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Creating and Managing Your On-Line Presence An Introduction to Using Social Media Professionally.

jobs How many employers are using social media for outreach and recruitment? 92 % of employers use social media for recruiting (up by 3% from 2011 and 10% from 2010) 73% of recruiters have successfully hired a candidate who was identified or introduced through a social network or social media 86% of recruiters are likely to use social profiles when interviewing How Employers View Social Media Research from Jobvite’s Social Recruiting Survey 2012: 49% of employers/

Using Social Media to Enhance your Employability Employability Adviser: Nicola Urquhart.

.wikipedia.org www.wikipedia.org enabling conversations and facilitating discussions Why should you be using social media? The Jobvite Social Recruiting Survey 2011 received responses from over 8,000 human resources professionals in the US and found that 89% will recruit from social networks and 55% will increase their budget for social recruiting in 2011. 2011 survey of 1,205 job candidates found that 16% of them found/

Washington State Department of Social & Health Services One Department Vision Mission Core set of Values Prevention Redesign Initiative (PRI) Guide Division.

’s actions and intentions. Washington State Department of Social & Health Services One Department Vision Mission Core set of Values Capacity Recruit and retain membership: Coalition will recruit and maintain membership and participation consistent with PRI requirements/frameworks to communities  Sample PRI prevention strategic plan to include:  Membership recruit and retention plan questions  DBHR develops logic model for PRI project  Media plan (in strategic plan) – no template – form and list of/

Community Blogs 2.0 GateHouse Media News & Interactive DIAL IN: 888-398-2342 ACCESS CODE: 585-200-4058 *6 or Mute button NO HOLD.

Arts/entertainment Technology Books Movies Religion Causes (such as cancer, autism, adoption, etc) Politics (local or national) Health/fitness Food Parenting Schools/education Humor Sports Recruitment Look for those bloggers Post callouts on your site, social media and in print asking for specific types of bloggers. “Are you a stay-at-home dad who has lots of great ideas for keeping young ones/

The HOPE Approach: Social Media for HIV prevention The HOPE Approach: Social Media for HIV prevention Sean D. Young, PhD, MS AAHU Workshop Sept. 10, 2014.

discuss HIV education topics  Aims:  Home-based HIV testing  Self-reported sexual behaviors  Reduction in stigma Intervention Methods Peer Leader Recruitment Plan Partnering with Community Outreach Fliers Discussion Boards Live Presentations Participant Recruitment Plan (Offline) Print Advertisements –Adalante, Weho News, Vanguard Newsletter (Offline) Flier –Restaurants, clubs, bars (Online) Social media: –Banner ads + “Fan” Pages Dating sites: Adam4Adam, Gay.com Networking sites: Twitter, Facebook/

Social Recruiting Travis Davis, Recruitment Specialist NCDOT Career Services.

of business in the last month via: Phone? Email? Social Media? What is Social Recruiting? Social recruiting is engaging with users of social media tools to source and recruit talent Social Media Tools Facebook Twitter Youtube LinkedIn Blogs Many, many others Social Media Facts By 2011, Generation Y (born 1979-1995) will outnumber baby boomers (born 1946-1964...96% will have joined a social network Social media is now the #1 online activity Twitter: More than/

Mastering the Latest in Recruiting: Social Media Do you fish, hunt or farm? Connie Hampton Hampton & Associates Scientific & Executive Search Consultants.

IS THE METHODS THAT HAVE CHANGED How are you currently reaching job candidates? Referrals Job boards Your careers page on the company website Professional Networking Sites Recruiter initiated College recruiting Rehires Social Media Agencies and 3 rd Party Recruiters Print advertisements/want ads/Billboards Temp or contractor to hire Career Fairs Walk-ins What else? CareersXRoads 2011 Survey Bersin & Associates, 2011 No company hires unless/

DONOR Recruitment and Retention in the Digital Era Ms Zali Mbombo Marketing and Communications Executive South African National Blood Service (SANBS)

Blood Processing centers 80 Blood banks serving 450 hospitals 80 Blood banks serving 450 hospitals Challenges facing donor recruitment during these difficult economic times? SANBS has faced many changes and challenges in its mission ‘to provide /to enable audience to engage with each other and collaborate to the benefit of SANBS Excerpts from our Social Media Strategy Use of Social Media Strategies to increase visibility of the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), motivate youth to donate, monitor/

Part 3 Staffing Activities: Recruitment

Employment: Decision making, final match Staffing System and Retention Management 5-3 Chapter Outline Strategic Recruitment Planning Defining Strategic Goals Open versus Targeted Organization and Administration Applicant Reactions Job and Organization Characteristics Recruiters Recruitment Process Diversity Issues Communication Message Media Strategy implementation Individual Sources Social Sources Organizational Sources Metrics Transition to Selection Legal Issues Definition of a Job Applicant Affirmative/

Social Word-of-Mouth and Web Content Analysis ( 社群口碑與網路文本分析 ) 1 戴敏育 Min-Yuh Day Assistant Professor Dept. of Information ManagementDept. of Information.

Today Source: Robert Wollan, Nick Smith, Catherine Zhou, The Social Media Management Handbook, John Wiley, 2011. 21 Social Media Community Engaging the Advocates Policies Strategy #1 – “Accessing social Consumers”: Use Social Media as a New Channel to Individuals “Pro-sumer” collaboration Influencer-Led Development User Reviews Social Media Wildfire Creating Urgency/ Spontaneous Selling “Pass it along” promptions Recruiting others/ Group Seles Customers as “Community Organizers” Strategy #2 – “Engaging/

A Life Science Recruiters to writing a CV & targeting positions in industry taylorollinson scientific recruitment.

, visiting Sales Reps, networking events University careers services Milk-round and Graduate schemes Job-boards (scientific and generalist) Social Media Recruitment agencies Speculative applications (direct) What I’ll focus on is how to get the most out of: Job-boards & Social media (inc google) Recruitment agencies taylorollinson scientific recruitment Enables you to narrow your search criteria: In its simplest form, is uses a variable of: ()nesting: groups/

SHRM Survey Findings: The Aging Workforce— Recruitment and Retention

workers was through employee referrals (33%); one-quarter (24%) indicated they relied on networking. Over one-half (54%) indicated they do not actively recruit older workers. Use of social media to target older workers: Of responding organizations that indicated they used social media to target older workers, three-quarters (74%) indicated they used LinkedIn, and one-half (49%) indicated they used Facebook. Level of difficulty/

Copyright ©2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall 5-1 Recruiting and Selecting Employees Chapter 5.

 Former military  Customers Copyright ©2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall Recruitment  Sources of recruiting (continued)  Print and radio advertisements  Internet advertising and career sites  Employment agencies  Temporary workers  College recruitingSocial Media 5-6 Copyright ©2012 Pearson Education, Inc. publishing as Prentice Hall Recruitment  Internal vs. External Recruiting  External—fresh perspectives  Learning Curve  Internal—less costly  Signals opportunity to/

Statistics & overview of the social media landscape Benefits of a social recruitment market How to leverage social media to find candidates Tips for being.

Facebook; over half use Twitter and almost all use LinkedIn 43% of respondents felt that the quality of applicants has improved thanks to social media 20% said it takes less time to hire when using social recruiting 7 Passive >80% 225M+ Active <20% members Note: Active-passive figures come from 2011 third-party study conducted by Lou Adler and the Adler Group ©2013 LinkedIn/

SOCIAL MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY & YOU October 2013 WSC Rules Presentation 1 Wayne State College Athletic Compliance.

Instagram’s filters as content alteration – and them email them directly to recruits.” – NCAA Statement 10/11/2 Wayne State College Athletic Compliance 19 SOCIAL MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY & YOU Social Media Violations - Twitter 8/5/13 – SA used name and status as / Football PSA’s tweeted photos of them posing while wearing jerseys during a recruiting visit Wayne State College Athletic Compliance 20 SOCIAL MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY & YOU Social Media Violations - Twitter 10/10/12 – Team thanked a booster on Twitter for/

Social Word-of-Mouth and Web Mining ( 社群口碑與網路探勘 ) 1 戴敏育 Min-Yuh Day Assistant Professor Dept. of Information ManagementDept. of Information Management,

Today Source: Robert Wollan, Nick Smith, Catherine Zhou, The Social Media Management Handbook, John Wiley, 2011. 21 Social Media Community Engaging the Advocates Policies Strategy #1 – “Accessing social Consumers”: Use Social Media as a New Channel to Individuals “Pro-sumer” collaboration Influencer-Led Development User Reviews Social Media Wildfire Creating Urgency/ Spontaneous Selling “Pass it along” promptions Recruiting others/ Group Seles Customers as “Community Organizers” Strategy #2 – “Engaging/

05/02/2016 Social Media & Privacy in the Workplace Parisa Nikfarjam Rubin Thomlinson LLP November 19, 2015 www.rubinthomlinson.com Follow us on Twitter.

an online background checks: Google searches LinkedIn Facebook (with or without passwords) Blog postings 2009 US poll estimates 68% of employers conducted background checks via social media; 89% in 2011 05/02/2016 Social Media & Privacy in the Workplace Social Media and Recruitment Privacy concerns Federal employees may have recourse under PIPEDA (accurate information) No protection for provincial employees Privacy Commissioners of Alberta, Québec, and Canada/


profiles, so you will be competing with them for attention. In order for recruiters to find you, YOU NEED TO BE EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO LOCATE. Populating your social media accounts with the keywords associated with your target jobs can make you easier to find/ can make it more likely that you will spot a vacancy when it comes up in your newsfeed. Graduate recruiters often share reminders on social media about graduate scheme closing dates, so connecting with their accounts is a good way to stay on top of/

Still a Hard-to-Reach Population? Using Social Media to Recruit Latino Gay Couples for an HIV/STI Prevention Intervention Adaptation Study Omar Martinez,

and does not necessarily represent the official views of the NIMH or the NIH.  Our community stakeholders and research team used McGuire’s communication/persuasion matrix to design an effective social media recruitment campaign to reach Spanish-speaking Latino gay couples for the Latinos en Pareja study.  The matrix, specifically each marketing “channel,” targeted “message,” and target population or “receiver,” guided our/

Recruitment through social media What is it all about? Delphine Berlemont | Head of HR Operations Beatriz Baena Jiménez | Head of Marketing & Communications.

| What is it all about?6 How Deloitte Luxembourg uses social media for recruitment PUSH © 2013 Deloitte General ServicesRecruitment through social media | What is it all about?7 How Deloitte Luxembourg uses social media for recruitment PUSH © 2013 Deloitte General ServicesRecruitment through social media | What is it all about?8 How Deloitte Luxembourg uses social media for recruitment PULL © 2013 Deloitte General ServicesRecruitment through social media | What is it all about?9 How Deloitte Luxembourg/


reach. Encourage Use – know your FB url and TW handle by heart! Give students the opportunity to come to you. Social media advertising and promotion Promoted Tweets YouTube Promotions Facebook Advertising E-recruitment – Search engine marketing How to use social media to retain students? “Social engagement is an essential component of retention, especially during the first year.” Our goal: Creating supportive communities for students using online/

Social Media in eLearning Keynote Address. Eighth International Conference on eLearning for Knowledge-Based Society at Srisakdi Charmomman.

disbanded because it got very small number of students comparing to the target. Social Media for Marketing of eLearning (Cont.) 33  In this paper on “Recruiting Student for University-Level eLearning”. [5], the authors discussed social network for recruitment of students. Social Media for Marketing of eLearning (Cont.) 34  A. H. Omer presented five social media marketing tips for eLearning [12]: 1)Use blogs to discuss cost effective training/

Ao.com – (Appliances Online) It all starts with the customer Yossi Head of brand and social media

& Basic Tips Where is it going? Q&A Introduction to LinkedIn  Largest professional networking site in the world  330 Million Users Worldwide  17 million within the UK  Only western social media site allowed to operate in China  Celebrity & Political Representation  Recruitment Activity  Media Interest Groups  LinkedIn Shares have risen 5 fold since their float in 2011 What has it done in terms of Networking/

SHRM/Kaplan University School of Business & Information Technology Survey Findings: Recruitment for Business and IT Employment Opportunities In collaboration.

as being most valuable for job applicants, aside from educational training. Maintaining a resume on social media or an online employment venue should also be a top priority for job seekers. An increasing number of HR professionals and their organizations are using these options as part of the recruiting process. More than one-half of respondents (53%) to this survey said they use/

!? What The Tweet!? Using Social Media to Increase Involvement in Prevention Campaigns David M. Arnold The BACCHUS Network.

as part of a comprehensive approach to behavior change and social responsibility !? Social Media and Prevention Social Media and Prevention: Some “Best Practices” Awareness Campaign 30-days of Tweets Recruitment of High-Visibility Celebrities through Social Media Outreach Content Creation and Sharing Contests Supplement Social Norms Clarification Campaigns !? Social Media and Prevention Best Practices: Build Out Social Media in Advance Using HootSuite, or similar content management system, strategically/

CM Murray LLP: Specialists in Employment and Partnership Law EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE LAW FIRM WORKPLACE HR in LAW Susanne Foster, Esther.

of March 2012 CM Murray LLP: Specialists in Employment and Partnership Law Summary Benefits / Concerns of Social Media Use Recent Case Law Recruitment / Vetting Data Protection Laws Best Practice CM Murray LLP: Specialists in Employment and Partnership Law The / first few weeks of employment to establish acceptable standards of behaviour with regard to social media Recruitment: ACAS recommends you use at least 2 different recruitment methods in any event. Bear in mind exclusion: 10 million people in the UK/

A10: Strategies for Recruiting High-Ability Students Michael Hovland, ACT, IA Mark Dunn, Yale University, CT Ron McFall, Indiana University–Bloomington,

timeline Additional recruitment touch for yield Flexibility in targeting key markets New stewardship program for 2014 Enhanced award communication Consolidated award letter March 1 scholarship posting date Focus on net cost and financial literacy Targeting scholars with known aid 21 st Century Scholars Program Development of dynamic award notifications Personalized Communication Stripes campaign “You’ve Earned your Stripes” Web/social media/print Launch/

Weighing The Costs And Benefits of Outsourcing In The Cutthroat World of Recruiting | Fast Company Global Reach Many companies are doing business and.

(500m), Linked in (190m), Hi 5 (80m), Sina Weibo (300m) Almost a quarter, 24 percent, of U.S. workers surveyed are more inclined to search for a job through social media than through traditional methods including newspapers, job boards and recruitment firms, according to a survey by Kelly Services Inc. In addition, 12 percent of U.S. employees approved of personal use of/

Click to edit Master title style www.wellingtone.co.uk Project Management Careers & Job Fair Gordon Dewar-McKay Director of Recruitment & Talent Management.

, other websites have worked to integrate Facebook. This means you can use a single Facebook account to sign in to different services across the Web. Slide 13 Social Media Twitter Twitter www.twitter.com Recruiters of all types make extensive use of Twitter, giving out information about their organisations as well as actually posting job vacancies. You don’t have to tweet yourself/

SIM National Social Media Survey Results September 10, 2010.

document events 27 Verbatim Summary (continued) We are just figuring out how to make the most of it We use for marketing purposes Finding and recruiting talent Must have business case and governance approval Customer acquisition All social media sites (are blocked), with rare exceptions for marketing and HR. All but LinkedIn (are blocked) Only 15mins per day allowed on FB, Twitter and/

Instructional Systems Recruiting (IRC) Chair: Dr. Johnson Admissions/Recruiting Coordinator: Christie Suggs Mary Kate McGee How do the IS Recruiting Committee.

Dr. Reiser 2004 – 2006 Jim Russell (former faculty) MS assistant Keller’s Assistant Consulted with Reinhart Lerch (ODDL) Dr Keller ??? - ??? Dr. Dennen ??? - Current 2009- added Admissions/Recruiting Coordinator position ( currently held by Christy Suggs) Dr Johnson History of the IS Recruiting Program Communication WebsiteEmail Social Media Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Outreach Researchers promote at conferences Promote using national orgs (e.g. ASTD, eLearning Guild, etc/


QUALITY COST TOP 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA FOR HEALTH CARE RECRUITMENT 1.Employers are competing for top candidates 2.Smart social strategies start with employment branding 3.Job seekers use social media to find employment opportunities 4.Facebook is the most popular social media platform for job seekers 5.For best results, clearly define your social strategy so you can test and track your results/

TNS mrbi/148930/Retention of Women in the Defence Force/December 2006 Retention And Recruitment Of Women In The Defence Forces Department of Defence.

& Perceptions of the Defence Force Motivators & Barriers to Joining the PDF Women’s experience of the PDF Recruitment Conclusions & Recommendations TNS mrbi/148930/Final Presentation/December 2006 3 Introduction TNS mrbi/148930/Final Presentation/December 2006 /more widely known. This visibility engenders a greater degree of social acceptance of the career. “Women in the Gardaí are more visible, even in the media and news.” (Private) “Social acceptance will come with greater visibility.” (Cadet) TNS /

TRiO Mentor Families: A Social Media Strategic Plan Jason Lynch (Team Leader) Aaron Hood Sarah Cantrell Perkins Ashley Staples North Carolina State University.

has surpassed e-mail as the fourth most popular online activity” (Pikalek, 2010, p. 150). Relevance to Higher Education Recruitment “Seventy-four percent of current college-bound high school seniors thought that colleges should have a presence on social media sites, and 81 percent of those students indicated they look for both official and unofficial content about a university when they go online/

Social Media and Agile Projects… …the perfect couple!

Twitter – flashing our stuff http://twitter.com/vindinge/itst Recent project competion run exclusively on own social platform Digitaliser.dk Latest conference on Open Data promoted primarily via Social Media Recruitment Christian was recruited through LinkedIn New employee recruited through own social platform Digitaliser.dk starts next month Contracters also ”recruited” through Social Media Here to stay The internet revolution will be as disruptive as the printing press … … only much/


volunteer administration: jobs for volunteers, tools for teams, communication, and recruiting  To identify 2-4 apps for each type of social media  To define the different types of social media; blogs, micro blogs, social networking, wikis, email  To identify the way in which programs are currently using social media.  To list 3-5 different uses of various social media for four functional areas of volunteer administration: jobs for volunteers, tools/

US Army Recruiting Command

MEPS Approx 115K Applicants to MEPS for 90K mission Telephone Virtual Face-To-Face Email Social Media Schools, Community Events, Referrals COI/VIP Recruiters work 29,746 Zip Codes Collect Blueprint Info about the Applicant First pre-qual Tell /is crucial to keep the FSs motivated and reinforce their decision to enlist. Virtual Recruiting Center Social Media Mobile APP development Site Trend Analysis Future Soldier/Family Support www.goarmy.com www.futuresoldiers.com On-line explanation of/


online companies are slowly shifting towards easier and cheaper methods like online advertising. FACTS AND FIGURES ONLINE RECRUITMENT: THE WAYS Job Boards Craigslist Online interviewing Online outsourcing Social Media ONLINE RECRUITMENT: THE BENEFITS Geographical spread ONLINE RECRUITMENT: THE BENEFITS Speed Relaxed Cost Track Applications Access to Companies Newspapers ONLINE RECRUITMENT: THE BENEFITS OVERALL: PRINT VERSUS ONLINE Print is not dead: cost and print space Online is/

Creative Job Hunting & Social Media UCC Researcher Conference Developing Researchers in the 21 st Century.

more powerful people will take more time Practice your elevator pitch. Networking Action Plan Take the plunge! Who will you contact? When? How? Social Networking Benefits of Social Media Networking Researching careers Peer feedback on recruitment process Chat to employers re. recruitment process Improve commercial awareness Creative job hunting Self-promotion What is Networking Website...for PROFESSIONALS All industries A superb and far reaching resource/

How to build your online recruitment strategy

, race, religion or personal situation. What’s next? The 3 wishes of our hiring managers Excellence (Quality) Yesterday (Time) Low budget / no agency (Cost) Our Recruitment 3.0 Strategy “fill a need” Recruitment 2.0 EVP + Social & Professional Media Recruitment 3.0 Develop Referral mechanism Implement more pro-active sourcing Investigate Mobile presence Responsive web-design Test the waters “going mobile” Search Engine Optimization Improve/

Using Inclusive Social Media in National Service to Recruit Individuals with Disabilities January 27, 2010 Presenters: Mr. Jason Scott Mr. Jeff Coburn.

Chat window to type questions The session will be recorded. Using Inclusive Social Media in National Service to Recruit Individuals with Disabilities January 27, 2010 Presenters: Mr. Jason Scott Mr. Jeff Coburn Thanks for joining us today. Social Media for Social Change Leveraging Social Media for National Service Programs What is Web 2.0 and Social Media? Web 2.0 is a way of thinking about how knowledge is created/

Digital Media … Impacts the College Ecosystem October 27 2011 Lynchburg College Board of Trustees Retreat ©2011 Dr. Ira Kaufman.

University of Massachusetts success with integrationUniversity of Massachusetts –online gifts increased 38% combining social media with traditional efforts (phone, direct mail) Recruitment Use- 33% students use social sites to search for colleges College decision making- Social sites important during “college decision making” International recruitment - Social media important part of mix for international recruitment Faculty Search “Faculty search is changing, not by search committees, but by candidates/

- Social Media is a HR instrument used in organisations in the Netherlands; - Social media can be used for: - Recruitment; - Employer branding; - Sharing.

 Improved interactions with customers  More employee engagement A good practice of a Social Media organization There are many organizations which use Social Media in very differt ways. We will try to describe the best example of an organization which uses Social Media. Job agencies  One of the organizations which use a large amount of Social MediaRecruitment but also other things and processes in the organization  Development & Training  Marketing/

Successful Recruiting Fundamentals Janice Webster August 2009.

a continuous improvement philosophy: = Quality Hire Sourcing Strategy High school College/University Special Interest groups Associations Career Fairs Commercial resume database Advertising/Newspapers Various Partnerships Multi media, Social media/networking, Web Word of mouth Referrals Recruiting Process + Evaluate recruiters through metrics / scorecards New hire survey 30 to 90 days after hire Implement changes to stay competitive Process & Evaluation to Match your Culture Quick & Timely Tests/

Use of Digital Media in Recruiting Survey Participants Amelia Burke-Garcia, MA Westat August 3, 2015.

wide so expect non-qualified sign ups 19 Building on the Pilot 20 Types of Recruitment Efforts  Paid digital –Google  Paid Social –Facebook In-stream Side bar –Twitter  Earned –Outreach 21 Comparison Slide Campaign DetailsCampaign/cycle helps to drive down costs over time 23 Future Directions 24 25 Increasing retention through social media tracing strategies. 26 Leveraging social media successfully to connect both researchers and research participants. 27 Better understand the feasibility of improving the/

More Than Money: Recruiting and Retaining Library IT Staff Janet Crum, Head, Library Technology Services, Northern Arizona University,

, etc. 2.9 Friend from library school / professional network 0.6 Social Media 1.8 referral / referral by social media (twitter) 0.6 Invitation to apply by a recruiter/headhunter 1.5 took initiative - gave resume to institution 0.3 ALA /library association job center0.0 University placement program, job fair, etc.0.0referral / referral by social media (twitter)0.0 Invitation to apply by a recruiter/headhunter0.0took initiative - gave resume to institution0.0 ALA Placement Center0.0unemployment office0.0 *The /

Employment Screening Resources 1 Avoiding Legal Landmines when Using Facebook, LinkedIn & Other Social Media Websites for Screening Candidates HR.com–

There are now websites that provide fake employment histories. Employment Screening Resources 3333 Approaches for Employers and Recruiters Must weigh the benefit of obtaining information early against the legal risks. Must weigh the benefit of /more information including the ESR White Paper on Social Media, visit the Employment Screening Resources (ESR) website at: http://www.ESRcheck.com. For more information including the ESR White Paper on Social Media, visit the Employment Screening Resources (ESR) /

7 Social Tips for HR Pros and Recruiters to Help You Navigate the Often Unchartered Waters of Social Media Jean L. Serio, CPC, CMC Social Media Marketing.

- the use of good Keywords cannot be over-stated or under rated when marketing to any audience – even job seekers. Social Media Marketing for HR Pros and Recruiters The ultimate RX for HR Pros and Recruiters: Discover How You Can Successfully Start Utilizing Social Media Marketing and Social Networking to Hire, Connect, Engage and Write Like a Pro. And, oh yes, learn all about Millennials, too. www/

Social Media Analytics Smith Sheehy Evan Throckmorton Michelle Hernandez Austin Birch.

business No longer an optional medium Another opportunity to communicate with your customers Can have an impact on how your company is looked at- employees post online Social Media Today 2016 Survey of 998 Recruiting Professionals Social Media Value Consumers  Mobile Apps  Express Personality  News & Awareness Business  Advantages:  Predictive Analytics: use todays knowledge to make future decisions  ROI  KPIs  Reputation – company image, products and services/


cecinfo@ewb-usa.org cecinfo@ewb-usa.org Geographic Services presents: 2014 Spring Conference Call MEMBERSHIP SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY ENGINEERING CORPS ASCE FOUNDATION Fundraising: The Basics Fundamental principle of fundraising: People give to /Call ASCE FOUNDATION SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY ENGINEERING CORPS MEMBERSHIP Motivated to make a difference in growing the profession A catalyst, creating & encouraging strategic thinking of membership growth At the epicenter of member recruitment & retention activities/

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