence rules or timings or dictate commercial breaks 5. (golden triangle) Golden triangle / relationship between sport, sponsorship and media / sport linked with sponsorship 6. (/.encourage or support academic education / provide lifestyle or career advice 9th Answers – Jessica Ennis Anatomy 1. attached to haemoglobin 2. /develop grassroots, 2. Select national team, 3. Talent identification/select performers for world class programme 4. Trains coaches/officials, 5. Controls the finance of their/

The pre- post assessment 3 points1 point Introduction Purpose Learning targets Instruments Eliminate bias & distortion Writing conventions.

9th grade World Geography course. The China unit comes at the end of the East Asia segment and is the last major unit the students complete before the end of school. The unit will run approximately four weeks. The Introduction The context The Introduction “My ultimate goal for the unit is to bring to a close the literature side of the class/.3)” Skills “Students will be able to solve problems involving right triangles Using right triangle trigonometry. (Math 2.1)” Dispositions “Students will begin to enjoy /

Participant briefing – 28 January 2010. table of contents 1. Libya Rally 2010 2. Participants 3. The route 4. Organisation 5. Vehicle preparation 6. What.

chrono / same roadbooks / navigation) Category 3: The discovery class (desert driving school) For motorbikes - ran by Frans Verhoeven For cars - ran by Rashad Faraj 2. Participants 192 participants / race category) Protective gear and helmets in all categories (for quads/motorbikes) Sand ladders / shovels / tools / jack / rope / safety triangle / yellow jackets Fuel autonomy: 600 km (cars/trucks)/ 500 km drive to Gariyat (free camping at night) On 9th March (after 400 km drive) we arrive in the Sebha bivouac/

Formulas 5 5.1Sequences 5.2Introduction to Functions 5.3Simple Algebraic Fractions Chapter Summary Case Study 5.4Formulas and Substitution 5.5Change of.

listed their weights (in kg) in the order of their class numbers. Each number in a sequence is called a term./triangle is called a triangular number. 5.Consider the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8,.... In this sequence, starting from the third term, each term is the sum of the 2 preceding terms. This sequence is called the Fibonacci sequence. P. 6 5.1 Sequences C. General Terms For/5.1 Sequences C. General Terms Example 5.2T Find the general term and the 9th term of each of the following sequences. (a)  1, 2, 5, 8/

Supplementary ReadingAfter ReadingDetailed ReadingGlobal Reading Detailed Reading Before Reading Unit 7 The glorious messiness of English B R _ main Listening.

very different from modern English and only a few words can be easily recognized. In the 9th and 10th centuries, when Vikings invaded England, Old Norse words, e.g. sky, /the teacher’s office, the boy tried to invent a plausible excuse for his absence from class. D R _ word _ invent 1 invent: vt. James Watt /_ contribute to 个人行为,环境因素和遗传特征都会导致疾病的复杂性。 contribute to: help to cause The involvement in a romantic triangle may have contributed to the decline of her mental health. Individual behaviors, environmental /

Unit 7: The Progressive Movement in the US 1890-1914.

services in poor working-class neighborhoods.  IMPACT: Other settlement houses were inspired by the Hull House and pushed for reforms in cities across the nation. Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire  In 1911, a fire broke out at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in NYC. 500 seamstresses had been locked in on the 9th floor to prevent stealing or unauthorized breaks.  As the women tried to escape the/

Physics 2102 Introduction to Electricity, Magnetism and Optics Physics 2102 Gabriela González Charles-Augustin de Coulomb (1736-1806)

will be posted in our section’s website. Textbook: Fundamentals of Physics, Halliday, Resnick, and Walker, 9th edition. We will cover chapters 21-38 in this class. You have access to the online textbook in WileyPlus.com Exams: Two midterms: 6-7pm, Thursdays Feb /using Coulomb’s Law and finally add all the vectors! (“superposition”) Useful to look out for SYMMETRY to simplify calculations! Example Three equal charges form an equilateral triangle of side 1.5 m as shown Compute the force on q 1 What is the /

Copyright © 1995-2004, Dennis J. Frailey, All Rights Reserved Day 5, Part 1, Page 1 1/11/2004 Day 5, Part 1 Basic Principles and Techniques of Productivity,

9th New Collegiate Dictionary Productive: Having the power of producing; Yielding or furnishing results, benefits, or profits Webster’s 9th//2004 The Goal Improve all components of the customer value triangle Customer Value Quality Productivity Cycle Time Copyright © 1995-2004/classes Value-Added Essential Non-Essential Non-Value-Added If a task fits more than one class,/coding errors -- 14% Extra customer support -- 12% Labor for individuals waiting for test equipment that is not available -- 11% Copyright © /

Geometry. Geometry Date: 11/8/2011 Sect. 4.3 pg 185-188 ID Check Obj.: SWBAT Parking Lot: Lesson 4-1 pg 760 #1-9; pg 155 #35- 37; 182 # 39, HW Requests:

.1-4.3 Thursday SWBAT name and label corresponding parts of congruent triangles (CPCTC) and apply these principles to solve algebraic applications. 11// properties of  ’s, of congruence and the SSS and SAS to test for  congruence. 1.Bell Ringer: See overhead Parking Lot: pg 155 #35,/ #11-21 odds, 22-25; Copy proofs in notes Announcements: Binders Dec. 9th SSS Post. – If sides of one  are  to sides of a /  of a 2 nd , then the  ’s are . Ex 3. In class: pg 202 #2-9 Exit Ticket #9 HW: Begin pg 204 #5,6, /

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