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LABOUR LAWS CA Abhijit P. Sanzgiri. Risk Probability & Impact.

skilled operators - Under investment in safety leading to dangerous working environment – poor maintenance – switching off safety systems to save money – lack of emergency, disaster / catastrophe management plans –  Safety Audits – Neglect – issue of Corporate Ethics/ of Wages Act 1936  Trade Unions Act 1926  Sales Promotion Employees (Conditions of Service) Act 1976  Child Labour ( Prohibition & Regulation) Act 1986  Equal Remuneration Act 1976  Inter state Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment /

1 Child Well-Being and Equity in Sri Lanka Preliminary Overview.

, education, health, protection and nutrition – within the proposed analysis protection as in study guide is a challenge (child labour orphanhood, social insurance and correlates) due to non- availability of data in these surveys. In instances such as/ waged employment (25% of employed are poor) – high dependency ratio Loss of livelihood (conflict affected areas) Low savings / high indebtedness and inability to withstand economic shocks No retirement benefits- informal sector Inability to be employed due to /

AUG 2009 Incentivising Retirement Saving – A Waste of Money?

Protection Committee: 2008 German Riester Pensions pay a basic subsidy of €154 per adult, and an additional child subsidy of €185. Another Example: New Zealand In 2005 NZ announced auto-enrolled KiwiSaver, with eight weeks/than in the fund, which can increase labour force resistance, distort actuarial neutrality and ‘line of sight’ for member; Use mixture of compulsory annuitisation and commutation to reduce substitutability of retirement saving for discretionary saving Don’t forget the other policy levers /

From Afghanistan to Dubai By: Leigh Rubin. Afghan Child Labour 30% of Afghan children involved in child labour UNICEF gives children opportunity to be.

working in brick-making factories  Money used to pay off family debt  Mostly located in Eastern Afghanistan  Child labour protection provided by UNICEF and CPAN  Education provided by both governmental and non- governmental organizations Life in Debt Over/Home the Little Things Matter. Web. 17 Mar. 2011.. "I Have Children. Should I Live in Dubai?" Shelter Offshore - Banking, Saving and Living Offshore. Web. 17 Mar. 2011.. "IRIN Asia | AFGHANISTAN: Children Work in Brick Factories to Help Pay off Family /

International Labour Standards, Voluntary Initiatives & Social Dialogue in India C S Venkata Ratnam, IMI, India & Anil Verma, University of Toronto Canada.

aspect –Minimum Age Convention 138 and 182 concerning immediate action to end the worst forms of child labour n Legal aspect –Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 prohibits employment of children below 14 Social Clause Aspect n/ bottom n Arguments against –seek to deny comparative advantage of cheap labour to developing county –seek to save developing countries from development Different Aapproaches to International Labour Standards n ILO Principles: moral persuasion without sanctions n WTO – /

©2010 The Centre for Spatial Economics Socioeconomic Benefits and Labour Market Developments for New Brunswick Robert Fairholm The Centre for Spatial Economics.

balance quality ECEC positive Parent have hard time determining quality ©2010 The Centre for Spatial Economics Effects Of Child Care On Parents Labour supply of mothers  Participation rates  Average hours worked  Access to quality ECEC can be more/trained educators Results further adjusted to reflect average Canadian child ©2010 The Centre for Spatial Economics Benefits To Children - Results Higher future earnings Benefits from decreased smoking Savings on primary education  Lower rate of grade retention/

Pair Reports News about China and/or Asia modern- day slavery human trafficking child labor child soldier genocide.

sparks riot” --the event --Mauritania and slavery News Reading Activity (scanning) II: Child Labor Child Soldier  6. Saving Indias child slaves  7. Israel profiting from Palestinian child labour  8. 500 children kidnapped by ISIS are being brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers or child soldiers, Iraqi official reveals News Reading Activity (intensive reading) 6. “Saving Indias child slaves” Tasks:  Find out as much info as you can about: Kailash Satyarthi/

Child labour.

attraction towards this matter and to save our future generation from being destroyed this project has been made. Name list of the team . Multimedia presentation What is child labor? Child labor is done by any working child who is under the age specified/basic education and the facilities provided by the local self govt. (panchyati raj.) Govt. laws or acts against child labour. Response of the local peoples After the seminars and interactions were conducted the local peoples very actively showed their /

Child Labor and Child Protection Systems Experience sharing - Gopal Tamang.

, bonded labour, trafficking, armed conflict, prostitution, illicit activities) (Red shaded areas indicate work considered to represent child labour) PROJECT BENEFICIARIES/Child Labor districts CCollaboration with other organizations Impact on Beneficiary Level  Using gained practical skills (self-employment, agriculture, etc) ensure food security for longer periods  Linking beneficiaries to on-going support (government scholarship schemes & literacy programs)  Linked families to credit (local Savings/


of family income and household productivity, exacerbating poverty  Orphans and other affected children forced out of school and into child labour  Pressure on women and young people to survive by providing sexual services The United Nations Declaration of Commitment on/ in planning for HIV/AIDS and managing its impact, thus ultimately saving moneyAssist an enterprise in planning for HIV/AIDS and managing its impact, thus ultimately saving money HIV/AIDS Why make it a workplace issue? Firstly: Firstly/

Maternal and Child Health Interventions. Introduction to Maternal and Child Health; MCH Lecture Class MGIMS, Sewagram;; 04 Jul 2012 2 Continuum of Care.

Pregnancy Birth Administering basic community-based intervention packages at full coverage can save ~ 37% of all newborn deaths! Introduction to Maternal and Child Health; MCH Lecture Class MGIMS, Sewagram;; 04 Jul 2012 10 Packaging/Pre) eclampsia prevention Corticosteroids for preterm labour Hypothermia management - Kangaroo mother care Skilled delivery practices Asphyxia Institutional delivery Skilled birth attendant Use of partograph for labour surveillance Resuscitation of newborn Malnutrition 34%/

Environmental & Ethical Issues The Kids of Kroo Bay Save the Children Information Pack April, 2009 © Suzannah Youde 2009.

(International Work) ECM OUTCOMES: Enjoy & achieve All these session use resources available from the Save the Children Kroo Bay project. This is full of videos, photographs and podcasts of the lives/ think has made these clothes? Do you think they get a fair wage for their labour? ACTIVITY 1: Show the video of Kroo Bay fashion (Madlyn & Chris) and/or/to listen to Bob Marley’s songs and other reggae artists when I was a child, imagining the process they went through to make their music. I also like Jimmy /

Labour market policy with a small and shrinking state: the case of the UK Damian Grimshaw Paris seminar: LABOUR MARKET POLICY IN EUROPE: FACING THE ECONOMIC.

/ subsidies – Counselling/ job search Education & training – Further education – Vocational training Public sector employment – Pay – Jobs 1. Labour supply incentives: UK unemployment benefits very low by international standards OECD data, 2009, different family types Policy responses reinforce the pressure of/ housing costs) to CPI. – Estimated savings £5.8 billion by 2014-15. Affects 5 million people on out-of-work benefits 3-year freeze in working tax credit and child benefits (April 2011-14) and reduced /

Child Development Revision Points Revision Notes

C E Budge Parenthood and Pregnancy Delivery and birth – part 2 Child Development Revision Points 09/04/2017Friday, 07 April 2006 Parenthood and Pregnancy Delivery and birth – part 2 Labour – a show (plug of mucus), breaking of the waters, /washable, non-irritant, flame resistant, easy to put on and take off Nappies – Terry (hard-wearing, absorbent); Disposable (save time, more expensive); Reusable (washable, flannelette, shaped) Equipment – Some items of nursery equipment are non-essential. All equipment/

INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION Conditions of Work and Employment Programme (TRAVAIL) 2012 Module 3: Maternity Protection at work: Why is it important?

Goals. It demonstrates the linkages between maternity protection and:  Fundamental human rights  Gender equality  Maternal and child health  Economic growth and poverty reduction  Decent work MATERNITY PROTECTION RESOURCE PACKAGE. FROM ASPIRATION TO REALITY FOR ALL/has positive effects on women and childrens health, which creates a more efficient and productive labour force  It helps women to save on milk substitute costs by breastfeeding  It helps to alleviate poverty through gender equality and/

Newborn Health Scale Up Framework for Zambia

child health (MNCH) service packages that are already articulated within policies and plans. The strengthening of some specific newborn healthcare aspects could save a large number of newborn lives every day. Critical time periods: Pre-pregnancy , Pregnancy, Labour/ care for complications Antibiotics for preterm premature rupture of membranes Antenatal corticosteroids for preterm labour Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV+ TREATMENT (Postnatal care for all newborns) Newborn period (after the/

Kolkata Mary ward social centre Barefoot Teachers Training Human Rights Education Hidden Domestic Child Labour Child Line Brickfield Schools Capacity building.

Rights Training to 564 govt. upper primary schools of Kolkata in the teachers in-service training Hidden Domestic Child Labour ( Supported by Save The Children) AchievementsA code of conduct has been drafted by the principals of govt. schools. 13 schools have declared their schools as ‘CHILD LABOUR FREE SCHOOLS’ VOCTAIONAL TRAINING COURSE 90 (Beautician) 7 (House keeping ) 4 (AC/Refrigeration) SCHOOL ADMISSION 28 PLACEMENT226 CHILDLINE/

Ensuring Early Childhood Care & Development. Sharing experiences from Chittoor Dist, AP Creating enabling learning environments for children Save the.

- Increased Demand for Bricks Increased Child Labour in Hazardous Sector 1,60,000 migrant children in West Bengal’s Brick kilns Every year thousands of children, invisible and unheard arrive into approx 4000 brick kilns situated across West Bengal 16 Sharing experiences from Brick Kilns in West Bengal Creating enabling learning environments for children in Brick Kilns Save the Children in association with/

Briefing to the Portfolio Committee on Labour 2013.05.02 Strategic Plan, Annual Performance Plan and Budget, 1.

Insufficient funding and institution not accredited Review the programme Jobs saved Delays in UIF funding transfer Conclude an agreement with UIF Board Promote equity in the Labour Market NEDLAC engagement finalized on the EEA Amendments by November / BCEA regulations finalised in line with the amended Act by end of September. 1 Child labour programme every 5 years 2.2 One Child Labour Program of Action implemented 3 Sectoral determinations published for residual and emerging vulnerable workers Review/

ILO CO-Manila The ILO in the Philippines 1. ILO CO-Manila The International Labour Organization UN organization responsible for international labour standards.

Promoting international labor standards, including freedom of association Gender equality Minimum-wage setting Elimination of child labour Indigenous Peoples Maritime Sector Domestic Work Employment creation Youth employment Skills training Green business Green Jobs/ management mechanisms for Climate vulnerable farming populations Three Models of Innovative Integrated Financial Package [Loan-cum Savings, Social Protection (health, crop, credit life), and Training-capacity-building- financial Literacy, Agri /

Understanding severe child poverty through statistics.

of work benefits and the need to support parents much further to get in and remain in the labour market 42% are in households receiving the child tax credit, indicating the significant impact of families not taking up their full entitlements 44% have mothers with/London where more than 1 in 6 children are in severe poverty. Source: M Magadi and S Middleton, Severe Child Poverty in the UK, Save the Children, 2007 at risk of severe poverty Children living in families with no workers Children living in single /

This is the first of seven presentations as set out in our online brochure, SEVEN DAYS TO SAVE THE WORLD. Here we explain how inflation is more effectively.

supply’ is thereby stabilised and the trend towards full employment proceeds uninterrupted. As labour becomes scarce wages are driven up, but are also more affordable due to the rising levels of investment in labour saving technology. (CLICK) The levers of economic control now shift from the banking industry/ the world will awake with its burdens lifted, as a gift to every child on Christmas Day. This too is the Enigma For more information please email colin@projectmessiah.org.ukcolin@projectmessiah.org.uk

Child protection minimum standards

who are not included in the list on the slide. Child Protection: Life-saving, but Undervalued Expertise, preparation, preventative measures and well-designed child protection responses help communities reduce risks to children and provide a/ forces or armed groups 12. Child labour 13. Unaccompanied and separate children 14. Justice for children Standards for Developing Adequate Strategies 15. Case Management 16. Community-based child protection mechanisms 17. Child-friendly spaces 18. Protecting excluded /

RIGHT TO SCHOOL. 1. WHY DO MANY CHILDREN NOT ATTEND TO SCHOOL? The country doens’t have enough money The way to school isn’t save Partens don’t have enough.

SCHOOL? The country doens’t have enough money The way to school isn’t save Partens don’t have enough money The school is to far away Children need to work for their own family 2. WHAT IS THE CHILDRENS RIGHT FOR ‘EDUCATION’ AND FOR ‘PROTECTION AGAIST CHILD LABOUR’? Childrens right for education in the Netherlands No uniform subsity Free school books Schools/

Socio-Legal Studies Association Labour Law Stream Is it Time to Restore Wages Councils & Regulated Collective Bargaining? Dr Keith Puttick E:

: the Wages Act 1986 began the process of dismantling, and some sections of the TU movement welcomed this 1993 — Abolition, save for the AWB: a ‘special case’. As at 2015. The AWB continues in 3 countries, and as part of the / 2014) there are sizeable fiscal on-costs, and complex labour/social security inter-actions, and new ‘dependencies’. A NMW and in-work benefits, in itself, is no guarantee against in-work poverty (Social Mobility & Child Poverty Commission, 2013; Puttick, 2012a and 2012b). Is it/

Protection. We’re ambitious Save the Children focus on Children associated with armed forces and groups Children in emergencies Child labour Crisis in.

Protection We’re ambitious Save the Children focus on Children associated with armed forces and groups Children in emergencies Child labour Crisis in Care We’re Outraged Around 300,000 children – some as young as seven – are fighting/with their families after the Rwandan genocide in 1994 We’re outraged 218 million children aged 5 to 7 are involved in child labour world wide 10 Child Labour Working Children Forums have made a huge impact on working children’s lives We’re outraged There is an estimated 143 /

Welcome Payroll Law in Canada (Alberta Specific) Disclaimer: All information provided is from Canada Revenue Agency and Canada Labour Department. Confer.

incentive basis Salaried exempt: $406 per week minimum requirement Some industries have additional standards – see Alberta website 14 WB-8 Child Labour - Adolescents An adolescent is defined as an individual 12, 13 or 14 years old. Adolescents may work in the following /covered as outlined in IT-519 Taxable If used for expenses not allowed in IT-519 83 RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plans) Contributions the employer makes to an employee’s RRSP is a taxable benefit. Administrative fees you pay are/

Ch. 3 - FOIB Impact of Culture on Business & Labour Chapter 3: WHAT IS CULTURE? Fundamentals of International Business Copyright © 2010 Thompson Educational.

, Canadian banks in foreign countries must understand their clients’ culture to meet their savings goals. For example, many Japanese families save for specially- made kimonos for their daughters. Used under license from Shutterstock, Inc/, Inc. The Impact of Culture on the Labour Market Not all countries share Canada’s values in terms of labour and the workplace. Canadian business people may encounter differences in the following areas:  Child labour Child labour  Walmart, Red Lobster, etc. Walmart, Red/

General Election 2010 The Labour Party. SymbolLeader Gordon Brown Born 20 th February 1951 (59) MP for Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath (Scotland) Leader of.

There are 15,000 more police since Labour won their first election. Parents of badly behaved children between 10 and 15 should be interviewed and actions taken against them if it is the parent’s fault. If a child gets an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order)/. Offer every household the right to have home insulation, with payment back from the savings the home makes in bills. Ensure all new homes are energy efficient from 2016. The Labour Party – Pensions Pensions should go up at the same level as wages by 2012/

Essay Plans British History 1918-51.

1948); gas (1949); iron and steel (1950). Nationalisation of coal and the railways saved these industries from almost certain collapse. However, their history for efficiency was questionable. Labour laid the foundations of post-war economic prosperity where full employment and low inflation was / Family Allowance The government introduced family allowances, whereby parents received a weekly payment for each child born Pension In 1946, the single person’s pension rose to £1.30 a week, the first rise /

The RDC Program: Data access for the advancement in social science and population health research in Canada Presentation to Offord Centre for Child Studies.

Educational Planning (SAEP: 2013, 2002) How parents are preparing their children (ages 0-17) for post-secondary education – primarily financial saving strategies (e.g. RESP, etc. ) + parents/guardians attitudes and values regarding post-secondary education + childs commitment to education Coverage: SAEP is a supplement survey of the Labour Force Survey (LFS). Coverage was modified to include only those households with at least one/

Child Labour Jamal Al –hendal GGS. How its an issue The International Labor Organization (ILO) has estimated that of the 250 million children between.

and unnecessary punishment. Why it’s an issue Children lose their childhood if they have to work. A country that allows child labour will not have a highly educated work force in the future. Children suffer verbal and physical abuse. Sweatshop workers are paid /less than their daily expenses. They are never able to save any money to invest in their futures. They are trapped in a never-ending cycle This child labour data was based on national surveys conducted over the period 2005-2008 Cont./

Barriers to women’s labour force participation AUSTRALIA.

‘entrepreneurs’  33 % business owners are women 35-44 years of age  40 % business owners provide unpaid child care (a) Employees without paid holiday and paid sick leave entitlements. Source: ABS data available on request, Forms of/ positions; and with little in the way of retirement savings.” Untapped opportunity, The role of women in unlocking Australia’s productivity potential, July 2013; Ernst and Young Barriers to women’s labour force participation  Education and skills  Caring responsibilities /


,3224 Attendance allowance to the regulations on war veterans (ZVV - War Veterans Act) (HC.3.3.) 228 0,1140 Special child-care allowance (ZSDP - Parental Protection and Family Benefit Act) (HC.3.3.) 8.170 1,75.967 Partial payments for loss/ years are low; impact on savings in health expenditure) Reasons deriving from the existing system, its imbalances and fragmentation REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA MINISTRY OF LABOUR, FAMILY AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS REPUBLIC OF SLOVENIA MINISTRY OF LABOUR, FAMILY, SOCIAL AFFAIRS AND EQUAL/

1 NIGERIA: Country Presentation on Child Trafficking M. Babandede Head, Investigation & Monitoring. NAPTIP, Nigeria.

: ILO Report 40% of street children are trafficked at national and international levels 8million Nigerian children engaged in exploitative child labour 19% of children work in dangerous environment after school hours 19% of children work in dangerous environment after school hours/ the Desert In 2005 alone, the NITF has intercepted 4 teams of travelers across the Desert Saved 5 Children from abuse & exploitation Saved 5 Children from abuse & exploitation 28 Victim of abuse 29 Another victim of abuse 30 THE/

Labour’s 2015 Manifesto Consultation Process: 1.‘Conversations’ (2011-13) 2.‘Policy Commissions’ produce consultation papers; responses by 13 June 2014.

Safer Communities Policy Education and Children Policy Health and Care Policy Politics Better Politics Policy International Britains Global Role Policy Labour’s 2015 Manifesto Consultation Economy Stability and Prosperity Policy Work and Business Policy Living Standards and Sustainability Policy Society /4-year-olds; the bank levy rate will be increased to meet the cost of this, which will save £1,500 per child p.a. a legal guarantee of wraparound care 8am to 6pm through the local school. changes to the/

“Once One Is Saved, He Is Always Saved.”

the Bible, Both Old & New Testaments (2 Tim.3:16f). Teach – To impart knowledge, to instruct. Child of God – One sanctified by the blood of Christ & a sharer in the Spirit of grace (saved) (Heb. 10:29). May so sin – The ability to rebel, free will to depart, to sin / he that watereth are one: and every man shall receive his own reward according to his own labour. 1 Cor. 3:4-15 CONVERTS WHO FALL 9 For we are labourers together with God: YE are Gods husbandry, YE are Gods building. 10 According to the grace /


the overall fiscal balance as a percent of GDP between 2008 and 2009 [see Table 8]. Little government savings on current account, thus little fiscal space for significant fiscal expansion. T&T, with its oil and /Labour Market With respect to labour market participation, discouraged worker effect likely to outweigh the added worker affect. [Table 15]. No significant evidence of “child labour” Decline in remittances can affect household labour market decision-making and household poverty. Farm/Temporary Labour/

SOCIAL TRANSFER PROGRAMME IN NEPAL: AN OVERVIEW Raj Kumar Pokharel Chief Nutrition Section Child Health Division/DoHS Ministry of Health and Population.

mainly focused on formal sector employees (Employees Provident Fund, Citizen Investment Fund) 5. Labour market interventions like labour legislations; vocational and skill development trainings; rural community infrastructure works and so on SOCIAL/ and Hygiene (WASH) and Social Mobilization Orientation: HWs, FCHVs, Mother’s group, Community Network – Child Club, women’s saving and credit groups, traditional healers, influential people (teachers, local leaders etc) Monitoring – household visits Behavior/

Reform Experiences of Asian Pacific Countries: The Case of Canada Linda French A/Director General Labour Market Policy Human Resources and Skills Development.

measures) Tightening eligibility Intensity rule (discouraging repeat use of EI, eliminated in 2000) Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT) Encouraging labour mobility National Child Benefit Levelling the playing field for those leaving social assistance (continued to receive child benefits while working) Promoting labour force attachment (reinvestment of social assistance savings to promote labour market entry) 9 Current state of the economy Strong macroeconomic performance Balanced budgets Improving/

Labour Market and Social Policy Review: Russian Federation Moscow, Technical Seminar, 12 December 2011 Senior Economist- Social Policy.

Economic Co-operation and Development www.oecd.org/els/Russia2011 Presentation overview Background Labour market issues Social policy issues Concluding remarks The review is part of the/ term basis. Childcare support, improving housing policies and expanding income-tested child support will reduce poverty and help young young Russians establish a family / rate objective as payment and saving rates have been outpaced by rapid wage growth until 2008/09; notional pension saving is not linked to life expectancy/

Gudrun Biffl Gender and the Labour Market: Comparing Austria and Japan Seminar of the Universities of Vienna and Kyoto on: Postindustrial Society, Vienna.

goods industry. Farming and production of consumer goods, often family enterprises, are highly labour intensive, offering work to an above average share of women for little, if any/ additional 30% to long duration maternity leave, which can be taken until the child is three years old. The remaining 50% are attributable to limited career progression./ wages are low compared with the marginal return of household production (childcare costs saved, high social value of home care). 27.08.2015 How to resolve the/

1 International Labour Office South-South dialogue on the Social Protection Floor Initiative A Social Protection Floor for all Tuesday, 2 February 2010.

and demand Health servicesWater and sanitation Housing EducationFoodOther social services as defined by national priorities (including life and asset saving information… Children People in active age groups with insufficient income from work Older persons and people with disabilities /they have positive externalities on human capital development and growth. 13 International Labour Office 4. Impact…? A basic package of universal pensions and child benefits can reduce the poverty head count by 40 per cent in /

Presented by Mrs. Eva Jhala. My presentation will cover the following inter-related topics to the subject of this workshop:  Definition of child marriage;

health, social protection and the right to be protected from child labour and the right to a sustainable livelihood and empowerment.  Finally, child marriage impacts on the child’s economic and social development. Children in child marriage will often end their education when they get married, /of pregnancy is prohibited altogether, or there is no explicit legal exception to save the life of the woman.  The majority of countries in SADC provide for legal termination of pregnancy in specific circumstances, /

The Philippines’ Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) Program (Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program) : Efforts in Eliminating Child Labour 11 April 2016.

for the Protection of Children (LCPC); Discussion Flow: Features of Philippines’ CCT that may contribute to elimination of Child Labour A human investment program for children thru health & education Provides grants to poor families with children 0-18 years / of Worst Forms of Child Labor Sub-Module 2.4: Promoting the Welfare of the Family Topic 1: Home Management Session 1: Effective Time Management Session 2: Proper Handling of Finances Session 3: The Importance of Savings Session 4: Preparing Nutritious/

Research on child poverty and child well-being Jonathan Bradshaw The Queens University Belfast 9 April 2008.

Child well-being in the UK, Save the Children (2002) Child well-being in the UK, Save the Children (2005) Chapters Child demography Child poverty and deprivation Child health Child lifestyles Mental health and well- being Childs time and space Child/(2004) Labour Force Survey World Bank (2002) Health, Nutrition and Population Data Structure EU OECD CEE/CIS Child well-being by child poverty R=-0.55 Material situation Relative child income poverty Child poverty rate Child poverty gaps Child deprivation Lacking/

INTERNATIONAL LABOUR ORGANIZATION Conditions of Work and Employment Programme (TRAVAIL) 2011 Maternity Protection Resource Package From Aspiration to Reality.

What is it? 3 Maternity Protection:  Protects the health and safety of the mother and the child  Protects against economic vulnerability due to pregnancy and maternity  Is central to gender equality in /allowances, tax-breaks, pension credits for caregivers  Labour market reintegration policies – vocational training, job services, ‘stay-in touch’ programmes  Services that lighten the load of unpaid work – canteens, piped water, labour-saving devices, public transport, rural roads, healthcare facilities/

Welfare To Work Conference Jennifer Bradley Deputy Director Labour Market Interventions Strategy 26 November 2014.

than 250 employees Now rolling out to those with between 50 - 249 employees Child maintenance Gone live with charging process Started case closure (13k letters a week)/-to- work services to meet the needs of individual claimants and local labour markets. Work Programme offers greater freedom to tailor support to the needs /Whole Place Community Budget pilots announced in 2011 where business plans identified significant savings could be made across a range of areas including tackling unemployment and troubled /

The Nature, Causes and Consequences of Child Poverty Jonathan Boston Co-Chair, Expert Advisory Group (2012) Professor of Public Policy, VUW Director, Institute.

in reasonable condition2.82.2 Heating in at least one room of the house2.12.5 Up to $500 in savings for an emergency19.617.8 A separate bed for each child2.22.1 A washing machine1.11.0 Home contents insurance11/, etc. 4.21 of 34 OECD countries have a universal child payment as part of their child assistance policies Specific proposals: Income and Employment Rationale for universal element to the proposed child payment: 1.Reduces labour market disincentives (by reducing EMTRs) 2.Recognizes the wider social /

The Cost and Challenge of Child Poverty in New Zealand Jonathan Boston Co-Chair, Expert Advisory Group (2012) Professor of Public Policy, VUW Director,

in reasonable condition2.82.2 Heating in at least one room of the house2.12.5 Up to $500 in savings for an emergency19.617.8 A separate bed for each child2.22.1 A washing machine1.11.0 Home contents insurance11/, etc. 4.21 of 34 OECD countries have a universal child payment as part of their child assistance policies Specific proposals: Income and Employment Rationale for universal element to the proposed child payment: 1.Reduces labour market disincentives (by reducing EMTRs) 2.Recognizes the wider social /

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