Ppt on safety in cement industry

2010 “O UTSIDE ROW W ORKING GROUP ” What was outdated in MAG Peter Kandaris.

705Portland Cement Treated BaseTable 705-1 has an error in /industry standards. 795Landscaping MaterialRevise to include current materials used by agencies. Outside “Right of Way” working group list REVIEW OF MAG UNIFORM STANDARD DETAILS FOR PUBLIC WORKS CONSTRUCTION Outside Right-of-Way Working Group - Details DetailTitleRecommended Action 131Street Sign BaseUpdate to include materials currently used by agencies for street sign supports. 135Steel Guard RailInclude end attenuation details. 150Precast Safety/

Procurement Strategies for Alternative Fuels Mark Mutter Cement Performance International, UK.

Alternative Fuels History Price driven development from both cement and waste industry Developments in the emissions trading schemes One-off incidents – e.g. animal meal Global reduction in CO 2 emissions Defining the relationship Cement industry and waste industry vastly different ♦ Cement – high margin, protected prices, stable ♦ Waste – lower margin, ever increasing legislation, unstable Cement industry : Waste = Profit ♦ Failed to understand waste industry ♦ Wanted all the gain ♦ Progressively lost out/


identified Skill Knowledge Providers. State performed many meetings with different renold industries established in Uttarakhand inviting them to come with us as SKP. Additional /00 Solar System Organic Farming Low Cost housing Rain Water Harvesting Ferro Cement Technology Earth quake resistant structure 2 G.P. Narendra Nagar Solar /Maintenance of Computers and use of Internet Repair of T.V. & Radio Electrical Safety and Conservation Sanitation 4 G.P. Gauchar 02 Repair of Electronic Appliances Repair of/

1 © Ambuja Cements Ltd. 2011 Building Resilience Presented by :- Ms. Pearl Tiwari CSR Conference, Sri Lanka October 3, 2014.

safety 17 Automobile Welder Bed Side Attendant © Ambuja Cements Ltd. 2011 Mason Training Directly related to the business Providing skills to construction Industry Promote safety culture Training with Certification 80% of placements Brand ambassadors of the Company 18 © Ambuja Cements/ for sustaining impact Productivity / Profit 12% Increase in yield per hectare 26% Increase in profit Water / Pesticides 34% reduction in water use 42% reduction in pesticides Chemical Fertilizer Use of Urea reduce by 17/

Industrial Automation Automation Industrielle Industrielle Automation

Industry = industries de transformation, Verfahrenstechnik (one of the many meanings of “process”) Cement Pulp & Paper Metals and Minerals Glass production Chemical …. Continuous flow of materials, often 24 hours a day Steel mills particularity: synchronization of the motors in the rolling mill Cement Works The rotating oven is the heart of the cement/process control (steam, wind) personal, plant and neighbourhood safety monitoring environmental impact electricity generation (voltage/frequency) energy /

FOFFF. A house is built of bricks and cement A home is built of love and affection.

complex INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS-Power Plants, Factories STORAGE BUILDINGS-Ware houses, godowns SELECTION OF SITE FOR THE BUILDING COMPONENTS OF THE BUILDING FOUNDATIONS OR SUBSTRUCTURE PLAIN CEMENT CONCRETE / etc. 3.WIND LOAD The effect of wind should be considered in case of tall building.The exposed sides and roofs of the tall/the Building Firm Level Base Lateral Stability to the Structure Safety against Sliding and Overturning Safety against Scouring and Undertaking Foundation Soil Soil is the major /

1 Barakat Industrail Park Of Basra Iraq BarakatPark.com Barakat Cement Plant 500 Ton Gray or 850 Ton White Cement A Day Production In the most general.

industrial standard. Ready- mixed concrete or RMC as it is popularly called, refers to concrete that is specifically manufactured for delivery to the customers construction site in a freshly mixed and plastic or unhardened state. Concrete itself is a Mixture of Cement/company will handle all the issues related to manufacturing, engineering, sales, contract, safety, and procumbent. Barakat Metal Building Management team will be in charge of ordering the equipment from USA and will have the direct supervision /

Urban Revitalization Streamlining the VAP Path In Ohio Martin Smith – Ohio EPA DERR Michael P. May, PE, CP - KERAMIDA.

Generic Numerical Standards -09 Property Specific Risk Assessment Streamlined in August 2014 Prior to August 2014 After August 2014 Why/ comply with rule – Remedy does not protect public health, safety and the environment – NFA Letter submitted fraudulently Relies on audits/MCA) Cement Mfg Facility Technical Challenges – Asbestos – Vapor Intrusion (VI) – Shallow Soil Cement Mfg Facility Technical Solution – Asbestos Abatement – Soil Excavation – Activity & Use Limitation Commercial /Industrial Use Cement Mfg /

“Sourcing concrete with confidence” A Global Responsible Sourcing Certification System for the Concrete and Cement Industry Cement sector Concrete sectorConstruction.

Cement Industry Cement sector Concrete sectorConstruction sector 1 What is a responsible sourcing scheme? 2 Objectives 3 Who is the client 4 Content of the scheme 5 Flexibility 6 Organization 7 Planning 8 Participation Topics The start One third global cement production Two thirds outside of China Cement/ Employee Health and Safety Fair Labor and Employment Practices External Stakeholder / of the concrete sector  Stimulate the concrete industry to remain competitive in the green building sector  Make green results /

Viktoras Šeškauskas State Environmental Protection Inspectorate

in construction industry Including of Shipyard activities – 3100 Asbestos-related occupational diseases in Lithuania 1995-2006: 3 cases of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease due to asbestos; 14 cases of pneumoconiosis in shipyards, asbestos cement industry, construction workers, insulators and TV set producing industry/ Practices: OHS system – oriented training Tripartite training of adults Training program “SAFETY, HEALTH AND WORKING CONDITIONS” created by Prevent-Sweden, provided by Training Centre/

nanomachine in your hands The owner of nanomax ® brand is dynamic ® technology. The company has existed since 1990 and launched the activity in IT and.

technologies modified accordingly to individual requirement of clients. The company provides ready to use solutions for industry. Nanosystems synthesized can be either used as ready to use products or as additives and applications to/safety In case of swallowing contact the doctor – take container of product label with you. Store locked. Keep away from children ! FOR TERRAZZO - 1L Professional detergent for clean-up. Recommended for heavily stained cement-stone floors, terrazzo, marble, granite and cement/

Ultrasonic Cement Removal in Revision Total Hip Replacement The Acryl-X System Ohannes Nercessian, MD Columbia University Medical Center New York.

Current Trap/Disposable Tubing Acryl-X System How it Works When Applied to Cement Fractional Temperature Rise Soften the Cement Softened Cement Enters Hollow Tube Suctioned Out Irrigation Keeps the Tip Cool Hand Piece Piezoelectric Crystal/and Italy 1969 Polyakov Alternative to ORIF In Bone Fractures N - Butyl - Cyano - Acrylate Safety Tissue Necrosis Increases With High Temperature Nerve Injury Thrombo-Embolism The Use of Ultrasound Energy Industry Welding Cutting Plastic Medicine Diagnostic Radiology//

Overview of Deaths in Metal/Nonmetal Mining

1 Other (Drowning) 1 Explosion of Gas Fatal Accidents by Commodity Sand & Gravel – 9 Limestone – 5 Cement – 4 Silver – 3 Gold – 2 Lime – 2 Granite – 2 Sand – 1 Iron Ore –/ conveyor pulleys, #1 56.14211(c): Blocking equipment in a raised position, #17 56.15002: Hard hats, #4 57.15005: Safety belts and lines, #13 56.15006: Protective equipment / Fatality #8 - April 24, 2014 Machinery - Louisiana - Fire Clay Big River Industries - Gravelite Division On April 24, 2014, a 50-year-old contract dozer operator with/

The Concrete Industry’s Vision for a Sustainable Future Concrete Industry Joint Sustainability Initiative.

on the following social values provided by concrete structures” 1.Resource efficiency 2.Safety/protection 3.Financial responsibility 4.Operational continuity 5.Longevity/durability 6.Byproducts reduction / future for those present and those who will follow, in advancing the potential of our Industry for the benefit of society’ The smell of success /Association National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Portland Cement Association Post-Tensioning Institute Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute RMC/

Contents Executive summary SME Strategy details Priority sectors

keep import duties low in inputs to national industries MOCI, MoF Safety / Land / Electric Continued creation of industrial parks can solve these issues for targeted groups Therefore, expanding the industrial parks strategy under MOCI/primary national producer), salt, marble Kunduz: agriculture (grains), livestock, formerly a large cotton producer Baghlan: grains, vegetables, cement, timber & untapped coal and marble Jawzjan: little, some agriculture Samangan: grains, fruits nuts; long-term potential for /


industry Heavy wheeled traffic, impacts from equipment, kegs, fork lifts, pallet jacks Operations usually 24/7, little downtime allowance Public viewing or access to brewing areas and need for aesthetics in a production area Health and safety/Cure and seal? – NOT recommended removed entirely by mechanical prep techniques HAND TROWELED – EITHER EPOXY or URETHANE CEMENT Installation Details – Perimeter Key Installation Details – Control Joint Installation Details – Crack Repair Installation Details – Expansion/

SULFATE ATTACK MECHANISM AND PREVENTION IN CONCRETE Prepared for Dr. Mesfer Al-Zahrani Done by Al-Sulaiman, Abdulrahman 216217 Al-Gazlan, Basseer 224080.

foundations, retaining walls, and other underground structures. Industrial waste waters. Nature of reaction: (chemical, Physical) SULFATE ATTACK processes decrease the durability of concrete by changing the chemical nature of the cement paste, and of the mechanical properties of the/curing Effect of w/c ratio 2. The use of sulfate resisting cements provide additional safety against sulfate attack Exposure Concentration of water-soluble sulfates In soil per cent In water ppm Mild <0.1 <150 Moderate 0.1 to 0./


in spite of investments at the two mobile operators, one with a Chinese partnership and a private. The Internet with some servers is still slow and expensive. The cable television expands into Luanda. A fibber optic cable Is being launched along the road Luanda to Benguela 2.4.5 Safety/ several opportunities in three industrial parks for further growth in these segments, in alphabetical order. - Big-bag and paper bags for cement - Cardboard boxes for fish and dried fruit (from two units operating in a low-/

Overview of the gas and oil industry Professor Antal Tungler 2004.

Cement + water + additives = slurry pumped through the borehole into the annulus between casing and formation, at elevated temperatures retarders and antifriction agents must be added. Production engineering The purpose of the exploitation and production planning of hydrocarbon reservoir is to produce optimum amount of sealable products at minimum cost and with close attention to all aspects of safety and ecology Problems in/ processing Environmental protection in the oil and gas industry Emissions to the /

Communication Matters: Lessons in Engineering Safety from the Deepwater Horizons Disaster Beverly A. Sauer, Ph.D. October 21, 2010.

beverlysauer@gmail.com 1 The Argument in a Nutshell Analysis of communication practices can help – Identify gaps in Fault Management and Safety. – Develop more effective risk management/example, set new standards for efficiency and cost savings in the deepwater drilling industry. The company used radically new technologies to increase production/ 10 % Failure Rate at Joints Most dangerous during Drilling & Cementing Operations Maintenance Critical New Carbon Steel Drill Bits reduce BOP effectiveness November/

OPCMIA BUSINESS MODEL Opening Doors to the Future in Today’s Construction Industry by Raising Companies Above Their Competition!

at your discretion. You pick your workforce – maximizing your profitability. Field Supervisory Personnel OPCMIA tradesmen are knowledgeable in all aspects of their trades, including: blueprint reading layout scheduling ordering materials etc. The OPCMIA has over 45/Canada Assessment OJL Instructor Training / NLC Training Centers Book One UNIT 1 Industry Orientations UNIT 2 Production and History of Cement UNIT 3 Health and Safety UNIT 4 Fundamental of Math UNIT 5 Measuring UNIT 6 Blueprint Reading UNIT/

1 RPM/Belgium N.V. - Version 2 - 04.06.2007 - MONILE GB MONILE ® The industrial floor system for the food and mechanical industry The industrial floor.

Cement  Designed graded quartz filler  Specially formulated acrylic co- polymer resin  Special additives  The components are prepacked to give the best combination for optimal results. This reduces also the risk of mistakes on site. 3 RPM/Belgium N.V. - Version 2 - 04.06.2007 - MONILE GB Application areas Monile ® is especially suitable for :  the application in the food industry/- Version 2 - 04.06.2007 - MONILE GB Properties  Safety in use:  Many floors have excellent antislip properties as long as /

International Conference on Safe & Secure Management of Hazardous Materials in Sri Lanka Hazardous Waste Management PCB Safe Handling & Disposal Ed Verhamme.

materials RESOURCES CO-PROCESSING Energy and mineral recovery Inter-industry cooperation RESOURCE DESTRUCTION Incineration or chemical neutralization WASTE STORAGE / in cement manufacturing WasteFossil Fuels Cement plant Waste incineration Waste Resources Waste Incinerator Cement Res. waste & energy Products Cement > Fossil Fuels Cement plant Cement /following personal protective equipment - cotton overall - Tyvek coverall - safety boots - safety helmet - PVC gloves - cotton working gloves 4. Personal /

Suez Cement Group Bruno Carré Managing Director Suez Cement Group of Companies Sustainability at the foundation of Suez Cement’s strategic development.

Cement’s strategic development Suez Cement Group Suez Cement at a glance The largest cement producer in Egypt and part of Italcementi Group, the fifth’s world cement producer An industrial network composed by 5 cement plants, 2 terminals and 20 concrete batching units Strong commitment to Sustainable Development Listed on EGX An overall staff of more than 3,000 direct employees in cement/ on Safety, Human Rights, Environment, Energy, Social Initiatives, Health and Quality. 2013 In 2013 Suez Cement joined /


a safety valve in the multilateral trade arena: “If WTO law were not to offer a safety valve for situations in which, following trade liberalization, imports increase so as to cause serious injury or threat thereof to a domestic industry, Members/ exception) CASE STUDY Jamaica: Cement The Commission recommended a safeguard in the form of a tariff of 25.83 % for 4 years. In order to preserve competition in marketplace and to facilitate adjustment by the local industry, the Commission “reserved the right/

Regional Workshop on Waste Management and Safe Disposal of Radioactive Waste - Tunis, Tunisia; 17-21 March 2014 Management of Radioactive Waste in Jordan.

Site Selection (100 m underground). Safety Case and Safety Assessment for the CSF with cooperation of/in cement mortar. A heavy lid needs a special crane. Directorate of Radioactive Waste Management & Transport / JAEC Disposal Site at Sewaqa Directorate of Radioactive Waste Management & Transport / JAEC Radioactive Wastes in Sewaqa (Disposal RW Site) RadionuclidesNo. of Sources Total Activity (mCi) / Year CommentsApplications Cs-137333500(2007) 15 (Unknown) Conditioned in 25 steel drums of 200 L Industrial/

April 2nd, 2009 Gordon QUIGLEY 施耐德电气 全球副总裁

installation is profitable and sustainable: Energy management software Remote monitoring systems => Active energy efficiency 3. Solutions in : building management, power management, motor control, lighting control Schneider Solutions for the Cement Industry 施耐德电气在水泥工业的解决方案 ABC – Australia ABC – 澳大利亚 Maximization use of key assets, while maintaining customer satisfaction, cost, Safety, Health and Environment standards and product quality. LAFARGE – China 拉法基 - 中国 Schneider Electric’s Advanced Process Control/

Presentation Pack Corporate responsibility and business success in China.

company’s objective was for each to be built according to Lafarge quality, environment and safety standards. This was of particular importance in the construction phase as large-scale automation, strict safety requirement and high environment standards, and certain management styles were essentially new to the Chinese cement industry. There was close collaboration between Engineering Institutes and the Lafarge Technical Center during the design phase/

A better environmental alternative and upgrade to replace gypsum drywall and cement backer boards for walls, floors and countertops.

MR 8 – Lifetime Durability ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY More than 50% lower energy usage during production in comparison to cement based products (HARDI BACKER) No hazardous chemicals or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) No /to line furnaces or refractorys in the steel industry ASTM E-119; ASTM E-84 20 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Our GREEN /drilling tools are needed for cutting. It also requires that you use protective safety equipment Can be scored and snapped with a standard utility knife 10 Year WarrantyLifetime/

Asbestos Awareness –Hazards and Regulations

of asbestos and safety requirements for personnel SeaTac/Kent/Maple Valley Fire Training Consortium August 2011 Topics Covered Properties of asbestos Uses of asbestos Health hazards of asbestos Activities resulting in potential asbestos exposure Asbestos regulations Where to get more information and help Asbestos Exposure - General Overview 1.3 million workers are exposed in the U.S. – primarily in the construction industry. Asbestos removal and/

Tool Box Talk – Training Kit

has many uses. The three most common types are Chrysotile (White) Amosite (Brown) Crocidolite (Blue) Asbestos is used in many industries for ceiling tiles, floor tiles, plastics, insulation and fire proofing. Asbestos is a useful product but presents health risks. /use or disposal of a substance and ask to see the Safety Data Sheet and the COSHH assessment. Contain any spillages (Spill Kits) and report immediately. Hazardous substances include:- cement, hard wood dust, solvents and epoxy resins You can be/


technical director of ICMESA, was sentenced to five years imprisonment in the first degree trial, then had his sentence reduced to two years and was paroled on appeal. The European Union Industrial Safety Regulations are known as the Seveso I Directive (82// were filed against BP and other related companies. Then BP took legal action against the company (Halliburtun) which cemented the drilling unit. Thousands of claims, coming from out-of-work fishers and tourist resorts receiving cancellations were filed/

Hollow Core Slabs & Panels Prestressed/Precast

In wide use in Europe and Middle East All building types, industrial, commercial, schools, institutions, residencial Leeds Certification 5) Green Building – Savings Example Jeddah Building - Area 32000 m2 Original Design Capacity Air Conditioning: 2200 Tons + 550 Tons safety margin Revised Design with Green Radiant Panels: 750 Tons + 250 Tons safety/ and support services, turnkey plants, training, parts etc Extruder minimum cement consumption – 320-350 kgs/m3 maximum productivity at lowest production cost/

Making a Difference in Your Workplace

an industry converting to civilian production. Construction boomed, but in the eyes of experienced craftsmen, too many corners were being cut in the rush/Cases Obey Now, Grieve Later Result in doing something illegal Put themselves in “imminent danger” of their health and safety. If management takes disciplinary action / and Textured Level V Finish Rock Carving Fireproofing Apprenticeship Skills Testing – Cement Mason Obtaining Grade/Layout Rodding Tamping Floating Jointing/Edging Hand and Machine Troweling/

EU Health & Safety Legislation Now and Tomorrow The European Cement Industry: a Health Perspective CEMBUREAU General Assembly Stockholm June 13, 2006 Ursula.

Now and Tomorrow The European Cement Industry: a Health Perspective CEMBUREAU General Assembly Stockholm June 13, 2006 Ursula Schliessner McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP 2 I. Introduction Health related regulation is scattered in different areas:  Workers Safety  Chemicals*  Products** *REACH; Classification, packaging and labeling of substances & preparations (Dir. 67/548, 1999/45: safety data sheets, chromium VI labeling); Marketing & Use Restrictions Directive 76/769 ( example: Chromium/

Construction Health and Safety Management By Dr Simon Smith – licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution – Non- Commercial – Share Alike License

Share Alike License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.5/ Part 10: Health Hazards on Site Construction Health & Safety Management Simon Smith (University of Edinburgh) & Philip Matyear (Balfour Beatty) Overview General Legislation HSE view Other - Weils Disease /cause dermatitis). About 10% of bricklayers leave the industry after developing allergic dermatitis from chromates in cement Health 2. Skin - Cancer Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK, with over 40,000 new cases /

Operative Plasterers’ and Cement Masons’ International Association (OPCMIA) Hexavalent Chromium in Portland Cement 1.

PPE that is in good working condition 8 8 Program Introduction Review: You are responsible for the health and safety of your workers 1,300,000 workers in 30 occupations regularly exposed to wet portland cement products OSHA hazard communication/associated with injuries and illness 16 Costs associated with injuries and illness Experience Modification Rates (EMRs): Insurance industry: Developed experience rating systems as means of determining premiums for workers’ compensation insurance  Rating systems: /

“Current situation in Argentina related to management of Radioactive Waste and future plans for disposal” Daniela E. Alvarez Ph D. Department of Scientific.

experience in Research Reactors: local and abroad - Radioisotopes Production: Co 60 (Industrial Use) Mo 99 I 131 others -Mining Sites: one in standby (Sierra Pintada) one in exploration/Safety Guide – GSG-1) Low Level Disposable Waste NEAR SURFACE DISPOSAL - Solid waste, compacted in drums - Non compactable waste, conditioned in cement matrices - Low level liquid waste, concentrated and immobilized with cement in drums - Short Lived disused sealed sources, conditioned - Structural waste conditioned in cement/

Identifying Asbestos. Aim The aim of this Training Tool is to provide you with the following information to ensure the safety of your workforce:  What.

Identifying Asbestos Aim The aim of this Training Tool is to provide you with the following information to ensure the safety of your workforce:  What is asbestos?  Facts  Where is asbestos found?  What does asbestos/is a high hazard asbestos product, and if in good condition should be left undisturbed. Floor tiles Vinyl (PVC) or thermoplastic tiles contain asbestos. Asbestos cement roof sheeting Asbestos cement sheeting is often found on industrial building roofs and walls. Textured decorative coating (/

4 Introduction to Process Analysis and Selection Treatment methods in which the application of physical forces predominate are known as physical unit operations.

on downstream processes, (2) health and safety of the operators as screenings contain pathogenic organisms and attract insects, (2) health and safety of the operators as screenings contain pathogenic / into the liquid phase through a revolving impeller. It is used in industrial applications for the removal of emulsified oil and suspended solids, air / external coatings (e.g., coal tar or vinyl). Interior surfaces include cement lining or coal tar or vinyl coatings. Mechanical Aerators Aerators with vertical /

DOING BUSINESS IN INDIA Roma, 7 maggio 2014. About D&B Tangram Our focus areas 2 Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Tangram is a business advisory firm that provides.

billion in India With more than 7000 products in India for different industries like healthcare, infrastructure, power, automobile, consumer safety and security, 3M is one of the market leaders known for continuous innovation in products and services. Key success factors: –“In India/model Bar & Café Chain Expansion Strategy for Indian market for one of the world’s largest cement company Cement Company Develop and lay roadmap for Go-To Market Strategy for the AC business International Consumer Durables Brand/

We provide tailor-made engineered solutions, products, spares and services. Founded as an engineering Company in 2005, headquartered in Gurgaon, India,

from wood Tyre and Rubber waste Plastics Waste Thermal fraction of domestic waste Thermal fraction of industrial waste Animal Meal Sewage sludge Municipal (Domestic) waste Advantage of AFR in Cement industry Counter flow principle Maintains desired temperature Long gas residence time Reduction in CO2 Effective method of achieving lower cost Safety disposal Full use of heat content Full use of mineral content (ASH) of the fuel/


performing badly with regards to work place human resource management, administration and operations of KTMB giving rise to safety and security issues affecting passengers and employees. KTMB had also engaged foreign consultant’s wherein RUM was of/the factual reports of NUTIW picket in BAT, the NUBE’s issue in Maybank and Hong Leong bank as well as the In – House Unions position in Trienekens (Sarawak) Sdn Bhd, CMS Cement Industry Sarawak and Airlines Maintenance Industry involving AIROD Sdn Bhd and /

An Update on TecEco Technology

Excellent Need to be handled gently in the first few days Thermal Engineered thermal capacity and conductivity. Architectural Safety Audience 1 Audience 2 Forced Carbonation /in density, strength and rheology, reduced permeability and shrinkage and the use of a wider range of aggregates many of which are potentially wastes without reaction problems. PC 50% Modified Ternary Mix with N-Mg Route Mg Carbonate Aggregate TecEco announce a way forward to greater sustainability for the Portland cement industry/

The socio-economic costs of asbestos in Germany

Nations Headquarters, New York Dr. Markus Mattenklott BGIA - Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance Germany Use of asbestos in Germany Interdiction of use of sprayed asbestos (1979) Chrysotile: 96 % /Trade Union of fibre cement industries in Germany, 1994 The socio-economic costs of asbestos in Germany M. Mattenklott 06.04.2010 Workplace exposure – acceptance of measures Asbestos exposure at workplaces (mean values) in different industries in Germany (FRG) 20/

INDIA-EU ENVIRONMENT FORUM Hazardous Waste Management in India: An Overview By Dr. V. Rajagopalan, Chairman, CPCB, Delhi.

of containers to be used for transportation o Packaging and labeling requirement o Transportation vehicle registration & safety aspects o Educational qualifications & experience of the driver Guidelines for Consent to Establish or Operate HW /metals in air emissions yet to be explored. Co- Incineration of Hazardous Waste Having High Calorific Value International Practices: 250 Cement Works in Europe utilize HW Total about 3 Million Tonnes of Hazardous Wastes Suitability in Indian context: Cement Industry /

Safety Training Presentations Asbestos Safety Awareness Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

in the U.S. – primarily in the construction industry. Asbestos removal and building renovation & demolition have the greatest exposures. Exposure in general industry: - manufacture of asbestos products - automotive brake and clutch repair - Housekeeping and custodial work Where is Asbestos Found? Adhesives, Cements/at Risk DVD OSHA Resources OSHA has many helpful programs, including assistance about safety and health programs, state plans, workplace consultations, voluntary protection programs, strategic /


Operates in the power, industrial process and nuclear market segments  Power – the generation of electricity from all sources other than nuclear, together with electricity transmission and distribution. We provide consulting and feasibility studies through to detailed engineering, project management, construction, EPC contracting and commissioning services  Process – covers a broad range of industries, but principally gas processing and transmission, pulp and paper, petrochemicals, cement and/

Working safely in the construction industry

of competency: CPCCOHS1001A Work safely in the construction industry To support the requirements of the National Code of Practice for Induction Training for Construction Work Introduction New laws and new words … Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) induction training for / the potential to cause injury or harm Hazardous substances and dangerous goods can include: asbestos, synthetic mineral fibres, cement dust, chemicals and solvents, custom wood and wood dust etc It can take a long time after exposure before/


following: Ease and difficulty in expansion, Amount and availability of investment, Anticipated rate of population growth, including shifts in communities, industries and commercial investments, Hydraulic/They are less resistant to corrosion; hence, generally lined from inside with cement concrete, coal tar paint, epoxy, etc. These are joined together by/¾ full at maximum discharge. The extra space provided in the sewers provides factor of safety to counteract against the following factors: 1. Safeguard /

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