Ppt on suspension type insulators of electricity

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Asbestos, Insulation Wool, Confined spaces, Isolation of energy sources, Falling Objects, Abrasive blasting, Hot Surfaces Mechanical Hazards Handling molten metal, Superheated steam explosion, Dust explosion, Toxic Dust exposure (lead, cadmium, etc.), High Current Electrical (for Electric Arc / of oxygen (air). Removing any one of these elements of the classic fire triangle eliminates the possibility of a fire. 2.A dust explosion requires the simultaneous presence of two additional elements— dust suspension /

Electrical Standards MODULE 10. 2©2006 TEEX Hazard Brainstorming  Where are electrical hazards on oil and gas well sites?

7©2006 TEEX Electrical Terminology  Current – movement of electrical charge  Resistance – opposition to current flow  Voltage – measure of electrical force  Conductors – substances with little resistance to electricity (such as metals)  Insulators – substances with high resistance to electricity (such as /or rooftops ii.Temporary wiring:  Including extension cords  If unavailable for less-usual type of receptacle: assured equipment grounding conductor program. 39©2006 TEEX 1910.304(b) Branch circuits/

CHAPTER 3 Tires and Wheels

characteristics of any vehicle. The compounding, construction, and condition of tires are some of the most important aspects of the steering, suspension, alignment, and braking systems of any / I Get Shocked by Static Electricity When I Drive a Certain Vehicle? Static electricity builds up in insulators due to friction of the tires with the road./C). For best overall handling and satisfaction, always select the same size and type of tire that came on the vehicle when new. Replacement wheels should have the /


insulation, film and sheet Packaging (foam and film), foam insulation appliances, housewares, toys POLYMER CHEMISTRY 44 TABLE 1.5 Principal Engineering Plastics Chapter Where Discussed Type/-formaldehyde Electrical and electronic equipment, automobile parts, utensil handles, plywood adhesives, particle board binder Similar to PF polymer; also treatment of textiles/solvent recovery step 149 Suspension Polymerization Definition: A polymerization process in which the monomer, or mixture of monomers, is dispersed/

 Overview and Objectives of the Design Team  Needs Analysis  Requirements Specifications  Constraints and Test Plans  References.

Insulated wires must be commercially marked with a wire gauge, temperature rating and insulation voltage rating  Engines with exhaust cannot exceed 110 dBA  Fully operational suspension system with shock absorbers, front and rear, with usable wheel travel of/ car is capable of being titled to a 45 degree angle without leaking fuel or fluid of any type  "Formula Hybrid/Control of Electric Motor and ICE  Programming and Computer System complex for throttle control  Easy to use once in place  Suspension /

Best Practices in Handling Electricity on Construction Worksites Instructor: Frank Perrino.

1)(iii) Electrical insulation. –(b)(1)(iv) Heating effects under conditions of use. –(b)(1)(v) Arcing effects. –(b)(1)(vi) Classification by type, size, voltage, current capacity, specific use. –(b)(1)(vii) Other factors which contribute to the practical safeguarding of employees using /4f 1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(F) Temporary lights shall not be suspended by their electric cords unless cords and lights are designed for this means of suspension. 1926.405(a)(2)(ii)(I) –Flexible cords and cables shall be protected /

Model OutlineEngineChassisBodyBody Electrical 1 Contents Click a Section Tab.

.2 Dust Cover Body Front Shock Absorber Assembly Nut Model OutlineEngineChassisBodyBody Electrical 11 Reference (Front Suspension) Upper Support Shock Absorber Rod Suspension Support Dust Cover Coil Spring Body Nut Suspension Support No.2 Ball Bearing Insulator Upper Spring Seat Upper Front Shock Absorber Nut Bound Stopper Model OutlineEngineChassisBodyBody Electrical Front Suspension Front Shock Absorbers –A multi-leaf type linear control valve Damping Force Lo Speed Medium to high/

SaZ s.r.o. … Trucks on Tracks …. History 1954: - Railway Engineers Military Garisson was established by the Ministry of Transportation in the premises.

XF 95 WELDERLINER is equipped with suspension welding unit designed for welding of rails in the railway track.The vehicle DAF 8x2 XF 95 WELDERLINER is equipped with suspension welding unit designed for welding of rails in the railway track. Both/repairs of overhead electric lines.IVECO TRAMLINER 1435/950 is a road vehicle equipped with working elevating platform of scissor type and designed both for ride and operation on road and for ride and operation on rails, mainly used for repairs of overhead electric /

Plastics and Elastomers

-OH. APPLICATIONS of Polyurethanes : Polyurethanes are applied to the manufacture of flexible, high-resilience foam seating rigid foam insulation panels microcellular foam seals and gaskets durable elastomeric wheels and tires automotive suspension bushings electrical potting compounds high /stretching, it elongates and on compression its size shortens. Rubbers are of two types: (1) Natural (2) Synthetic. Both the types of rubbers can be vulcanised for removing drawbacks. Natural Rubber Natural rubber is/

The effect of contamination on insulator flashover characteristics

of partial arc. Therefore the design of external insulation under polluted conditions is very critical and lots of investigations are under way to arrive at safe creepage distances for systems operating in different environments. Insulators For example: suspension insulators as shown in figure The basic parts are: porcelain pin, cap Pollution Type/The insulator is washed with a given quantity of distilled water. Then, the electrical conductivity of the solution obtained is measured. The equivalent weight of /

DAE YOUNG General Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd 1 / 18 Underground Power Supply Lines 2001 KORAIL Subway Construction Office Installation of Power Transfer.

source facilities) 2001.12 ~ 2003.12 3,274,814 2001 KORAIL - Subway Construction HQ Installation of lines between Shindo - Gangkyung of Honam line * Installation of Electric Railway lines 112.423 ㎞, Supplement lines 112.423 ㎞ 2001.11 ~ 2005.06 13,370,180 Types of work Year Customer Name Name of ProjectDescriptions of ProjectPeriod Amount USD (1$:1390Won) Details for Major Projects Completed DAE YOUNG General Industrial Equipments Co., Ltd/


 Debris and accidents  Enclosure  Incorporation of a body  Platform for mounting systems  Steering, Braking, Suspension, Propulsion, Driver Equipment Chassis – Material Selection  Major types:  Monocoque  Tubular ▪ Metal ▪ Steel/of Design Overview Purchases required: 16 Incomplete Designs: 11 Systems in violation: 3 87 Corey Souders Items to Order High Voltage (HV) Insulation (more) HV box and stickers HV and LV wiring (different colors) HV Test Connector Conduit anchors Low Voltage Fusing Electrical/

Case Study on Increasing the Transport Capacity of 220 kv d.c. OHL Iernut-Baia Mare by Reconductoring, using LM Technologies Dr. Ilie ARDELEAN 1 Marius.

.4 km no.towers 480 pcs. (of which: normal suspension 387 pcs., special suspension 15 pcs., tension 78 pcs.) towers names type SNY, SSY, ICNY, INY, ICN, ICT active conductor Al/Ol 450/75 mm 2 shield conductors: 1-55 dead end and 64-122 dead end St 70 mm 2 ; 55-64 terminals St 95 mm 2 insulation CTS 120-2P şi CTS 160/


valence electrons are tightly- bonded to their atoms. These materials are used in parts of electrical equipment intended to support or separate electrical conductors without passing current through themselves. Insulator provides necessary insulation between line conductor and support. PIN TYPE INSULATOR 3-disc string of suspension insulator and each disc form capacitor C USES OF INSULATOR Insulators are used to hold conductors in place, separating them from one another to form a barrier/

Overview of the National and Provincial Energy Codes for Buildings

Assemblies Forming Part of Sentence Assembly Description Principal Heating Source Electricity, Other Oil, Propane, Heat Pump Natural Gas Maximum Overall Thermal Transmittance (U-value), W/m2 ºC Roofs Type I - attic-type roofs 0.140 0.200 Type II - parallel-chord trusses and joist-type roofs 0.230 Type III - all other roofs (e.g., concrete decks with rigid insulation) 0.290 0/

1 Necks Customer Day 9 th June 2011. 2 Key Attributes of AFL World Leader Delivering end to end solutions focusing on the integration of telecommunication.

TR-ADSS or ADSS* (choice depends on electric field strength and levels of pollution) is the only possibility, but regular /Insulating body filled with silicone oil Path of fibre tubes: Red – OFC ; white - OPPC OFC entry Lower sealing Base plate 11 Separator versions (36 kV … 245 kV) Version:SHP 36 kV … 145 kV 245 kV 12 On-site installation (245 kV P type/Suspension towers 16 OPPC in-line closure Installation examples 17 MASS on Wooden Poles 18 MASS on Wooden Poles General View of MASS on Strong and Suspension/

BASIC CHEMISTRY. Definition of Concepts Matter and Energy.

of mixtures, there are only three basic types: –Solutions –Colloids –suspensions Solutions Homogeneous mixtures of compounds that may be gases, liquids, or solids Examples: –Air: mixture of gases –Seawater: mixture of/ ELEMENTS UNSTABLE ELEMENTS Types of Chemical Bonding Three major types of chemical bonds: –Ionic –Covalent –Hydrogen Ionic Bonds Atoms are electrically neutral but might /insulated then males Lipids Neutral Fats (Triglycerides) The length of a neutral fat’s fatty acid chains and their degree of/

Domestic GDA Training – Annex B GD Code of Practice1Training Material © Stroma Certification 2012 | Version 1.0 ABBE Level 3 Diploma in Domestic Green.

– Annex B GD Code of Practice38Training Material © Stroma Certification 2012 | Version 1.0 8. Breaches of this Code Appeals against Suspension or Revocation of Authorisation 8.7 If it/ maintenance, servicing and special treatment (e.g. using specific types of paint on an internal wall insulation installation) the products or systems will require in order that /customers who have a Green Deal plan. These are “opted out suppliers”. Electricity suppliers who are able to deal with customers who have a Green Deal /

Competent Person Program Applied to Fall Protection:

suspension scaffold, they shall contain not less than four wraps of the suspension rope at the lowest point of scaffold travel. When other types of hoists are used, the suspension/insulated thimble used to attach suspension wire rope to its hanging support Suspension wire rope covered with insulating material extending at least 4 feet above the hoist Each hoist shall be covered with insulated/ systems, or electrical conduit. A single tieback shall be installed perpendicular to the face of the building or/

Fundamentals of Electricity

Structure and Electron Movement (4 of 7) Electrons orbit the nucleus /electric motor with its function reversed. AC generators produce AC current which must be rectified to DC. Reluctor-type generators consisting of a permanent magnet, a coil of wire, and a toothed reluctor are used as shaft speed sensors. Capacitance Capacitors store electrons. A capacitor consists of two conductors separated by an insulating material called dielectric. Types of/for current flow and all of the current flows through each/


the large compressor. The controlled heating of the product is done by means of electric coils within the shelf or by circulating hot water. The product/of coloured packs are used to indicate the strength and type of insulin preparation. e.g. the end face of the carton of insulin zinc suspension (40 U/ ml) Insulin – no separate colour Protamine zinc insulin – pink globin zinc insulin – orange Insulin zinc suspension (amorphous) – vermilion (brilliant red) Insulin zinc suspension – mauve Insulin zinc suspension/

A laborer engaged in the removal of an existing stairway fell through the stairway floor opening. He fell approximately 32 feet.

used to attach conductor stringing blocks to insulators on the arms of 90 foot metal towers of electrical transmission lines. Normally stainless steel cotter keys secure the ball / worked for the employer on several different occasions and had been performing this type of work over the last 21 years the employer felt no training was necessary / were sandblasting a 110 foot water tank while working on a two-point suspension scaffold 60-70 feet above the ground. The scaffold attachment point failed, /

Chapter 13 States of Matter. Kinetic Theory as Applied to Gases 1.The particles in a gas are considered to be small, hard spheres with an insignificant.

. Cooks use suspensions of flour or cornstarch in water to thicken sauces and gravies. Colloids Colloid – a heterogeneous mixture containing particles that range in size from 1nm to 1000 nm. The particles are spread throughout the dispersion medium, which can be a solid, liquid or gas. glues gelatin paintmilk smogsmokecreamasphalt Ink sea foam aerosols Colloids A colloid is a type of mixture that appears/

1293 Airport Road Beaver, WV 25813 Phone: (304) 253-8674 Fax: (304) 253-7758 Subpart K Electrical 29 CFR 1926.400 Vincent.

electric cords unless cords and lights are designed for this means of suspension. Operating Engineers National Hazmat Program 49 1926.405 Wiring Methods, Components, and Equipment Portable electric/, Components, and Equipment (J) explains extension cords shall be of three-wire type and designed for hard or extra-hard usage, as in those/ enclosures. (f) All conductors used for general wiring shall be insulated unless otherwise permitted in this Subpart. Operating Engineers National Hazmat Program 57/

The Extraordinary Properties of Water. Water three A water molecule (H 2 O), is made up of three atoms --- one oxygen and two hydrogen. H H O.

insulates frozen lakes) Solutions Mixtures and Substances Substance – matter made of only one type of atom or molecule. – Element – substance made of only one type of atom. – Compound – substance made of only one type of molecule. Mixtures and Substances Mixtures - blend of two or more kinds of matter, each of/ intermediate in size between those in solution and suspensions form colloidal dispersions or colloids. – Particles make/that conducts electric current. e.g. NaCl in water To conduct electricity, the/

Impacts of HVDC Lines on the Economics of HVDC Projects

1,590/2,515 6 18.7 Criteria 12.5 kV/m without space charge Table 4.29: Electrical Field Lateral Profile (kV/m), 50% value - Pacific Intertie weather condition E+ (50%) E-/o, or d=2 o Tower series The tower and foundation weights are calculated only for suspension tower. Possible line angles are d=0 o, or d=2 o Loading tree Code / The line shall have more than one conductor as a failure of it cause bipole outage Choice of the number and type of insulators in a string, this depends on the voltage drop in the/

Mobile Scaffold Training

25 types of scaffolds! - Crawling boards (chicken ladders). - Step, platform and trestle ladder scaffolds. - Single-point adjustable suspension scaffolds. - Two-point adjustable suspension scaffolds. - Stonesetters multi-point adjustable suspension scaffolds. - Masons multi-point adjustable suspension /away! Electrical Safety Power Cords Because metal frame scaffolds are conductive, power tools, cords, etc., that suffer insulation failure can electrify the entire scaffold. This poses a risk of electrocution /

Alkali Corrosion of Refractories in Cement Kilns

. Schlegel, C.G. Aneziris, U. Fischer: Alkali Corrosion Resistance High-Temperature Insulation Materials Behavior of alkali salts and alkali salt mixtures 19 Electrical conductivity Alkali Corrosion Behavior of satured water based solutions of alkali salts and alkali salt mixtures Electrical conductivity of satured water based salt solutions:  K2SO4 is more soluble than CaSO4  the value of electrical conductivity of CaSO4 is increased by a factor 16 The corrosion due several/


device which is mounted on both ends of locomotive roof on insulator and collect the current from Over Head Extension and supply it to power system of locomotive at various speed and different climate/wind condition smoothly. Circuit Breaker The high voltage circuit breaker is special type of electro pneumatic contactor mounted on the roof of the loco. The electrical equipment of the loco is connected to or/

Organization of Standard 1926.450 Scope, Application & Definitions Covers all scaffolds used in workplaces. Does not apply to crane or derrick suspended.

type Attachable ladders installed ASAP Horizontal members used for access not more than 22 inches apart No cross braces for access 8. 1926.451 (f) Scaffold Use No moving of scaffolds with employees on them unless designed by PE for such For movement of mobile scaffolds see.452 (w) Safe distance from electric lines: Insulated/ higher if conditions warrant Suspended scaffolds where PFAS is required, guardrails of 36 to 45 inches Suspension scaffold hoists may be used as endrails if they prevent worker passage/

Classes of Polymeric Materials

/Disadvatages of Polypropylene Low Cost Excellent flexural strength Good impact strength Processable by all thermoplastic equipment Low coefficient of friction Excellent electrical insulation Good /Europe and second to PE in the US. PVC is made by suspension process (82%), by mass polymerization (10% ), or by emulsion (/impact polystyrene (HIPS) Random copolymerization with small fraction of elastomer type repeat units. Lowers Tg Block copolymerization of elastomeric component is more expensive, but keeps Tg /

1 Introduction to Electric Power and Energy Systems Power Engineering = The Power to Transform and Restore Paulo F. Ribeiro, MBA, Ph.D., PE Interim 2008.

and polymers for suspension insulators Oil for transformers and circuit breakersGas for insulated substationsSprings for circuit breakers Process control for component manufacturingComputers for process controlComputers for generation control and dispatch Turbines for turning generatorCoal for making steam to turn turbineTrains for hauling coal CarsBridgesPeople Objectives/Introductory Words: 26 Basics Facts, Issues and Questions · Electricity discovery and development · The value of electricity as a/

T1A - Amateur Radio Service: purpose and permissible use of the Amateur Radio Service; operator/primary station license grant; where FCC rules are codified;

correct mailing address? B. Revocation of the station license or suspension of the operator license T1C08 (C) /electrical component stores energy in an electric field? B. Capacitor T6A05 (D) What type of electrical component consists of two or more conductive surfaces separated by an insulator? D. Capacitor T6A06 (C) What type of electrical component stores energy in a magnetic field? C. Inductor T6A07 (D) What electrical component is usually composed of a coil of wire? D. Inductor T6A08 (B) What electrical/

Physical Science Review. The best way to describe the rate of motion of an object that changes speed several times is to calculate the object’s____. A.

is an example of a____. A. colloid B. solution C. substance D. suspension A sunbeam is an example of ____. A. An element B. A solution C. A suspension D. The /Loudness increases C. Pitch decreases D. Frequency increases Electromagnetic waves are different from other types of waves in that they do not ____. A. Have amplitude B. Have frequency / increases, the strength of the electric field ____. A. Can’t be determined B. Remains the same C. increases D. decreases An example of a good insulator is ____. A./

Gas Laws Remember that gas has mass Pressure Pressure is the amount of force applied to an area. Atmospheric pressure is the weight of air per unit of.

, plastic Ionic Solids - sodium chloride Covalent-network solids - diamond, graphite Types and Properties of Solids TypeNetworkMetallicGroup 18MolecularIonic StructureAtom MoleculeIon Type of Bond Directional Covalent Bonds Nondir. Delocalized elctrons London Dispersion Forces Dipole LD Van dWaals Ionic PropertiesHard High MP Insulator Wide range of mp, hardness Conductor Very low MPSoft, Low MP Insulator Hard High MP Insulator ExampleDiamondSilver, ironArgonIce, Dry ice NaCl KF Metal Alloys Alloy is a/

Mass Volume 3 Phases Liquid Gas Solid Element, Mixture or Compound Kinds of Mixtures Metal or Nonmetal Changes In matter Chemical physical Suspension Colloid.

- poor conductors of heat & electricity (some are great insulators) e.g. carbon, sulfur, oxygen, helium There are special kinds of mixtures: Suspensions – chocolate milk, pulpy orange juice, muddy water, Italian salad dressing There are special kinds of mixtures: Suspensions – chocolate milk,/ is added, the molecules gain energy, move faster and spread out. This makes the substance expand. Types of physical changes: 1. Expanding and contracting due to temperature changes. For most substances, when heat is /

The Chemical & Physical Basis of Life Chapter 2. Life is a series of complex chemical reactions. Chemical reactions are the basis of physiology. Chemistry.

of conducting an electric current Electrolyte importance –Chemical reactivity –Osmotic effects (influence water movement) –Electrical effects on nerve and muscle tissue 2-31 Ions, Electrolytes, and Free Radicals Electrolyte balance is one of/ coolant 1 mL of perspiration removes 500 calories Solutions, Colloids, and Suspensions Solution—consists of particles of matter called the / Primary function: energy storage, insulation, and shock absorption (adipose tissue) 2-107 Lipids Chain of 4 to 24 carbon atoms /

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect on 1 st October 2006 and reforms several pieces of legislation concerned with fire safety.

or fire resulting in suspension of normal work for more than 24 hours. Recording Of Incidents If an injury occurs as a result of a fire, this should/ For example, heat transfer the structure of a building. Copper, iron and steel are good conductors. Can be prevented with insulating with fire resistant materials. Convection - /These are of two basic types. One employs the flow of electric current through an ionisation chamber. The second operates on the variation in light intensity on a photo electric cell./

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 came into effect on 1 st October 2006 and reforms several pieces of legislation concerned with fire safety.

or fire resulting in suspension of normal work for more than 24 hours. Recording Of Incidents If an injury occurs as a result of a fire, this should/ For example, heat transfer the structure of a building. Copper, iron and steel are good conductors. Can be prevented with insulating with fire resistant materials. Convection - /These are of two basic types. One employs the flow of electric current through an ionisation chamber. The second operates on the variation in light intensity on a photo electric cell./

of Municipal Engineers

Foundation Location Survey by PLS Framing Insulation Rough and Final Plumbing and Electric Final 11/10/2014 © Carl E. Peters Request Certificate of Occupancy Obtain Form - Request for /AGENCIES 5:23-4.3A (d) Establishes what size and classification that each type of agency may perform plan review on Based Upon Use Groups in Building Code (/© Carl E. Peters 129 5:23 – 2.16 Construction Permits - Procedure Suspension of permit Invalid if work doesn’t commence within 12 months Invalid if work is suspended/

Chemical composition of building raw materials, chemistry of inorganic bonding compounds I. doc. Ing. Milena Pavlíková, Ph.D. K123, D1045 224 354 688,

luster, Uses: high dielectric strength and excellent chemical stability → capacitors for radio frequency applications, insulator in high voltage electrical equipment, is resistant to heat → instead of glass in windows for stoves and kerosene heaters, to separate electrical conductors in cables, emergency lighting, pressed mica sheets are often used in place of glass in greenhouses, muscovite mica is the most common substrate for sample preparation for/

Transmission system Presentation on By- Er Rajinder Kumar

of the system ii) The potential stress on the insulator of DC transmission system is about 70% of same voltage AC transmission system. Hence less insulation cost is involved in DC transmission system. iii)Inductance,capacitance,phase displacement and surge problems can be eliminated in DC system. Even having these advantages in DC system, generally electrical/ =  6.654m Shielding angle                          = 10degrees Suspension string                   23dics,225*145mm Impulse Flashover voltage         /

Classes of Polymeric Materials Elastomers

temperature Electrical properties are excellent and stable for insulation and dielectric Copyright Joseph Greene 2001 Copyright Joseph Greene 2001 Silicones Properties Low index of reflection gives silicone contains useful combination of high / and the yield and throughput of the polymer desired. Bulk Polymerization Solution Polymerization Suspension Polymerization Emulsion Polymerization Copyright Joseph Greene 2001 Copyright Joseph Greene 2001 Formation of Polymers Polymers from Addition reaction LDPE/


. These can easily be install (to fixed) These are not attacked by insects or fungi. These have good electrical insulation properties. These withstand moisture, oil and grease. These have high resistance to weathering and corrosion. TYPES OF PLASTICS: There are two main types of plastics; Thermoplastics Thermosetting plastics THERMOSETTING PLASTICC TYPES OF PLASTICS PLASTICS THERMOPLASTICS THERMOSETTING PLASTICC Cellulose acetate Cellulose nitrate polythene Perspex PVC PVA 1.THERMOPLASTICS: A/

[PRESENTATION OUTLINE] Project Overview Introduction to Analyses Analysis I: Redesign of the Curtain Wall System Analysis III: Redesign of the Fichandler.

Electrical: Truland Systems Corp. Mechanical: Southland Industries Architect Bing Thom Architects Engineers Structural: Fast + Epp Electrical/of glass [PRESENTATION OUTLINE] Project Overview Introduction to Analyses Analysis I: Redesign of the Curtain Wall System Analysis III: Redesign of the Fichandler Stage Air Distribution System Conclusions Question & Answer [ANALYSIS I: Glazing] Glazing 1 1/8”-thick insulated/ STEP 5: Suspension [ANALYSIS III: Redesign] STEP 2: Design Layout Total length of fabric duct: /

TELEGRAPH & TELEPHONE. Outline  Visual Telegraphy  Electric Telegraphy  Telegraph Lines  Telephone.

Of Electric Telegraph/Type With Reversing Spring  Perfected Morse System (1845)  Diagram Of Connections  Baltimore To Washington (1845)  Adopted Throughout Europe (Beginning 1846)  International Communication (1854) Morse System Telegraph Lines  Success Of Telegraph Depended On:  Transmitting & Receiving Devices  Batteries  Transmission Lines  First Lines  Iron Wires - Poor Results  Copper Wires - Tempted Thieves  Underground  Covered With Cotton & Pitch  Insulating Wires In Suspension/

Unit-3 SUBSTATIONS. TOPICS Classification of substations : Indoor & Outdoor substations Substations layout showing the location of all the substation.

of electric supply in the power system.  Voltage  A.C. to D.C.  Frequency  Power Factor Factors governing the selection of site Sub-stations are important part of power system. The continuity of supply. Near the load centre (at the centre of gravity of load) of/ used material is porcelain There are several types of insulators pin type suspension type post insulator etc Equipment in a Transformer Sub-Station 3. Isolating switches : To disconnect a part of the system for general maintenance and repairs /

“Superconductivity” a tale of mystery, intrigue, suspense, and scandal. For your enlightenment and entertainment, ELMSS presents…

a minute. THATS relativity.” – A. Einstein. Let’s think about conductors and insulators. Resistivity is a measure of how well or poorly a material conducts electricity. *  copper   1.7x10 -8  ·m  graphite /. A superconductor like this, called a Type I superconductor, is limited in its current-carrying capability/of the University of Houston, made a stunning breakthrough when he announced the discovery of a material that became superconducting at 93K, well above liquid nitrogen temperature. The suspense/

Chapter 17 Notes The wonderful world of…. Water The seemingly simple molecule— made of 1 atom of oxygen and 2 hydrogens.The seemingly simple molecule—

floats when it freezes—it makes an insulating layer that keeps the ocean from freezing and killing everything! Structure of Solid Water (ice) What is /electricity. Heterogeneous Aqueous Systems There are two types of heterogeneous aqueous systems— colloids and suspensions.There are two types of heterogeneous aqueous systems— colloids and suspensions. Suspensions Mixtures where particles settle out upon standing are called suspensions.Mixtures where particles settle out upon standing are called suspensions/

CORPORATE TRAINING AND PLANNING Styrene Based Polymers (Styrenics) Introduction of polystyrene Monomer preparation Polymerization -Mass polymerization.

TRAINING AND PLANNING Polymerization Polymerization methods  Mass  Suspension  Solution CORPORATE TRAINING AND PLANNING Mass Polymerization (Tower/of PS General properties of Polystyrene are,  Hard, rigid and transparent thermoplastic.  Low cost, good mouldability.  Low water absorption, good dimensional stability.  Good electrical insulation properties, colourability.  Incorporation of 1% of/ blends and copolymers of Acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene.  In most types, Acrylonitrile and styrene/

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