Ppt on service design and development

Process Information Factory ETL Container Design Event Processor, ETLets, Evaluators © Josef Schiefer, IBM Watson.

Design Event Processor, ETLets, Evaluators © Josef Schiefer, IBM Watson  ETL Container Event Data Processing  ETL Container Event Processing Where is the data stored?  ETL Container Sequence Diagram  ETL Container ETL Services  ETL Container Event Processor Classes/Interfaces  ETL Container ETLet Lifecycle  ETL Container Metric Evaluator  ETL Container Metric XML Schema  ETL Container ETL Configuration  ETL Container Implementation Plan 1.(Parallel) Development of ETL Services/

Tutorial on the Lightweight CORBA Component Model (CCM) Industrializing the Development of Distributed Real- time & Embedded Applications Other contributors.

interfaces to offer a service family –Such “bundling” must be done by developers via CORBA idioms & patterns CORBA 2.x application development is unnecessarily tedious & error-prone Interface Design IDL Definitions IDL Compiler / components with common operating requirements Components/containers can also Communicate via a middleware bus and Reuse common middleware services SecurityReplicationNotificationPersistence SchedulingA/V StreamingLoad Balancing … Container … … Middleware Bus Container … Birdseye/

Harvard Science Libraries: Management Issues By Michael R. Leach Director, Physics Research Library & Head of Collection Development Cabot Science Library.

some (e.g. chemistry) are quite expensive –Training & public services support questions –Local datasets for repository July 2005Copyright 2005 Harvard University15/ training in department space –Realization that “you offer classes at library and users DON’T come” –Variety of web-based initiatives  On-line/ 7. Human Resource Management Professional development support Professional development support –Changing skill sets  E.g. IT management, web design, user needs analysis, competitive intelligence/

1 Web Applications – Design Issues. 2 Data Requirements –Persistent –Consistent (no corruption even if server fails) –Concurrent updates –Transactions.

1 Web Applications – Design Issues 2 Data Requirements –Persistent –Consistent (no corruption even if server fails) –Concurrent updates –/ they all reflect the same “entity” and should exhibit the same data References are often useless Caching & memory managements problems Counter intuitive to OOP style 6 Multiple Services Recall –Entities –Values –Services Web applications –Many services –Many configurations of services Configurations –Deployment –Testing –Development –Admin –Console –Database A vs. /

Successful Project Management…It’s All About Delivery & Execution MAT SERVICE GROUP - OCTOBER 2001 David A. Goldsmith MetaMatrix Consulting Group, LLC.

to 26%. » In 1994 the chance of a project developed by a Fortune 500 company coming in on time and within budget was 9%. » In 1998, the chance / l Relentless scope control l Use of “trace” techniques with functional requirements & specification design l Apply concepts of Earned Value l Use of “Gate reviews” l Establish “kill/ teams with; » Templates » Samples » Tools » Checklists » Potential Roadmap Other PMO services to consider l Project start up sessions for Project Managers l Gate review assistance l Risk/

UPortal Developers MIT August 2004 Persistence Strategy for uPortal 3 Mike DeSimone the r-smart group

Developers Meeting @ MIT uPortal v2.x Persistence Straight low-level JDBC Straight low-level JDBC 1 service class (provides getConnection, etc.) 1 service/and get the results back as a list containing business objects with the relational column data mapped to the properties of the business object. (from spring doc) August 2004uPortal Developers/in result set August 2004uPortal Developers Meeting @ MIT Conclusion Using DAO design pattern for more flexibility Using DAO design pattern for more flexibility Spring/


services has been finalized & decision will be taken in due course Department approved headhunting framework for health professionals to improve time it takes to fill in vacant posts Participated in session with Gauteng Health to develop protocols for referrals & feedback 17 8.CONSTRAINTS Human Resources : Inability to recruit and/ that mentally health care users & observation cases must be incarcerated in designated institutions Poor compliance & inability to ensure compliance with legislation, policies, /

CCA GRADING SCHEME LEAPS. Principles of CCA Build Character, Team Spirit & Responsibility – provide opportunities for character & leadership development;

Polys & ITEs. The CCA Grading Scheme is designed to:  encourage continuous participation  reward sustained effort, contribution & achievement  develop & recognise leadership qualities CCA Grading Scheme Leadership Enrichment Achievement Participation Service LEAPS Leadership Points are awarded for leadership roles /self- enrichment (e.g. piano lessons) Points can only be awarded under the Achievement category and also …… Students must have a core CCA in school i.e. the outside activities cannot replace/

Changing Attitudes towards Design in SMEs by Linzi Ryan.

’re trying to design & what you’re trying to change.” Changing Attitudes towards Design in SMEs Establish & manage Customer Relationships Rule 5: “If you start talking about customer needs, and conclusions, & you/design a service properly, it means listening a lot to what your customers are telling you, what you’re front line staff are telling you.” “Typically your bundle needs to be structured so that your customer can clearly see where the value items are.” Changing Attitudes towards Design in SMEs Develop/

Northside Residence Hall Texas A&M University College Station, Texas Project No. 02-3067 Proposal For CMAR Services for.

Preconstruction Services Preconstruction Services Coordination of Owner, Designers, & Consultants Design Review & Recommendations Constructability Review Budget & Cost Consultation Scheduling Scheduling & Phasing Consultation Project Management Customer Service Subcontractor Relations – Research Experienced Qualified Relationships HUB – 18% of goods and services At / Morgan Estimated GMP Katie Talk about estimating & GMP development. Thank You for your time. We look forward to working with you again. Q&A

E-Services Programme XML & Inland Revenue 22nd May 2003 Andy Greener Inland Revenue (UK) e-Services Programme.

-GIF requirement) Provide interfaces & support for third-party products -Complete technical information packs -Developer test service, “live” test service Portalisation Challenges - internal Configuration management of Schemas & Rules -lack of repository-based products and tools -Representation/support of rules (co-constraints) Moving away from the paper form mind-set -Re-designing systems/interactions with taxpayers Planning for volume -Re-architecting or scaling-up existing infrastructure e/

Initiating a Zone Designation Cycle in 2006 Committee Item H (Board Agenda Item 17) March 7, 2006.

40 zones Conduct broad outreach campaign New RMDZ approvals in 2007 RMDZ PROGRAM Business tool: for diversion and business development Goal: increase use of locally collected recyclable waste materials Joint partnership with local government & businesses –Incentives offered –Customized services offered Emphasis on regional market development Objectives for a Designation Cycle (CCR 17909)……. 1.Expand landfill capacity 2.Encourage use of emerging technologies 3.Distribute zones/

TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVELOPMENT OF THE PHENOMENON Rod Seville Hatch Associates International Ltd LONDON 17 th – 18 th APRIL 2002.

th April 2002 Project Implementation Change System design & planning Cable route engineering study Cable system route survey Cable system installation & testing System design & planning Cable route engineering study Cable /and more influential bodies? Policy-Increased European Influence? -Import of US Developments? LONDON 17 th – 18 th APRIL 2002 Acknowledgements Fathom Submarine Systems Ltd Global Marine Systems Ltd Marine Environmental Ltd Marine Management Group Ltd The Crown Estate Wavefront Services/

Aneltech Presentation 2009. Content Architecture Aneltech Structure Business Units Technology Division Services Division AnelES Structure Summary Services.

- Design Technology Prime Technology Prime Technology Prime SE CTO Marketing Business Development Strategy Vodafone Services Division TelecomTurkcellMMSQatar Service Prime Field Teams Bakcell Marketing Business Development ( /Services Operations Process Service Experts Field Teams R&R Center Remote Resolution Onside Support Repair Replace RMA Service Request Resolution Information 3 Resolution 4 5 Service Prime Resolution 34 6 6 CalibrationCable Forming Aneles Structure PCBAB/PUnit/ System PV Quality and/

CERN Accelerator School, Erice 2013 Tiepida-2 case-study 3: High field – large aperture magnet for a cable facility TiEpIdA2 design team: I. Mondino: Project.

T. Zickler: Project Management S. Kar: Project Management R. Pasquet: Magnet Design A. Dallocchio: Industrial Intelligence Service E. Todesco: Template Supplier CERN Accelerator School, Erice 2013 Main Goal Design a superconducting dipole Aperture: 100mm Central field: 15T ( @ 90% I / Factor K: 0.318 Ins. Cable Area: 45mm 2 17,6 T Load Line Load Curve Short sample and operating condition “Short sample” conditions j SC_ss = 955 A/mm 2 j O_ss = 303 A/mm 2/ innovation Encourages people In developing Amenities

Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services Application Support Services Working Group (SOIS-APP WG) Use Cases Identified in ESA TRP Project CCSDS Spring 2013.

/04/2013 Off-the-Shelf Device Development SOIS APP WG Spring 2013 5 15/04/2013 System Design Device Development Device Functional Interface Physical Device Specification OBSW Development SOIS DVS & DAS Code Generation Virtual Device Specification OBSW Code Custom Device Development SOIS APP WG Spring 2013 6 15/04/2013 System Design Device Development Device Functional Interface Physical Device Specification OBSW Development SOIS DVS & DAS Code Generation Virtual/

Managing access to e-journals - Paul Cunnea, Napier University Learning Information Services Managing access to e-journals: the cataloguer`s perspective.

Information Services Practicalities and issues n Standards & definitions n Control no. confusion n Print v. electronic titles n Multiple records v. single records n Access restrictions n Acquisition, licencing & collection development n Future developments Print /.50 cross-searching & cross-referencing services Managing access to e-journals - Paul Cunnea, Napier University Learning Information Services Some more cataloguing issues n Publication details & dates n Designation - coverage n Frequency n Copy /


and Unaccounted For Gas Member Evaluations Standard Services Delivery Budget Forecast:Yes Retail Tracker:Yes Industrial Billing Rate Notices (#):Yes Rate Study:No Marketing Program:Yes Communication Services/:Yes Member Evaluations Current Projects Anticipate additional gas sales in 2011; Pilgrims Pride being back on line Douglas is aggressively promoting natural gas water heating / participants in water heater campaign; Main Street EEF Douglas is developing/ Flexible Rate Design Member Evaluations /

APRIL 2013 Scott B. Sanders, Commissioner Hitch Your Wagon to Employer Self Service Jennifer Chappell, Director of UI Tax.

or Disposition 5 6 7 Respond to Claimant Fact Finding 8 9 Designate Agent / Correspondence Agent 10 Designate Agent / External Authorized User (TPA) 11 File Quarterly Reports 12 Future Development. Election does not currently change mailing of quarterly packets. Review Account History 13 Make a Request 14 Administer Multiple Accounts (Shared Services) 15 Employer TAX Hotline: 1-800-437-9136 Employer Benefit Charge Questions/

ENTERPRISE WEB-BASED GIS FOR THE LOUISVILLE WATER COMPANY Christina Gnadinger GIS Applications Developer Louisville Water Company.

APPLICATION Complex Dynamic Services ArcIMS 9.3.1 Launched in 2004 How do we improve the new application? Design Performance Functionality DESIGN CHALLENGES Aesthetics Efficiency / Valve Tracing FUNCTIONALITY Other Tools FUNCTIONALITY Display GPS Locations Draw and Sketch Tools Google Street View Modernized Interface FUNCTIONALITY FUNCTIONALITY WHAT’/off web applications WHAT’S NEXT? Other GIS Development Strategies driven by work process needs Mobile Development WRAP UP LWC Overview Current GIS Resources & /

1.1 Introduction to Project Extranets – What we are used to. Client Developer End User Architect Designer Structural Engineer Services Engineer Cost Manager.

23253 24276 25300. 501225 1.2 Introduction to Project Extranets – Extranet Collaboration Client Developer End User Architect Designer Structural Engineer Services Engineer Cost Manager Project Manager Contractor Builder Sub Contractor Sub Contractor PROJECT EXTRANET PROJECT EXTRANET/Protocols but…….. Client Users Client Users 1.3 Introduction to Project Extranets – The internet and www LOGIN name Password MESSAGES NOTIFICATION EMAILS Bulletin Boards MESSAGES NOTIFICATION EMAILS Bulletin Boards WORKFLOW Rules/

Models for the Delivery of Career Services: Past, Present & Future NCDA June 27, 2003 Jeff W. Garis, Ph.D. Director, Career Center Florida State University.

Guidance Systems (CACGs) Web-based Assessment University Career Services- Theory Parsons Holland Super Peterson, Sampson & Reardon Core Career services Career Advising/intake Individual/group counseling Assessment & computer-/Development Team Formed to design system Composed of 25 practitioners Identified system features & functionalities NACElink Launch Steering Team Formed to oversee and advise Building the System Integrated system features: Job Posting Resume Referral Interview Scheduling System design/

Welsh Demographic Service Allan Dickinson National Architecture Design Board 13 th December 2006.

Welsh Demographic Service Allan Dickinson National Architecture Design Board /only some functions needed  Overall requirement:  How do you link an individual with an identifier, and hence to the information associated with that identifier?  Other areas to be considered:  Linking /paper to NADB Slide 8 IHC Plans - Current  Initial WDS project  Develop initial service interfaces to WDS  Ensure continuity of existing services  Allocation of NHS numbers  Links to external bodies  Provide tracing /

Web Services for Web Services #APS3 Xavier.edu/highedweb2008/APS3/

Designer Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio Elite Eight www.xavier.edu 350+ Web Sites 23,000 Pages 165 Active Web Editors 1,000,000,000 Page Views/Month Xavier Web Team IR 2006: TWO Doug Ruschman Director of Web Services 2008:NINE Rob Liesland Web Developer/Week August 2008 19 Sessions 58 Attendees 31 Web Masters Informed Editors Web Services Forms Web Brand Why ? 404 Error Why ? Requirements The good, the bad, and the ugly Biola University Cornell University University of Hawaii Harvard University Smart 404/

The world’s libraries. Connected. Designing library workflows that start with ‘e’ Fiona Leslie Marketing Manager OCLC EMEA (Europe,

Designing library workflows that start with ‘e’ The world’s libraries. Connected. ‘e’ Strategy Impact Building Space Staff Training Services/, communication, media and social services”. The world’s/Services The world’s libraries. Connected. Discovery Services The world’s libraries. Connected. Data The world’s libraries. Connected. Big Data www.gooddata.com The world’s libraries. Connected. Analytics The world’s libraries. Connected. MOOCs The world’s libraries. Connected. Staff Training & Development/

Deb Castiglione, EdD, ATP Universal Design & Instructional Technology Specialist University of Kentucky 859-257-9685

is a good mixture” Survey Results Disability Services Survey Results Both - In-house & Outsourced Survey Results Staff – Disability Services – Instructional Designers Survey Results 3Play Media Rev.com Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) Survey Results YouTube Camtasia Dragon Survey Results Prioritization – By Immediate Student Need Survey Results Prioritization con’t. – 2 nd general education courses – 2 nd under development agreement – 3 rd request of faculty member/

Bringing An Alumni Portal in House Michelle Tarby, Director of Web Services Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY Bringing an Alumni Portal in House Michelle.

The Masses  Information Technology  Institutional Advancement  Missing Links Bringing an Alumni Portal in House Michelle Tarby, Director of Web Services Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY Now What?  Site Development Begins September 2003  Review Features of Existing Portal that Members Expect to See  Layout and Design Work Intensified  Sift Through Data in Benefactor  Address Security Concerns  Quiet Launch in January 2004 Bringing an Alumni Portal/

Three criteria for design outcomes [d.school]. PHASE The core design process [d.school]

process [SAP Design Services Team] Abstraction/Analysis cycle [Michael Barry] Build/Test cycle [d.school] Prototyping stages [ Hans Haenlein, IDEO.] Diverge/Converge fractal [Terry Winograd] Necktie model of flare and focus [d.school] The design squiggle [Damien Newman] Abstraction Trajectory [Nicole Kahn, Michael Barry] Empathy diagram [d.school] Classic Waterfall model of Software Development Spiral software development [ Boehm] Interaction design [Dan Hill] Information system design [Jesse James Garrett/

Community Development Department Holland Park Renovations Playground & Splash Park Design.

updated in 2009 & 2011). 2008 City Council approved contract for design services. 2013 Completion of the design & permitting phase. Community Development Department MASTER PLAN Improvements Replace Utility Infrastructure Correct Drainage Issues Enhance / Sports Activity Lighting Perimeter Walking Trail New Fitness Stations Landscape & Irrigation Playground & Splash Park Design Community Development Department PLAYGROUND & SPLASH PARK City Council Action City advertised Request for Qualifications (RFQ-CD-CP/

TUI GROUP | TUI Destinations Services | Luc Coussement | September 9th Customer TUI Discover your Smile Luc Coussement Customer Experience.

Service Design TUI Destination Services TUI GROUP | TUI Destinations Services | Luc Coussement | September 9th The world’s number one leisure tourism business – the new TUI One Team One Vision One Smile More than 6,500 service, sales, operations, entertainment, childcare and/ One Team One Vision One Smile Create DeliverSupport One Team One Vision One Smile InnovationSustainable Development Customer Experience & Standards Attribution towards our brand Customer & Competitor Insights Customer focus through /

Commissioning of children’s centres & extended services in schools in Hertfordshire Kulbir Lalli, Commissioning Officer Frances Coupe, Head of Partnership.

successful hub school 38 hub school agreements now in place Children’s centres & extended services in schools Women’s refuges Speech & language communication needs Childcare Evidence of impact Training & capacity building Commissioning toolkits developed On-going commissioning training District commissioning link officers Extended opportunities funding Personalised commissioning for children and young people who are economically disadvantaged. Funded allocated through schools – formula based on/

The Roadmap of NAREGI Security Services Masataka Kanamori NAREGI WP5 2005.4.20

Privacy ServicesFSBD*DV&DP* FS :Feasibility Study, BD :Basic Design, DV :Development, DP :Deployment Core Functions OGSA Security Services Note: `*` means ‘subject to FS’ 6 Authentication : NAREGI - CA NAS(NAREGI AUTHENTICATION SERVICE) Network Infrastructure AICA ( existing Certificate Authority Free Software ) LCMP/ Univ. Kyoto Univ. Kyushu Univ. Osaka Univ. 13 14 Features of NAREGI CA separates CA server and RA (web enroll). Nobody can access a CA server directly from the Net. –OpenCA is not separated/

TRAVEL ARABIA Website Design & Development Buthayna Elabdalla Fouad Alibrahim Website Design & Development Buthayna Elabdalla Fouad Alibrahim.

ARABIA Website Design & Development Buthayna Elabdalla Fouad Alibrahim Website Design & Development Buthayna Elabdalla Fouad Alibrahim Outline Web Development Phases Website Contents Website Interface Website Structure Development Phases 1.Planning 2.Analysis 3.Design and Development 4.Testing /Flag & Country NameTop  Bar  L Menu  Bottom   R Menu  Main  Map + Important Services Clickable Flags Web Owner Contact Info List of the countries More detailed info http://www.fouad95.com/TravelArabia/main/16./

Digital marketing agency, website design & development - Bonboz

Digital marketing agency, website design & development - Bonboz http://www.bonoboz.in/digital-marketing Digital marketing agency, digital marketing solutions india - Bonoboz http://www.bonoboz.in/digital-marketing Digital marketing company, B2B marketing companies in india - Bonoboz http://www.bonoboz.in/digital-marketing SEO company in india, SEO services, SEO expert agency india - Bonoboz http://www.bonoboz.in/digital-marketing/seo-services-company SEO company in/


, families & communities Nurses & Midwives DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK Designed & led by key stakeholders Complement Agenda for Change & Trust / Professional Frameworks Meet governance requirements Improved Patient Outcomes Progress on the products….. Performance Products Defining performance & competency Framework to develop core competencies & improve individuals performance Learning Activities Resource Identifying a range of learning activities to creatively meet service and individual needs Guidance on/

Find Website Maintenance Services& Packages in India

experts, content writers as well as online marketers who all come together and synergize so that the best solution can be obtained for our clients. Because we helps you in : Startup To build up online reputation with world-class designs SEO Strategies Our services are : Website Designing Website Development Website Maintenance Web Hosting Domain Registration Company Name : Webolute Website URL : http://webolute.com/ Business Mail/

Three SharePoint Development Gems in 30 minutes Raymond Mitchell.

Development Gems in 30 minutes Raymond Mitchell Agenda Quick Intro Gem #1: SharePoint RPC & Web Services Gem #2: PowerShell Gem #3: Out of the box SharePoint Web Parts Resources Quick Intro Raymond Mitchell (IWKID) Work for Inetium in Minneapolis, MN Live in Wisconsin Presenter at the Minnesota, Iowa, and/iwkid.com Gem #1: SharePoint RPC & Web Services What you need: SharePoint SharePoint Designer Fiddler WSS RPC Test Page Gem #1: SharePoint RPC & Web Services Gem #2: PowerShell What you need: SharePoint /

University Information Technology Services Project Management 102 Pragmatic Guidelines for the Uninitiated Michael Mundrane IT All Staff Conference 12.

Staging Execution Review University Information Technology Services Leadership/Management Leadership Management Concept Research Design Planning Staging Execution Review University Information Technology Services Development/Management Project Development Project Management Concept Research Design Planning Staging Execution Review University Information Technology Services Process Has a role Is not the goal Achieves a goal Cannot be both rigid and flexible Is not a substitute for judgment A simplified/

Encouraging Park Use David Vial & Michelle Prior Integrated Open Space Services - IOSS.

Open Space Services - IOSS Objectives/ Use? Return on Investment Land Allocation Local, State and Federal level Financial Investment Human resources Asset value Development & maintenance expenditure Why Encourage Park Use? Community Health/60- 69 M 60- 69 F >70 M >70 General Park FacilitiesXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Park Design/Environ.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Good MaintenanceXXXXXXXXXXXX Childrens PlaygroundsXXXXXXXXX Dog FacilitiesXXXXXXXXXX Shade & ShelterXXXXXXXXXX Soft LandscapeXXXXXXXX SafetyXXXXXXX AccessXXXXXXXXX/

1 Q1/15 – all rights reserved Zestagen S.A. Services Summary 2015 v6/Q1 15 Nassos Alevizopoulos, PhD, MBA Managing Partner

in biopharmaceutical development (large molecules, devices) currently CEO of Zestagen SA (preclinical cancer mAb; CH) oversaw an orphan drug designation in pancreatic/ currently CFO at Synpromics Ltd. Experience in biopharma, buy- side and sell-side M&A, IPOs, convertible bonds etc. BA from /Services 1.Technology appraisals (academic institutions, biotech, investors…) 2.Assistance with preclinical drug development (biotech) 3.Assistance with investment decisions (biotech, investors) 4.Business development/

Hour 2: ERP Modules Historical development. Historical Initial Computer support to business –Easiest to automate – payroll & accounting –Precise rules.

development Historical Initial Computer support to business –Easiest to automate – payroll & accounting –Precise rules for every case Early 1970s –centralized mainframe computer systems –MIS systematic reports of financial performance –Variance analysis between budget and/ ProductsPublic Sector Professional Services Staffing UtilitiesWholesale Distribution /-Breed concept: –Mabert et al. found only 40% installed system as vendor designed 50% used single ERP package; 4% used best-of-breed –Different vendors/

Glimus Restaurant & Catering Services  Food Services. (Catering / Tiffin/ Cooking)  Catering Services in marriages / parties / events events.

All Maintenance Expenses 2) We are giving Employees Salary Expenses 3) We are doing Marketing & Advertisement For Business Development 4) All Franchisee Management Handle by Company Franchisee owner no need to interference 5) We are giving Legal /they Can design Thali Food According to their choice.  Glimus has made monthly food chart.  Every day Glimus provides only fresh food, we do not use frozen and old food. How to reach Glimus management Contact Us – Glimus Restaurant & Catering Services Super Mall,/

Eralp Erat Senior Software Developer MCP,MCAD.NET,MCSD.NET.

ArchitectsDevelopers Database Professionals Testers (including load testing) Simplify Project Conception Design Project Deployment Design Service Oriented Projects Improve Code Quality Increase Developer Efficiency Manage Test Cases Load Testing Improve Communication Schema Versioning SQL /… Closed Active Resolved Closed Active Resolved Proposed Use CaseTasksBugs Configures TFS to support your Development Process MSF Agile and MSF for CMMI Several 3 rd party templates Scrum, RUP, EssUP, XP, ThoughtWorks,/

DBE Supportive Services Equal Employment Opportunity Office Idaho Transportation Department USDOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program.

to DBE working on USDOT-assisted projects   Assist in the development of firms so they can successfully compete outside the program  DBE Supportive Services   Ensure only firms meeting eligibility standards can participate as DBEs /currently conducting Disparity Study Update 16 What Do DBEs Do For Us? Consulting, contracting & supplying for the planning, design and construction of highways, airports & public transportation systems 17 Graduation Ideally, DBEs outgrow the Program:  Exceed business /

The Power of End-Markets Translating Market-Led Development into Practice Ted Barber SME Consultant April 10, 2008.

Development/Robert Henning, OTF Group Design for Competitiveness Jeanne Downing,/-Markets Translating Market-Led Development into Practice AGENDA Introduction/ artisans Cultural design accents for global style Flexible production/following trends Delivering reliable quality Customer service Infrastructure Financing Corruption & social / production, QC, packaging, shipping, service providers Improve communication & business skills /End-Markets Translating Market-Led Development into Practice “Market-Led/

NENA Development Conference | October 2014 | Orlando, Florida Committee Status Overview Pete Eggimann, DSC Co-Chair Jim Shepard, DSC Co-Chair NENA: The.

Oct. (session Tuesday PM)  Emergency Services IP Network Design (session Monday afternoon)  Accurate Caller Location for Wireless Expansion Devices & Services – new WG forming  Legacy Selective Router Gateway (session Monday PM) NENA Development Conference | October 2014 | Orlando, /may take on issues. NENA Development Conference | October 2014 | Orlando, Florida PSAP Operations Committee  Co-Chairs: Wendi Lively & April Heinze  Contingency Planning WG has updated 3 documents and is working on 6 more /


LAWN TENNIS CLUB NELSON CITY COUNCIL JOINT COMMUNITY CLUB FACILITIES DEMONSTRATED PARTICIPATION DEVELOPMENT 150 Members, QUADRUPLING OF COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION NEW CLUBHOUSE, RELOCATABLE, LOW IMPACT/ complimentary with precinct All maintenance and operational building costs NLTC account NCC only accountable for services connections Possibility of combining petanque Project management Assistance from NCC to tie in services contact details: head contractor designer A1homes Tasman architecture studio mapua /

Brinkmann CS522 Dec. 3 2001 Web Services Dave Brinkmann.

Brinkmann CS522 Dec. 3 2001 Web Services Dave Brinkmann Brinkmann CS522 Dec. 3 2001 Introduction Project was designed to explore the Microsoft.Net Development tool to find if there could be potential network bottlenecks while using applications that use the.Net utility. Brinkmann CS522 Dec. 3 2001 PROJECT OUTLINE / – –http://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl.htmlhttp://www.w3.org/TR/wsdl.html – –http:// www.soapengines.comwww.soapengines.com –http://www.vbws.com –Leon-Garcia and Widjaja: Communication Networks

Agenda General design recommendations Typical myths of app model App model based implementations Demos, demos, demos.

onet.xml X feature activations onet.xml X feature activations > Service updates for introducing new capabilities to team sites also using /and by adding stapled features to the onet.xml Typical Intranet customizations Yammer integration Team or collaboration sites Intranet corporate portal OneDrive for Business sites Summary General design recommendations Typical myths of app model App model based implementations Demos, demos, demos Developer Patterns & Practices www.microsoft.com/learning http://developer/

LOGO 指導老師:胡凱傑 老師 學生:丘志文 Service strategies in product manufacturing companies.

strategies exist that enable firms to move along the transition line? What is the appropriate alignment of the service strategies with the external environment and organizational design? What performance level can be achieved through the service strategies? Introduction 本研究透過面談方式來收集質化資料, 對象為西歐製造業。 由於資料保密,調查結果不包括參與公司的真實姓名。 本研究包括一些國際知名公司, 如 ABB, Bosch, Comau, Ericsson, Hilti, Roche Diagnostics, Schindler, Siemens, or Tetra Pak. 。 另外,「 hidden champions 」,如 Agie Charmilles, Bertrams, Bystronic, Crypto, Elcoteq/

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