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Volkswagen-2.49% 18 BMW-8.36% 13 Ford Motor-9.72% 23 Nokia-13.99% 9 General Electric-22.28% 5 Toyota Motor-23.06% / your cell phone number, their cell phone number and the $ amount  Peer-to-Peer Lending dis- intermediated established banks to promote lending between individuals Innovation as an Enabler of Growth : /changeable fashion trends  Technology-based local supply chain enables store managers to restock quickly and in smaller batches  More than 50 percent of product initiatives at Procter & Gamble /

Chapter 5 Developing an effective business model The importance of a business model How business models emerge Components of an effective business model.

provide parts or services. A supply chain is the network of all the companies that participate in the production of a product, from the acquisition of raw materials to the final sale. More and more, managers focus on supply chain management, which is the coordination of the flow of all information, money and materials that moves through a product` s supply chain. The more efficiently a firm can manage its supply chain, the more effectively its/


the world 5. Employee management WEAKNESSES 1. Coffee beans price is the major influence over firm’s profits 2. Product pricing 3.Negative publicity THREATS 1. Rising prices of coffee beans and dairy products 2. Trademark infringements 3. Increased competition from local cafes and specialization of other coffeehouse chains 4. Saturated markets in the developed economies 5. Supply disruptions OPPORTUNITIES 1. Extend supplier range 2/

RFID: Technology and Applications Outline Overview of RFID Reader-Tag; Potential applications RFID Technology Internals RF communications Reader/Tag.

of RFID Tagging 68 Non Resaleable Management Consumer Supply Chain Management Level of Tagging / Time Cumulative Value  Customer insight  Shelf availability  Self checkout  New payment mechanisms  Return management  Maintenance  Track & Trace  Inventory management  Asset management  Quality Control  Distribution Productivity  Track & Trace  Inventory management  Asset management/ Simulator or Proxy for RFID Nokia mobile-phone RFID kit available in 2004 Those phones with NFC could someday get /

1 Business of Managing. 2 Example Organizational Development Perspective Strategy Vision/Mission Strategic Planning New Business/Markets Strategic Change.

Competitive –Supply & Value Chain Definitions –Marketing & Promotion Campaigns –Cost Cutting Initiatives Functional –Planning & Execution KPI Tracking & Management 5 Why Strategy? Every organization operates on a Theory of the Business, that is, a set of assumptions /Nokia R&D #1 Manufacturer of Cell Phones Founded 1865 as Forest Product Company 1992: Shed All Divisions Except Mobile Communications Two Divisions Now: Cell Phones & Mobile Networks 2001 $27 Billion Sales 2001 Roughly 54,000 Employees 31 Nokia/

PLATFORM LEADERSHIP How Intel, Microsoft and Cisco Drive Industry Innovation Authors: Annabelle Gawer & Michael A.Cusumano Software Business Program.

think of a bakery, the core product may be a cake but to add value to it an external firm may supply chocolate/ Nokia and other cell-phone giants were also entering the PDA battlefield with hybrid cell phones. Future prospects for Palm’s platform strategy (Cont.) Managers /of profitability throughout the value chain. Content providers in Japan were making little or any profit. Third-party providers need adequate incentives to innovate and continue participating in the network of suppliers. Increase usage of/

Environmental Sustainability & Operations Management

entrusted to us may include people, money, reputation, the safety of others, and natural or environmental resources.” www.pmi.org Supply Chain Integrated international networks of companies process, produce and distribute products. Green Supply Chain Management Currently, there is no tool for performing Green Supply Chain analysis in conjunction with standard supply chain analysis. Environmental Management Green Supply Chain Management “Wal-Mart to Assign Green Ratings” http://online.wsj.com/article/

TMitTI 1 © Sakari Luukkainen T-109.410 Technology Management in the Telecommunications Industry (2 cr) Sakari Luukkainen Helsinki University of Technology.

Luukkainen Historical milestones 1876 Bell invented telephone 1882 Founding of first private teleoperator 1920 State owned teleoperator 1950 Nokia supplies telecables 1969 Nokia supplies transmission systems 1971 ARP 1978 First digital switching centre DX-200 1982 NMT 450 1986 Nokia´s mobile switching centre 1987 NMT 900 1991 GSM 1994 Liberalization of teleservices starts 2000 Nokia is the dominant mobile phone manufacturer in the world TMitTI 27 © Sakari Luukkainen/

Greening the Corporation Will O’Brien Graduate School of Management December 2010.

154 miles Nokia “Green Phone ” Feb. 12, 2008, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona “Called ‘remade’, the new phone, unveiled in a short video, is actually made of no new parts. Made entirely of recyclable materials /, the safety of others, and natural or environmental resources.” www.pmi.org Supply Chain Integrated international networks of companies process, produce and distribute products. Green Supply Chain Management Environmental Management Supply Chain Management Green Supply Chain Management “Wal-Mart /

Greening the Corporation Will O’Brien Graduate School of Management October 2010.

154 miles Nokia “Green Phone ” Feb. 12, 2008, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona “Called ‘remade’, the new phone, unveiled in a short video, is actually made of no new parts. Made entirely of recyclable materials /, the safety of others, and natural or environmental resources.” www.pmi.org Supply Chain Integrated international networks of companies process, produce and distribute products. Green Supply Chain Management Environmental Management Supply Chain Management Green Supply Chain Management “Wal-Mart /

Mikko Ruohonen, University of Tampere 1 Networked Economy – effects on organisational development and the role of education “Engineering the Knowledge.

Ruohonen, University of Tampere 28 Learning chain management? In developing digital learning solutions, many managers and trainers seldom separate the development of supply-side (software and courses) from the development of demand-side (new learning practices and motivation) Learning solutions can be “technically right”, but they may fail to answer the actual questions of learners Mikko Ruohonen, University of Tampere 29 Case Nokia Concept of ”n-learning” –network of devices and people/

World Innovation Forum. (

6 possibly have in common? Or Neiman-Marcus and Wal*Mart? Or Nokia (bringing out new hardware every 30 days or so) and Nintendo /THE WORD (IDEA) “RADICAL” Point of View! EXCELLENCE. ATTITUDE. TRANSFORMATION. Fleet Manager Rolling Stock Cost Minimization Officer vs/or Chief of Fleet Lifetime Value Maximization Strategic Supply-chain Executive Customer Experience Director (via drivers/you are not taking any serious risks. 64. Phones beat email. —Samuel Taylor Coleridge “Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.” —Samuel /

Operations Management

can lead to new opportunities Cell phone design from Europe (Nokia) Cell phone fads (accessories) from Japan and Korea a device which converts your rear-view mirror into a display for the phone. So if someone is calling you/ Sample OM Department Missions Sample Missions Sample OM Department Missions Supply chain management To collaborate with suppliers to develop innovative products from stable, effective, and efficient sources of supply. Inventory To achieve low investment in inventory consistent with high/

Welcome! APNIC Members Training Course Internet Resource Management II 17 July 2003, Mumbai, India Sponsored by Reliance Infocomm Ltd.

Advanced database  IP address management (37) IP address management TEA BREAK (10:30 /of the address space the domain owner controls Example to follow A6 chains Example: a host at a company named "company." It has two ISPs which provide IPv6 address space for it. These two ISPs fully specify the IPv6 prefix they supply/, Linux, Mentat, Microsoft, Nokia, Novell, Nortel, OpenBSD, SCO/:[mandatory] [multiple] [ ] country:[optional] [single] [ ] phone:[mandatory] [multiple] [ ] fax-no:[optional] [multiple] [ /

X.always MASTER PART TWO 10 MARCH 2007. Tom Peters’ X25* EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. XAlways.MASTER/PART 2.1O March 2007 *In Search of Excellence 1982-2007.

New Products team? Chief of Fleet Lifetime Value Maximization Strategic Supply-chain Executive Customer Experience Director Fleet Manager Rolling Stock Cost Minimization Officer vs/or Chief of Fleet Lifetime Value Maximization Strategic Supply-chain Executive Customer Experience Director (/ will cry out for in the future. There is no lack of ‘physical’ products to choose between.” Jesper Kunde, Unique Now... or Never [on the excellence of Nokia, Nike, Lego, Virgin et al.] Male Female dominance Extraction &/

Advantages of Globalization in Supply Chain Networks Opportunities to simultaneously grow revenues and decrease costs: P&G gained significant sales growth.

Fraction purchased from a single source Industry-wide capacity utilization Receivables riskNumber of customers Financial strength of customers Inventory riskRate of product obsolescence Inventory holding cost Product value Demand and supply uncertainty Capacity riskCost of capacity Capacity flexibility Risk Management in Global Supply Chains Good network design can play a significant role in mitigating supply chain risk Every mitigation strategy comes at a price and may increase other risks Global/

Strategic Management: Concepts A dynamic perspective Mason A. Carpenter and Wm. Gerard Sanders 2009, 2 nd. Edition ISBN 9780132341400 Presentation of key.

Airbus 112 Pharmaceuticals; Coke and Pepsi; Boeing and Airbus 113 Railroad industry 113 Cell-phone industry 113 Motorola and Nokia 113 Samsung and NEC 1-Markets 2-Costs 3-Governments 4-Competition Factors favoring industry globalization/specific purpose General objectives: 1-Managing competition 2-Managing uncertainty 3-Managing both Vertical Acq. 1-Securing supply 2-More value for final customer (leverage R&C) 3-Reduce costs across value chain Horizontal Acq. Expansion of firm ’ s offerings Complementary /

APICS PDM Big Data in Supply Chains Uses & Challenges cliff allen.

IMPACTS PROBLEMS/PROXIES)—Nokia/Blackberry since 2008 IMPROVE RISK MANAGEMENT—Cost of BP oil spill APICS Big Data Survey,2012 Supply Chain Inventory Levels Competitive Trends/of time” a key prescripter – Examples: PCs Printers and Computer Peripherals Mobile Phones Telecommunications Equipment Product Acquisition The collection of used products potentially accounts for a significant part of the total cost, which can be compared with the last mile issue in distribution of products in the forward supply chain/

International Business: Strategy, Management, and the New Realities Chapter 1 Introduction to International Business International Business Strategy Management.

the firm Impact of IT on our daily lives has been profound – laptops, smart phones, Internet, Google, etc. Declining Cost of Global Communication and Growing Number of Internet Users International Business: Strategy, Management, and the New/Management, and the New Realities Three Types of Participants in IB 1.The focal firm – initiator of IB transaction, including MNEs and SMEs 2.Distribution channel intermediary – specialist firm providing logistics and marketing services in the international supply chain/

Product Lifecycle Management © 2003 IBM Corporation  Customer Background –AMC Centurion makes 20% of the world’s supply of antennas for mobile telephones.

20 percent of the world’s supply of antennas for mobile telephones manufactured by companies that include Panasonic, Nokia, Sony and Ericsson.  The Challenge With no way to track or search its data and no standardized data processes, AMC Centurion was experiencing data losses, slow supply chain response times and go-to-market delays.  The Solution AMC Centurion chose SMARTEAM to deliver multi-CAD data management from/

The University of Birmingham 1 MSc International Business International e-Business 2014 Lecture 6: Importance of Information Systems Social Networking.

of service/promotion for different customers. The University of Birmingham 60 Use of WWW to Support Growth The University of Birmingham 61 Strategy Implementation PlanningExecutionControl Supply Chain Management Strategies E-Marketing Strategies Planning Scheduling and Change Management/ phones Much more difficult to accomplish Developments occurring very rapidly The University of Birmingham 79 Mobile Operating Systems (OS) (3) Apple, BlackBerry, Palm Use proprietary operating systems HTC, Motorola, Nokia At/

The Business Impact of “Cloud Computing” Reference: Business in the Cloud, - "WHAT EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT CLOUD COMPUTING” By : Michael Hugos.

Nokia, responding to customer needs that a mobile phone be a fashion statement; then came Research in Motion’s BlackBerry. New Economic Engines for Growth (cont,) The Business Impact of “Cloud Computing” 7 Responding to business executives’ desire to combine phone/ too much on efficiency is apparent when a company’s senior management is quoted making statements such as, ‘‘We’ll eliminate cost and increase efficiency in our supply chain and our business operations.’’ This is code-speak used when companies/

Linking farmers to agro input supply chains from global to local levels Using ICT to deploy agro input market information systems in sub-Saharan Africa.

transfer (fertilizer production, management & use) Integrated Soil Fertility Management Agro input distribution / agro dealers Value chain development Market Information Systems … ICT ! Activities Offices Regional offices Challenges and Opportunities Very low level of use of agro inputs by small scale farmers, resulting in low productivity Weak farm input supply chains No agro input MIS in SSA Since 2000 … NEPAD, AGRA, PPPs … Innovative ICT solutions Mobile phones for most agro/

NOKIA’S 10 OM DECISIONS. Service and Product Design Consumer taste divergence/fashion business Shortening life cycles Research&Development Fragmenting.

responsability In the times of crysis Nokia doesn’t close the factories but cuts on the production size Employees are the integral part in the total system design. Operation management must set a policy to set labor standards to ease transition of skills, improvement of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA), build a balance work and life quality in an effective cost target. Supply Chain Management Preferred supliers Production/

Marketing Management Basic Concepts.

Managers) Gatekeepers – those who have the power to prevent sellers/info from reaching buyers (receptionists) Business markets & business buying behavior Cultural factors: France – apologize for not speaking French! Germany – sticklers for titles Japan – flexible agenda Korea – sensitive about their Japanese connection Latin America – Use liaison agents Business markets & business buying behavior Types of purchasing processes: Routine products – office supplies/ Tagline/Punchline: Nokia Symbol/Mascot: Asian/

Mobile commerce IT Valley Fribourg 2001 Yves Pigneur University of Lausanne (+41 21) 692.3416.

Supply chain integration Video Games SMS E-mailPIM Customer Care I. messaging Chat U. messaging M-Commerce Applications M-Commerce Enabling Applications SecurityInformation Management/the infrastructure, its resources, the knowledge and the structure of resulting costs, manage the value chain and processes, build alliances to achieve performance? Infrastructure logistics/Access Existing credit card Nokia/VISA agreement France Telecom’s ItiAchat using Motorola’s StarTAC-D phone Phone operator provides credit /

Chapter 11 IT Support of Organizational Performance.

of doing business by which a company can generate revenue to sustain itself. The model spells out how the company adds value to create a product or service. (Value Chain) Nokia makes and sells cell phones Nokia makes and sells cell phones/Use self-service kiosks Supplying commercial photos Use newspapers, paper, catalog, or online Use hub-like supply chain with digitized picture / in organizations  IT will reduce the number of middle managers  IT will change the manager’s job  IT impacts employees at work /

Escape Velocity Free Your Company’s Future from the Pull of the Past

of reference The Power of Tiers Three Tiers Tier strategy Tier 1: Flagship enterprises Cisco, Microsoft, Singtel Tier 2: Known brands with niche followings: Juniper, Mozilla, T-Mobile Tier 3: Brand-less companies with low prices OEM/ODM supply chain/Tata) Consumer: Feature phones (Nokia) Integration Innovation Integrates many disparate elements into a single centrally managed system, reducing indirect operating expense Enterprise: Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP) Consumer: TV/phone/video/Internet service (/

M-Commerce Value Chain Nour El Kadri University Of Ottawa.

Chain Nour El Kadri University Of/Nokia, Motorola) Windows CE, by Microsoft PalmOS, runs on 60% of all PDAs (2004) Microbrowsers & Databases Microbrowsers: –Openwave (Phone.com) –Microsoft, Nokia, Ericsson –4thPass has a Java-enabled microbrowser Databases –iAnywhere Solutions, subsidiary of Sybase –Oracle –IBM Most of/ Managing the application Developing the wireless bridge Hosting and managing the wireless bridge Location Information Brokers Responsible for determining and updating user’s position Supplying/

2004.08.23 - SLIDE 1MOBILE MEDIA WORKSHOP PRESENTATION Prof. Marc Davis University of California at Berkeley School of Information Management and Systems.

Chain M E T A D A T A PRE-PRODUCTIONPOST-PRODUCTIONPRODUCTIONDISTRIBUTION Metadata-Centric Production Chain/management functions Rich user interaction modalities Time, location, and user contextual metadata 2004.08.23 - SLIDE 16MOBILE MEDIA WORKSHOP PRESENTATION Camera Phones as Platform In the first half of 2003, more camera phones were sold worldwide than digital cameras By 2008, the average camera phone/ to contacts Browser –Nokia web browser (caching) Prototyping tools –Emulator –Wizard of Oz 2004.08.23/

Mike Burkett VP Research Value Chain Strategies AMR Research.

Brothers Holdings Inc. WSJ 09/19/07 “Palm Bets Big on New Phone”) Procter & Gamble – External innovation fuels growth …inventors are evenly /of interfaces From systems engineer to systems manager Experimental learning, validation, and corrective action Interdependencies shared across the supply chain Contract manufacturing integration – (Microsoft, all high-tech) Global design centers – (Qualcomm and Phillips) Product lifecycle cost analytics – (Sony TVs) Rapid introduction of more variants – (Dell and Nokia/

OCR Cambridge TEC - Level 3 Certificate/Diploma Business LO1 - Know the role of Marketing in Organisations.

showcased in the entertainment show. Some of the famous examples for this sort of advertising have to be the appearance of brand Nokia which is displayed on Tom Cruise’s phone in the movie Minority Report, or the use of Cadillac cars in the movie Matrix/  Sale and Supply of Goods Act – This act covers the sale of goods from suppliers and to suppliers and is much more in depth than the Sale of Goods Act in that it covers the legal specifics of supplier sale, managing, handling and distribution/

ASEAN and Asian Emerging Markets: From Exporting to Innovating The 2nd Seminar on Board of Trade of Thailand’ Strategy Innovating Business Reform to Move.

Asian emerging economies Especially ASEAN, China, India (ACI) And political uncertainty of economic management (e.g. EU, China) Source: IMF WEO, July 2015, October /also) “value for many” 28 WHAT IS THE WORLD’S BEST SELLING CELL PHONE 29 Nokia 1100 Specifically for emerging markets, e.g. Dustproof keyboard; Front face built-in/led growth Policy commitment Coordination/collaboration Focus on key value chains, clusters Integrate demand and supply side factors Particular focus on Asian emerging markets Innovative /

Introduction to patent management Patent Management Oct 2011.

its suppliers by maintaining control of key IP rights in different segments of the value chain. Even through the company does not engage in the production of components, it can keep a handle on its suppliers by maintaining control of key IP rights in different segments of the value chain. Company can buttress its supply chain management by leveraging IP rights. Company can buttress its supply chain management by leveraging IP rights. Organizational/

Information Systems in Business:

your binoculars or a palmtop computer. ITU Management Faculty – MIS ITU Management Faculty – MIS Business Models A business model is a method of doing business by which a company can generate revenue to sustain itself. The model spells out how the company adds value to create a product or service. (Value Chain) Nokia makes and sells cell phones A TV station provides free broadcasting. Its survival/

1 Papaya Milk Sandy, Rachel, Jason, Jimmy, Richard, Nick Operation Management 1/2/2014 Return and recycling of used mobile phones Research in a closed.

how to build accepted programs for return and recycling mobile phones for the users Especially no evidence in Taiwan 6 Papaya MilkReturn and recycling of used mobile phonesOperation Management The mobile phone lifecycle Designed and managed to explicitly consider the reverse and forward supply chain activities over the entire life cycle of the product Key points: Product returns management Remanufacturing/reconditioning operational issues Remarketing (Source: V. Daniel R. Guide/

Financial Services Forum

-harte.jpg http://www.insurancetech.com/management-strategies/insurance-companies-embrace-emerging-tec/232200668 Value shifting outside the enterprise Organizations outnumbered by the resources provided by their network. Business value from the social world. Crowdsourcing. Open and social supply chains. Open innovation. Co-creation. Social media marketing. Sloan Review (MIT) By 2017: 50%+ of FMCGs will accrue 75% of their consumer innovation & R&D capabilities/

What Kind of Supply-Side Policy for the UK

2) Policy could work through raising expected returns or making managers try harder ‘Productive’ government expenditures can raise the growth /of value added 2012 value chain 1970s value chain Stage Product concept, Design, R&D Manufacturing stages Sales, marketing and after sales services % Breakdown of Nokia Phone Price, 2007 (Ali-Yrkko et al., 2011) Nokia/moderation Conclusions Evidence-based supply-side reforms could improve UK productivity performance The politics of improving productivity is challenging/

Need and Relevance of Mobile Based Information Services in Emerging Markets - India Gnanapriya C Principal

Security Messaging Services Device Management Identity Management Middleware Access mechanism GPRS GSM RFiD PDA Smart Phone Tablet PC Laptop Mobile Phones Blackberry SOAP WAP TCP/IP Nokia-WAP Erricsson Open Wave SQL CE Thin Client Thick Client Smart Client Native App Development Smart Client Development Using Mobile App Framework 13 Challenges with state of art technologies Fundamental value proposition of mobile access to information and mobile transactions/

Finland-IP-04-20071 Associate professor Georgi Todorov, PhD Vise Dean of Pedagogy Faculty Chief of Mathematics & Informatics Dpt.

(SFA); - Client Relation Management (CRM); - Management of the accountancy and planning of the resources; - Accounting, logistics, accepting of orders; - Managing of warehouses; - Remote supply processing; - Inventory; - Access to the market and control of the trade activity, etc. /, which was called “the first e-commercial service for mobile phones” ; Nokia, Motorola, and Ericsson (more than 50% of the mobile phones market is under their control) negotiate for establishing transcorporation consortium for/

Distributed Systems: The Overall Architecture Chapter 5 Information Systems Management In Practice 7E McNurlin & Sprague PowerPoints prepared by Michael.

doing, corporate culture (management control?) might still centralize/of seven levels: 1.Business ecosystem or value chain/Nokia’s server (which transmits the travel information to a wireless network and to its Internet-enabled phones) Qantas etc. also have and doesn’t need to be web- enabled mobiles e.g. text messaging THE SABRE GROUP Case example: Internet-Based Computing ©2006 Barbara C. McNurlin. Published by Pearson Education.5-51 Server-Based Computing With more use of/supply-driven, build-to-stock business/

Leading Innovation: Making Stone Soup at UM B&F

scale businesses in software, cars, steel, phone services, solar panels, biotech, hotels, wrist watches and tea (60% of profits to charitable trusts) Capitalize on undervalued /of View and Think About… Practices - Culture, competency, and processes of the organization Mission and vision statements Business process improvement Activity based costing Benchmarking Lean manufacturing Total quality management Simulations Contingency planning Pervasive information systems Reorganization Supply chain management/

MOBILE COMMUNICATION AND INTERNET TECHNOLOGIES Mobile Internet – Technology and Applications Courtesy of Paul Kim (KADO)

MOBILE MULTIMEDIA TECHNOLOGY NOKIA 9210 COMMUNICATOR /phone technology, Battery Span DEVELOPMENT OF SERVICE AND MOBILE NETWORK UBIQUITOUS COMMUNICATION Services under Ubiquitous Environment Personal Awareness Assistant Mobile Decision Support Virtual Collaborative Design Knowledge Discovery Tool Augmented Reality Active Knowledge Management Autonomous Purchasing Object Location Based Services Visual Location Awareness Tool Shopper’s Eye Q A & ASSIGNMENT#2 Q1. Write Note on Supply chain management/

General Body Meeting 04-25-12 1. Mutual Investment Club of Cornell Welcome 2.

and iPad scale 26 Investment Thesis Company AnalysisDriversSummaryCompetitive AnalysisEarnings ReleaseValuationTechnicals Mutual Investment Club of Cornell Short Term Drivers: Cons  Threats  Android (HTC, Samsung), Windows 8 (Nokia), Kindle  Shortage of 28-nanometer chipsets used in smartphone devices from Qualcomm  No current phones use them but may delay iPhone 5 release  Cook dismissive of idea to combine PC and tablet 27 Investment Thesis Company AnalysisDriversSummaryCompetitive AnalysisEarnings/

© 2006 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Cisco ConfidentialPresentation_ID 1 Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council (SCRLC) June 6-7, 2007 NYC.

Northwestern –> U of Michigan MIT – Assessment  Government – Customs, Intl. Govt./Trade Agency  Industry HP – declined Nokia? New members -/Supply Chain Risk Management is an important field worthy of attention at the highest level  SCRLC objectives include: Bringing together a unique group of industry, academic and government leaders together to advance the discipline of/  Howard on phone / e-mail on board  Track direction appropriate?  Deliverables meet our needs?  Is level of intensity appropriate? /

Tom Peters’ EXCELLENCE. ALWAYS. Bunge/Senior Managers’ Meeting 11 June 2008/Buenos Aires.

* *1 day: 573 people met separately, 200 phone calls, 100 text messages, etc Source: “Prince Alwaleed, Inside the private world of the Middle East’s most powerful investor” cover story/managers rule!! Project managers running XF (cross- functional) projects are the Elite of the organization, and seen as such and treated as such. (The likes of construction companies have practiced this more or less forever.) 7. “Value-added Proposition” = Application of integrated resources. (From the entire supply- chain/

Marketing Management. Needs, Wants & Demands Needs are the basic human requirements. People need food, air, water, clothing and shelter to survive. People.

Management Marketing Management MARKETING OVERVIEW Marketing Identifying Anticipating Supplying Customer Needs Mutually beneficial exchange Firm’s objectives Arriving at a definition of Marketing DEFINITION - MARKETING Marketing is the management/ cellular phones when they were first introduced. Nokia and Ericsson fought to shape consumer perceptions of cellular phones. Consumers/ transactions. Supply Chain Whereas marketing channels connect the marketer to the target buyers, the supply chain describes a/

BACKGROUND OVERVIEW PRODUCT OPERATIONS CONCLUSION Comparing Sustainability Strategies of Apple and Samsung Wednesday, November 6 th, 2012 SUMA K4170: Sustainability.

.7 Mobil phones sold in 2012 Leading mobile Phone Companies: Samsung, Nokia and Apple iPhone, Galaxy and LG are the top cell phone brands in the U.S.A. Q2 2013 Global Market Share of Mobil Phone INDUSTRY PROFILE / facilities -Weak evaluation of suppliers WEAKNESSES -Transparency -Third party manufacturing facilities -Weak evaluation of suppliers BACKGROUND OVERVIEW PRODUCT OPERATIONS CONCLUSION OPPORTUNITIES -CSR platform -Renewable energy THREATS -Complete Supply Chain Control -Reputation SWOT ANALYSIS/

Innovation Systems in Transition by Erkki Ormala Professor of Innovation Management Aalto University, Business School.

management of electric grids In 2020, ICT could enable reductions of 7.8 Gt CO 2 e EU Media Futures: Key Trends http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/media_taskforce/pluralism/forum/index_en.htm http://ec.europa.eu/information_society/media_taskforce/pluralism/forum/index_en.htm Digital convergence From linear value chain/ points. By pointing with my phone at the Virgin poster I signed up for a chance to win tickets to Madonna’s concert – and also got her new single free of charge from the Virgin store. /


a business unit level concept Later applied to supply chains; Value Systems Value is created in each step and/or by managing the interfaces of activities Classic Strategy Consultant analysis: Where the money comes from, where it goes and where do we tie it up in the value chain => Process Management Aalto School of Business 2015 / T. Malmi PROCESS MANAGEMENT Process management has been said to be the most/

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