Ppt on time management in marathi

1 Maharashtra SSA IIIrd party for evaluation of construction of school infrastructure under SSA in Maharashtra.

helped the VEC,S.S.A. Engineers in identification from purchase of good quality material for construction till completion of work.  VEC is also supported by a detailed construction manual in Marathi language that include the drawings,the technical details/ proper time management. Restricting air and noise pollution to a minimum and Ensuring proper time management. 17 18 19 20 Testing of Material 21 Checking of workmanship 22 23 Use Innovative idea for curing 24 Construction of 39 Class Room in Pimpri /

Recommendations of the 13 th JRM on Financial Management & Procurement 28 h Review Meeting of State FCs- Gandhinagar (3 rd - 4 th February 2011) Annexure.

to all agencies involved in procurement in states. The Mission feels it is time to carry out a critical review of the procurement planning and monitoring process and how this get integrated to project management process. GoI and/.  No social audit display boards in schools visited.  Joint signatory savings bank accounts at school level.  Community deeply engaged in monitoring of the works and other procurement related issues.  VEC Manual in Marathi circulated.  Asset Registers maintained and updated/

MY HEROES: DOERS WHO MADE A DIFFERENCE Almitra H Patel Member, Supreme Court Committee for Solid Waste Management in Class 1 Cities in India

Patel Member, Supreme Court Committee for Solid Waste Management in Class 1 Cities in India almitrapatel@rediffmail.com www.almitrapatel.com 2 HEROES/Jr KG to SSC in English + Marathi medium, 2 shifts, on 5 acres in Devlali, Mah. 4 EMPOWERED ME : 1 ST Indian girl at MIT ? BS in Gen Engg, MS in Industrial Ceramics. 6 / PERSES BILIMORIA : EARTHSOUL Promoting fully-compostable plastic since 11 years. Is far ahead of the time for India. 14 TUSHAR SHAH : DAMANGANGA GROUP Dedicated one of his four paper mills at /

Presented by A. Mohan Executive Vice President Zee Network, India Information Meeting on Developments in Broadcasting Standing.

available over Indian Sky. Channels in different languages are also available to cater to the requirements of regional viewers viz. Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Punjabi, etc. In Radio segment besides All India / channel The applicant company, irrespective of its ownership, equity structure or management control, would be eligible to seek permission, should meet the prescribed minimum/ MIB, GOI for regulation of content on TV channels from time to time. No News and Current Affairs channel shall be permitted to /

SPONSORSHIP PACKET. INTENSE ENETERTAINMENT Intense Entertainment is based out of Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia Tri-state area. We specialize in organizing.

management We strive in organizing creative, innovative and outstanding quality events. Intense Entertainment believes in giving high quality entertainment at a reasonable price, affordable to all household income groups SUNIDHI CHAUHAN Sunidhi Chauhan is an Indian playback singer, best known for her Hindi film songs in Bollywood. She has recorded songs for Oriya, Punjabi, Marathi/ such as India This Week, Express India, Pakistan Post, Urdu Times, Dunya etc Web Media : such as Intenseus, Sulekha, Desiclub,/


Legal & Social Issues Dr.Sunil Shroff Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation, Chennai Head of / year afterwards Ethical issues - Is Transplant Surgery Necessary at all in India? Detractors – Transplants benefits a few in India and the same time and resources can be used by the doctors to instead save many/Foundation Carry the card in the wallet Serves also as an emergency card The Foundation has distributed almost 100,000 cards in India. Cards are available in English, Tamil. Hindi and Marathi Give Life a /

State of Municipal Education in Mumbai December 2014 Supported by FORD FOUNDATION 1.

time-series regression. 5 Total Students in Mumbai’s Municipal Schools 2009 - 2014 Year2009-20102010-20112011-20122012-20132013-14 Total Students455,900437,863439,153434,523404,251 % Change in Enrolments Year on Year 0.9%-4%0.3%-1.1%-7% Medium-wise Change in Enrolments Year on Year Marathi/and Inspection reports. Link reports with performance appraisal of respective teachers.  Strengthen Data management systems especially the Research Officer’s wing, for better planning and implementation. Providing quality/

Education in 2010 India Facts and Challenges Normand Labrie Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies Ontario Institute for Studies in Education University.

$39,200) – GDP growth: 6.1% in 2009 (CIA est. vs. 9% in 2007) – National and Regional Budget by Sector (Education): 3.2% of GDP (CIA est. for 2005) Languages: – Hindi 41%, Bengali 8.1%, Telugu 7.2%, Marathi 7%, Tamil 5.9%, Urdu 5%, Gujarati 4/ stand the seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), which have won fame around the world for their prowess in engineering, along with five institutes of management, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and a handful of schools such as the Tata Institute of/


ACTIVITIES COVERED  Energy Efficiency – equipments, green building  Cleaner Production - Waste Management –agro waste, industrial waste Fuel Switching- diesel/petrol to CNG/LPG, coal to/in Ceramics, Engineering, Foundry and F&V processing sectors released in Hindi and English and multiple languages (Gujarati, Marathi, Odiya, Kannada, Tamil & Bengali). 6 EE Posters – 3 General & 3 sector specific. Tip Sheets for increasing EE of MSMEs..  50 EE trainings for bankers – about 2500 bankers benefitted TIME/

TIMES GROUP NETWORK WEBSITES www.timesofindia.comwww.timesofindia.com, www.economictimes.com; www.indiatimes.comwww.economictimes.comwww.indiatimes.com.

businessmen, CXO’s.www.economictimes.com Audience Average Time spent: 17 minutes 80% exclusive Users over all big competitors in India Preferred Destination for High networth Individuals: Owners of Family Managed Business (FMBs) Chairmen and MDs of SMEs /in the specific languages. Maharashtra Times is No. 1 Marathi Daily of India, and Navbharat Times happens to be North India’s leading Hindi Daily. Audience Navbharattimes.com. 62% Audience in age group of 25-44, 71% Male. MaharashtraTimes.com 61% Audience in/

Age of Acquisition and Cognitive Advantage in Bilingualism Willie Lin and Vivian Cardona.

the row of arrows), Invalid & Center, None. Reaction Time and Mean Error Rate 31.10.2015 RESULTS Monolinguals showed / 1, late: 1), and some languages were spoken by just one of the bilingual speakers: Marathi (early), Indonesian (late), Portuguese (early), Japanese (late), Gujarati (early), Toisan (early),/In particular, lower socioeconomic status (SES) has been shown to be associated with deficits in aspects of attention, especially in tasks that require filtering information and managing response conflict.


Timely detection and diagnosis of crop disease in Okra remotely by agricultural experts was able to save an entire harvest 8. Web Agriculture Knowledge Management in India (AKMINDIA)  Launched by collaborative effort of IIT-B, IIT-K and IITM-K in 2009 in/WAP 11. Print Media Agriwatch-IASL and launched in 2000  Print media, SMS based and web based services  Agriwatch Farm Weekly in both Hindi and Marathi for complete newspaper  Agriwatch Trade Weekly in Hindi for small traders  Daily/Weekly/Fortnightly /

Palm Meadows Owners Association – MC Elections Suhas S Nerurkar Personal Profile 150 phase 1, Avenue 22 In Palm Meadows since December 2001 Education:

of India, in Bangalore for over 13 years Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and Bengali Profession/Manager) and Aditi (VP Strategic Initiatives) 1982-86: Senator Students Gymkhana IITK and Member Counseling service IITK Palm Meadows Owners Association – MC Elections Suhas S Nerurkar Community Experience (in Palm Meadows) Member of IWC - involved in/in a leading IT recruitment firm - the nature of my business requires me to transact business with several residents in Palm Meadows at various points in time/

The Incredible India Submitted By: Gaurav Goswami (IX-A) Submitted To: Mr. Shiv Kumar Tyagi 2012 - 2013 Social Science Project On A RISING STAR IN THE.

ancient civilization. The official languages of this Union Territory are as follows:  Marathi  Hindi  Gujarati  English Location of Daman and Diu With its / Games will take place in India for the first time and second time in Asia. The opening ceremony will be held in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium/PGIMS (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences ) Rohtak, and Management Development Institute (MDI) in Gurgaon. Tourist attractions in Haryana The state of Haryana is famous for housing the following /

Cognitive-Linguistic Therapy Strategies Across Different Aphasia Types Ms Sonal V Chitnis Asst Professor in Speech Language Pathology BVDU SASLP Coordinator.

higher pragmatic tasks Visuospatial skills Gestures, body language and facial expressions Prosodic domain Time pressure management, reaction time, problem solving & Reasoning NON LINGUSTIC orientation to Time,Place, and Direction Neglect Attention Memory WM/ STM & LTM 08/03//his memory, Fluency- regressed Second language ( English), slow progression ADL well preserved. h/o bilingualism, premorbidly proficient in Marathi & English 08/03/2015IFNR 2015,MET Mumbai India21 MMSE  26/30, ACE-R  52/100, CDR=/

QR (Quick Response) Code: Application in Library & Information Science Services Mr. Pralhad Jadhav, Sr. Manager (Library), Khaitan & Co., Mumbai. Mob.:

Quick Response) Code: Application in Library & Information Science Services Mr. Pralhad Jadhav, Sr. Manager (Library), Khaitan & Co.,/ effective way of delivering enhanced information directly and conveniently to users.  Can track how many times the QR code is scanned for statistical purposes. 27/08/2016 11 Pralhad Jadhav & Shaheen Momin/ were users can view past issue in full text. Pune University has its own song called ‘Vidyapeeth Geet’ in Marathi and it displayed with frame in front of the gate of every /

India “Truth alone triumphs”. Contents India in the New Millennium Great Indians Quotes on India Civilized Past Indian Philosophy Sights of India The.

design, architecture, management, legal services, accounting and drug development and the Indian BPOs are moving up in the value chain.  There are about 200 call centers in India with /. Bhaskaracharya calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun hundreds of years before the astronomer Smart. Time taken by earth to/ Languages of India Hindi Sanskrit Tamil Gujarati Urdu Punjabi Malayalam Bengali Marathi Konkani Kannada Assamese Telegu Oriya Rajasthani Destroyer Shiva Preserver Vishnu Creator/

1 Problems and Prospects in Collecting Spoken Language Data Kishore Prahallad Suryakanth V Gangashetty B. Yegnanarayana Raj Reddy IIIT Hyderabad, India.

speech systems in these 4 languages Telephone and Cell-phone corpus Telephone and Cell-phone corpus – 150 hrs (540 speakers) –Telugu, Tamil and Marathi –Developed speech recognition systems in these 3/ –Emulabel 9 Lessons Learnt Speech correction needs 3-6 times more than collection Speech correction needs 3-6 times more than collection –Better to collect more data than / Rs 10 K PM  10 (for data correction) x Rs 10 K PM  1 data manager (Rs 15 K PM)  4 months cost: 8, 60, 000 per language 5 engineers:/

Best Practices in the Resume Screening Process Resume Screening Harjeet Singh CEO – Conscript Hr Advisors Pvt Ltd

training or responsibilities. Best Practices in the Resume Screening Process Conclusion Screening resumes is an important, but time consuming, part of the / perform their own data entry, which offers the benefit of electronic management of Component Specifications and Packing Standards, as well as use of/in 2006 from Mumbai University. Personal Details: Name A G P Sex Female Marital Status Single Nationality Indian Languages known English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi Birth Date 11 Oct 1984 Best Practices in/


Reach of conservation where the practices are adopted aiming at conservation and management of rain water so as to improve productivity of crops through rain water/storage and direct impact of rainfall, earth of structure is settled or shrunk in due coarse of time. Provide allowance for the settlement, which depends upon type of fill material/ 7) BANDHARA is the Marathi term for weir with vents as these are practiced in Maharashtra State. The vents have removable shutters held in groves in piers. The vents are/

The Magazine Sector. The Beginning The 1980s saw a boom in the publication of magazines in India, not only in English but in the major Indian languages.

millennium, but by 2006 it was boom time again for magazines. In 2006 as many as 2600 magazine titles were registered with the Registrar of /Indian periodicals are in the Indian languages. Hindi alone has more than 3,000 periodicals, followed by English with over 2,670. Periodicals in Tamil, Malayalam, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu and / all India bodies of categories such as editors, working journalists and owners and managers of newspaper; Composition of PCI 5 members are nominated from the two houses /

Welcome to SILC. Outline Introduction to SILC Typical Day What to expect in each class? What do we expect from students, parents, volunteers? SILC Calendar.

for its entire history Enrollments ranged from 15 students in its first year to 200 students last year Languages: Bangla (Bengali), Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu,/the volunteers and teachers are also required to register in GURUKUL. All the communications will also be managed through GURUKUL. GURUKUL contd. Please ensure that you /also publish a year book around graduation time in May Visit silcmn.com for the earlier news letters. Contact SILC board/

Addressing Domestic Violence Among Married Women in India is Critical for HIV Prevention: the Indian Family Violence and Control Scale Ameeta Kalokhe,

administered to random (geographically-clustered) sample of married women randomly from 16 wards in Pune 94% Marathi, 5% Hindi, and 1% English 96% Verbal, 2% Written, 2/ material) Scale order nor language of administration affected response Average scale time: 19.4 mins 3 versions 1,2,3 4 staff Conclusions/Future/Quantitative Team: Vikram Solas, Latika Karve, Meena Chivate, Vidula Hulyalkar, Yogini Burhade Data Management: Nayana Yenbhar, Basit Momin Emory University Carlos del Rio, MD Rob Stephenson, PhD/

Early Enterprises... Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago Illinois, to his father Elias Disney, and mother Flora Call Disney. Walt had.

, however, over the time, Other than the regular/in Hindi,Malyalam and Marathi STRENGHTS Global Standardization Target Customer: Children process Creative process Popular Brand Name Diversification WEAKNESSES Excessive Research & Development Constant Up Gradation High Investment High Risk Factor SWOT Analysis OPPORTUNITIES Merchandise Global Localization: Think global, Act Local Characters of national or regional appeal Cheaper alternatives to soft toys Disney Music Channel Disney School of Management/

Universal Language Lost in Translation The Challenges of Teaching Mathematics to ELLs By: Marlon Marmolejo.

scripts officially recognized in India have different numeral shapes. For example, the Devanagari script (used to write Hindi, Marathi, etc) has /manage the family’s finances or vice versa. Traditionally in Vietnam women run businesses and men are professionals 12. Math language favors language structures that might be difficult for ELLs, e.g. passive voice. 13. Students’ misconceptions that math is only about numbers and cannot be verbalized. 14. Students are learning both math and English at the same time/

Miscellaneous Course material prepared by Greenstone Digital Library Project University of Waikato, New Zealand.

pages  User management  Restricting access /time  Searching: –Enter search terms in Unicode (using IME), or –Select native encoding from the Preferences page, and enable “Auto-select” or select the native encoding in/in to add/edit translations GTI  Select a file to work on: GTI  Updating a translation: Greenstone in Marathi मराठी ग्रीनस्टोन Objectives  To create digital library of Marathi and in other languages using Greenstone  To translate Greenstone in Marathi  To create digital library in Marathi/

LOKMAT A Case Study By- Maitreyee Karambelkar Saylee Salvi.

. Jawaharlal Darda Fellowships for Marathi Journalism students. Journalists - Sopan Pandharipande and Savita Harkare won the prestigious Ramnath Goenka award for investigative journalism. G2 –A Gujrati Magazine by the Lokmat group was awarded as the Best New Launch of a local title category in 2007 by the Asian Publishing Management. IBN Lokmat, the only Marathi channel to win the prestigious Maharashtra Times Sanman Awards. Thank you

Presentation of the CLIA Project by Pushpak Bhattacharyya, IIT Bombay, On behalf of the CLIA Consortium 12 Dec 2008 On the occasion of FIREatKolkata.

of CLIA and the organizations responsible (contd) Document Processing (index time NER, IE) AU KBC Document Processing (Post Retrieval: Snippet, /Marathi Transliteration of NE list (IITB and CDAC Pune) Marathi-English parallel corpora in tourism domain used for training the snippet translation SMT system (IITB) List of Multi-Word Expressions in Marathi and Hindi (IITB) English-Marathi/- CLIA Project 70 Bugzilla Requirements A compatible database management system – MySQL, Postgressql A suitable release of /

Story Teller System Requirement Specification Presented By Story Teller Website Team 1/21.

capabilities, assumptions, functional and non-functional requirements. 6/21 Current System History Till now websites provided text effects in Marathi stories, and current websites does not provide audio effects as well as video effects to stories. Also there/ the time when application must be available for use any time. System maintenance : There should always be regular system maintenance. Usability : It is the system support of execution of user task.i.e. presentation of information and management of user/

인도에서 Barter로 가능한 광고.

barter via Ormita www.lokmat.com Lokmat is a popular newspaper, published in Marathi (Lokmat), Hindi (Lokmat Samachar) & English (Lokmat Times). It is the fourth largest Indian daily and in Marathi, it is the largest selling daily with 1.2 million copies a/ Review” magazine by Hammer Publishers Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to promote professional cleaning management in India, through education and research. It works as valuable information source for cleaning professionals to know the latest trends, techniques/

Natural Language Processing: a Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation Perspective Pushpak Bhattacharyya Computer Science and Engineering Department IIT.

Marathi): 2 Annotation: 2 Morphology: 2 Other staff Project manager (MBA): 1 –Half day Office Administration: 1 Important Research Themes Creation of Foundational Resources and Tools (Linguistic and Computational) Efficient in/ synset { क्षेत्र :: region } has a high co-occurrence with the synset { प्रदेश, राज्य, प्रांत : state, province } The synset { समय : time} has a high co-occurrence with the synset { अच्छा, बढ़िया, ठीक : good, appropriate, accurate} 74 Parameters Used for WSD (4/5)‏ Conceptual distance/

India Advertising Last Updated: 26 th November 2010.

40,500 copies are printed per month. www.citycheers.in City Cheers Available on barter via Ormita www.ormita.co.in The magazine is dedicated to promote professional cleaning management in India, through education and research. It works as valuable/ www.mailtoday.in Mail Today Newspaper Available on barter via Ormita www.ormita.co.in Lokmat is a popular newspaper, published in Marathi ( Lokmat ), Hindi ( Lokmat Samachar ) & English ( Lokmat Times ). It is the fourth largest Indian daily and in Marathi, it is/


analysis. It had remained the largest circulated standard Marathi daily for many years, but later the 1990s saw competition from newer dailies like Mahatrastra Times and Navkal. However things turned around in the 2000s when it underwent a major revamp/ and thus stands for leadership through empowerment. Market Strategy & Challenges The management and staff of Loksatta did everything in their power to gain and maintain stability in the market. The paper had availability to all the modern amenities for /

Bharat Ramaswami Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi ICABR, Ravello, June 2016.

The political economy will play out in `elite’ politics.  Herring’s analysis is about how civil society organizations created regulatory `choke points’ and managed to dominate them.  Goal/  Farmers in Maharashtra and Gujarat did not care about Bt eggplant.  2 articles in Marathi and 12 in Gujarati (all against).  Debate about regulation is primarily in English language press/health.  One possibility: Public and opinion makers do not have the time or capacity to understand GM.  The pro-GM lobby is seen /

Welcome To Reaccreditation Peer Team August 2010 1.

of the man : Introducing Philosophy) Sunday Loksatta (Indian Express group) 200552 02Lingabhavachi Gosht : (Story of Gender : First time in Marathi) Baayja (Feminist Bimonthly) 2007 - 0910 03: Katha Kaalya Aaichi (The story of Black Mother) ( Sakal group of /Ethics for Journalists Ethics for Teachers Ethics for Police Education in Human Values 38 DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY Departmental Profile : Future Plan C : 2 Ethics for Management Business Ethics and Professional Ethics Jainism and Business Morality /

Chaitanya J Rathi Compére Profile “Live to Talk, Talk to Live!!!”

dream of being a news reader as I start with my first free lance English and Marathi news reading soon. About Me P G Diploma in Event Management. Formally trained on US and British English Voice and Accent. Professionally trained and certified / Big Boss fame Aanchal Kumar •    Product Launch of Statfield Charjet Premium painting solutions Portfolio of Shows • Clean & Clear Pune Times Fresh Face 2010 auditions • ABIL Pune Fashion Week 2010 Season II • Celebrations 2010 for Piaggio India Ltd • Karaoke Night /

Talk to Live, Live to Talk!!! Chaitanya J Rathi Compére Profile.

becoming a news reader as I start with my first free lancing English and Marathi news reading assignment in July 2010. About Me P G Diploma in Event Management. Formally trained on US and British English Voice and Accent. Professionally trained and/ HSBC Premier IPL Cricket Match Screening & Quiz Care Management International Annual Day Times Education – The Magic of MBA HSBC Premier cocktail & dinner Quiz night Asian Paints – Launch of Colour Next 2009 series 14 Times Job Fairs, Pune/Mumbai – 20,000 people /

Chaitanya J Rathi Compére Profile “Live to Talk, Talk to Live!!!”

Public Speaking. A Corporate Training Manager by profession. Hosted more than 400 live stage shows Fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi. To start with my own fashion feature on a News Channel recently launched in Pune. Brand Associations Brand Associations / Nite with Big Boss fame Aanchal Kumar • Product Launch of Statfield Charjet Premium painting solutions • Clean & Clear Pune Times Fresh Face 2010 auditions • ABIL Pune Fashion Week 2010 Season II Portfolio of Shows • Celebrations 2010 for Piaggio India /

12th International Symposium on Soil and Plant Analysis Chania, Crete June 5-10, 2011.

Mediterranean Agriculture Plenary Session 2: Soil and Plant Analysis for Fertilizer Recommendations Plenary Session 3: Precision Agriculture and Nutrient Management 7:30 - 9:30 pm Welcome Reception Symposium Program Tuesday, June 7, 2009 Plenary Session 4: Olive Program/plant in Falasarna 7:30 pmArrival to the hotels Marathi Tour1: Sightseeing excursion that departs from the Port of Souda with stops at the pretty fishing village of Almirida, Cape of Drapano, Marathi beach where you will have plenty of time /

CS460/626 : Natural Language Processing/Language Technology for the Web (Lecture 1 – Introduction) Pushpak Bhattacharyya CSE Dept., IIT Bombay.

on the Internet Platform Opinion Mining Reputation Management Sentiment Analysis (some observations at the end/Times of India 5/9/07) Semantic Analysis Representation in terms of Predicate calculus/Semantic Nets/Frames/Conceptual Dependencies and Scripts John gave a book to Mary Give action: Agent: John, Object: Book, Recipient: Mary Challenge: ambiguity in semantic role labeling (Eng) Visiting aunts can be a nuisance (Hin) aapko mujhe mithaai khilaanii padegii (ambiguous in Marathi and Bengali too; not in/

What is Wordnet Coimbatore Workshop at Amrita University Pushpak Bhattacharyya CSE Dept., IIT Bombay.

in which children take the roles of father or mother or children and pretend to interact like adults; "the children were playing house") 11. sign of the zodiac, star sign, sign, mansion, house, planetary house -- ((astrology) one of 12 equal areas into which the zodiac is divided) 12. house -- (the management/in the earthquake in Gujarat) (shaking of the surface of earth; many were killed in the earthquake in Gujarat) Marathi/ Amount Little – A lot Place Far – Near Time Day - Night Gender Boy - Girl Kinds of /

“Status & Implication of 97 th Constitutional Amendments on Audit of Co Op Societies under MCS Act.” Faculty CA. B. B. Mane Lecture Series Organised by:

Department of the State, possessing the Higher Diploma in Co-operative Management or the Diploma in Co-operative Audit or Government Diploma in Co-operation and Accountancy with a working knowledge of Marathi language and who has completed the period of / norms including provisioning, Cash Reserve, Credit-Deposit Ratio and such other norms as are specified by the Registrar from time to time.” The Maharashtra Co-operative Societies (Amendment) Rules, 2013. Rule 55A B. B. Mane & Co. Chartered Accountants/

LM/37 LINGUE E LETTERATURE EUROAMERICANE Curriculum: Culture e letterature dei paesi di lingua inglese L-LIN/10 LETTERATURE DEI PAESI di LINGUA INGLESE.

“reduced or ground to pieces” in Marathi. The social worker Jyotiba Phule (1897–1890) had first used the word in dalitodhar, or upliftment of the oppressed, in his Satya Shodhak (Truth Seeking) / moves to New Delhi with Ashok and his wife Ms Pinky. Throughout their time in New Delhi, Balram is exposed to the extensive corruption of Indias society. One/him with a bottle. He then manages to move to Bangalore: India shining new technological capital. There he bribes the police in order to start his own business./


the tradition of a common origin and common tutelary deities.  BRAHMANA (priests; today intellectuals and managers) mouth  KSHATRYA (warriors and kings) arms  VAISYA (land owners, traders) legs  SHUDRA/ground to pieces” in Marathi. The social worker Jyotiba Phule (1897–1890) had first used the word in dalitodhar, or upliftment of the oppressed, in his Satya Shodhak /New Delhi with Ashok and his wife Ms Pinky. Throughout their time in New Delhi, Balram is exposed to the extensive corruption of Indias/

1. Plassey.

and Mahatma Gandhi Jotiba Phooley Born in 1827 Father -Gobind Rao Mother- Chemna Bai Real name-Jyoti Rai Wife -Savitry Jotiba Phooley Achievements to the depressed classes Schools for the girls of lower castes Promotion of Marathi language Library for the people of/survival rested on being able to keep the people divided, for they had managed to establish their rule because politically India had been a divided country at the time of their entry. The British thus followed their famous Divide and Rule policy../

Sorting it all out: An introduction to collation Cathy Wissink Michael Kaplan Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technology Windows International Microsoft.

who need to understand collation enough to “sell” this globalization feature to management –Not intended to be a “nuts and bolts” talk (see the / users search for data in “sorted” order If the ordering isn’t perfectly correct, users have a very hard time finding data This ordering/ Czech Republic (IUC23) 9 Collation in Action Latin scripts: English, French, Lithuanian, Swedish, Traditional Spanish Chinese variants (Taiwanese orders) Devanagari script: Hindi, Marathi Tamil script: Tamil 25 March 2003/

ICDL-2004Dr.Om vikas Dr. Om Vikas Department of Information Technology Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Government of India E-mail:

-2004Dr.Om vikas DARPAs Information Management program address (www.dapra.mil/ito/research/in) core digital library issues requiring/ Collaboration. Analysts work in distributed teams, building on each others knowledge experience and resources.  Communication. Timely dissemination of research results/vikas Linguistic Scenario in India Eighteen constitutional Indian Languages are mentioned as follows with their scripts within parentheses: Hindi (Devanagari), Konkani (Devanagari), Marathi (Devanagari), Nepali /

Web Content internationalization & E-Publication Presentation by : Prashant Verma, W3C India 1.

document written in a markup language Separation of content and presentation allows  Adaptation to viewing environment, special devices, users  Better management of web /provides locale data like Date formats, time zones, Number formats, Measurements system, currency etc in an XML format for use in computer applications. 2. Fonts  Open/from different organizations for 12 major languages (Hindi, Bangla, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Oriya, Kannada, and Manipuri) and other/

WELCOME TO UDMCJ University Department of Mass Communication & Journalism Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad (Maharashtra) India.

time faculty,we are managing by CHB teachers Attendance ratio of students is not good, it is around 40 to 50 % Unable to attract students from all over India, at present we have students from 3 states. Proportion of girl students is low [ 15 to 20 % ] English and Hindi language competency is weak among students Vibrant ICT application is needed More discipline in/

Language Technologies for Multilingual Societies META-FORUM 2011, June 27/28, 2011, Budapest, Hungary Swaran Lata Director & Head, Technology Development.

& Country Manager, W3C India Govt. of India 6 CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110 003 Meta forum 2011 1 Diverse Multilinguality in India and /new languages [Assamese, Urdu, Marathi, Manipuri, Bodo] Beta Trial proposed on existing search engine. Meta forum 2011 13 Text-to-Speech in Indian Languages [since 2006] / of Meta data and Tag sets  Language specificities  Validation vs. Time and Cost investment  Investment in Semantic and Syntactic Resources like Word-Net, Tree banks etc respectively Language /

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