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Scalable Methods for the Analysis of Network-Based Data MURI Project: University of California, Irvine Project Meeting May 25 th 2010 Principal Investigator:

random graph models Carter Butts (UCI) LUNCH BREAK 12:00 Lunch for ALL meeting participants in 4011 P. Smyth: Networks MURI Project Meeting, May 25 2010: 34 Afternoon Session I 1:30 Social network analysis of Twitter data Emma Spiro (UCI) 2:00 Logistic network regression for scalable analysis of dynamic relational data: an overview and case study Zack Almquist (UCI) 2:20 Latent feature/

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia the most significant projects of the international cooperation Vera Veljanovski Project Manager - June 2013.

/2012 www.concur.uns.ac.rs 24 “CONCUR” Conversion Courses for Unemploed and University Graduates in Serbia “Aid for Trade 2011” Economic and social development of the area, building up the network of centers for creation and management of development projects in the R. of Serbia Funded by: the Czech Republic Development Cooperation, Program “Aid for Trade” Applicant and partners: Chamber of Commerce/

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia the most significant projects of the international cooperation Vera Veljanovski Project Manager.

/2012 www.concur.uns.ac.rs 22 “CONCUR“ Conversion Courses for Unemploed and University Graduates in Serbia “Aid for Trade 2011” Economic and social development of the area, building up the network of centers for creation and management of development projects in the R. of Serbia Funded by: the Czech Republic Development Cooperation, Program “Aid for Trade” Applicant and partners: Chamber of Commerce/

Social Capital and CEIP A clear and measurable definition A clear and measurable definition.

: - Members of volunteer boards - Individuals from sponsoring organizations - Members of community at large l Networks evolve through process of mobilizing for CEIP and output of projects developed l CEIP has potential to increase network size and establish less dense and more heterogeneous networks among community members 13 Types of social capital enhanced l Specifically CEIP has potential to enhance bonding, but more importantly bridging, and/

Analysis of Social Media MLD 10-802, LTI 11-772 William Cohen 1-11-11.

” (context) Zoom back in: – where’s the science? (topics we’ll cover) Administrivia: – Preliminary syllabus – Projects and course wiki The bigger picture There are many kinds of social technology [M. Hearst] – Crowdsourcing – Idea Markets/Prediction Markets – Implicit Social Contributions – Shared Data – Shared World / Platform – Collaborative Creation – Social Networks Crowdsourcing: Amazon’s Mechanical Turk A pool of thousands of people Small tasks, small pay – Many people/

THE MAGIC OF SOCIAL NETWORKS How libraries can be a node that helps people solve problems Lee Rainie Director – Pew Internet Project Wisconsin Library.

the move towards mobility, constant connectivity, perpetual contact –This changes the realities of time and space and presence Ask for help/feedback Magic of social networks October 21, 200945 Thank you! Lee Rainie Director Pew Internet & American Life Project 1615 L Street NW Suite 700 Washington, DC 20036 Email: Lrainie@pewinternet.orgLrainie@pewinternet.org Twitter: http://twitter.com/lrainiehttp://twitter.com/lrainie 202/

Social Networks Including material from Dr. Giorgos Cheliotis Communications and New Media, National University of Singapore.

completion time, for components of different codification and stand-aloneness Note: Multipliers > 1, implies weak ties speed completion Codified, stand-alone projects Uncodified, dependent projects Kraut’s Facebook Network http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=facebook+report Why are they important? Examining social networks can help diagnose organizational problems –find informational bottlenecks/distribution channels –select successful team leaders and managers Good managers understand that there/

Network Genie Getting Started with Web-based Social Network Survey Data Collection https://secure.networkgenie.com User’s Manual.

.com User’s Manual What Network Genie Allows You to Do Design social network surveys Create social network data collection projects Collect social network survey data Export data pre-formatted for social network analysis Becoming a User Two methods of becoming a Network Genie User Project Coordinator (full privileges; full responsibilities) Team Member (added by an existing Project Coordinator; privileges and responsibilities are defined by the Project Coordinator) Becoming a Project Coordinator Step 1: Go/

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia the most significant projects of the international cooperation Vera Veljanovski Project Manager.

, Italy, Veneto Confederation of Commerce, Italy, Eu-Regionalmanagement West Styria, Austria, Eu-Regionalmanagement West Styria, Austria, European Network for Social Integration Enterprises, Belgium Project objective: the creation of structural pre-conditions for social enterprises for better utilization of the possibilities of the South East economic area Total project amount: 1.360.959 EUR Implementation period: 01/10/2012-30/09/2014 3 "EASE & SEE" Enabling/

The League of Technical Voters Project Overview February 2007 Project Overview February 2007 Contact: Silona Bonewald /

Project Overview  Rollout and Adoption  LeagueOfTechVoters.org  Sustainability Next-generation social networking and Wikipedia-style databases get us there. Budget & legislation community database Identity and reputation info Meta-network Reuniting America social network Addtional social networks MoveOn social network Christian Coalition social network Our meta-network incorporates fundamental differences from today’s social networks.  Entity-based architecture  Identity & reputation  Social network/

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia the most significant projects of the international cooperation Vera Veljanovski Project Manager.

/2012 www.concur.uns.ac.rs 21 “CONCUR“ Conversion Courses for Unemploed and University Graduates in Serbia “Aid for Trade 2011” Economic and social development of the area, building up the network of centers for creation and management of development projects in the R. of Serbia Funded by: the Czech Republic Development Cooperation, Program “Aid for Trade” Partners: Chamber of Commerce and Industry/

Introduction to Social Network Analysis Columbia University April 2007 James Moody Duke University.

elements of the corresponding rows/columns of the persons-to-groups adjacency matrix. That is: Persons-to-Persons Groups-to-Groups Working with two-mode data Social Network Data Basic Data Elements: Modes One can get either projection easily with a little matrix multiplication. First define A T as the transpose of A (simply reverse the rows and columns). If A is of/

TRIO Projects: A model of action in a local coordinated system for people under the measures of the judicial authority Cobs 2 January, 13 th and 14 th.

emerged both before and after TRIO:  Above all the necessity, for this kind of intervention, of passing from a system of individual network projects to a system based on agreements between public subjects (Institutions, Local Organizations and Profit Enterprises) and Social Private Sector.  Experiment new models and test their efficiency in the medium and log term  Need to develop global interventions for people/

Executive Summary Social media customer interaction opportunities exist for marketing, sales, and service gains. Social media provides another channel.

” “Social Media Opportunity Assessment Tool” “Social Media Business Plan Template” “Social Media Business Plan Template” Implement “Social CRM Project Charter” “Social Media Acceptable Use Policy” “Social Media Acceptable Use Policy” Related Research: Customer Interaction Management in a Web 2.0 World Public Social Networks for Business: Is a FOAF a Foe? Four Companies Benefit from the Friend of a Friend: A Social Networking Saga Getting Social with E-Mail Marketing Campaigns Social Networking and/

Supporting the Supporters Project How informal networks can help to prevent domestic violence Elena Esina, Project Coordinator for Shift: The Project to.

and environments “The complex Interplay of individual, relationship, social, cultural, and environmental factors” (Krug, Dahlberg, Mercy, Zwi, & Lozano, 2002, p.12) Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence Shift is focused on creating /of Alberta, 3. Katerndahl, D., Burge, S., Ferrer, R., Becho, J., & Wood, R. (2013). Differences in Social Network Structure and Support Among Women in Violent Relationships. Journal Of Interpersonal Violence, 28(9), 1948-1964. doi:10.1177/0886260512469103 Klein,/

UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS T/505/5399 LEVEL 3 LO1 - Understand the concept of Social media.

for additional images and contractual hiring.  Instagram – A similar sharing of images site, now more popular than social network sites and allows the additional feature of editing the images on the site for other purposes, its USP. It has/misunderstandings, poorly designed advertisements and often seen as harassment. More seriously, they often lead to flawed systems, failed projects, and a drain on company resources.  Yet how often do businesses openly acknowledge these differences in expectations and/

Project reference : EXPL/EPH-HIS/2190/2013 Cartographical tools for the analysis of political communication in Medieval Portugal.

), under the supervision of Hermenegildo Fernandes (U. Lisboa) and Pedro Gomes Barbosa (U. Lisboa).  The main research question of this project is the formation of the urban network surrounding the Range of S. Mamede in Alto Alentejo region, and the main objective is to understand how a social system is expressed in terms of location and how the spatial organization influences the geostrategic/


£2000 to develop and maintain the HEI North West Knowledge Transfer Regional Forum/Network. Other Regional Networks NetworkRegional Co-ordinator South WestBournemouth University ScotlandInterface North EastNorthumbria University Regional Co-ordinator / by the ESRC and the Business Knowledge Exchange Opportunities Government Placement Fellowships Social Science Researchers work within partner organisations on projects put forward by that partner i.e. Government Department; Devolved Administrations;/

PRIN Project COGENT “COmputational and GamE-theoretic aspects of uncoordinated NeTworks” “kick-off” project meeting Roma, 17 June 2010.

achieved results through extensive simulation. Methodological aspects: integration of classical algorithmic investigation with techniques and concepts borrowed from –Mathematical Economics and Game Theory –Social Netwoks Project development and schedule 1) Milestone M1 (months 1-6): –definition of realistic algorithmic and strategic models for uncoordinated networks and determination of the main related open problems; –selection of the simulation tools to be used in the/


) Leila Brandt, Graduate Student Intern Kyrie Dragoo, Project Associate Sarah Escowitz, Information and Resources Coordinator Lisa Küpper, Writer Stephen Luke, Director Indira Medina, Information and Resource Specialist Suzanne Ripley, Principal Investigator Richard Sawyer, Evaluation Coordinator N ATIONAL D ISSEMINATION C ENTER SOCIAL NETWORKING - Ning http://tadnet.ning.com/ N ATIONAL D ISSEMINATION C ENTER SOCIAL NETWORKING - Resources SlideBoom: http://www.slideboom.com/presentations/77925/

Bridging the Information Divide Victor Bahl Senior Researcher Manager, Networking Group Microsoft Research January 2005.

Projects, Business India, Jan. 3, 2005 Project Akshaya in Kerala Project Bhoomi in Karnataka Project Sarita in Maharashtra Project Bhu-Lekh in Haryana Project Apna Khata in Rajastan Project Tamil Nilan in Tamil Nadu Project Rajiv Internet Village Project / response VoIP, chat, email Security (e.g. neighborhood video surveillance) Internet use increased social contact, public participation and size of social network. (social capital - access to people, information and resources) Prof. Keith N. Hampton, Sloan /

ICT Training – Livelihood Promotion for Rural Women

learn that ICT can help improve their lives. Adaptation of Gender Evaluation Methodology for Philippine Community e-Center” National Computer Center on March 18, 2009 7 II. Project Activities (1) Preliminary Research Approach Motivation Social Networking Livelihood Promotion Basic ICT Skills ICT-aided Problem Solving Productivity Efficiency User Capacity Uptake Use/Apply the handbook identifies the types of key interventions that the supporting/

Networks and projects on Social economy promoted by Italian Regions Milan, 5 November 2011 Rita Porru Networks and projects on Social economy promoted.

that require necessarily a supra-regional intervention to cooperate on specific topics/areas or fields that require necessarily a supra-regional intervention 2000-2006 Programming Period Social Economy 2000-2006 Programming Period Inter-regional project "Network for Social Inclusion – The Global Grant (GG) instrument for Small grants (12 Italian Regions) Aim: Exchange / comparison of experiences of GG Analysis and evaluation of the instrument (is/

Linking Networks of Community Practice, Policy & Research: A Framework for Participatory Action Research & Development Dr. Peter Day School of Computing,

Programme - People At the Centre of Communication & Information Technology Project No. RES-328-25-0012 Project Team - Collaborative partnership UoB, SCIP & participating communities Project research aims To investigate the potential of network technology (including mobile telephony) as tools for building and sustaining social capital in communities To critically analyse and evaluate the impact of ICT on social network ties and cohesion by measuring community communication and information/

for Advanced Studies, April 2011 The Social Complexity of Immigration and Diversity (SCID) Nick Shryane

1.Diversity, Homophily & Trust –What factors underlie and influence perceptions and feelings of us and them –How does this affect : the construction and operation of social networks Norms of trust and reciprocity 26 www.scid-project.org Social science themes 2.Political participation –How do diversity and immigration influence the behaviour of Individuals Political parties –Key outcomes Electoral turnout Party / issue choice 27 www/

Inferring Peer Centrality in Socially-Informed P2P Systems Nicolas Kourtellis, Adriana Iamnitchi Department of Computer Science & Engineering University.

, D, F, I} How do the properties of the projection graph compare with the properties of the social graph projected? Projection Graph 5 Projection Graph (PG) P2P Overlay Social Graph (SG) Projection Graph Model Uses: Study properties of peers such as centrality Study how the social graph topology affects P2P routing & system performance 6 7 Outline Motivation Projection Graph Model Social Network Centrality Metrics Degree Centrality Node Betweenness Centrality Edge Betweenness/

CBNRM in coastal Bulgaria: Advise on use and networking BSNN, Natura 2000 project on CZM Varna, Bulgaria, 2 July 2010 Lars T. Soeftestad Community-Based.

of each stakeholder –Particular efforts needed to involve important stakeholders who lack influence –Appropriate forms of participation throughout the project cycle BSNN workshop, VarnaNatura 2000: CZM, 2 Jul 201025 Stakeholder analysis, VIII Institutional analysis – at the micro/ and interests 37 BSNN workshop, VarnaNatura 2000: CZM, 2 Jul 2010 Issues in networking, VI Harmony model, no. 4 Understand the social contract as a colla- borative (co-mgmt.) enterprise between stakeholders with different expertise/

A crescendo of voices: Creating networks of networks in research on fathers’ involvement Jessica Ball Early Childhood Development Intercultural Partnerships.

.Double layers of knowledge mobilization: Some population specific and some omnibus Emissary model – from community-specific to policy tables Ambassador roles – representing project wide social change objectives (e.g., national policy tables) Consolidating action potentials: networked practitioner engagement Consolidating intellectual productivity: networked academic engagement No expectation of a unified theory, unified set of objectives for policy reforms, or pan-Canadian ‘voice’ A crescendo of/

SBC Boot Camp: Planning & Implementing Social & Behavioral Change Strategies for Agriculture and NRM June 4 and June 7 Tom Davis Senior Specialist for.

conduct the activities)? In your programs, who are the main people interacting directly with most of the beneficiaries in your projects in order to persuade them to change their behavior? (Use your clickers:) A: Your Program Staff B: Community/ less littering. Another Reason Volunteer Peer Education Works Changes in behavior and attitudes often spread through social networks. We need to use “hubs” in social networks. Social networks are “scale free,” and look more like this… than this: …where a few people /


Targeted research projects Network of excellence IP Strategic research projects IP Strategic research projects ECOLEAD ATHENA MYCAREVENT E4 TOOL EAST COIN Mitja Jermol © Mitja Jermol ECOLEAD Collaborative Networked Organisations Mitja Jermol © Mitja Jermol WHAT WE UNDERSTAND BY CNO? Constituted by a variety of entities (e.g. organizations and people) that are: largely autonomous geographically distributed heterogeneous in terms of their: operating environment, culture, social capital and/

MARISSA KING YALE SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Networks and the Diffusion of Pro-Social Innovations.

. *Sanitation facilities, fuel efficient cook stoves, and solar lanterns in India * Roadmap Overview of framework  Structure  Product  Mechanisms  Context 2 Cases  Potty Project-Sanitation facilities in Bhubansewar  SEWA Hariyali Project-200,000 Fuel efficient cook stoves and solar lanterns Breakout Conclusion and experimental design Social network analysis: Both a theory and a method Is motivated by a structural intuition based on ties linking actors/

Social Network Theory Applications to Supply Networks.

defense programs. The Total Information Awareness program sponsored by the Defense Department is currently working on a project known as Scalable Social Network Analysis (SSNA). “SSNA aims to model networks of connections like social interactions, financial transactions, telephone calls, and organizational memberships” [13]. They are attempting to model the social networks that terrorists belong to. The purpose of the SSNA algorithms program is to extend techniques of/

Building Data Sharing Infrastructures Taking Context and Stakeholders Seriously Aaron D. Schroeder, Ph.D. Senior Data Scientist, Social & Decision Analytics.

Economic Dimensions (Re-envisioned, Re-named, Dynamized) Economic External Economy Social Internal Polity Political External Polity Technical Internal Economy Network Implementation as Political Economy Where you want to go Theories and Methods / Shenandoah National Park Dir. Shenandoah Valley Travel Association (SVTA) Program Development Network Original Program Level Representatives Policy Analyst, ITS Department, VDOTSpecial Projects Dir., VTC Dir. Shenandoah.Com, SHENTELDir. Tech Policy & Deployment, /

Alfred Deakin Professor Jill Blackmore Deakin University

bodie e.g. World Bank, IMF, WHO, UN, OECD) and globalisation from below (social movements such as feminism, Occupy, Greenpeace, social media networks of Arab Spring…) My case Critical historical moment for the field of education: as a discipline/ Capital Seddon T. and Levin J. (2013) Educators, Professionalism and Politics. Global transitions, national spaces and professional projects. Routledge Blackmore, J. Barty, K. and Thomson, P. 2006 Principal Selection: Homosociability, the Search for Security and/

Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific... connecting citizens to improve governance Cambodia  Indonesia  Philippines.

works out a plan with the concerned government agency to monitor spending on and implementation of infrastructure project CCAGG organizes monitoring teams from the beneficiaries of proposed project and trains them in field-based monitoring work Organization unearthed several anomalies in implementation of infrastructure projects Affiliated Network for Social Accountability in East Asia and the Pacific... connecting citizens to improve governance Cambodia  Indonesia  Philippines  Mongolia/

© 2004 GEOIDE GE omatics for I nformed DE cisions GEOIDE GE omatics for I nformed DE cisions NETWORK OF CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE NETWORK OF CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE.

program encompasses both fundamental and applied research Research addresses new challenges for the social implications of geomatics technology Research is linked to Canada’s Innovation Strategy Research is linked to outcomes and contributes to National Goals © 2004 A Network of Networks mini-network The research plan is built upon GEOIDE’s well developed networking structure Each project is a Multi-disciplinary focus is built into our/

© CELL - Cranfield School of Management Centre for Executive Learning and Leadership Social Networks Dr David Denyer...developing professional practice.

Management Purpose of the presentation To understand the significance of social networks To explore how social networks can be built, shaped and used To examine the structure and effectiveness of your social networks What are social networks? Why are they important? In 2s / 3s 5/assessment of the relationships between some of these people. i.e. in this example you perceive that your project leader and your boss have a very strong relationship. Draw the distinction between Direct Influence and In-direct /

1 First Steering Committee Meeting on SADC Project Durban, 14 July 2006 Experiences with United Nations Development Accounts Statistics Projects Lessons.

unit at the ASEAN Secretariat Establishment of a statistical unit at the ASEAN Secretariat 15 Specific Project experiences (3) ESCWA Strengthening Statistical Capacity in the Region of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (2002-2004) Thirteen countries Thirteen countries Main objective: to build a statistical network to play a catalytic role in improving the production and dissemination of statistics and indicators/

Knowledge Management MOCURIS – MOdern CURriculum in

image on a personal computer Can be networked to allow multi-user collaboration over the Internet MOCURIS – MOdern CURriculum in Information Systems at master level Tools for knowledge socialization (5) Bulletin boards Bulletin boards are / in Information Systems at master level Lotus Notes & Domino (2) Features Submit (check-in) documents, deliverables (project plans, drawings, ideas, architectures, patentable material, etc.), and other collaborative content that contains intellectual capital Store this in/

Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2006 Facts on Cyberbullying Ronald Lee, Psy.D. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project Parents and Teens.

messages10%15% Spreading Rumors9%16%* Posting Embarrassing Pictures`5%7% Some form of Cyberbullying23%36%* *Indicates statistically significant difference. Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2006 Social Network Users versus Non-Social Network Users Type of Cyberbullying Social Non-Social Network User Network User Posting private messages17%12% Threats/Aggressive messages16%*8% Spreading Rumors16%*8% Posting Embarrassing Pictures 9%*2% Some form of Cyberbullying39%*23%* *Indicates statistically/


Subunits, 44 Administrative Science Q. 82, 106 (1999). Weak ties within a firm help project teams search for useful knowledge held by other teams and subunits efficiently Weak ties are very /LAW & ECONOMICS SOCIAL NETWORK THEORY, SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY, AND SOCIAL NORMS Yuval Kalish & Garry Robins, Psychological Predispositions and Network Structure: The Relationship Between Individual Predispositions, Structural Holes, and Network Closure, 28 Social Networks 56 (2006). Extraverts have larger networks, with more/

Busting the Social Silo Education From Evolution To Revolution Presentation : 2014 Dr. Howie DiBlasi “ Emerging Technologies Evangelist.

www.drhowie.com 215-4 Rethinking Literacy, Creativity and Thinking Critically Rethinking Literacy Instruction through Community Connections Social Networking in Higher Education 5-250 6-125 New college application questions encourage creative thinking University of Chicago /-solving” 215-7 Students prefer: dealing with questions rather than answers, sharing their opinions participating in group projects, working with real-world issues having teachers who talk to them as equals rather than as inferiors. 215/

Case Study The Portuguese Approach Portugal INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SECURITY Ministry of Labour and Social Solidariaty 1 st PEER REVIEW Prague, 8 th -11 th.

region or district on:  vulnerable groups  vulnerabilities and problems In the framework of the Social Network Programme Methodology 10 Participation at local level Workshops Process Outcomes Strategic Objectives Strutural Projects Diagnosis Vulnerable groups NAPincl Interministerial Commission Vulnerabilities and problems 11 Social Network Programme Social Network Programme An instrument to fight poverty and social exclusion Launched in the beginning of 2000 in 41 pilot municipalities Today there are 275/

Social Capital in Theory and Practice. ENVIRONMENT SOCIETY ECONOMY.

” among the actors Decison on ”microprojects” among actors Example: Social networks and its influence on business climate +4 other... Seminar 3: June 08 Seminar on business climate 2 School, Health, and EU, Seminar 4: March 09 ”Entrepreneurship and Tourism” Project in practice...... Seminar 5: May ”Groups outside the power of networks” Conference - Urban Policies & Social Capital - September 24-26 Work process in the platform The/

DECOR: Delivery of Context-Sensitive Organizational Knowledge 1st Project Review Brussels, February 2nd, 2001 Introduction.

, SEMA, DHC, IKA 76 Impacts of the project for CHU Brugmann Internal point of view  Increasing incomes  Reducing of the internal administrative cost  Improved information exchange between social and admission services  Potentially better identification of the non solvent population  Constitution of a useful and attractive E-structured archive for social service External  Better integration in the IRIS network  DFKI, ICCS, PLANET-EY, SEMA, DHC/

LTE Futures Dinner Talk Next Generation Mobile Networks – NGMN – Partner Forum 14 April 2010 Turin, Italy Adam Drobot President, Advanced Technology Solutions.

Response –News –Financial Info –Gaming –Selected Entertainment Products –Streaming Audio / Video –...  Anticipation –Social networking –Location Based Services –Opportunity Driven Marketing –Scheduling / Alerts –Advanced Healthcare –Telematics –Financial Services –Diagnostics / Prognostics –... Adam Drobot – NGMN Partner Forum – Turin, Italy – 14 April 2010 – 65 Agenda  Trends and Projections –Adoption Curves (long term views) –Wireless Use Patterns – History & Future –Global Penetration –Infrastructure/

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS An overview. Today  Goal: understand some of the wide array of social media tools available and their usefulness.

2003) CEO: Jeff Weiner By: Elisabeth Sladek  Founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003  Business social-networking site for professional networking.  Ahead of Viadeo and XING with 116 million users.  Acquired the phone app called CardMunch where the /, Lee Ann) People find this site to be extremely helpful and supportive. By: Meagan Behm About Experience Project Experience Project, launched in 2007, is a comfortable and supportive place for individuals to share and connect with others around /

SS4115 Integrated Social Work Practice Au Yin Ting (50577048) Chan Ho Chit Alson (50558114) Chan Oi Wah (50465179) Chan Sin Ting (50568906) Chow Ching.

ICYSC’s service was more developed after the new integration model. Process in the arise of Project Dawn and Project Solar 1997Developed Project Dawn  Generated with Hong Kong Correctional Services Department, expansion of PP  Supported by other / client, different needs: e.g.: Elderly: need- tangible, counseling (counseling services), developmental, social network (groups), health education (Community education programmes) Different client, same needs: e.g. carers+ elders+ community at large /

AGORA - Network Sustainable Tourism Development in the Baltic Sea Region Project part-financed by the European Union 3 rd Agora Meeting Approved as Baltic.

promote and sustain the competitive quality and efficiency of the tourism business;  To create satisfactory social conditions for tourists and the local population. AGORA - Network Sustainable Tourism Development in the Baltic Sea Region Project part-financed by the European Union 3 rd Agora Meeting Approved as Baltic 21 Lighthouse Project 10.- 12. October 2006 Baltic 21: Key areas (SR 7/98)  tourism development of/

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