Ppt on resource allocation in software project management

CMM Level 2 KPA’s CS 4320 Fall 2003. Requirements Management 1 Goals: – System requirements allocated to software are controlled using a baseline for.

responsibility is established for analyzing the system requirements and allocating them to HW, SW or other system components. – Allocated requirements are documented. – Adequate resources and funding are provided to manage requirements. – People are trained for requirements management activities. Software Project Planning Goals: – Software estimates are documented for use in planning and tracking a software project. – Software project activities and commitments are planned and documented. – Affected groups/

Software Process Improvement: SEI Capability Maturity Model COP 4331 and EEL4884 Processes for OO Software Development © Dr. David A. Workman School of.

) is managed adp. 7.The project’s software effort and costs are managed adp. 8.The project’s critical computer resources are managed adp. 9.The critical dependencies and critical pats of the project’s schedule are managed adp. 10.The project’s software risks are identified, assessed, documented, and managed adp. 11.Reviews of the software project are periodically performed to determine the actions needed to bring the software project’s performance and results in line/

1 Chapter 5 Software Project Planning. 2 Software Project Planning The overall goal of project planning is to establish a pragmatic strategy for controlling,

—how do we allocate resources along the timeline? what are the milestones?  Control strategy—how do we control quality? how do we control change? 5 A Good Project Plan   Project scope   Project schedule   Project team organization   Technical description of the proposed system   Project standards, procedures, and proposed techniques and tools   Quality assurance plan   Configuration management plan   Documentation plan   Data management plan   Resource management plan   Test plan/

Bob Jones EGEE Technical Director EU DataGrid Project Conference - 30 September 2003 EGEE is proposed as a project funded by the European Union under contract.

resources, regional deployment and support of services in all other countries Offered services: Middleware deployment and installation Software and documentation repository Grid monitoring and problem tracking Bug reporting and knowledge database VO services Grid management services EU DataGrid Project/ Month 24 20 50 EU DataGrid Project Conference 30 September 2003 - 20 Resource Allocation Policy The EGEE infrastructure is intended to support and provide resources to many virtual organisations Initially HEP/

Project Management Yonsei University 2 nd Semester, 2012 Sanghyun Park.

tasks __________ to make optimal use of workforce  Minimize task __________ to avoid delays caused by one task waiting for another to complete  Dependent on project managers’ intuition and experience Project Scheduling Process Identify activities Identify activity dependencies Estimate resources for activities Allocate people to activities Create project charts Software requirements Bar charts and activity networks Bar Charts and Activity Networks  Graphical notations used to illustrate the/

Applied Software Project Management PROJECT SCHEDULES Applied Software Project Management 2:16:07 AM 1.

the completion of a key deliverable, that triggers a reporting requirement or that requires sponsor or customer approval before proceeding with project. 2:16:07 AM 6 Applied Software Project Management BUILDING THE PROJECT SCHEDULE  Allocate resources  For each task in the WBS, one or more resources must be assigned  Choose person or people for each task based on qualifications, familiarity and availability  Take overhead into account when calculating/

1 Convener: Houman Younessi Convener: Houman Younessi Software Engineering Management Software Engineering Management Course # CISH-6050 Lecture 5: Software.

/ components -Resource are assigned to the tasks, with estimated start and stop dates (duration) -Some tasks can be done in parallel, while other tasks are dependent and must be done sequentially -A critical path exists through the project 22 CISH-6050 - Software Engineering Management Software Project Scheduling … Critical Path: -Working Definition: Set of activities, any one of which, if not completed within their allocated schedule, will result in a/

Chart 2-1 Copyright © 2004 by R. Fairley CSE 516 Summer, 2004 CSE 516 (formerly known as CSE 500) Introduction to Software Engineering SESSION 2: People,

, 2004 Some Examples of Re-Negotiating the Contract Marketing (customer) requests changes in the light of a competitor’s new product –must renegotiate resources, schedule, and product features with the project manager and software architect Software architect hits a technical snag and cannot deliver the product on schedule –must renegotiate with marketing and project manager Project manager cannot provide promised resources because of a hiring freeze –must renegotiate with marketing and/

January 20, 2000 CSE 7315 - SW Project Management / Chapter 13 – SW Process Maturity, Appraisal & Imp Copyright © 1995-2000, Dennis J. Frailey, All Rights.

Rights Reserved Slide # 135 Requirements Management Abilities II Adequate resources and funding are provided Members of software engineering group (and other related groups) are trained in requirements management activities January 20, 2000 CSE 7315 - SW Project Management / Chapter 13 – SW Process Maturity, Appraisal & Imp Copyright © 1995-2000, Dennis J. Frailey, All Rights Reserved Slide # 136 Sample Behaviors System engineer or project lead: – Allocates requirements to all parts of the/

Project Management Prof. Dr.-Eng. А.А. Dulzon Prof. Dr.-Eng. А.А. Dulzon Tomsk Polytechnic University Department of Engineering Entrepreneurship Tomsk.

scenarios within which resource levelling can be considered. In most practical applications, resource levelling works by consuming the float that is available on each non-critical activity. Project planning software Project planning software Information technology plays an ever-increasing role in all management fields and in none more so than project management.Information technology plays an ever-increasing role in all management fields and in none more so than project management. Today, it would/

Emil Wibowo, Supervisor: Jenny Liu Cloud-based Architecture for Collaborative Simulation of Auction- based Resource Allocation.

resource owners as they get less revenue if resources are not allocated efficiently. –Economic solution: Auction –Simulation to validate solution + pinpoint design flaws early –SmartSim framework developed to build simulations for these systems SmartSim Simulation Framework Software framework for constructing simulations for resource allocation systems Implemented in/ Auction The project… Implement a web interface for online collaborative simulation for auction-based resource allocation systems using cloud/

Software Testing and QA Theory and Practice (Chapter 1: Basic Concepts and Preliminaries) © Naik & Tripathy 1 Software Testing and Quality Assurance Theory.

Software Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000 Requirements –Part 6. Resource requirements (partial) Identify and provide resources required to support the organizational quality policy in order to realize the quality objectives. Allocate quality personnel resource to projects. Put in/–Test functions and training –Scope of methodology –Communication –Reporting –Defect management –Test process management –Evaluation –Low-level testing Software Testing and QA Theory and Practice (Chapter 1: Basic Concepts and /

Sales & Operations Planning for Project-driven Industries, Case Study Krones AG May 25th, 2011 Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner.

2011 JDA Software Group, Inc. Background on ETO Projects Planning Pain Points and Root Causes Need to shorten lead times Difficulty to deliver projects On-Time On- Quality Internal and external changes accepted without evaluating impact on cost and schedule across programs Frequent and ongoing design changes disturbing manufacturing process Communicating & escalating planning issues and initiating re-planning Resource Allocation is done by multiple project managers in silo/

® IBM Software Group © 2013 IBM Corporation Updated: April, 2013 Jon Sayles RDz Technical Enablement Introduction to Rational Developer.

 Zvi Weiss, Certified IT Specialist, Rational Software for System z  Kevin McMillin, Dillards /Projects" perspective. 32 The RDz "Workbench" – Project Organization  You will work with a variety of COBOL resources: programs, copybooks, compile listings, executables, data files and so forth.  In this first module of RDz class you will store, organize and manage the workshop resources in "Local Workstation Projects"  Later in/ of files and partitioned datasets  Allocate, delete, copy and obtain statistics /

Introduction to Software Project Management Lecture1.

of a new service, a marketing campaign, Software Project Management (SPM)  It is a process of managing, allocating and timing resources to develop computer software that meets requirements. SPM Tasks  Problem Identification  Problem Definition  Project Planning  Project Organization  Resource AllocationProject Scheduling  Tracking, Reporting and Controlling  Project Termination Effective Project Management  4 P  People  Product  Before a software project is planned, the product objectives and/

Linux Virtualization Kir Kolyshkin OpenVZ project manager.

resources between guests. Pros: ● Better performance Cons: ● Needs modified guest OS ● Static resource allocation, bad scalability, bad manageability 6 OS Level Virtualization OpenVZ FreeBSD jails Linux-VServer Solaris Zones Pros: ● Native performance ● Dynamic resource allocation/support ● Merge into mainstream kernel 24 OpenVZ Project Role ● Freely distribute and offer support to make virtualization /in and accelerate the technology development process ● We hope many, many users will benefit from OpenVZ software/

Linux Virtualization Kir Kolyshkin OpenVZ project manager.

resources between guests. Pros: ● Better performance Cons: ● Needs modified guest OS ● Static resource allocation, bad scalability, bad manageability 6 OS Level Virtualization OpenVZ FreeBSD jails Linux-VServer Solaris Zones Pros: ● Native performance ● Dynamic resource allocation/work on a non-shared storage. 30 OpenVZ Project Role ● Freely distribute and offer support to make virtualization/ in and accelerate the technology development process ● We hope many, many users will benefit from OpenVZ software /

Information Technology Management M.S., Leadership and Strategic Management LSMP5009 / OMHR5019 Manhattanville College Summer Session 2003 Jeff Relkin.

for accomplishing work –Resource allocation and management fundamentally changes –Since work is done according to standards, control shifts to outputs rather than process –Complexity of project structure requires coordination through computer based project management, electronic communication Moving /important computing platform pLinux and other open source software will continue to gain popularity and market share pIn the wake of 9/11 and in anticipation of possible future terrorist activity, IT executives/

Debbie Sheetz Sr. Staff Consultant

power) Higher concentrations of hardware resources = lower cost Hardware cost/transaction Manpower required for management Software license cost Square foot/HVAC/allocation, and average SPLPAR use of the virtual processor allocation Note: This is a “custom” Visualizer graphic; also in Perceiver 7.2.20 AIX Physical System Overview © Copyright 3/25/2017 BMC Software/reporting solution More detailed graphs can be used for specific analysis projects Management only needs to see “% Capacity Used” for the physical /

RMS and Scheduling for Future Generation Grids

group, project, type, etc. Job Resource Attributes hardware, software, /Resource Discovery Access to Resource Information Status Monitoring Allocation/Scheduling SLA Management Execution Management/Provisioning Accounting and Billing Aspects: persistence support business models European Research Network on Foundations, Software Infrastructures and Applications for large scale distributed, GRID and Peer-to-Peer Technologies Scheduling in Future Generation Grids Outlook on future Grid Resource Management/

SMEs Quality Assurance Course17-19 September 2001 SMEs Quality Assurance Course 17-19 September 2001 by T. Sgobba Quality Assurance for Space Projects.

on historical data SMEs Quality Assurance Course17-19 September 2001 The evolution: software process improvement (cont’d) u Software Process Improvement must be institutionalised and an organisation-wide process in itself u SPI must be supported by adequate organisation and resources u SPI must be managed u SPI must be promoted by higher management u SPI has a cost and benefits SMEs Quality Assurance Course17-19/

CSDP Preparation Course Module II: Software Requirements

Stakeholders must be identified before this negotiation to occur [SW04, p. 2-3] Module II. Software Requirements A. Requirements Engineering Process - 9 The Importance of Software Requirements These People Depend on SW Req. to: Acquisition management Establish their needs Project management Determine tasks and schedule System engineers Req. allocated to SW Testers Establish what is to be tested SW engineers Establish top-level design Configuration control/

Selected Project Highlights: An Overview of Gush Jeannie Albrecht Williams College

software from remote machines (optional) Disconnect clients from controller Describe Application Acquire Resources Configure Resources Start Application Monitor Application Cleanup Controller Gush in Action gush> load tests/simple.xml Project "simple" is selected. Experiment "simple" is selected. gush> run Starting experiment run. Running experiment simple... gush> The configuration matcher has finished matching. The resource allocator/ XML-RPC interface for managing applications programmatically Gush XML-/

Department of Information Technology Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Finance Committee November 25, 2013.

organizations use ERP systems. Popular software vendors include: SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards, Peoplesoft, Sage/MAS, Microsoft. >Common functions of ERP systems: finance and accounting, human resources management, budgeting, payroll, cashiering, project tracking, procurement, invoicing and inventory. 3 Department of Information Technology Objectives & Benefits Fully integrate finance, human resources, budget and payroll functions Provide enterprise-wide reporting and decision support in real-time through a single/

Project Management Professional (PMP)

resources – Tough resource allocation Information distribution – Competition of priorities Coordination – Policies & Procedures Home based – Potential for conflict Chapter 2 – Project Management Context Functional Organization Specialists – More emphasis on functions 1 supervisor – No career path in PM Chapter 3 – Project Management Processes Project Management requires active management of Project/ implemented with project management software Chapter 6 – Project Time Management Activity Sequencing /

Software Project Management Rational Unified Framework

elements of the implementation set and addresses the software source code realization of the system from perspective of the projects integrators and developers. The deployment view addresses the executable realization of the system, including the allocation of logical processes in the distribution view to physical resources of the deployment network. "Software Project Management" Walker Royce Part 2 Workflows of the Process Software Process Workflows The term workflow is used/

Miron Livny Center for High Throughput Computing Computer Sciences Department University of Wisconsin-Madison Condor – a Project and a System.

manager and resource scheduler for all of the above Everything “looks” and is treated like a job Condor Monthly Downloads OS Fractions per month What will Red Hat be doing? Red Hat will be investing into the Condor project locally in Madison WI, in addition to driving work required in upstream and related projects/› Distributed Computing › High Throughput Computing › Resource Allocation via Match - Matchmaking › The master-Worker computing model › Open Source Software www.cs.wisc.edu/~miron Claims for “/

L ECTURE 5 – G ANTT C HART GANTT Charts Constructing GANTT Charts Staffing and Re-scheduling Project Management Software Software Project Management Maria.

a CASE software tool for Project Management This software is available in the main computer room in CSIT Most tools include functions to plan, schedule and control, but decision-making still has to be done by the project manager. Software Project Management 24 Maria Petridou P ROJECT M ANAGEMENT S OFTWARE Benefits of project management software: Calculate project schedule Resource smoothing Automatic generation of reports and charts Limitations of project management software Allocation of resources to tasks/

Tutorial Grid Resource Management and Scheduling

ID, owner, group, project, type, etc. Job Resource Attributes hardware, software, including applications, Web /in the area of Grid scheduling and resource management. Examples: WG Scheduling Attributes (finished) WG Distributed Resource Management Application API (active) WG Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol (active) WG Grid Economic Services Architecture (active) RG Grid Scheduling Architecture (active) Conclusion Resource management and scheduling is a key service in an Next Generation Grid. In/

1 Project Management Projects involve balancing the following: Time Cost Quality Scope Project management is about making that happen.

- approach, resources and schedule Configuration Management plan - CM procedures and structures Maintenance plan - requirements/costs and effort Staff Development plan - developing team member skills and experience Monitor project Control/Problem solving 4 Likely Structure for Project Plan Introduction / overview Organisation of the project Risk analysis Hardware and software resource requirements Work breakdown Project schedule Monitoring and reporting mechanisms 5 Steps to fill in the Project Plan Work/

Health Information Systems Architectures and Strategies Strategic Information Management in Hospitals Manuscript 2010 chapter 6 August 2010 copyright.

in patient care This comprises synchronous (e.g., telephone) and asynchronous (e.g., blackboards, brochures, e-mail) communication. Staff members must be able to be contacted within a prescribed period of time The hospital function supply and disposal management, scheduling and resource allocation can be decomposed as follows: Supply and disposal management Scheduling and resource allocation Human resourch management/ of Hospital Information Systems Some software products to support combination and /

Project Management Professional (PMP)

resources – Tough resource allocation Information distribution – Competition of priorities Coordination – Policies & Procedures Home based – Potential for conflict Chapter 2 – Project Management Context Functional Organization Specialists – More emphasis on functions 1 supervisor – No career path in PM Chapter 3 – Project Management Processes Project Management requires active management of Project/ implemented with project management software Chapter 6 – Project Time Management Activity Sequencing /

Software Process Management Planning and Scheduling Objectives Develop the necessary understanding and skills to produce and manage a simple project schedule.

not linear The relationship between the number of people working in software project and overall productivity is not linear Fewer people and longer time period is a better option for software development Software Process Management Planning and Scheduling Effort Distribution Front-end Analysis & Design 40-20-40 Back-end testing Coding Software Process Management Planning and Scheduling Effort Allocation 40-50% 30-40% “front end” activities – customer communication – analysis/

Management of Large Software Projects Tathagat Varma MindTEK, 25-Mar-2004.

reduced by Reducing software size Reducing software size Reducing project team size Reducing project team size Success by Project Size Characteristics of Large Projects  Substantial management overhead – need dedicated project manager and sub-project managers  Need lot of planning and effort to synchronize project-level and sub-project level workflows and balance resources among various teams  Needs very good processes to manage the workflow and quality because there are many ‘average’ people in a large/

Introduction to Grid Computing

Introduction to Grid Computing Selected Major Grid Projects Name URL/Sponsor Focus Grid Application Dev. Software hipersoft.rice.edu/ grads; NSF Research /Resource Management The Grid Resource Allocation Management (GRAM) protocol and client API allows programs to be started and managed on remote resources, despite local heterogeneity Resource Specification Language (RSL) is used to communicate requirements A layered architecture allows application-specific resource brokers and co-allocators to be defined in/

Current trends in Grid computing

services and resources in a distributed, heterogeneous environment that supports collections of users and resources (virtual organizations) across traditional administrative and organizational domains (real organizations).” SUN: “A way of managing and dynamically sharing disparate sets of resources” A hardware and software infrastructure that connects distributed computers, storage devices, databases, and software applications through a network, and is managed by distributed resource management software A/

GLCPC - MSU - 12/15/2009 Blue Waters An Extraordinary Resource for Extraordinary Science Thom Dunning, William Kramer, Marc Snir, William Gropp, Wen-mei.

Project Components Blue Waters Base System – Processors, Memory, Interconnect, On-line Storage, System Software, Programming Environment Value added Software – Collaborations Value added hardware and software Petascale Application Collaboration Team Support Petascale Applications (Computing Resource Allocations) Outstanding User and Production Support WAN connections, Consulting, System Management/Blue Waters Project Petascale Computing Resources Allocations Geosciences 4.Petascale Research in Earthquake /

Project Management Training

a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources. For example, the development of software releases are projects, not programs. Each must be expertly managed to deliver the right functionality (performance), on-time, and within budget. Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. In the BPD, we tend to use Project Management (Manager) and Program Management (Manager) interchangeably – but they are/

R R R CSE870: Advanced Software Engineering (Cheng): Intro to Software Engineering1 Advanced Software Engineering Dr. Cheng Overview of Software Engineering.

: What? Development: How? Maintenance: Managing change Umbrella Activities: Throughout lifecycle R R R CSE870: Advanced Software Engineering (Cheng): Intro to Software Engineering10 Definition Requirements definition and analysis –Developer must understand Application domain Required functionality Required performance User interface R R R CSE870: Advanced Software Engineering (Cheng): Intro to Software Engineering11 Definition (cont.) Project planning –Allocate resources –Estimate costs –Define work tasks/

Timothy Cronin Cronin Business Solutions

and other project reporting Managing Task Dependencies OEPM Solution Oracle Project Management now supports task dependencies 3rd Party Software or customization? 3rd Party Software Description of 3rd party software or customization Most companies used MS Project, Primavera or Artemis project management tools to support dependencies OEPM Module(s) Oracle Project Management Reducing 3rd Party Software/Customization… Business Requirement Project Managers need the ability to view their workplans in a Gantt/

Principles of Project Management

CHAPTER 6 Project Cost Management Project Management - Project Bailout - www.ProjectBailout.com Project Cost Management Costs are usually measured in monetary units like dollars Project cost management includes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within an approved budget Resource planning: determining what resources and quantities of them should be used Cost estimating: developing an estimate of the costs and resources needed to complete a project Cost budgeting: allocating the/

Chapter 24 Project Scheduling and Tracking

people have to work in cooperation with one another) The main reasons for using more than 1 person on a project are to get the job done more rapidly and to improve software quality. SWE311_Ch24 (071) Software & Software Engineering Effort and Delivery Time SWE311_Ch24 (071) Software & Software Engineering The project scheduling process Estimate resources for activities Identify activity dependencies Identify activities Allocate people to activities Software requirements Create project char ts Activity/

ITMG 494 business/it project management

project manager Unsupportive top management Lack or misuse of project management techniques Inadequate project planning Lack of commitment to the project Project management failure/success factors cont. Factors and constraints affect either the success or the failure of projects: Completion of project within scope or customer requirements Completion of project within allocated budget Completion of project within allocated schedule or period of time Completion of project using allocated resources Completion/

Chapter 7: Project Cost Management

to the bottom line Business executives state that using project portfolio management allows managers to make decisions faster and with more confidence Information Technology Project Management, Fifth Edition, Copyright 2007 Best Practice A global survey released by Borland Software in 2006 suggests that many organizations are still at a low level of maturity in terms of how they define project goals, allocate resources, and measure overall success of their information technology/

Chapter 8: Resource Allocation NET481: Project Management Afnan Albahli.

Resource allocation plan: – The first step is to prepare the resource requirement list: A list of the resources that will be required. Along with the expected level of demand. – Normally this will be done by considering each activity in turn. – But there could be resources that are not activity specific. Resources that are part of the project infrastructure: – Project manager. Resources required to support other resources. – Office space required to house contract software/

Cost Management Week 6-7 Learning Objectives You should be able to: n Describe cost management processes and their inputs, outputs, activities, and tools.

n Lack of experience, knowledge in cost management n Requires significant effort for large complex software n Frequent changes in technology? –Not a common cause of cost difficulties Cost Management Basics n Profits = revenues / management 4 Cost Management Processes n Resource Planning –resources, quantities n Cost Estimation –software cost estimation n Budgeting –cost allocation n Cost Control –controlling changes (1) Resource Planning n determining the resources & quantities needed to perform project /

Service OperationsCenter Support Service Management SCRIC Functional Org Chart District Administration End Users Service Desk On-site at School District.

software design. Assures that security in /allocations, etc, required for Applications Services and Technical Infrastructure Services. Coordinates testing following upgrade/change events. Coordinates resources to conduct focused research and development projects. Guides approved prototype and beta test projects. Acts as project owner/manager for Engineering projects. Ensures that projects are compliant with SCRIC project management processes. Works with other project owner/managers to coordinate project/

به نام خدا مهندسی نرم افزار پیشرفته منابع : Software Architecture in Practice, Second Edition, 2003 Essential Software Architecture, Second Edition, 2009.

Elements: Component Relations: Logical Thread. Function Example: managing the issues associated with concurrent execution. resource contention 3 Allocation Structures Show the relationship between the software and the elements in one or more external environment in which software is created and executed. Specifies: The processor that executes each software element The file that stores each software element during development Assignments of software to development team 3.1 Deployment Structure Shows how/

Introduction to the Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Global Systems Technology, Inc. © 1997, 1998 1 G S T Understanding.

Inc. © 1997, 1998 15 G S T Planning Establish Project Plans Project Management Risk Management Reviews Business Functions Project Life Cycle and the CMM Global Systems Technology, Inc. Analyze Client Needs Define System Requirements Develop System Design Allocate System Requirements To Software Review Allocated Requirements Define Software Requirements Agree to System Requirements Allocated to Software (FBL) Develop Software High-Level Design Develop Software Low-Level Design Agree to High Level Design (ABL/

MIS5102: Process Improvement and Innovation Project Planning.

affect the project portfolio management process? How does this view positively affect the project planning process?/.com/ Why is each important in building a useful WBS? How far should you break down a project? What is the “problem” /allocation? What can a Swim Lane Diagram tell you about allocation? Communications Hardware Team Allocating Work and the Critical Path Design Create module 1 Create module 2 Buy hardware Software/project planning? For the triple constraint? For allocating resources?

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