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Leonardo da Vinci Thematic Group 2 Conference Institut für berufliche Bildung und EDV-Schulung Workshop Round 1: Involving SMEs Institut für berufliche.

increaes. Leonardo da Vinci Thematic Group 2 Conference Institut für berufliche Bildung und EDV-Schulung Workshop Round 1: Involving SMEs 3. Consequences for the employees and their qualification In a knowledge- based society, the labour market is diveded in „/Leonardo da Vinci Thematic Group 2 Conference Institut für berufliche Bildung und EDV-Schulung Workshop Round 1: Involving SMEs Often, SMEs do not consider further education as necessary. An external analysis of the situation can often not be afforded /

SMEs in the. SMEs in FP7 - why? SMEs are at the core of European industry and key players in the innovation system. SMEs have to respond increasingly.

) Submission: only electronically! Part A: Forms  Information on proposal, partners, budgets and requested EC contribution.  SMEs have to take into account the remuneration ("invoices") for the subcontracting to the RTD performers Part B: Description of /New structure: detailed in Annex 4 of the GfA, along the evaluation criteria.  Economic benefit for the individual SMEs and collective leadership must be clearly described.  Consequences of the invoice-approach: Who acquires which results? Which /

SME Participation in Horizon 2020

Total: SC 3575 344 9.6% 838.61 71.42 9% 11.98% * As available in CORDA on 25/9/2014 Horizon 2020 for SMEs = Collaborative Projects 13% Integrated & Complimentary Support 20 % budgetary target in LEITs (IL) & SC*   Collaborative Projects 13% Eurostars II Enhancing Innovation Capacity/ BG12: Blue Growth  125 48 7 3 29 6 23% 12% 24% 50% SIE 1: Stimulating the innovation potential of SMEs for a low carbon and efficient energy system 374 22+1 46 IT.1: Small business innovation research for Transport 227 24+2 26/

1 Click to edit Master subtitle style Presentation on SME Financing to the NCOP Select Committee on Trade and International Relations Cas Coovadia Managing.

, no. of employees, and or annual turnover ■ Generic Codes definitions of EME and QSE ■ Banks’ view of SMEs ■ Considered high risk due to insufficient assets, low capitalisation, lack of collateral and vulnerability to market conditions 8 Role of/ - May 2011 ■ Issue ■ Recommendation ■ Banks large in scale relative to DFI’s but take cautious approach to SME lending ■ Improve effectiveness of partial credit guarantee scheme Performance of direct public lending schemes is mixed Review cost effectiveness and/

Ecosystem Supporting SMEs and SME Banking

Developing specific country strategies Developing supporting legal & Regulatory framework Building reliable data sources for SME finance Strengthening the financial infrastructure Effective government support mechanisms Address specific market failures e.g/currency positions) [for selected projects] Focus underserved segments, e.g., gender, fragile/conflict, agri, climate SME Financing & Investments INVESTMENT Risk Sharing Facilities / Partial Credit Guarantees to: Enhance risk taking capacity and provide /


change; does “business unusual” and facilitates the institutionalisation of transformation. ■ FOCUS AREAS: ■ Financial Inclusion ■ SME DEVELOPMENT including non- financial support ■ Financial Literacy ■ Division’s Functional Strategy: ■ Empowerment ■ Transformation ■ /Regulatory reform – New Companies Act, Basel II and III, NCA etc. ■ SME Product Development & SME Fin. Literacy ■ Knowledge Management – SME portal ■ Research on Micro-Finance, Cooperatives and Cooperative Banking ■ Stakeholder engagement 11 /

1 SME Policy Financing in Korea August 6, 2010 Moon-Hwan KIM SMBA, KOREA.

8% of large conglomerates stagnation level 7 3) Capital From Policy Financing Characteristics of SME Financing SMEs-- Backbone of the national economy SMEs Large Enterprises Nos of Companies Employees Manufacturing Production Exports 0.1% 99.9% 53./Enforcement of Subrogation Right Implementation or Default of Obligation Payment of Insurance Money Insurance Subscription Business Supervision (SMBA) ((SME) Equity Investment Supply of Goods or Service (occurrence of sales bonds) 24 99.3% of issuing enterprises/

HORIZON 2020 SME Instrument ŠTA TREBA ZNATI EASME Portal: Haris Hadžialić and Jasna Malkoč

, in particular the financial facilities supported under Horizon 2020 and COSME (Programme for the Competitiveness of Industries and SMEs).financial facilities supported under Horizon 2020COSME Business Plan / Feasibility Study  What does the European Commission mean by the/A Phase 2 proposal should be based on a feasibility assessment and contain an elaborated business plan, either developed through SME instrument phase 1 support or other means. What & When  When preparing a proposal for phase 2, what/

International Experience in Developing and Supporting SMEs

of well designed credit guarantee schemes Eligibility criteria – should target a broad part of the market and for small and medium SME Approval – needs to be streamlined to a max of 1-2 weeks Collateral – should be allowed, but subject to /lending disbursed Russia Energy Efficiency Program Legal and policy reform coupled with advisory and credit line to on-lend to SME investment in energy efficient projects 8 Banks have funded 130 energy efficient projects with over $100M USD disbursed with expected/

SME Funding – The Quintessential Dilemma 10 th World Islamic Economic Forum Dubai 29 th October 2014 1.

of existing large corporates, which leads to larger wallet share Deal flow for traditional corporate lending, as SMEs grow Diversifies risk with small-ticket exposure, while providing high fee income through transaction banking and trade/ to Market Product Type Repayment & Collections Strong relationship focus – individual relationships more important than institutional RMs must understand SMEs; be focused on finding solutions; hand hold clients; very strong on ethics – building trust is key for relationship/

The Impact of Basel II on SME Risk Management Edward I. Altman NYU Leonard N. Stern School of Business Gabriele Sabato ABN AMRO Risk Management – Amsterdam.

performance almost 30% higher. We show also the benefits in terms of lower Basel II capital requirements of applying a specific SME scoring model. Some Literature Default prediction methodologies: Beaver (1967) and Altman (1968) inicial studies. Deakin (1972), Blum (/Percentage of firms in each rating category Capital requirements appling the new SME model All SMEs as Retail (Exposure<€1mil. & Sales<€50mil.) RatingPDLGDR sme K sme WeightCum. Weighted K sme AAA0.03%45%0.158640.00356090.06180.022% BBB0.37%45/

Istanbul, 24 April 2003 European Commission - Directorate General for Research DGRTD- Dir B.3 Dr. If.Pottaki SMEs & Research SMEs and Research under the.

Istanbul, 24 April 2003 European Commission - Directorate General for Research DGRTD- Dir B.3 Dr. If.Pottaki SMEs & Research Horizontal activities for SMEs calls and evaluation 2003 Collective research 2003: closure dates: 06/03, 17.00 CLOSED (first stage) indicative /at least 1 MS/ACC calls for proposals and calls for tenders ETI 2003: Projects should concentrate on the participation of SMEs/SME Groupings in FP6 particularly through IP, NoE Call 2003: closure date 29/04, 20 m € first contracts 8 months /

SMEs in the. SMEs in FP7 - why? SMEs are at the core of European industry and key players in the innovation system. SMEs have to respond increasingly.

e.g. training, coordination, networking, dissemination) Important documents  Workprogramme "Research for the benefit of SMEs"  Guides for applicants "Research for SMEs“ and “Research for SME associations”  Guide to Intellectual Property Rules for FP7 projects  Rules for the submission of proposals/chain model to value chain. Opened up new markets. Improved corporate image. Acrynom:P2P. Coordination by SME Associations. Objective: Food traceability from farm to fork in the swine value chain! Results:A 22-/

SMEs Division WIPO/SMEs Division May 2009 Dr. Guriqbal Singh Jaiya Director Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Division World Intellectual Property Organization.

major challenges of the 21st Century –To ensure that women gain equal opportunities of access, advancement and recognition SMEs Division 8 SME’s Product and Intellectual Property Patent for the fountain pen that could store ink Utility Model for the /: provided on the product and the packaging to distinguish it from other pens Source: Japanese Patent Office SMEs Division 9 SME’s Product and Intellectual Property Trade secrets for undisclosed information of commercial value Copyrights and RRs for cultural,/

Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation – SME Financing and Loan Guarantee Conference 2014 Central Bank’s Programmes Supporting SME Financing Marina.

a major shareholder, BNM initiated transformation plan for CGC to undertake more effective role in assisting viable SMEs Greater emphasis on enhancing outreach, while maintaining financial sustainability Close engagement with CGC’s Board to ensure /platform – Global Standards Sub-committee and Global Proportionality Working Group 1 2 3 Continuous surveillance and oversight over SMEs’ performance and access to financing Pro-active measures taken by BNM for effective surveillance to ensure continued access/

The European Small Business Act The Regional Dimension Christian WEINBERGER, Senior Adviser - Entrepreneurship & SME Policy European Commission - DG Enterprise.

overall policy approach to entrepreneurship 2 - Anchor the “Think Small First” principle in policy-making 3 - Promote SMEs’ growth 10 politically binding principles 1. Create an environment for entrepreneurs and family businesses to thrive and entrepreneurship to be/Competitiveness reporting Stimulate policy debate in MS between administration and stakeholders SBA Profile for Slovakia SBA Performance in Spain SME Test The new SBA Proposal for a "New" SBA with actions for coming years Four priority areas /

Role of Government in Creating an Enabling

and Sarawak - MPIC Production of Specialty Pepper Programme - MPIC Produk Malaysia Citarasa Kita - MDTCC SME Brand Development Programme - MITI Training Programme for Budget Hotel Operators – MOTOUR Train the Trainer Programme /-up - CGC Financial Assistance (cont’…) BUSINESS EXPANSION FINANCING • Microfinance Scheme - BNM and participating Financial Institutions • Soft Loans for SMEs - MITI • Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) United Loan for ICT Fund - MOF • Special Fund for Tourism - MOTOUR/

Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs)

makes it cheaper to produce. Sawn and pre-processed wood may be an example Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) SMEs promote competition where entrepreneurs can compete and provide quality products and this could prevent the emergence of the evils /to final customers’ Examples: Wholesaler of soft drinks, mineral water, cloth materials, etc Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs) Retailing ‘Covers all of the activities involved in the sale of goods and/or services to the final /

SME financing tools for innovation

TARGETED CONTROLS AND AUDITS Lowest possible level of requirements for submission of audit certificates without undermining sound financial management; Audit strategy focused on risk and fraud prevention. Broader access • For SMEs - dedicated SME projects to address societal challenges and enabling technologies • For all regions - tailored support to policy learning, twinning, networking, complementing Structural Funds • For international partners - broad access to Horizon 2020/

Challenges before Indian SME’s & Consultancy interventions needed By Dr. Pradeep Bavadekar Managing Director, MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services.

-house or through / in association with, National Research & Dev. (R&D) Centers. Technology & Indian SME’s  Indian SME’s, over years, have ignored R&D.  Not embarked on new product development and technological up-gradation./ for wider domestic applications through venture capital.  Small Industry Development organization (SIDO) offers financial services to SMEs. Financial consultancy for SME’s  Some of its the popular schemes are  Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme for Technology Up-gradation/



1 III. EU Enterprise Policy 1.SME Definition 2.SMEs Economic Significance 3.SMEs Social and Political Significance 4.Instruments of the EU Enterprise Policy.

enterprises. © Димитър Хаджиниколов 4 Clearly employment in the industrial activities is mainly concentrated in large enterprises, although SMEs also contribute a significant proportion of manufacturing employment. In the services there is a much greater diversity, with/ and information services – As “The Enterprise Europe Network”, which provides a wide range of services to SMEs, helping them to access market information, overcome legal obstacles and identify business partners. © Димитър Хаджиниколов 8/

UNCTAD – UNESCAP Asia-Pacific Regional Conference Bangkok, Thailand November 21, 2002 Bringing new solutions to lending to SMEs.

module picks up any irregularities and credit risks Platform monitors utilization and increases credit limits and service SME borrower temporary needs automatically Customer Loan Increase Request Internet based loan application engine Instant approval Supporting documentation to/ SME 1 SME 2 SME 3 SME 4 SME 5 SME 6 Provide sales and Debtor info and Debtor collection info SME clients with exceptions – 6-15% exception clients Good performing SME clients 85-94% good clients SME 1 SME 4 SME 2 SME 3 SME 5 SME 6/

Prof Dr Mohd Fauzi Mohd Jani Director, UKM CESMED UKM Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

COMET TM PROGRAM Community empowered Economic Transformation in collaboration with SIFE program UKM CESMED Centre for Entrepreneurship and SMEs Development UKM-CESMED KOMUNITI USAHAWAN – KOLABORASI KOMUNITI-PELAJAR-PENSYARAH UKM ( the COMET ) Contoh: FEP -/PENSYARAH DANA SWASTA Pejabat Daerah, Jabatan Pertanian Lead Implementation Agency: UKM-CESMED – FEM,UKM Lead Support Agencies: SME Corp, SME Bank, EKONONIS,FEP, CHERST,FEP Lead Faculty: FEM, UKM Lead Students Association: PMFEP, FEM and PMUKM Designated/

SME Policy Assessment in the EaP Region Presentation to Civil Society Forum Michaela Hauf, DG ENTR, Unit for International Affairs and Missions for Growth.

Regional Policy Working Group Six national stakeholder meetings OECD Private Sector Development 7 Key findings of the SME Policy Index 2012 SBA assessment results at regional level Most EaP countries have started to implement business climate/ achieved significant progress in the area of company registration, saving time, reducing costs and removing administrative barriers for SMEs. All Eastern Partner countries have introduced one-stop-shops for company registration. Georgia and Belarus have managed to /

Impact Evaluation of SME Programs in Chile and Malaysia Hong Tan Turkey Workshop, December 2011.

 FIN 1&2 – Lineas de Financiamiento / Reprogramacion de deuda (42 obs) – preferential financing and debt restructuring for SMEs  Other Programs (24 obs) – administered by non-CORFO agencies 17 Propensity Score Matching Cox proportional hazards model  Conditional /small size (10-50 workers) range, suggesting size range for targeting 33 V. Concluding Remarks  Productive SME base essential to competitiveness  Given inter-connected economy, links between large and small enterprises, suppliers and consumers/

1 Policies and Programs of ADB to Enhance Access to Finance for SME Joint Regional Symposium: Best Practice Regulatory Principles Supporting MSME Access.

(TA)Technical assistance (TA) GrantGrant Equity investmentsEquity investments GuaranteesGuarantees More info: More info: 6 Departments in ADB Working on SME finance  Public sector operations Central and West Asia Department (CWRD) East Asia Department (EARD) Pacific Department (PARD) South/://www.adbi.org/files/2010.12.21.wp259.financial.inclusion.stability.policy.issues.pdf IFC: Scaling-Up SME Access to Financial Services in the Developing World (2010) http://www.ifc.org/ifcext/gfm.nsf/AttachmentsByTitle/

INNOVATION:THE ONLY WAY MOVING SMEs UP THE VALUE CHAIN 1 By Ms. Fadzilah Ahmad Din Small and Medium Industry Development Corporation (SMIDEC ) Malaysia.

MALAYSIA 22 Market STRATEGIC THRUST 4 Provide fiscal incentives and encourage greater participation in high risk venture Launch “Fast-Track Programme” for i-SME Establish Angel Network Innovatio n Led Economy Human Capital SME & Techno- preneur Fundin g Technology SME & Techno- preneur Technology Innovation-Enhancement Points Source: MOSTI Shaping National Innovation Led Economy by Developing Market- Driven and Technology-Driven Innovation for Wealth/

The Role of Effective Intellectual Property Management in Enhancing the Competitiveness of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Training of Trainers.

risk that investments in R&D, product differentiation and marketing may be stolen/copied Intellectual property rights enable SMEs to have exclusivity over the exploitation of their innovative new or original products, their creative designs and their/required to effectively manage IP assets Find IP rights a barrier to acquisition of technology Overcoming challenges faced by SMEs Raise awareness about strategic opportunities offered by IPRs Diffuse knowledge about the variety of IP instruments and the /

Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) Enterprise Development Agency (ASMED) Policies to Strengthen Viet Nam’s SME capacity in the Global Economic Crisis.

no strategy and budget for this activities Almost enterprise has no strategy and budget for this activities Innovation rates (SME survey 2007 by CIEM, DOE, ILISSA) Technology characteristics 20052007 Level of technology Only hand tools only 10.37./ and student housing projects or to build cemeteries 3. Government eases conditions for credit guarantee Short term measures to help SME over crisis Credit guarantee program for enterprise: 575 billion VND Credit guarantee program for enterprise: 575 billion VND 4%/

The Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ASCA) 1 International Financial Reporting Standards IFRS for SMEs Joint DUBAI SME-ASCA-IFRS Foundation Workshop.

such loss is caused by negligence or otherwise. 2 The Arab Society of Certified Accountants (ASCA) The IFRS for SMEs Topic 2.2 Quiz and Discussion Section 11 Basic Financial Instruments Section 12 Other Financial Inst. Issues Section 22 Liabilities and/ Section 12 – Quiz and discussion Question 14: Which of following risks is not eligible for hedge accounting under IFRS for SMEs? a.Interest rate risk in debt instrument measured at amortised cost b.FX risk in debt instrument measured at amortised cost./

Sri Lanka: growing the SME sector and opportunities for trade Anushka Wijesinha Research Officer, Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka 11 th December.

visits to learn best practices Comprehensive online portal – NEDA website A one stop shop for useful information for SMEs – from loan schemes to directory of consultants and BDS providers etc Database on enterprises, relevant technical research,/e.g. Moratuwa for high quality wooden furniture, Weweldeniya for high quality cane products Domestic AND export orientation Helps SMEs engaging in various aspects of this sector to grow collectively, enjoy various scale economies –Enable more concentrated access /

Business to Nature: Interregional Approach to SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Natural Areas 1 B2N Business to Nature: Interregional Approach to SMEs and Entrepreneurship.

PARADIS  ADRAT  VELIKO TARNOVO  PART  WARMIA-MAZURY  OSTERGOTLAND  PIVKA Business to Nature: Interregional Approach to SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Natural Areas 13 Selection of a first level controller and obtaining an approbation certificate (decentralised system) 1./) Project documentation 1) Lead Partner control confirmation Payment to LP Business to Nature: Interregional Approach to SMEs and Entrepreneurship in Natural Areas 21 What documents should you prepare for your FLC? list of expenditure/

Ms. Karunajothi Kandasamy SME Corporation Malaysia 12 December 2009 Chennai, India SME Development in Malaysia: Trade Opportunities for Indian SMEs Conference.

& innovation Human capital mgmt Access to financing 18 Dynamic, innovative and resilient SMEs with higher economic contribution Regular SME statistics SME Census in 2011 Company profile for monitoring Replicate “One Referral Centre” in all/ Implement outcome - based monitoring framework Develop Entreprenuer- ship Facilitate innovation environment Handholding programme for enhancement Align SME development framework to High-Income Economy 19 PART II: TRADE & INVESTMENT BETWEEN MALAYSIA - INDIA Malaysia’/

RIBS - Project RURAL INNOVATION AND BUSINESS SYSTEMS SME´S INTERNATIONALISATION Kari Autio Iin Micropolis Ltd Finland 27.2.2013 Nairn, Scotland.

Maintenance services1 Robotic systems1 Engineering workshop2 Interface production1 HVAC automation1 Lead light fittings1 SMEs to internationalisation Software2 Energy technology1 Testing and approvals1 Medical devices1 Robotic systems1 Engineering workshop2/  Quality assurance system  Education of personnel What are first acts? Example about proposed first acts to one SME 1. Internationalisation strategy/plan  From Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment will be looked for 50/

Tanzania SME Development Policy 2003 “ten years after” Implementation Review Dissemination Workshop Nilgün Taş Chief, Competitiveness, Upgrading and Partnerships.

Investment and Technology Services Branch Dar es Salaam, 12 April 2013 1 Outline Purpose and approach Context SME Development Policy 2003 –Statements, action matrix General assessment Assessment against objectives and actions Conclusions Recommendations Questions/ and actions-examples (6) 23 Assessment against objectives and actions-examples (7) Conclusions At formulation, SME Development Policy considered important and comprehensive, conceived in a participatory manner Key pillar remain valid to date;/

BEATRICE-SME Project IST-2001-35054 TELEBALT Conference Vilnius, October 21-22 2002 1 Coordinator: PIAP - Cezary Lichodziejewski.

and Social & Cultural Constraints Discussion of Critical Mechanisms and Correlations Definition of Co- operation Objectives BEATRICE-SME Project IST-2001-35054 TELEBALT Conference Vilnius, October 21-22 2002 1717 BEP-Method: Transition - Analysis/ Process Bottlenecks Critical Sub- Processes Activities Prioritisation Criteria Critical Activities BEP Process Model Critical Rules BEATRICE-SME Project IST-2001-35054 TELEBALT Conference Vilnius, October 21-22 2002 1818 BEP-Method: Implementation Concept/

© Copyright 2008. DP Information Group. All Rights Reserved. RESTRICTED MEDIA CONFERENCE 6 October 2008 SME DEVELOPMENT SURVEY 2008 - Conducted by DP Information.

No. of companies experiencing accelerating turnover growth increasing but at slower pace  Mature & Decline companies on the rise SME Development Survey 2008 - Characteristics of Respondents Stages of Development Start-up: First 3 years of operation Accelerating Growth:/One Marina Boulevard Special presentations 1. Mr Sareth Menon, US State Representative from Pennsylvania – “An Insight into American SMEs” 2. Mr Terence Swee, Founder and CEO of muvee technologies - “moving muvee” – home-grown technology /

1 SMEs – a priority for FP6 Barend Verachtert DG Research Unit B3 - Research and SMEs.

market for science and technology the European Research Area (ERA) Actors = industries, universities, research centers + special focus on SMEs The Sixth Framework Program 3 The 7 thematic priorities 1. Life science 2. Information society technologies 3. Nanotechnologies 4. Aeronautics/ scope to cover new activities which may involve new participants » (Rules of participation) = An opportunity for SME to enter into running projects The addition of new participants would be done by way of calls for proposals /

Green Initiative : Introduction of Framework April 2011 Jiseok Kim APEC SME Innovation Center.

industry groups Communicate with government Communicate with government Encouraging partnerships between green and non-green SMEs Encouraging partnerships between green and non-green SMEs Make non-green SMEs customers of green SMEs Make non-green SMEs customers of green SMEs Turn non-green SMEs to green SMEs as well Turn non-green SMEs to green SMEs as well What should be reported? What should be reported? Government programs which encourage/

1 © 2005 IASC Foundation, all rights reserved. Accounting Standards for Small and Medium-sized Entities Paul Pacter, IASB Director of Standards for SMEs.

Questionnaire  28 June 2005:  Discussed responses with SAC and received views.  29-30 June 2005:  IASB SME Working Group met.  Discussed responses.  Prepared recommendations for the Board. 31 © 2005 IASC Foundation, all rights reserved/  IAS 12 Deferred income taxes  General views:  Major simplification needed  Board should consider flow- through for SMEs (no deferred taxes).  If deferred taxes retained, many measurement simplifications were suggested. 45 © 2005 IASC Foundation, all/

Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. BSE SME Exchange - Presentation Bombay Stock Exchange Limited 22nd November 2011 Ajay Thakur BSE SME Exchange.

.  Beyond 15 days, the scrip will be temporarily suspended. Penalties for market making violations 24  Any SME on BSE SME Platform having a paid up capital more than Rs. 10 crores can move to the main board provided that the/AGM in favor with at least two third of the number of votes cast by shareholders other than promoter shareholders and then apply to BSE SME. Migration from SME Platform to Main Board 25 Key Players  Venture Capital Funds  P/E funds  Angel Investors  HNIs  Banks,  Financial/

CSRD: SMEs and CSR 11 October 2010. Introduction Summary – Codes of Conduct and workers SMEs and CSR * Understanding SMEs * Importance of SMEs & CSR issues.

SMEs are little big companies  SMEs are alike – homogenous  SMEs don’t care about CSR  Impacts SMEs policies (which are insufficient etc) SMEs and CSR Understanding SMEs (Jenkins (2004))  All myths!  Situation among SMEs is different  Need to understand SMEs and their situation What is a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME)? SMEs and CSR Understanding SMEs (Jenkins (2004))  SMEs/ * But consumer pressure at large firms going to SMEs!  Limited employee motivation & management time  CSR = costs/

Jörg Niehoff European Commission DG Research - Unit T4: SMEs SMEs in the.

less experienced NCPs to rapidly acquire the know-how accumulated in other countries. 2. Developing and coordinating support to SMEs at national level  Support to dissemination and exploitation of research results and exchange of good practices by e.g/Support Activities Call 1  Closure date: 10 May 2007  Indicative budget: € 2 Million Research for the benefit of SMEs Call planning Projects should demonstrate a clear economic impact. We need to identify experts with a strong industrial and/or economical /

© N. Beaudoin, Quebec Business Womens Network and L. St-Cyr, Chair of SMEs Development & Succession at HEC1 Women’s Entrepreneurship An Economic Strength.

motivate value creativity use visionary leadership © N. Beaudoin, Quebec Business Womens Network and L. St-Cyr, Chair of SMEs Development & Succession at HEC26 Leadership of the WE CHARACTERISTICS ( continued ) 2.In a restructuring environment encourage change contacts/specialty knowledge co-ops alliances © N. Beaudoin, Quebec Business Womens Network and L. St-Cyr, Chair of SMEs Development & Succession at HEC50 Networks Types of networks (continued) 2.INSTITUTIONAL NETWORKS Made up of various business /

Improving Quality, Productivity, Competitiveness, Performance Management & Business Benchmarking Training Programmes for SME Industries Increasing performance.

at each stage Improving Quality, Productivity, Competitiveness, Performance Management & Business Benchmarking Training Programmes for SME Industries METHODOLOGY OF IMPROVEMENT: MANUFACTURING OBJECTIVES IN PRODUCING GOODS AND SERVICES Right CUSTOMER (s) Right /1 Improving Quality, Productivity, Competitiveness, Performance Management & Business Benchmarking Training Programmes for SME Industries Training and certification of national consultants/trainers from the selected Training Institutions and Regional/


Credit Guidance Scheme  The Guarantee Document Conclusion The impact and success of African Credit Guarantee Schemes to assist SME access to credit has been dependent on: Size of the Fund - Credit Guarantee Schemes should maintain adequate economic/12 TH MAY 2016 PRESENTED BY : ZAC BENTUM TABLE OF CONTENTS  INTRODUCTION - AFRICA AT A GLANCE  CHARACTERISTICS /CHALLENGES OF SME’S IN AFRICA  WHY CREDIT GUARANTEES  BENEFITS OF CREDIT GUARANTEE SCHEME  GUARANTEE MODELS  FORMS OF CREDIT GUARANTEE SCHEMES  /


other market participants (I) EntryToday Shares of groups of SMEs Share in total number of SMEs Shares of groups of SMEs Share in total number of SMEs Low growth SMEs High growth SMEs Low growth SMEs High growth SMEs Not important54.4%44.4%50.5%50.9%45./ other market participants (III) EntryToday Shares of groups of SMEs Share in total number of SMEs Shares of groups of SMEs Share in total number of SMEs Low growth SMEs High growth SMEs Low growth SMEs High growth SMEs Not important61.4%47.2%55.9%57.9%45./

MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 1 Innovation of SMEs in Taiwan Dr. Robert S. Q. Lai Director General Small and Medium Enterprise Administration Ministry of.

Innovation Strategies Ⅲ. Policy Framework MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 20 $  In other words, in the globalization era for SMEs are: Speed, Innovation, and Market Processing(Management) Knowledge Market Innovation (Platform) (time-based innovation strategies) Speed 2/ and Promotion and Promotion BusinessMatching and Promotion and Promotion Ideas R&D Commercialization Market 11 SME Guidance Systems, MOEA integration FosteringEntrepreneurship MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 23 Economy-Wide Project for R/


reconstruct the national economy Government Identify their respective competitive advantages and strategically develop their resources using SMEs (e.g Benue State developing `agricultural value chains through mechanized farming, fruit juice processing/ etc) Reduce wasteful political spending and channel funds to infrastructure development that supports the establishment of dynamic SMEs Imagine This! A Nigerian Education System that:  Focuses on innovation  Emphasizes competency based education (‘Brain/

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